Saturday, April 14, 2007

The good name of Margate.

Are you like me tired of organisations, and businesses that have appeared to hijack the name of Margate, things like the Margate Renewal Partnership, chaired by Seeda chief-executive Pam Alexander, or maybe the Margate Town Regeneration Company, based in Reading owned by waterbridge. Organisations that appear to be run either by outsiders or in the case of MTRC not even based here.

Well earlier this week, I happened be cycling through Margate old town, when I noticed the Margate Town Partnership offices were open. So I thought rather than looking them up on the Internet, I would nip in to confirm my usual prejudices, however I soon realised, that these were amongst the good guys as far as organisations that have Margate in the title. Now their funding comes from a variety of sources from local organisations, these being people who have an interest in the future of Margate.

Having stumbled into the offices,Dave Kinnear was kind enough to explain some of the work, of the organisation, now as you will know, I'm not to strong on facts but understand that this organisation makes a positive contribution to Margate with things like Margate big jazz festival. Basically this helpful organisation is run mainly by volunteers and is probably the best initial contact point for anyone looking to invest or contribute to Margate.

If only other organisations which are laid claim to Margate were as representative and helpful as the Margate Town Partnership.

Margate Town Partnership Website

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