Saturday, October 27, 2012

Winding up

I don't know about you but frankly I've gone as far as I can with this blog as it stands. As alluded to in my penultimate posting, my ability to continue has been severely curtailed by Muppets conducting a vendetta, and derailing this particular blog. So for the time being I'll put this project on ice, perhaps like some mammoth that will emerge at sometime in the future or just as likely, when I get time a quick revamp and wallop same old same old. 

Whether it's accepted or not I've written this blog for my pleasure and sometimes with a purpose of putting highly educated, skilled and experienced politicians & bureaucrats right. 

Some lightweights in both the local Labour and Conservative party view my contributions as malign, and not surprisingly they get a little miffed when their errors are spotlighted, in the early days I focused quite a bit on the inept, in my view, handling by Kent's Tory establishment of the Turner Contemporary gallery, child care and PR,  lately I've dared to highlight some of the dubious occurrences by Labour, such as the controversial de-selection of one hard working councillor, more recently, Labour creating posts within in the council seemingly to build a coalition of well... best not go there, or indeed comment on the ironic leftwing diversity nonsense which has created a Stalinist atmosphere in which councillors are harangued. 

Anyway moving on, I will be blogging elsewhere.

I estimated the other day that this blog given my limited ability to string words together into some sort of vaguely understandable and or purposeful chunk, has consumed somewhere around 3500 hours, based on me spending around a couple of hours on each posting. Thank you for reading.

Anyhoo that's all folks! and perhaps for one last time on this blog you may comment, although I will have to moderate comments.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Game over - No comment

I've always encouraged free flow of comment, unfortunately in recent times, I've intercepted and had drawn to my attention defamatory comments added to postings made some years ago.

A few weeks back I started using comment moderation on older postings

Earlier today some crank left yet another albeit oblique reference to some long standing feud.

I've no wish, to spend time acting as an arbiter, as to what is and isn't acceptable, so no more comments.

Thanks to those who contributed to 13555 published comments.

And thanks to the F wit (AnonymousTuesday, 9 October 2012 16:38:00 BST) for giving me back my leisure time.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

What's Next?

This year saw a long parade of journalists, politicians and celebrities give evidence to the Leveson inquiry seeming to reveal the press as little more than immoral parasites capable of pretty much anything in pursuit of a story, from bugging phones, burglary and using bent coppers

Recently we learn that senior police officers conspired with the press or at least used them to denigrate the victims of Hillsborough, next up Jimmy Saville, abusing the trust placed in him by the public. In both cases it would appear that police and society place greater emphasis on the status and position when assessing wrong doing.

What's next, maybe one day the Iraq inquiry will conclude that Tony Blair was complicit in war crimes, that the invasion of Iraq based on flimsy sexed up evidence, later discredited by pretty much anyone with half a brain.

Still I can exclusively reveal that yes, bears do crap in the woods, while politicians, civil servants, senior police officers and lawyers crap on us all the time from behind closed doors only after years when the sink of corruption is such that our are suspicions confirmed.

Just taking Jimmy Savile as an example, despite his mediocre talent as a presenter he had sufficient public following for similarly mediocre people in the BBC, media, and police force to step back from pursuing complaints of sexual abuse over the years a misguided deference which we have seen extended to newspaper proprietors, politicians, for far too long.

Finally none of the above comes as a shock, to me at least, there was a time when people were confident that British society was somehow was untainted and superior to many nations, clearly that it's no longer the case, if it ever was,how sad.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Thanet Times Screened out

Not the most dramatic, shocking or even surprising event, Thanet Times last edition, which has sort of just petered out, with a brief fizzle of nostalgia at the very end, one can only imagine the  professionalism required to bash out the last edition of a newspaper that had existed for well over a hundred years. Migration of readers from paper to electronic screens has resulted in papers like Thanet Times no longer being viable.

A maudlin event for the local community, a loss, where else, are we to learn of events mid week, with respect to Thanet extra, and the "virtual" newspaper yourthanet they ain't likely to fill the void, assuming that they don't also disappear.

I presume a significant number of those of us for whom such things matter, will have learnt of the papers end via the electronic media, to be honest I cannot recall precisely, where and when I read the comment posted on Thanet online mentioning the demise, still lets no go to far, this event is hardly in the "where were you when JFK died ?" league and yes I am old enough to answer that and I dare say some readers wont have a clue. 

Currently having a few days off, still Monday evening wandering round Leicester Square, Covent Garden between having a pub meal and seeing Paul Merton at a nearby theatre, I was pondering on how many of the population are now addicted to their digital devices phones, laptops and tablets, an extreme had to be the Muppet stumbling around in the dark around Covent Garden, with a flipping iPad in front of his face using some augmented reality app. 

Throughout Monday I noticed how people on the trains, buses and in the street were connected either texting or partaking of social media etc.  We're probably all more clued up than was once the case, we suck up news from all over, and yet ironically the news media are suffering, how can this be.

Newspapers (printed) have always earned much of their money from advertising revenue, advertisers paying on the basis of the quality of reader, popularity and position, so what's gone wrong? or more importantly how can profits be boosted for the ailing news industry, questions that need to be answered if we are to see reliable news locally. Clearly publishers need to do a lot more to "monetize" websites, and perhaps us consumers ought to accept that some way news is a product, produced by journalists who need feeding.

I've recently subscribed to the Times/ST website for a variety of reasons, one since I frequently work Sundays, I hate getting home to find a couple of pounds of newspaper requiring attention, I can read the paper on the phone, my favorite bits during a break or the trip home, and the bits I'd glance at, on the laptop later in the week, the big benefit is it's cheaper, the other is as a hoarder I don't get challenged by Mrs Me demanding "can I throw these out" referring to a mountain of supplements. I still buy papers notably the "i" during the week @ 20p this has to be the bargain of all time, a concise newspaper with no tits and bums or moronic waffle concerning air head bimbos or airhead celebs, just news.

