Sunday, April 01, 2007

Kent council reigns in travel spending!
Kent Online has an interesting story on KCC's travel spending, with the news that they spent more than £20,000 last year which to be honest seems a fairly reasonable amount. However as they say ''the devil is in the detail'' and to my mind it certainly seems it may be true in this case.

Trips include a six day trip to China for the education Cabinet apparently a KCC representative stated the following ''the exchange of information and experience at all levels as a contribution to the enrichment of school education and dissemination of best practice on educational issues'', I'm sure such exchanges would have been riveting to listen to. I wonder if they had a chance to discuss human rights since I'm sure, that someone of my ilk would fall foul of the Chinese legal system.

In December, councillors Mike Hill and Richard long accompanied by five council officers and a journalist (presumably someone had to take notes) attended the launch of this year's tour de France, was it really necessary for so many to go, since the 'tour de France' is a multi-million pound business I am sure that those involved with the project on behalf of Kent would routinely have meetings with the organisers and a would already known the route etc.

Of course KCC's dealings with Virginia have resulted in several trips by councillors to America, one trip highlighted is councillor Alex King's trip in October spending five days in the capital (I assume US capital not state) cost £3,263. I wonder if they might try using Expedia.

I'm sure we will shortly be reaping the benefits.

Kent council have apparently reduced their travel costs significantly since they peaked in 2005 from roughly £50,000. I wonder whether they do any travelling, with what they call 'regeneration money' and I call 'magic money' which you would know as taxpayers money.


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