Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dartford Crossing not taxing locals?

Stephen Ladyman has confirmed that the Dartford Crossing toll is set to increase by 50% no doubt in line with inflation (Zimbabwe), apparently locals will get a discount. Locals being those who live either in Thurrock or Dartford, this seems arbitrary.

I think as a resident of Kent who often has to work north of the river I am also local.The capital cost of building this crossing must have been covered, so really this is just another tax on travelling, thanks for nothing!

Labour continue to tax us for travelling, and I continue to believe in the right to travel at reasonable cost. It seems somewhat ironic that Labour frequently use Global warming as their poor excuse for travel tax, particularly since many believe that the climate change con gained credence when Mrs Thatcher needed an excuse to sub the Nuclear industry.

In the many hundreds of times, I’ve had to use the Dartford crossing rarely has it been for anything other than work, so this is also a tax on work.

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