Anyway I've waffled on a bit here, but like most, will miss the Thanet Times for it's uniqueness, clearly different from its counter part, the Gazette a bit more direct and popularist (not a word according to the spell checker) anyhow we need professionals and lets hope that this is the last cut to local news, since once your local paper has gone it's gone. Nothing will replace professionals who have the skills and time to develop a story so why not support them by buying a copy of your newspaper, and when visiting a newspaper website, click on the adverts.

Sorry to see the Times go, a professional quality local newspaper a bit better than your typical blog such as Bignews Margate or Thanet Life, still it's a ill wind that blows nobody any good and I see that Cllr Simon Moores has this to say "I've rescued the top-level domain, and after a short period of virtual mourning for the title, that first started in 1896, The Thanet Times will be resurrected here with perhaps a new look to match." I can't wait, I just wonder how Northcliffe Media who presumably still own the copyright to the title, will view Simon cobbling together a Thanet Times resurrected, dotcom or not.

Anyhoo as you stare into your device, laptop, tablet or phone, at home, traveling to work, don't forget there really are no free lunches and as papers close publishers will dump journalists and eventually you'll end up with just a ragbag of opinionated middle age gits like me who's qualifications include a I think English CSE grade Z ( not entirely sure but it was very poor). You get what you pay for in this life and you'll be more than aware that this cost you nothing.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Heartless or Hart less

After my last couple of postings, I don't doubt that many of my lefty readers have me down as a heartless swine and who could blame them, since like many rational people I understand the need for welfare, to look after societies needy but object to having to subsidise work shy layabouts and those too irresponsible and negligent to use contraception.

Likewise I understand the need for a public sector, what I never understand is the sanctimonious attitude of some of those who believe it is right and proper, that they have better pay and conditions than those in the commercial world who's productivity pays their wages.

Still that said who could fail to be offended, by news on the front page of this weeks Isle of Thanet Gazette, that Thanet council are considering big cuts to pay of its lowest like me you will be pleased to know that the chief executive will not be facing any similar pain.

As is the way of such nasty proposals, it appears to have been left to council officials, to put this into the public domain, speaking to one whom should know about these things, details have yet to be given to councillors as a whole. Also as you might expect, when seeking to introduce unfair and perhaps immoral policy, the key thing is to present a worst case scenario to be softened with a less damaging but similarly unfair proposition.

Politics is pretty much about marketing, so it is no surprise that council leader Clive Hart has yet to speak on this topic, presumably happy to let the chief executive take the flack, so that later on council leader Clive Hart can at some time step into the public arena, statesman like (if you can imagine that) and present plan b, reluctantly punishing low paid workers for doing a worthwhile job but not as severely as the headlined proposal of yesterdays paper.

Incidently those earning the big bucks at Thanet council are likely to see themselves getting a pay increase, the rationale behind this is that they make a comparison between turnover of commercial business with budgets of councils, the difference is of course is that business generates it's income and public bodies like TDC think of a number and then tax us. That might seem reasonable however at times many of us are responsible for significant actions.

How a Labour administration can justify penalising cleaners, crematorium staff who unlike the gravy train classes of council officers, probably barely receiving a living wage ( a living wage being distinct from minimum wage) but do the important things unlike the upper echelons who spend much of the time attending ego boasting meetings, committees or arranging the next event in which to exude self importance. 

In my view a street cleaner who cleans our streets has greater value than the senior officers who've proved in the past they cannot even arrange unfettered access to council meetings.

And what of Cllr Clive "photo op" Hart, why has he not issued a statement, as I often suspect, those in need don't need Labour, just look at how senior Labour party bods such as Tony Blair have done over the years.  It will also be interesting to see if straight talking Cllr Ian Driver, will live up to his left-wing image and withdraw support from the Labour's Clive Hart, should Labour attack probably the hardest working, most essential staff and yet poorly paid.  

Finally a phrase that I recall from the film "Twins" spoken by Danny DeVito for all Thanets leftys, "Money talks, Bullsh!t walks!" so lets just see whether Thanet Labour are just as I suspect all about preening themselves, making themselves look important or what you might expect, if you were not cynical, social justice. 

PS I've been rather busy just lately, so hence the break in transmission etc

Monday, September 10, 2012

Lunch time rant - ungrateful public sector to bite the hand that feeds it

Despite the fantastic weather this weekend, don't worry winter is on its way, how can you tell, well pick up any newspaper today and you will no doubt be able to read how unions mainly public sector are planning to go on strike, coordinating action for maximum pain to those of us in the wealth creating side of the economy

If that isn't enough you can expect a never ending stream of ungrateful union officials and others bleating about cuts, one thing they won't be worried about is the plight of the those in the commercial sector who have seen the pay gap increase from 2007 from 5.3% to an undeserved and insustainable 8.2% to the detriment of the commercial sector.

At some point, not too far in to the future this country will join ranks of the third world as idiot union leaders, witter on endlessly about cuts taking no interest in the wealth creating side to the economy which has an incredible burden of work shy parasites and public sector workers who have the mad idea that they are worth more than the rest of us.

If unions and the Labour party were to wake up and champion the idea that this country urgently needs to recreate the productive industries it once had I might have some respect for them but don't.

Rant over!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Why do we do this?

A question raised by a work colleague, to which there is no easy answer. Of course the reference is to why do we (those of us who earn a living) get up before dawn, travel miles, work, go home, do the same thing every day, while large numbers live on benefits.

Well it seems one reason, might be so that a ragbag coalition of left wing er....activists, (Anti Cuts Thanet and the Thanet Trades Union Council) can celebrate, us tax prayers by bleating about cuts. if you'd like to join them, you have an opportunity to mix with like minded people at the Red Hall, Broadstairs, next 12th September @ 7pm.

Looks like they'll also be arranging a Charabanc trip to London to join a mass demo arranged by the TUC in October, no doubt so that the nations free loaders can make us, work longer hours, pay more tax so that large swathes of the population can continue to slump in front of the Telly watching Judge Judy, Loose Women and the appalling Jeremy Kyle or just go to the local park and drink cheap booze.

