Monday, July 31, 2006

Any one seen Paul Carter?

The much awaited consultation with Paul Carter concerning the KCC document towards 2010, got off to a bit of a shaky start, as local councillors hastily rearranged the agenda, for the KCC local board, due to Mr Carter being delayed by traffic, not surprisingly many of the questions to him where on that very topic.
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Friday, July 28, 2006

Good news for Thanet

In today's Gazette, news of a new budget airline, deals apparently been done on the Turner centre, what can you say, nothing you were not asked.
On Monday there will be a chance to hear Paul Carter consult with, us at the Theatre Royal.
Nationally Blairs flown off to consult with the great chimp, I don't think Michael Jackson ever took orders from his.
Understand that Blair will be staying the weekend with Rupert Murdoch possibly to discuss media business such as Sky Television, I just wonder if anyone has noticed how similar Sky TV is to a monopoly particularly in Thanet where we have no cable service.
Presumed Israel will continue its attacks against Lebanon, still with no criticism of any consequence.
I have no problem with Israel defending itself, but when dealing with terrorists you cannot bomb indiscriminately and against innocent civilians and peacekeeping forces. For anyone who disagrees with me, to give you some perspective, look at our recent history in Northern Ireland at no time did any sane person suggest we bomb the homes of members of IRA or UDA or any of the other terrorists gangster mobs.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Joy as Turner architects, announced but will you still be feeling chipper, as Media Circus fields a carnaval of clich├ęs

More in Fridays BIGNEWS assuming I can be bothered.
Chance meeting results in accidental attack on Cat*

I’ve had a long day, starting at 5.45, then restarting at 5.55am having returned home to pick up my, mobile phone where I left it by the front door. Work, work, work, home from Corydon around 5.00pm. Then surf, surf, surf then, Mrs me reminds me its my Sisters Birthday, shop, shop, shop, its now gone 8pm, Oh forgot to give wifes best wishes, she will never know. Then down to Margate sea front Petes Fish Factory, on way out I am challenged “Man eating sausage” (reference to link on that fictional character ECR site) pardon I check my flies, look up at my interrogator, the man explains and introduces himself as Stardusted also known previously as kev, we had both worked @ Steelcase in Margate a few years ago, before we found fame and fortune on the Blogging circuit. I never miss an opportunity to talk about myself, feign interest in Skin of Stars weblog, (actually I do read this quite often), although I do not begin to understand the oonagi site (Strictly for young whippersnappers). Can see eyes glazing over, and feel my fish supper going cold, shake hands, just in time as it happens, drive away as incoming fire starts up, my brain tells me its Margates regular firework display, but my mind thinks innocent civilians/UN peacekeepers and I know Israel already has a buffer zone in Downing street but you never know, irrational as it is.

Anyhow, normally hot meal now cold, upshot is get dinner in microwave, take out, trip over our harmless cat and now Mr Puss is not talking, hope he doesn’t become alienated. If he wasn’t on an expensive diet, for medicinal reasons, I’d crack open a tin of Tuna.

Thank god I’m not Tony Blair or Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and don’t have to worry about the bigger issues.

* Mr Puss would like to point out these are the sole views of the author and neither he or anyone else endorses this rubbish.

PS once again his photo has been disguised

Microsoft leave my PC alone

Microsoft seems to think I need to check the authenticity of my windows operating system every month.

I don’t mind helping them verify my copy once but ever few weeks is going to far, I have even tried to contact their rather poor support, and then having explained the problem got zero help. I don’t mind allowing microsoft to constantly try and fix their operating system, perhaps next time they update windows they’ll try the novel approach of supplying a finished product

Another trick Microsoft seem to have is to, upgrade a dormant version of their wrenched Office program which then tries to bully me in to giving them the best part of £400 well I think you have got enough money already this also generally involves me in sorting out file associations etc. even when I hide the option to download the upgrade it then whines until such time I have to or just ignores me entirely


The fact is microsoft office is bloated with features that the average clerical wallah hasn’t got the remotest clue how to use.
I have mentioned this before but this upgrade trick keeps occurring

