Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Manston Airport - Property developers announce the Future- Again?

The new announcement of yet another deal at Manston Airport, could be seen as a master stroke maybe, for Anne Gloag to overwhelm local democracy, as a new company and a vague sketchy planning deal, that has yet to be scrutinised by authorities, was revealed with the full PR treatment, swallowed by bods such as the beeb and local media.

At this stage to me, the plans by Trevor Cartner and Chris Musgrave are every bit as credible in my opinion as those for "Chinagate" Mr Musgrave is indeed quoted by Kent Online "Whilst it is too early to be specific about our plans, we will be looking to comprehensively redevelop the whole site to create a mixed-use community.

Wouldn't it be great if a property developer could one day be quoted, with something like this " We've got our clutches on a parcel of otherwise worthless land, and it's looking good because the local council is run by a coalition of two-faced councillors and officers who are pretty hopeless with no respect for residents, with a little bit of luck we'll build cheap as chips slums and make a packet. (FORTUNATELY ! Thanet is renown for open dealings in all public matters and as we all know local planning authorities, always upholds the local public's interest)

As I see it this changes nothing,  ask the question what's new?     Er Nothing not even the appearance of a labour Councillor on BBC South East, who when recently removed from the "Cabinet" immediately resigned from Labour and then after a short period decided to rejoin probably as he pondered his prospects as an unpopular independent candidate or unpopular Labour candidate in next years council election.

Like a lot of these planning PR events we can confidently expect jobs jobs jobs .... which I think in this instance are four something four, four hundred, four thousand, four hundred thousand, whatever, still this changes nothing, do we really want a shabby new town on the outskirts of Thanet, if anything this makes the Airport option even more appealing and just as viable.

PS Further interesting stuff from Louise Oldfield

Monday, September 22, 2014

Ed Milliband fights English Democracy and Cameron narrowly avoids the end of Britain.

Lets face it politicians are not always self seeking rascals, but a surprising number are. My last posting was prompted by the rather disturbing news that Alex Salmond and his fellow fantasists had managed to convince enough Scots, that their community would rapidly be converted into paradise should they vote Yes to independence and ignoring the resulting in the destruction of the United Kingdom.

At the time I myself was in something approaching paradise, well a very comfy hotel in St Lucia, but news that Britain could disappear was deeply disturbing hence I set aside an hour for my previous rant. Not the first time that I'd blogged while on holiday.  I dare say that most British people were assuming they care about these things, shaken by sudden realisation of just how dramatic the break up to Britain would have been and not least even more vulnerable to bullying by Eurocrats.

My view of the referendum is it should  never have been agreed to without the whole UK being able to vote and the thought crossed my mind that if ever there was a time when the country could use a coup  it would have been some time last week. As I see it David Cameron needs a good arse kicking for coming as close as he did to ending the Union, and reducing us to little Englanders, why he's still in office is a mystery.

Moving on to Milliband, one thing that has become more apparent after weeks of whinging Scottish nationalist going on about sorting themselves out, is the massive  inequality between England and Scotland on public spending and democracy.

Without a doubt England is the home nation that has the least self determination Cameron is suggesting something short of a proper English Parliament and Milliband couldn't give a toss for devolved government for England, if you cast your mind back New Labour wouldn't entertain an English Parliament instead the had I think they had John Prescott witter on about regional assemblies until the moment passed.

Milliband has shown himself, this last weekend to have have kicked English citizens in the teeth, asked about an English Parliament he did what his predecessors have always done, ignored the question. No Labour leader is going to encourage an English Parliament for the simple reason, Labour would find it almost impossible to get a majority, which is why they invested so much effort in the No campaign in Scotland, since without Scottish MP's they'd never get elected to government.

Finally Britain needs some leadership and equality, British citizens should be treated equally, why the hell are we giving the Scots an extra £1,623 per person of Taxpayers money, anyway now we've got the Scottish referendum out the way let's have one on the EU, I'm sick of being bleed dry and enslaved, I'd like to hear the "better together campaign" from a bunch Eurocrats, that would be some tricky sales pitch without a doubt. 

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Where is my vote - England Wales & NI the second class citizens

God knows we've heard enough b✴llsh t over independence  from self centred muppets in Scotland, Wales and in recent times, even a handful of wooly residents of Cornwall now consider themselves special.

Scotland has been given the opportunity to take their whingeing to the Max.  The obnoxious self loving pompous Alex Salmond (IMHO) was allowed to set the referendum question and the timing of the vote, and even given sixteen year olds the vote? All of this has been accepted by the establishment.

We are now on the verge of a complete bloody mess which Cameron, Clegg, and the hopeless Miliband have concocted, utter chaos in financial markets starting now, assuming SNP get their way expect heavy damage to all British institutions, BBC, NHS, Welfare, and defence (at a time British Islamic extremists have declared war on the West).

Could this have been handled better, well yes, how is it that a minority of British citizens, the Scots get to decide on the future of Britain, why have the English, Welsh and Northern Irish been disenfranchised.

Imagine you were a shareholder, in a PLC and it was decided that only those, who were left handed or blond were allowed to vote on a shareholder vote. It would be wrong.

My view is that Scotland is entitled to have a referendum, but since we are all British or UK citizens we are all stake holders and therefore all entitled to a vote, without this whole charade, in my view this is an act of treason.

I believe that in the UK we are all equal, British first English Scottish Welsh second and therefore entitled to have a say. 

Finally the worst aspect for all of us is we don't how much money this is going to cost and is it worth it also had anyone seen what Alex Salmond looks like on a tartan skirt.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Thanet Watch revolutionary forces launch UKIP fightback

another propaganda blast from Thanet red revolutionary committee, this time it seems local  "film maker" Christine Tongue is interviewing what I assume to be a representative selection of, in no way biased hard working residents of Broadstairs in this little film.

As you might imagine there is little evidence of a protest which apparently took place on Tuesday this week but what you will learn of, are wild insinuation and accusations of racism and an appalling suggestion of violence.

Still you might take our Christine at face value, were it not for another film in which she interviews a man who was convicted of attacking the UKIP leader on a visit, a while back who was at a previous demo, organised by local activist which comprised lefties and a bunch manipulated local groups.

I suggest you watch this film and see how objective Christine Tongue really is.