Even Thanet council, who have a rash of consultations just now, have one about council tax benefits with the apparent aim of making taxpayer dig deeper TDC "aims to reduce the impact on benefit customers by removing some Council Tax discounts and exemptions" don't get me wrong I've no qualms about funding those unable to work, but who cannot think of someone abusing the system.

Welfare ought to be a safety net, not a flipping way of life as it is for some many. How about someone organises a demonstration for more cuts.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Thanet Councils flawed parking consultation

Just what do we expect of Thanet council, not much, no surprise to find the councils parking consultation flawed.

First they want your postcode, not to bad but a bit intrusive, secondly it gets a bit weird as one thing they need to know is if you're a councillor amongst other things (but not whether you work for the council) more sensible things, like if you live in Thanet are also included.

Question 4 asks which types (plural) of transport you use regularly, allowing only one choice, if like me you drive a car van cycle and walk then this question is frankly meaningless.

Question 6 is loaded, if you know what I mean, you're asked to prioritise choices for parking, first suggestion is "Charges are reasonable" no surprise "Free and unfettered by marauding council parking wardens" for some reason doesn't get a look in.

At this point I gave up God knows who created this consultation perhaps, council officers perhaps the labour leadership set aside five minutes, clearly it's as useful as a diversity Supremo in a Thanet council.

I tabbed through to the last pages, no surprise under Labours new bonkers administration, they wish to intrued on your ethnicity and religion and all that nonsense, yes of course, I know, when parking don't we all take into consideration whether a parking bay is suitable for someone of mainly European ethnicity albeit with a mixture of Irish English Scottish perhaps mainland european, perhaps with a tinge of regret that we've turned our back on Christianity, fleetingly considered Judaism, Islam and Buddhism but realised they'd conflict.

When will Clive Hart and his council get real, stuff the lunatic diversity horse crap and try thinking clearly. Rant over!  PS if Thanet Labour believed truly in diversity, why do they need to know ethnicity information it really doesn't matter.

If you'd like to check out the "consultation" for yourself click here

Monday, September 03, 2012


Yesterday I was drained, today it's a refill, last week a there was a fair bit of kerfuffle evident as the  fragmentation of the Margate town team organisation took place, which had been signposted, some might feel, by government backed wonder guru Mary Portas who put it "You either let the cameras in with me, or I go back on the train and some other town gets it...."

Well it seems Margate got it, as the TV wallahs rolled in and got involved in the regeneration Margate town centre, as we are all aware, Channel four documentary's report the facts straight, you never get salacious cheap infotainment, I'm sure that when Mary Portas is finished and packaged that we will get a straight, no drama, no fuss analytical documentary of how a celebrity saved the day from truculent business men and women of Margate

Perhaps it's me but I find most gurus that are promoted on telly (with the exception of the late great Fred Dibna) turn out to be less than convincing, the more you study them. For instance would you want a meal cooked by celeb Gordon ( ucking) Ramsey, imagine how many abused staff are needed to cook a three course meal, myself I wouldn't trust him to cook a bacon sandwich without exhibiting the need for emergency anger management, coincidentally  he works for the same production company Optomen Television Ltd as Mary Portas.

Anyhow forget all that crap, all is not lost, I see that those who will be still around, when the Mary Portas show has left town for good, have set up shop because they believe in Margate, the new group Streets Ahead Margate, seem to have enthusiasm in abundance "We are passionate about where we live and work..... Many of our newly formed team, Streets Ahead Margate had already  been heavily in involved taking forward aims and objectives to really make Margate a better place to live, work and visit." and are encouraging help "We welcome help and ideas from all sectors of our community. 

If you asked me I'd say it's grass roots people who build towns not media bods creating an hour of telly, given the choice of a consultant working with a channel four contractor and passionate local people with a clear interest and ambition in improving the town and the local community I know who I'd listen to most.

Good luck to Streets Ahead Margate.

Facebook page

Sunday, September 02, 2012


I find it hard to get enthused, these days, particularly by local events.

In the big world it seems to me that the cretins who have managed to claw their way to the top are no longer happy to just ride roughshod over public opinion, commonsense and fair play, now they wish to control individuality. 

Ironic as it is, it occurs to me that a meaningless doctrine of divisive "diversity" has been peddled by air head lefties here in Thanet, local politics has been tainted by crazy notions of what is and isn't acceptable, by those not noted for consistency, in place of substance and the ability to manage local affairs serious business is now outweighed by a sort of comedy of Orwell's thought police melded with Nazi/Stalinist type denouncements and tit for tat "standards" complaints.

Just to give yourself a taste of the pettiness of it all you could do worse that take a gander at this from Cllr Bernard la Rouche, clearly a injustice has taken place but let's get a sense of proportion.

I don't doubt, there are some out there genuinely hurt by the mudslinging malarkey but stuff me! aren't there things of more importance.

Fortunately there are some things more important than the goings on, in the great metropolis of Birchington, in my case I've been watching a lot of telly just recently which reminds me of the other tragic comedy the Mary Portas Show, as sponsored by David Cameron and we the taxpayer, in which a miserly hundred grand is waived at hard pressed businesses in Margate, by a TV production company in order to create a hour of watch-able reality TV creating real life chaos probably more damaging than any benefit likely from the government intiative.

Still moving on, and at a complete tangent, I was recently introduced to the music of Louis Jordan, a co worker recalled a track from their childhood 'Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens' a quick google and firing up Spotify has given me considerably more pleasure than commenting on local matters, it's music from the dawn of time, that I was largely ignorant of, still if you have a spotify account broad tastes then click here enjoy!

That's all folk's!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Last weeks cabinet meeting some rough notes as Clive Hart ignores the issues

Last week I approached the thought of attending the Thanet council cabinet meeting with some trepidation, and then thought stuff it,who are these people, as I considered the poor response to my complaint to the council over harassment at the last one I attended from overzealous staff inadequately trained to deal with the public, no surprising given the attitude of senior council officers to the public.

