Tuesday, April 24, 2007

There will always be an England?

I'm coming a little late to the debate of St. George's Day, well for one I have never really felt any strong affinity with the rest of England, since unlike the Scot's, Welsh and Northern Irish, it's something which has always been in the background. Unlike the Scots us English don't wear skirts, sing like the Welsh, or like Northern Ireland Unionist have a picture of the Queen on the wall.

Still if nothing else St. George's Day, serves as an opportunity to remind ourselves of some of the deficiencies of life in England.

I frequently go cycling of an evening, last night being no different, just to soak up the ambience of Northdown Road. A typical English scene loud-mouthed teenagers gathering together, lone Alcoholics quaffing a Special Brew or similar, traditional English behaviour now enhanced by recently arrived residents, introducing their own rich mix of characteristics, young ladies casually spitting onto the pavements, shouting from upstairs windows at passers by and queue jumping in Tesco's.

Of course, we hear how, we ought to have a day off to celebrate St. George's Day, but since we have 1,500,000 on the dole, with a similar number of migrant workers (all essential workers?) having arrived in recent times, maybe the government is working on it.

As I said earlier, St. George's Day, is one of those points in the calendar, which makes us English people, take mental stock of our feeling of well-being, and quite honestly most of English and British people, find the uncontrolled migration that has occurred in the last five years to be entirely negative.

I can only assume that Tony Blair is more than a closet Tory, why else would he actively encourage uncontrolled migration to this country, since the only British or English people getting any benefit are those immoral employers willing to exploit people with poverty pay.

Finally no one can take issue, with the decent honest people who come to this country to contribute, earn money and work hard, but we should take issue with those who allow mass migration, exploitation who because of their position are immune from the effects on health service, schools and housing.

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  1. Well said Tony, its time the government woke up to the fact that we are being overrun, and i am not proud to be English.