Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Thanet South - The general election 2015 the first day

Thanet South appears to be the most interesting parliamentary seat in the country, it has a rich biodiversity, candidates from the weird, comic, boring, environmentally friendly, inexperienced idealistic socialist wonder kid, through to ex UKIP member now Tory and the real McCoy and the plain bonkers in my opinion.

I doubt if any parliamentary contest has ever been as diverse as that, which will be taking place in Thanet, the conservatives party held the seat till this week with Laura Sandys who throughout her tenure remained competent, rational and sane, lord knows, which of these highly individualistic candidates will win,  the two main contenders appear to be Will Scobie, who as far as I can tell has never had what most of us consider a "proper job" (anything outside of politics) and probably too young to have any life experience and then there's Farage plenty work and I imagine life. Tough choice?

This general election is not as clear cut, as others have been, however it would seem most likely that the conservatives will be returned to government, one way or another, since the idea of labour holding the reins of office, would be akin to putting a alcoholic in charge  an off licence. So my money's on Farage rather than Scobie and who knows it might do Will some good, instead of churning out meaningless predictable tweets for Labour, devoid of emotion, he might develop some depth.

I'm sure it won't take the  electorate too long, to work out the implications, to this country's economic  stability and perhaps even more importantly,  the security and defence of this country, I don't doubt for a second that those who've thought about how things were back 2010, will appreciate what the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have done for the country.

This thought might be the biggest problem for Labour, Ed Miliband can stab his own brother in the back, using the power of the trade union movement to win the Labour leadership contest, then it seems that small matter of breaking apart the United Kingdom and doing a quick deal with treacherous Scottish nationalist, just so that Ed  can play prime minister for a few months, until his colleagues remove him, could be quite likely, unthinkable maybe although possible, we could see the dismantling of the country's nuclear defence, at a time, when the world is becoming more dangerous particularly with Vladimir Putin happy to standby while assassins  dispose of rivals and allows his troops to invade Ukraine and while the Islamic world are tearing down civilisation.

Here in Thanet UKIP represent a continuing concern, and as far as I can tell the average person is as disturbed as ever by the shear (or sheer)* numbers of migrants and lack of control, despite the endless attacks by establishment journalist from London.

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