Anyway ignoring the preceding sour grapes, the meeting itself started with a lengthy, lecture from Cllr Clive Hart, about the use of mobile phones, unnecessary in my opinion, a request not to disrupt the meeting should suffice.

Good to see the Margate Mayor arrive as the meeting kicked off, sporting casual attire a t-shirt and jeans I think.

Shortly after the start, Cllr Iris Johnson had some rather convoluted, and tortuous argument about declaring an interest regarding one of the agenda items, despite as I gather, having exhausted the subject with one of the council officers (assuming I correctly picked up the exasperation in the officer's voice). In summary I'd guess some oblique point was being made about political bias, not a bad warm up to the shoddy (in my view) behavior of her colleagues to follow.

As those who follow these things will already know, the big ticket item for the evenings proceedings, was "that the council has no confidence in the Diversity Champion, Councillor Worrow " and yes Thanet labour does embrace such politically correct bonkers (in my opinion) jobs.

Cllr Fenner was able to talk the talk, on the old diversity subject, unlike others, so much about equality and good practice blah blah anyhoo Clive Hart made it abundantly clear this was a subject he didn't want debated, having made it clear that he didn't want any personal nastiness (an odd point given the way in which labour stalwart Mark Nottingham was treated not so long ago) which I assume he meant, mention of Cllr Worrow.

The question of Cllr  Worrows suitability, was not allowed to go ahead, in any meaningful way, Cllr King who'd raised the issue in the first place was so exasperated that he had to leave, our wonderful leader throw his toys out of the pram, making a rather presumptuous comment about personal vendetta.

At the end of the day, I'm afraid the competence of Cllr Worrow to do his job is a matter for public debate, end of story, indeed I recall receiving a call from the man in question wishing to know what my take was on the nights discussion,unfortunately at the time I was building a railway, but when I later caught up with him driving home, hands free, the conversation had shifted to something else, I said I'd call back later but got the impression that it would have been pointless.

I have to say, Clive Harts attitude can be summed up as I think he did "it's my cabinet", so sad.

In other business we learnt from Iris Johnson that up to a couple of hundred grand was to be squandered on skate parks, this is the council that stuffed Margate's Big Event out of spite.  Still even this wasn't enough for Cllr Fenner who was worried if I heard right that deprived children should not be excluded.

Cllr Green spoke on something, his delivery was suitably "laboured" and reminded me I had a long day.

Finally I feel that Cllr Worrow is out of his depth despite Cllr Fenner's explanations, I don't recall any achievements being mentioned concerning Thanets Diversity Champion, perhaps Cllr Worrow should have better publicity, maybe higher profile, perhaps he could be given some suitable superhero type uniform to wear when on duty. PS Worrow has some explaining to do about offensive posting on certain websites locally, as highlighted by Cllr Simon Moores who took the trouble to bring his tablet to the meeting, just as a graphic reminder of the partiality of and ignorance displayed by the leadership.

Perhaps the question a bigger question might be is Clive Hart fit for the leadership?  I say clearly not.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Moments Lost

Every day is made up of moments some memorable, some transient, some left hanging, because no one has time to record them. 

That's the way things are with this blog at the moment right here right now. 

Around 5:30 a day or so back I happened to witness a gorgeous sunrise near Hythe none too remarkable however memorable, a brilliant red fiery sky, maybe something not out of the ordinary but as I shot down the slip road onto the M20  instantly I felt regret for not having pulled over and taken a shot on the old smartphone camera. 

Similar regret on some of those items I've not had time to comment, KCC yet again neglecting a child in their care, slippery Kent council covering things up while snooping on the public, Dreamland a marvellous breakthrough for Margate, a group of treacherous Tory MP's, who've probably never done a proper days work in their life, trashing the British worker, no doubt while they screw British workers as they dip their hands in our pockets. (Still just as we have a few honest politicians there are also a small number of work shy Brits)

As a typical British worker I get up before dawn, do a days work and come home, just so that low life cretinous Conservative MP's can stab the likes of me and you in the back! Shame on them!

Anyhow maybe next week I shall have more time, perhaps for a cogent, well considered argument why people who talk down we British, should be made to do community service for at least a month, and in the case of anti-Brit deadbeat parasites, living off British taxpayers, they should be expelled from the UK for good so that they can live in a country peopled by those they approve.

Phew it's warm still. Sorry for the above photo, it's wild flowers instead, the sunrise was so much better.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Assange What's the problem?

Julian Assange the boss of Wikileaks is trying to slip out of facing justice in Sweden, hopefully the British authorities will guarantee his safe arrival in Sweden to answer charges of sexual assault.

It seems to me a rather naive claim to suggest as his fan club would have it, that Sweden has a dodgy legal system.

Given the choice of defending myself against bogus charges as some gullible campaigners have it, I would rather it was in European country than anywhere else, almost laughable is the protest from South American countries, hardly known for stability or human rights during my life time.

It's been alleged that Wikileaks has been responsible for risking lives of informers on Islamic terror groups, such as in Afghanistan where British Military are working at considerable risk, to help the people build a civilised country.

I've go no time for all this hot air about Assange, until he was charge with sex crimes, I'd imagine even the most dedicated left wing nut job, would have been hard placed claim Sweden had a corrupt legal system.

Briefly looking at Ecuador's  human rights given their poor record of unlawful killings and use of excessive force by security forces, arbitrary arrest and detention; corruption blah blah blah, they have no authority to lecture anyone on human rights.

Assange should just quietly leave town for Sweden and answer the charges against him, particularly given his innocence.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What a surprise - Tory Police candidate prefers party political advantage

Shock horror Craig Mackinley, who? well this is the Tory Candidate, for the Police Crime Commissioner post for Kent.

Perhaps like many who initially welcomed the idea of an independent boss of police forces across the country, given rather unchallenging poor undemocratic rubber stamping police authorities, the reality is that party politics will dominate the elections in November.

So it's really no surprise that the  Kent Tory candidate is not keen on a level playing field in which independent candidates are assisted as in other elections by free postage to electors.