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gannet College in shock horror spoof
Some weeks ago a single entry blog, emanating apparently from Thanet, was created, a spoof entry, concerning Gannet College, now according to Thanet crimes newspaper another college this time Thanet College has been offended.
Re-reading this a blog, one can see why it would cause offence, having had, the explanation given in the Thanet Times, this is clearly a personal attack by some bitter and twisted blogger.
The Internet, provides a place for anonymity, giving the freedom to express yourself on sensitive issues, but anonymous personal criticism is particularly unpleasant and has little authority given the cowardly nature of such criticism even when its satire.
Blogs are a valid source of comment, news, etc but their value sometimes depends on whether the author is confident enough or honest enough to append their name. Occasionally I criticise our local politicians, but this is not a personal thing more a philosophical view, as it should be .
Kent arrogance, is history about to repeat itself?
Last week the Adscene carried a report that a delegation from KCC with Victoria Pomery would be visiting all six architect firms bidding for the Turner thingy, this week Thanet Times carries a further report telling us that a panel of councillors and officials from the Arts Council and the Tate Gallery will pick one of the six shortlisted designs. I was sure that KCC were going to have some sort of consultation with the public, I assume they still will in the normal fashion, with a fait accompli.

Really it's too much to expect, the sophisticates of, the Arts Council, Tate Gallery, Turner contemporary, KCC, to have to dirty their hands discussing such matters of aesthetics and design of galleries with riff-raff from the planet Thanet. Anyway it would appear that KCC, have learnt little from their previous debacle with the Turner centre for which no adequate apology has been given to the people of Margate. The only concession or recognition that has been made to the previous cock-up is that if it is discussed they now euphemistically call it ' Turner offshore'.

The truth is that this gallery in whatever shape or form it is eventually made up of, is something that Margate cannot do without, literary millions of pounds have been spent by the private sector in conjunction with the previous Turner project and much future investment now hangs in the balance on whether KCC get it right this time. It would appear they've learnt nothing from the previous debacle and once again this project will start by alienating Margate residents with the sheer arrogance people deciding our future who don't live here.

I believe that next week Paul Carter is appearing for one night only at the Theatre Royal in Margate, if Thanet Times is correct this is one topic on which he ought to be challenged. Other areas you could challenge him on are the inadequate road system in out of Thanet, subsidising flights to obscure American towns, and his backing of projects such as Imperial Colleges to ruin the of village of Wye.

Personally given any choice in the matter I would like to see any gallery built to have lots of flashing neon lights and plenty of brightly-coloured Perspex, just so that when these arty types arrive in 2010 they know they're in Margate not London or would that be too iconic. Oh and could we this time, try and build it on the intended site!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Thanets user-friendly New-look Website requires Code-breaker

Quote from Cllr Zita Wiltshire, (Customer Services Supremo) “ With more people getting online, its crucial we ensure our website is simple to navigate and allows easy access to all the information and services”

Well I wanted to look at a planning application and couldn’t if you can find the correct link, on the Planning pages your smarter than me, I was forced, not having worked as a cryptologist to ring up to find out how to access this information.

If you have the same requirement the link is should get you there.

I think that this is one Dr Moores, crusades on Thanet life, to have a decent council website I just wonder what his assessment is.

Bus Shelter vandalised in Cliftonville

Not the biggest story from Bignews, but I wonder if this is indicative of our failing police service, or the school holidays, all I know is that crime from mindless morons would appear to be on the increase.

Many publicly spirited people and organisations put on events or activities for children during the summer, which is a good thing but there has been a change in emphasis in society, children have become little people that are to be indulged and cosseted, instead of part of the community or family, maybe this is due to smaller families or families where income depends on how many children you have. Anyway I just wonder if the kids, whom took the time out of their busy schedules, to damage this bus shelter have ever been told, that there not so special, and will one day be adults, who will pay for this damage (who might even mutate into a middle aged grumpy old F-wit like me).

Just on crime last week it was announced that crime was on the rise and I’ve yet to hear whether the Chief Constable has a view or even a clue as to why.

If anyone from the council and is reading, the bus shelter is located in Northdown Park Road, and it might be handy to clear up the glass (this occurred sometime over the weekend).

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Visit East Kent

Spent Sunday walking around Faversham and Whitstable, and wondered why so many from London, head down to the West Country, when there’s so much in East Kent, with the M2 usually free of holdups .

