Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Home Office 1984 gift to Thanet

Thanet is courtesy of the Home Office, to be given new CCTV cameras which will enable some jobsworth operator, to shout in God like fashion at anyone committing minor misdemeanours in town. Now I realise this will be one of my opinions that most, will not agree.

The problem I have with CCTV, is that we never know who is looking at us or who indeed if anyone ever checks on those who control these cameras, undoubtedly they do sometimes curb crime, but frequently violent crime such as that fuelled by binge drinking occurs anyway.

Another difficulty that I also have, is that most of these cameras are in town centres protecting business property at my expense, recently when residents of Trove Court and Kennedy House requested enhanced security from the drug dealing scum there seemed be considerable problem with finance.

We are told that violent crime, is still on the rise and we have had these cameras for many years now, so you'll probably disagree with me but in the main I find these cameras an intrusion and ineffective.

John Reid has come up with this cracking scheme, which will allow, petty officials to intrude into our lives. Despite the fact that, the Home Office, fails in many of its responsibilities, such as border control, keeping criminals in prison. Mr Reed apparently wants to publicly embarrass and shame those deemed anti-social maybe he should look at his own official first.

The Home Office could extend these cameras, to their own offices where daily through their laziness, incompetence and stupidity they allow criminals to walk our streets in the first place, fail to maintain our borders, wouldn't it be marvellous if we the public could from time to time intrude into John Reids day and shout "Oi ! REID you've lost another one! " unseen whenever his department had lost yet another murderer, rapist or whatever.

What with identity cards, constant vigil of CCTV cameras, I'm just waiting for the day when they just give us all an electronic tag.

PS I doubt any Home Office official, will ever consider those living close to these new cameras in addition to hearing drunks going home they will now be able to listen to big brother barking orders to drunks all night long.

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