Political parties, shouldn't in my view have anything to do with local police forces.

Any how for the story from Kent on Sunday click here

Monday, August 13, 2012

Thanet Council - We are not alone

I often wonder, whether Thanet Council is unique, with its sometime complacent attitude to residents and apparent hostility to free and democratic media, still drawn to a blog with the snappy title of "Carmarthenshire Planning Problems and more" after a reference in the current addition of Private Eye to the blog's author Jacqui Thompson.

Well reading this story from that blog would indicate that Thanet Council are not alone in the attitude to, we the people.

As my readers will be aware, I recently had cause to complain, when challenged by the councils security guard, I emailed Sue McGonical Chief Executive, concerned at what I perceived to be intimidating behaviour and harassment by the council at a public meeting, almost seven days later a reply turned up in my inbox, not from the Chief Executive but from democratic services.

Here is an extract from their reply to which I add come comments

The current policy regarding public meetings is that “unauthorised recording or relaying” of proceedings is not allowed, but I hope that you will appreciate that it is not always easy for the security staff to understand what members of the public are doing with mobile phones. My comment surely if I was making a phone call I would hold the phone to my ear, how difficult is that? And couldn't they accept a simple explanation??????

My understanding is that a relatively new member of building security staff took an over-zealous interpretation of the rules. He twice asked you to stop using your mobile phone, but he did not ask you to leave the Council Chamber. My Comment Why didn't one of the highly paid, some would say overpaid officers, intervene.

There has been no recent change in policy and it was clearly inappropriate of him to take that action. Clear instructions have since been given to the security staff. My comment Why not adequately train staff in contact with the public to understand, that the local authority, is supposed to be run on open, honest and democratic lines for the benefit of local people not as some club for council officers.

One day local authorities will have to realise that they work for the community, end of story, till then, petty regulations and arrogance shall reign. Till then people like Jacqui Thompson will have to battle for unfettered access to the democratic process.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Away from it all

I'd like to say that I'm all blogged out, that I have had bigger fish to fry, not true, or that I'd been away on some exotic holiday but the truth is that for the last week or so I've mainly spent my spare time watching the Olympics .

For a lot of us real world issues have been suspended to marvel at the Olympics, it's Friday afternoon as I start this posting and it might well be some time Sunday when complete, yesterday as talk of the legacy ramped up a tad, even the sky box appeared to suffer a minor stroke.

Olympic fatigued has yet to set in here at Flaig mansions,  what a fortnight it has been, the cycling for me has been the best, particularly Bradley Wiggins, still something which was shared it seems by all those in team GB the simple British trait of honest hard work, a characteristic frequently dismissed by those who should know better.

Without exception athletes talented enough to represent Britain, have appeared happy to be part of the British nation and why not, just before these Olympics I read an article suggesting this years event might be the last prior to Scottish independence, as well as the disappearance of our British flag of course it may well be true since once again a minority of us Brits will get to decide.

I just hope the success of team GB will be a graphic argument for those such as Alex Salmond who wish to destroy the British nation. Sorry for the negative, political point at the end of this post but sometimes you don't know what you've got until it's gone.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Isle of Thanet Gazette - Honesty?

I just wonder if or how, the Editor of the Isle of Thanet Gazette, Rebecca Smith, could justify the account given in today's edition of the paper, of Thanet councils actions in interfering with my note taking at last weeks TDC Cabinet meeting.

I cannot help feeling, that had my actions been in any way consistent, with the papers report, (particularly the first paragraph) it would have been, reported elsewhere in terms a bit more excitable than these,

 " Tonight also marked the second time fellow blogger Tony Flaig left early after being challenged over the use of his phone in the public gallery. Given this, perhaps he might pick up pen and paper instead? Tony was using his phone to take notes on a WordPad type program, something that was shown in his defence. He was doing the same last time. He was not Twittering.  James Maskell - 'Ville Views

or this from Cllr Simon Moores "Fellow blogger, Tony Flaig, was in the public gallery but during the course of the meeting, I heard a larger than life commotion behind me and it appeared that he had been spotted, using his phone and suspected of covert 'twittering' by a security guard.

The report by the Gazette is totally inconsistent with my recollection, of events, naturally I was taken aback by the attitude of the security guard, so as I have mentioned previously, I left before the situation became heated.

I find the report inexplicable and frankly unbelievable.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Breathtaking waste from Labour council

It's almost as if Thanet council are oblivious of economic realities, not so long ago, Thanet council were sending out press releases about Council Tax benefit, it's the intention of government to start to rein in welfare benefits and concentrate on those in actual need.

Benefits are being safeguarded for pensioners, obviously for Labour this issue is important to them since they represent in this order, public sector workers, benefits claimants, big business and at the bottom of the heap, us working people.

Recently local Labour boss Cllr. Clive Hart, thought it essential that local people should be aware of the changes, why,  I'm happy just know that maybe the welfare state is being reformed and that hopefully, not to far into the future, those who now claim for anything from a dysfunctional lifestyle, ignorance of contraception, through to the full Monty of exotic pursuits  such as snorkelling holidays,  these people should do what the rest of us do, work for a living.

Still for a further taste of air head thinking from Thanet labour, and you will soon realise looking at the above advert, from this weeks Thanet Times, that for Labour public spending is never better, than when completely wasteful so long, as it's vaguely indicative of some community theme however pointless and wasteful it may be.

Thanet council wishes to thank the local community, as do |I, for supporting the Olympic torch relay, err fair enough but couldn't they have done it, without wasting money, on a half page full colour advert in the Thanet Times, don't they have a press office and a web site is there any justification giving this money away rather than fund local services, shame on Labour and the TIG.

More importantly on a personal note, I would like to thank the council and or Clive Hart for a prompt apology and explanation of  their (TDC) unreasonable behaviour, in harassing me, last week at a public meeting, of coarse such is their contempt, I can't, still you will also be pleased that while penalising local motorist with increased charges, council staff have had their parking privileges enhanced with later opening hours at Mill Lane car park. Drinks all round for our champagne Labour party, I think, even if they've yet to achieve anything, thanks Labour!                                .