Faversham great for ale bores where you can
visit Shepherd Neame Brewery, Britains oldest, the brewery tour has to be booked in advance to guarantee a place, but the gift shop seemed good, with a choice of their brews on sale ( having been to the guiness brewery in dublin WHERE THEY JUST OFFER THAT BLACK STUFF noticed shepherd neame offered more biodiversity) in fact they even have an "Organic Ale" Whitstable Bay ( i'll let you know )

Whitstable great for seafood and Oyster experts, the Duke of Cumberland, offered good music and food, I think the band was called Bens alter ego which resulted in me and Mrs me spending the best part of 30 quid.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday morning, one line sermon

As you now know if you’re a regular, I have views on just about everything, so many in fact that I don’t get around to writing about them, so here goes one-line opinion.

Government develops Middle East backbone?
News that Kim Howells, appears to have criticised the Israeli conduct, in Lebanon, it would be nice if the rest of the government could, consider innocent civilians.

Bishop of London declares air travel as sinful
Good, I never like to see priest or nuns on my flight, it reminds me of those disaster movies and yet another reason not to go to church, mosque, temple or synagogue religious types talking profound rollocks.

Fifth 7/7 bomber pulled out day before blasts
Pity a change of heart was not accompanied by a telephone to the security services if true lets hope the authorities get hold of this person.

Party Chairman must go Roger Gale
A more “robust” and “well known” person should be chairman, I reckon the Tories need a leader of substance, with a little more to say than giving hoddies a cuddle what does Cameron think about Europe the Economy or even the Middle East not a lot, so far.

Agree with Canterbury and Whitstable MP Julian Brazier
This is a rare thing, me concurring with Mr. Brazier perhaps a one & only occasion but according to Kent on Sunday he is urging the West to intervene stop bloodshed and destruction of the Lebanon saying Israel had “bombed it back into the Dark Ages.

John Reid to introduce uniformed boarder force
What for, seems a little to late, our home office servants, haven’t got a clue who’s in this country, legal migration is limitless unlike every other major EU country, why not save money and get rid of passport control, and let me get to my luggage without the farce, of making us queue for ten minutes whilst, an un-civil servant exercises the power to make me stand in line.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

At a Loss for somewhere to go this weekend

Try Margate Museum, last weekend staff from there were good enough, to open up the Tudor House, which appeared a popular gesture, judging by the number viewing the house.

The museum has a good cross section of exhibits covering holidays, crime and punishment, social conditions, the war years really a bit of everything. If you’ve never been, I suggest you get your carcase down there, and drag the kids around, if your not a museum person don’t bother but if you are, don’t be put off just because its local! Believe me I've paid good money to visit many inferior museums. I think the entry is around a quid, from the outside it looks smaller than it is but you will find it good value.

Incidentally the Tudor house is scheduled to be open again on Saturday 12th August and Saturday 30th September make a note, again thanks to Margate Museum, because this is quite a rare event and it’s free.

Margate Museum Website

Friday, July 21, 2006

Re anonymous praise for Bignews Margate

I have discovered that these automated comments I have recently received are not as wonderful as they appear, it seems to be part of a spam type operation for a casino called granite falls, I will not go on at great length about this, as mafia types, have been known to run America casinos I don’t want to start a vendetta.

I now have to face a dilemma, do I switch on word verification to prevent such comments, or shall I kid myself and bathe in the artificial praise of these spam type comments and look more poplar than I am or what.
Kent consider Drug testing your Child

KCC is according to Kent online considering bringing in random drug testing to our schools. Graham Badman, Managing Director of Children and Families and Education at KCC is quoted as saying, "This is not something that can be rushed and full consultation must be carried out within school communities."

In industry random drug testing occurs generally in occupations that are deemed to be safety critical, and those subject to testing have a choice they can put up or get another job.

Our Children do not necessarily go to school voluntarily but as part of growing up, and I would point out, that some drug and alcohol tests, are quite intrusive, with a sample being given, in the presence of the tester, to ensure that you don’t bring a sample you prepared earlier. I would view a compulsory random test, as little more than an assault, thank god my children have grown up without the aid of Drug testing.

When Mr Badman agrees to be randomly drug tested, and all his colleagues concur along with all KCC employees and councillors, then he will get my support.

If I were Mr Badman, I would consider dealing with the Kent test first, which fails more than it succeeds, before this drug test nonsense.

