Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Thanet Council indulges the Left-Wing illusion

Labour since taking office has indulged itself, so far, in all manner of politically correct, gestures, the latest and perhaps most senseless indulgence is TDC's Equality Policy, basically Thanet Council are consult us, comrade's on our views as to the council complying with not just the law but also the spirit of the law as it effects equality.

I realise that to our Labour friends, this might all sound like a novelty, particularly given Labour's class ridden structure but here's my view, as a resident I expect Thanet Council to accept and comply with law, without wasting officer time, or even their own, on ridiculous PR nonsense such as this, most people in Thanet outside of Labour's leadership would expect people to be treated fairly and honestly by the council.

Anyway if you'd like to know more, click here for TDC's press release, although fairly innocuous, I must take issue with this quote from Chief Executive, Sue McGonigal, “The council takes equality very seriously and is committed to ensuring that all Thanet residents are treated fairly with dignity and respect and have access to the same opportunities. We believe that everyone is entitled to receive high quality services and we will actively challenge any prejudice or discrimination.

Yes, the chief exec, talks the talk but I cast my mind back to last July when attending a public meeting of  the council cabinet I experienced intimidating behaviour of council staff while taking notes, resulting in me having to leave a public meeting, I wrote to Sue McGonical, who eventually delegated a response, instructing Glenn Back (Democratic Services & Scrutiny Manager) to reply and although  phrase "sorry if you felt intimidated by the actions of the Council’s security staff" seemed conciliatory, it didn't specifically apologise for the councils behaviour, or "over-zealous" securtiy staff.

You reader may, think I'm being a bit pedantic and you might have a point but then this occurred after having been prevented on several occasions, from either accessing the public meetings or leaving, still at least in the past, the previous chief exec had the courtesy to reply.

Pity Labour can't focus on the local economy, like Council Leader Clive Hart, quoting purdah, as reason he can't comment on the wonderful opportunity KLM has delivered to us here in Thanet, maybe we could have a consultation on a lack business acumen of he and his colleagues.

Finally Labour, likes to foster the illusion, that we, those of us, who don't blindly follow the Labour hierarchy are without a social conscience and or lack the innate ability to distinguish what is inherently right.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Clive Hart declines BBC invitation - Phew

Shock horror this morning, Cllr Clive Hart, Leader of the controversial coalition of Thanet councillors whose main policy seems to be keeping Labour in power, declined an invitation to speak on BBC radio Kent, about the new twice daily KLM service from Manston Airport to Schiphol which starts today.

Thank god, I say, who wants to hear the tortuous cynical explanation of Labour once again, as they try and justify the slippery policy change, prior to the last local elections, when they went big on nimby's and enviro nuts, forgetting some of us would like jobs and a future.

While the dead beat policy of kicking Manston, is in line with Labours consistent national policy of encouraging poverty, so that they will always have a constituency, it never ceases to annoy me, just how Labour promote a dependency culture. 

UPDATE Clive Twits

Not sure, that election law prevents commenting, surely we live in a democracy don't we? As I recall John Warnet (BBC Radio Kent), said that Clive declined unfortunately he did not mention Purdah.