Monday, July 30, 2012

Police commissioners who needs them?

The answer controversially is we do, we need someone awkward enough to tell, Kent's senior police officers when things are clearly in need of improvement, now don't get me wrong I'm not anti police as a default position but there have been times in the last few years, when I've thought who holds our Kent police to account, when things go wrong.

Well some would say that the Kent police authority, has held that role, and I would say that rather than a regulator, they've acted more like a fan club or supporters club. On the whole Kent police officers are as far as I can tell, in the main honest people doing a tough job, not a career many of us would be suited.

Still from time to time, there have in my opinion been times, when Kent police have got things badly wrong, such as heavy handed treatment at the climate camp, at Northfleet, a few years ago,along with other questionable occurrences.

It is my impression that over my years, of looking at events in Kent, that on the odd occasion Kent police, have shown themselves to have let us down, no big deal really, but I just wonder if members of the police authority, have ever held the chief constable to account, in any serious way, such that the post holder has had consider revising their CV.

It's fair to say that, as it has been reported in the local press, there is little public awareness, that in November, elections will take place for the new PCC position. Interestingly for me came news last week, that the current head of the police authority Anne Barnes, who has after devoting some considerable criticism of new police and crime commissioner role, has now decided to become a candidate.

Still my biggest criticism, of the current police authorities, is the question of what do they actually do, back last year I wrote how Kent police had concluded that thirty percent of reported rapes were in fact non crime, it seemed rather an extraordinary idea that almost one in three women would, go to their local police station to report a fictitious rape.

I think at the time, this was met with some disbelief in the community and yet as far as I can tell the police authority did nothing, apart from forget about it, Kent on Sunday, this weekend highlighted the lack of interest in the police crime commissioner on the front page and sadly reporting a ten percent rise in sexual offenses, could all this be related?

Maybe it's a question Anne Barnes could answer during her campaign for the commissioners job?

Finally if any one has a few grand to spare I wouldn't mind standing myself.


On the 23rd June 2009 to date, and 2nd February 2010 to date, Bignews Margate published two items referring to the Coach House in Northdown Park.  Readers will be aware that following recent defamatory comments being submitted by anonymous bloggers, these two posts have now been removed from BigNews Margate site. 

Mr Peter Miles has drawn to my attention matters relating to these two items that shed light on the complex issues involved.  I would therefore like to apologise unreservedly to both Mr Peter Miles and his brother Mr Andrew Miles for any implication that they or others may have misconstrued from these items, concerning their intregrity and good character.  Mr Peter Miles has a record that is beyond reproach in terms of fighting corruption and maladministration here in Thanet and is a man I hold in high regard.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Race for life

Good luck to all those partaking of the Race for life event at Palm Bay, this morning.

Mrs Me leaves for race after her warm up routine is completed, which naturally includes advice to me to not to make a mess whist she is out and to make myself presentable by the time she returns.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shame on Clive Hart's Labour Thanet Council as they now encourage censorship

Thanet Democrat!?
It will be interesting to know what next to expect from Clive Hart's time in office, in my view his dreadful administration is propped up with inducements made to anyone who will support his inept administration, tonight I was told that I could not write or report on the cabinet meeting so rather than argue the point, I left.

It looks to me that Thanet Labour are taking the route of militant extremists, in the past I have been challenge, last time I understand that one of the Thanet independent crowd, Labours allies, took exception to me reporting, although on that occasion, it was accepted that I was using my phone as a computer.

I can recall members of the public previously being encouraged to report on precedings, still clearly, these days as Labour reveal their ability or lack of it, they wish to curb reporting, and of course this is something, which I think many council officers, don't like either.


P S While the public are still admitted to council meetings, go along, if nothing else, to witness for your  self how Labour stumble through proceedings.

PPS The contempt shown by local government staff never ceases to amaze me, still I've written to CEO Sue McGonigal, previously Thanet Council staff have locked me out of public meetings, and locked me in the building they really are that indifferent to any public service ethos.

A loose end this week

I won't linger to much on the downside of the Olympics, other than for some of us the fallout is a lot of spare time.

Anyhoo the sun is still shining and I've had a chance to clear up a bit in the garden, which in reality means, I've hacked a few bushes and trees and just hope that Mrs Me does not a) notice or b) notice and offer a commentary on where and how I could improve after explaining what a mess I've made.

Still irrespective of all that I intend to go to the council meeting tonight, where I can watch highly competent people, such as Cllr Clive Hart, formalise decisions that have of coarse already been agreed.

Highlights tonight will include, the consideration of a petition by residents of Birchington asking to retain a particularly good street sweeper, as you might expect the heartless blighters who run the council are minded, to ignore the public wishes and that old favourite of Thanetonline, the Royal Sands is also up for discussion, still unlike me the and mess in my back garden, Thanet council can save any embarrassment, by claiming that the deal is confidential and can only be discussed in private.

Tonights agenda click here, meeting kicks off at 19:00 sharp, at the council offices top floor.

Thank you Hanna of EDF plus Fox Update

Couple of surprising events, first this morning, I feel it necessary to thank Hanna of EDF for doing something which is generally outside the experience of most of us who use call centres, which was to deal with an account query, promptly and in a timely manner even calling back with in the ten minutes promised, well done, this made up for the 6 or 7 seven minute wait to have the call answered.

As you can see (above) last night, young Master Fox, made a fresh house call l and once again the family cat Missy, seems to be on familiar terms, frankly I question her loyalty, admittedly her predecessor Mr Puss was not adverse to inviting the neighbours cats round, however it always seemed fair enough given the hospitality he'd received elsewhere, the only real conflict of interests were the mice he liked bring in, notably the spectacular occasion he dropped a rodent on a bed at three in the morning.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Security scare - Intruder escapes

For the second time, in a just over a week, a brazen intruder, has breached security here at Flaig Mansions, last week Mrs Me's viewing of Corrie, was rudely interrupted when a fox cub strolled into dining room, hesitating, as it considered whether to catch up on the soaps or take a look-see at the contents of the kitchen, when challenged it strolled toward patio door, pausing with the arrogance and attitude of youth, and a look which could have been interpreted as,  "what are you going to do granddad?"