Still presumably KCC will take a sample opinion from the public before it goes ahead.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Yo Apologies to Mr Blair
with fries?

Last Tuesday in referring to the situation in the Lebanon, I gave the impression that our government was doing nothing to curb Israeli excesses, I now offer an apology, due to work, I had little time to read or listen to the news but having now seen the efforts, of Mr Blair trying to get permission for a trip to the Middle East, from his mate Bush, in that forceful no nonsense way of great leaders, I'm even sorry to be British at the moment. If you missed this appalling effort of Blair, Click here for Adam Boltons Blog, which also has a transcript & link to video.

It cannot be easy being the prime minister, there must be days when you don’t know which way to turn, another little controversy is his relationship, and I’m not suggesting that Mr Blair is toadying in any way, with Americans but his office is currently a tad reluctant, to give information concerning meetings, with that great American patriot and media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Click Here for details

What Blair needs is a damn good holiday and I doubt he has any worries on that score, someone will look after the shop for him.

Increase your word power with Thanet council!
It's amazing how you can increase your word power in the most unexpected and seemingly mundane way. I just happened to be scanning through the Thanet District Council website when I stumbled across the situations vacant area. My initial reaction was how well paid these council employees ( and they are ) but then one in particular caught my eye, this being for, Assistant Democratic Service Managers, the job description requires the candidate to work as part of a triumvirate, which until today I had imagined was some grisly primeval insect with three backbones and too many legs to count, realising that even Thanet council would not go as far to force its staff into some grisly genetic experiment I referred to my dictionary, only to discover the following definition ''A group of three men responsible for public administration or civil authority '' a bit disappointing really (suggest they check regarding equal opportunities though).
They had all the other banalities one expects of public servants '' self-starter'' ''skilled net worker'' '' engage with'' ''life skills'' nothing much to concern ourselves with there, except maybe for this one for Major Developments Manager ''Political... skills are essential'' I think not, I prefer to see my politics conducted by elected representatives.
Still it's nice to see, that I can be so generous as far as pay is concerned with my local government employees, or officers as some of them prefer to be called. If you wish to blag one of these jobs be my guest and click here, you only have until 30th July, good luck!
Kent police asks how are we doing? Answer not very well in Thanet

Crime has risen, nationally by 2%, and in Kent by a whopping 16%, to which Dave Ainsworth(Assistant Chief Constable), is reported commenting on the rise with the word ''disappointing''

Mr Ainsworth continues ''we're recording more incidents as crime and we are getting better at detecting crime'' maybe I'm wrong but I'm sure that over the years I've often heard police spokes persons come out with similar statements.

On the plus side for Thanet violent crime has only risen by 3.3% against a county average of 6% but other crimes have increased burglary (dwelling) up 16.2% county average 5.8%, burglary (other) up 39.1% county average 5%, drugs up 45.5% county average 22% (these figures are from KCC police website)

These figures are quite appalling given the extra resources that our police forces have been given in recent years, I just wonder whether additional resources such as community wardens are more of a PR exercise.

Maybe our police officers ought to get out more often, although having said that, I did actually see one yesterday in Northdown Road, just like Dixon of Dock Green for those of us old enough to be familiar with that cliche. A waste of police resources you might think, but ironically the sight of a copper standing on street corner, gave me the confidence to leave my bike unpadlocked whilst I got a newspaper and nipped in to Rooks to purchase a couple of their fine saveloys.

Overall Thanet crime, seems to be higher than the Kent average, perhaps the Chief Constable Michael Fuller could give some public explanation as to why crime appears to be out of control. And if Mr Fuller needs any help, he has one Deputy Chief Constable, and three assistant chief constables, so no shortage of resources there.

BBC report

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thank you anonymous

I would like to thank those anonymous contributors, to this and other blogs the genuine and otherwise. In particular the persons or whatever that deposited something like a 100 or so comments @12:52pm such as the following “Interesting website with a lot of resources and detailed explanations” “Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it “Hmm I love the idea behind this website, very unique

Personally this is the sort of contribution I like, although preceding comments were all posted in the space of a minute, which clearly would not be possible with normal typing abilities, so I only assume one of my anonymous contributors has invested sort of automated device to heap praise on my blog.

