Sunday, June 22, 2014

YES LABOUR GETS Cllr John Worrow where next?

Shock horror! Councillor John Worrow has jumped ship once again or perhaps morphed, from Tory to Labour in around three years.  Is anyone surprised, I doubt it, I've not had the time to comment, on much of late, and frankly why would I.

I work long hours, and the occasional time I get to glance at local news, I just despair.

Why anyone would wish to be associated with Thanet Labour is beyond me, given their record, millions sunk in Ramsgate Harbour, EKO alleged scandal, and of coarse Manston Airport, damned by Labours weak and embarrassing support and I understand discrete meeting to discuss planting an awful housing estate wonderful garden city also the strange removal of the councils monitoring officer (what could possibly have been the motive).

Still one positive thing that Labour has done recently is to replace Cllr Clive Hart with Cllr Iris Johnson, perhaps they ought to look at Will Scobie their prospective parliamentary candidate, ruffled I imagine by the "Boy" tag given by ukip MEP Janice Atkinson, still Worrow is happy defend his new party colleague with this endorsement "... Scobie is one of the brightest and most capable politicians I know", maybe Worrow ought get out more.

Often when you speak to local councillors, they'll frequently suggest that they only joined a particular party to get elected, I just wonder if its not time to ban political parties from local government, and focus, just on who we are electing.

Finally could Thanet councillors and jobsworths not spend my hard earned money on lawyers gagging the flow of information, we expect in a democratic society, despite any current investigations, I believe that  the council needs a proper public inquiry to establish whether the public perception of a bungling incompetent organisation is correct.