Since then Mrs Me has had at first one slipper go missing, followed by the second, from near the patio door, initially Missy the cat was in the frame, since she has considerable form, no respecter of property often borrowing small items of clothing from the airer, and regularly the dish cloth, in an act of wanton defiance.

fox at door 
Last night 20:44, the fox cub, once again had to be ejected, when caught, on what I take to have been a social call, since it appears to have struck up a relationship with Missy, I just hope the fox is not grooming Missy until it gets hungry and Missy gets a bit bigger.

Missy looks on as the fox leaves

I've no big problem with people feeding foxes but it does encourage them to enter peoples homes and although rare, there are reports of these animals attacking young children.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Corporate Resources and Transformation?

What the heck is that?, good question but fear not, our air head Labour administration at Thanet Council have managed to procure an expert in corporate resources and transformation and are appointing one Mr Philip Hamberger as it's Director.

I assume this appointment is not a minute too soon, as the lead paragraph on Thanet Councils website witters on "Following a proposal to reshape the council's senior management structure within existing budgets crikey it must be at least a good twelve months since the last "reshape" or was it a "restructure" of senior top bods.

Anyhow Mr Hamberger has good references and a wide experience including at least three similar jobs in the last seven years, quite an achievement, still in my world somewhat lower down the old food chain I've worked for the same company for roughly that period allowing for company takeovers.

Anyhoo the sun is shining lets just forget this bland public announcement, which is below if your that interested, of course things you might want to know, such as how much money is the bloke/role going to save or cost, are missing, as are details of what effects it will have if any on improving services. The main thing is Cllr Clive Hart retains his tenuous grip on power and he seems happy even if nobody else does.

TDC Announcement

Following a proposal to reshape the council's senior management structure within existing budgets, Thanet District Council is delighted to announce that yesterday (Thursday 19 July) the General Purposes Committee confirmed the recommendation of the Appointments Panel to appoint Mr Philip Hamberger as the new Director of Corporate Resources and Transformation. 

Philip comes to the council with excellent references and a wide experience, including - in the last seven years:
Assistant Director Commercial & Transactional Services (Slough Borough Council)
Programme Director of Change (East Herts Council)
Assistant Chief Executive (Basildon Council)

Philip has designed, implemented and driven to conclusion significant and sustainable improvement programmes across large complex organisations as well as successfully managed teams and developed talent within those organisations which is exactly the mix that the council was seeking.

Philip will be relocating to Thanet and will officially start his role on the 30 July 2012.

Philip is keen to meet his new team and improve his knowledge of Thanet so that he can start adding value as quickly as possible.
Leader of the council, Cllr Clive Hart said: "We're absolutely delighted to welcome Philip to the council. He brings enormous knowledge and experience, and he'll be instrumental in the ongoing work of the council.

"The selection process has been tough, but the council is ambitious and we were always determined to recruit the very best person within our existing budget. I have every confidence that Philip will relish the challenge, and I look forward to working closely with him as the council's plans for the area come to fruition."

Friday, July 20, 2012

Margate Torched

Thanks to Mrs Me for the photographs, unfortunately I myself was busy on vital work on the countries transport infrastructure, this last Thursday and as you might all know, a bit cynical where the Olympics are concerned.

I doubt that any of us would eschew the nobility of athleticism, it's just all the blood suckers from the top knobs through to purveyors of unhealthy food and spivs in the security business making it more Shambollix than Olympics.

courtesy of Turner Contemporary
I understand that there was a good turnout from the public and of course the usual compliment of local politicians looking for a photo opp and something to fill their day, it appears the public were excluded from the gallery for an cosy photo, including county councillor Mike Hill a leading member of the secretive Conservative administration, Clive Hart leader of Thanet Labour and Cllr Will Scobie, who it has been rumoured was given the role of Margate mayor, so that he can get himself elected to Kent County Council next year and trouser KCC allowances currently 13 grand a year, which added to Thanet council allowances is probably better than working for a living.

Not sure why Amada Honey, Corporate Director of Customer and Communities, had to leave her desk in these times of austerity to look at a flame, particularly since her salary is costing the taxpayer around £660 a day (calculated at £159,000 PA divided by 48 working weeks 5 days a week not allowing for public sector sickies or indeed jollies, events, training sessions, seminars or any of that malarkey) but hell why not.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Toxic South Thanet Labour Website?

Shock Horror, having been too busy/bored to post just recently I thought I'd check through comments etc. only to find that my browser would not allow me to view Bignews Margate.

My browser Chrome, warned me that a link on my webpage "contains content from, a site known to distribute malware.

No doubt this is some sort of glitch and I have now removed the link from this site.

Still I was considering a post not on malicious software but the malicious actions of the Public and Commercial Services Union who have selfishly called a strike to disrupt boarder services, the day before the Olympics, and why? presumably to blackmail the government into a list of outrageous demands to allow it's 250,000 members to continue to bleed the taxpayers dry. 

I could go on but what's the point public sector workers will continue their quest to suck the life blood out of the economy and taxpayers will continue to pray that one day, that public sector gets paid for what their worth.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A high point in an otherwise frustrating day

The day started badly and didn't finish too well, still on the way home an experiment in navigation involving narrow country lanes through which I macheted my way out of London following a change in route preferences from fast to shortest on the satnav resulted in a brief but fantastic view of Southern England even with the distant but noisy M25 in the background.

Still tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

KENTWATCH - Councils cannot get enough of the Olympics

Sorry for not the following the mainstream mindless hysteria over the Hackney and Stratford Olympics, for me the joy was short lived, up to winning the Olympic bid, the Olympics was accepted on the premise, that they would be delivered for a mere 2 billion, much emphasis was place on these being affordable games, not long after the costing catapulted to a eye watering 8 billion.