Although I don’t object to anonymous contributors ramping up interest in my blog may I ask, that those using automated methods to do so, could they vary the comments.
This sort of contribution remains a mystery to me, as why anyone would heap praise in this way, perhaps if you have an explanation, you could pass it on anonymously or otherwise. If you just wish to tell me how wonderfull or whatever this blog is go ahead, click the comment thingy.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Britons evacuated from Beirut

I’ve not had much chance to follow the news in detail but having watched the Six O’clock News reports, on the evacuation of British citizens from the Lebanon, Israel is blockading the port “allowing” the Royal Navy to rescue our nationals, and what are our politicians doing well nothing.

One can only assume the government is condoning Israel’s hostile actions, which whilst they may have been provoked seem to be totally disproportionate. Israel has a right to defend its self but not to bully a whole region. Our government has a duty to protect our nationals and perhaps make this clear by telling Israel to stop bombing innocent civilians. Could not the Royal Navy could have the authority to clear any Israeli blockade that interferes with humanitarian efforts.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Is David Cameron tough enough?

Just a quick thought, I see David Cameron has a recently taken a view that we should hug Hoodies, and even Roger Gale's View concurs.

I just think that it is a sad reflection on the state of their political health, that the leader of the opposition has not got something more significant to witter on about.

There are number of significant events at the moment for which David Cameron could show some leadership or interest, the looming energy crisis, the Middle-East, at the very least you might expect the leader of the Tories to perhaps put the knife into Tony Blairs back, given the potentially explosive money for honours situation.

Personally I do not like my leaders to be, to ruthless, but I do like to see competent people and right now it looks as if he is being to touchy feely where Blair is concerned.

Tony Blair is as close as any other prime minister in recent times to having his collar felt by the law, so unless Mr Cameron is about to give Tony a big hug, I think he should reveal whether he has the balls to make capital out of this situation.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Big Sky Jazz Festival

Very Cool, go have a drink and enjoy Margate Cafe Society, went yesterday afternoon very pleasant
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Dreamland Margate much Improved, cutting edge theme park
Aware of all the negative comments concerning Dreamland, I thought I would take a gander myself.
First off I think it is about time that critics of Dreamland, took a fresh look at the amusement park, they have taken bold steps to enhance the Dreamland experience from the very outset. No longer d'you walk through what should be the logical entrance crammed full of amusement machines, now before you enter the main area of the park you are given the real Margate experience, this entails a simulated work site fence, a pleasant stroll along the back of Marine Terrace, the works site or regeneration theme is carried on into the centre of Dreamland with a temporary toilet block construction which would be the envy of many a construction firm (although they might be a little more fussy about the cleanliness).
Fears concerning the future of the scenic railway would seem groundless, some years ago, the trains would have run almost continuously perhaps as frequently as once every two minutes, well fortunately things are a bit more orderly these days it looks as if trains, on the scenic railway are adhering to a half hourly timetable, I am not sure whether this was the Sunday service they were running or whether there was a bus service somewhere in the middle of the track for essential maintenance, but they have certainly cut down on the screams and shouts which used to be almost continuous.
There also seems to be another rather impressive feature of Dreamland these days, the feeling of exclusivity, and that feeling of danger or vulnerability you get in a deserted urban wasteland ("in space no one can hear you scream" a quote from poster for the film Alien), as they appear to have conquered at that age old problem of keeping the public at bay ensuring that there was no queuing, or crowds within the amusement park. I'm not sure how they achieved this, whether it was the lack of signs, the competitive pricing a minimum £1.50 for even the most basic ride.
Finally on exiting the park, my wife was moved enough, to inform me that they had certainly improved the car-park!

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Three reasons it to visit Margate today!

No. 1 An opportunity to visit the Tudor House, which today has been opened for the first time in a long while courtesy of East Kent Maritime Trust. I have already visited this morning, and so far there has been a pleasing number of visitors.

No. 2 Big Sky Margates Jazz Festival is taking place today I believe that the entertainment starts around 2 o'clock this afternoon. Already at a 9 o'clock this morning it looks like extras tables and chairs had been laid out so that visitors will be able to enjoy the music and relax with the a cup of coffee meal or other refreshments.

No. 3 The sun is out and there is a slight refreshing wind off the sea enjoy !

Honour killing

Sometimes I find it difficult, to believe that I live in a supposedly free society and reading a report from yesterday's Guardian this thought is once again with me. The report in question concerns a so-called honour killing and the fact that two of the participants have been given life sentences for their part in this appalling crime.

Now the part of the story I found most disturbing was the quote from Nazir Afzal, area director of the Crown Prosecution Service "Samaira was murdered because she loved the wrong person, in her family's eyes. In that sense, it was an 'honour killing' to protect the perceived status of the family, to mark their disapproval.
"We hope that Samaira's death and the investigation and prosecution that followed will deter others who may wish to harm their own family members because of practices that are as tragic as they are outdated."
Something that would send a clear and unequivocal message, to communities who believe that they can force their children into marriages and in extreme cases murder would be a specific law against Forced marriage, something I have written about on several occasions.
The Home Office decided a few weeks ago not to protect vulnerable people, perhaps those responsible for that decision might care to reconsider.
Just as a side issue I would like to point out, that I requested the Home Office to give me a contact address for Baroness Scotland (who was involved in this decision), there enquiry office could not help, despite several phone calls and an email, I wonder what freedom we have when you cannot be given a contact address, for a minister in a government to voice your opinion.
If you would like to read, some of my opinions on the subject of forced marriage or you happen to be Baroness Scotland CLICK HERE
For the Guardian story CLICK HERE

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tudor House to open after many years waste!
I don't know whether my story back in April had any effect, but according to Thanet life and Cllr Latchford, Thanet council have arranged with the East Kent Maritime Trust to open the Tudor House in Margate.

It is nice to see Thanet council at last, doing something with one of its more important but wasted assets. One can only imagine the Herculean efforts the council must have gone to, to arrange this, whenever I have asked council employees in the past I have always been given some codswallop about insurance, health and safety etc, nice to see they've taken the trouble to overcome the problems.

I wonder if they have any more treasures hidden from public view.
New flights to America from Manston next year

According to a report on Kent Online website, a new weekly service of charter flights to America will be operated by a tour company Cosmos and its airline Monarch.
The start-up costs for this new service will be roughly £800,000, half of which will be shared by it KCC, Seeda, Infratil, Kent attractions, East Kent Partnerships, Thanet District Council, Canterbury City Council and Gravesham Borough Council.
The destination airport will be Norfolk (Virginia) International Airport, who will be paying the other half of the start-up cost.
I wish them good luck, and they will need it, because let's face it neither destination airport would necessarily come to mind as a travel must see destination to anyone. I would think that a route to America that would be a paying proposition would need a popular destination, such as Orlando Florida, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco etc but I am sure that KCC and some of these other public funded organisations would not waste our money on a poorly thought-out schemes.
As a postscript, I hope that the seating on planes for long-haul journeys is more capacious than that I recently experienced travelling to Venice with Monarch.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

At Last my photos have been developed

Its difficult to get in the mood to blog so here are some long awaited pics of my hols

Want a ride on a gondola, my top tip don't pay 60 euros for half hour, for half a euro you can stand in one to cross the Grand Canal somewhere between the Rialto Bridge and the railway end of town
Grand Canal

Me at the Doge's Palace ( don't try to take photos as the get very stroppy)

Sunsetting over town

Quality food is available but you have to hunt for it ( No kidding the food in italy is terrible)

Doggie (note the webbed feet) all dogs in this part of Italy seem small

Italian Military

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Annual leave

Last week, I did not make a much of a contribution to Thanet blogging output, as I was on holiday in Italy.
For various reasons me and my wife, ended up in the resort of Jesolo in northern part of the Adriatic coast, about 20 miles east of Venice. We had previously been there 25 years earlier just after we got married, and although the resort itself had not changed, I was struck by how much myself and the world had changed.
For one thing, I am now several stone heavier, I think my politics are more conservative, and I have an even more cynical attitude to life.
But not everything is bad, I seem to remember 25 years ago Mrs Thatcher was in power the streets of toxteth were subject to rioting, such was the despair, and the alienation of her government. Being cynical, and maybe being away this week I have missed mention of this anniversary in our press, strange usually newspaper hack's clutch on to any 25th anniversary they stumble upon I just wonder whether are free press would stifle such nostalgia.
Anyway I had a good holiday and I shall bore you with some on my holiday snaps!
PS photos wont upload you will just have to jolly well wait!