Yes many of us will be swept up in the endless promotion, the BBC daily prostitutes itself with torch madness, in which seemingly rational BBC journalists daily talk utter bollix about the torch progress,  still what much of this has to do with sport, who knows.

For me the true winners of the Olympics are big business and despots, whether it be purveyors of unhealthy food products high fat sugar salt, the military for being allowed to dust off otherwise never used rapier missiles, control freaks creating no go areas for commuters and business.

As we witnessed with the last Olympics in China, the country was able to white wash its human rights abuses including the criminal and brutal oppression of Tibet and of course ever since it has been business as usual.

The United Kingdom is not comparable, we have problems but these are minor, in comparison, still the propagandists amongst us, cannot resist, which is perhaps why Cameron offered extra dollops of money to organisers, to pep up the ceremonies and of coarse lessor political entities cannot help but try and wrap themselves in a little hype.

So it comes as little surprise to spot Olympic branding on Margate sea front and who's behind this, well Thanet council cancelled Margate's Big Event for torch madness and of course Kent council who often cannot grit roads in the winter can find money to pay for flags tied up on lamposts. 

Me I'd like to see children safe in the community and old people looked after anyhoo enjoy the celebration, county councillor Mike Hill OBE had this to say about KCC wasting money on Olympic branding “The brightly coloured Olympic and Paralympic branding will give the county a real feeling of celebration and help bring the Games atmosphere to Kent’s communities.” yes lets not worry about he and his fellow Tories covering up governance issues with a bit of fluff.

Local tourism boss Sandra Matthews-Marsh (visit Kent) added this “With excellent special coach routes, and train services to Stratford from Ebbsfleet, the Games are on our doorstep and we are a host county for the Paralympic Road Cycling events. This is going to be atruly memorable summer. I may be corrected on this but as I understand under Olympic time tables, trains services face severe disruption. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Frankly tales of Kent's Conservative council secretive inner circle, drain me, but fortunately should you wish indulge, an interesting story appears courtesy of KentOnline and Paul Francis.

The last few years, of writing this blog, it has been clear to me that residents are deliberately, presented information by Kent Council, which in the main suits the ruling Conservative party. 

Over the years it has been difficult to come by information, on various issues, media spend, lavish payments to staff, councillors use of chauffeur driven limousines, expensive travel, entertainment, it seems only the freedom of information act, has allowed the grudging trickle of information, it's seems apparent, that Paul Carter's administration will never allow us, to know for instance how Kent child services degenerated to point that placed children at risk in the county and who is responsible.

Boring as it has become, it seems Kent Council leader Tory Cllr Paul Carter and his cabinet are once again sitting on information that should be in the public domain.

Understand this, not just cranks tapping out blogs are uncomfortable with the secrecy surrounding KCC, I'm sure last December quite a few of Carter's own colleagues were disquieted that for some weeks the senior officer of the council had been away from her desk for some long time before Paul Carter decided to mention a hitherto secret redundancy.

Some businessmen in Kent have been perturb as Kent Council has in the last few years, blundered into various commercial activities, still you'll be pleased to know that a report has been prepared independently, unfortunately if you've read Paul Francis account or even if you haven't you probably wont be shocked to find out that although the report has been recently leaked to Kent Messenger papers, Paul Carter and his inner circle choose not to release it to fellow councillors.

Paul Carter and other senior Conservative councillors hold their cards close to chest, still it's an unfortunate irony that the money on the table is that of hard working taxpayers of Kent and not the personal property of Tory toffs. 

Monday, July 09, 2012

Labour having a laugh?

I can only imagine the latest posting on the Thanet Lab blog has been written by Clive Hart, over the top with the cliché in the first paragraph "Thanet Labour have won an historic victory in Westgate-On-Sea" isn't everything historic, even these words, as they change the pixels on my screen from white to black.

The second para opens well enough "We are now delighted to welcome Councillor Jodie Hibbert as the newest member" I'm sure the newest Thanet councillor has the best wishes of us all, (God knows enough dinosaurs, roam Thanet council chamber, but the things rapidly decline, with this pompous statement  "This result sends a message to David Cameron and his Government that they are taking the country in the wrong direction. err no it doesn't, assuming anyone would trouble David Cameron with the results of a by election in some tin pot seaside town, they'd most likely point out just under 70% of the electorate rejected Labour, rather reassuring I'd say with the votes split in the main by various rightwing parties.

I find this comment to be rather cheeky  "Thanet Labour will continue to fight on behalf of the residents of Thanet and do everything we can to soften the blow of the Coalition's ill prepared plans." it prompts question what have Labour done for the people of Thanet, apart from attacking social housing and fighting jobs, oh and looking after Thanet Independent Group. 

I'd like to say Cllr Clive Hart "you couldn't make up" referring to this blog post but I'm afraid he probably has! Anyway, dear reader, go have a look at Thanet Lab blog and then feel free to make your comments back here, as it seems that Thanet Labour don't allow free comment, has anyone noticed how few Labour party members, take place in local debate, has the likes of Cllr David Green Mayor of Ramsgate been gagged?

Finally I don't doubt that Cllr Jodie Hibbert, will be in for a bit of a disappointment come the next council elections, still maybe she and Will Scobie could breath some life, in to a party that appears to have become a throwback to the looney labour party, of the nineteen seventies, during recent times we've seen one hardworking councillor, de-selected and replaced by a candidate having flirted with several leftwing parties, we've seen jobs given and created for  supporters outside the labour party costing thousands of pounds which have been diverted from community services.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Lunchtime thought - Are Southern water not telling us something ?

Sitting just by the Great Wall of Ramsgate having lunch in the adjacent cafe, as an Environment Agency van pulls up, out pops to a couple of people, one in what I take to be protective clothing.

After five or so minutes they return I assume a sample is placed in the back of the van.

The thought occurs is there anything Southern Water are keeping schtum about?