Thursday, May 26, 2016

Reasons to quit Europe - EU to force consumers to pay for euro TV

Just what sort of people inhabit the United Kingdom it seems to me that if the media are right and Cameron and Osborne are also correct then everything just comes down to a few pounds per annum or whether the economy grows by one or two or three or four or 5 percent.

The European remain campaign appear to believe that we are all totally without any principles, freedom, sovereignty, count for nothing. 

However forget money, forget migration (the other cliché), how about the petty but sinister intrusion into our lives by the European Union which now believes that suppliers of on demand media such as such as Netflix should have now have to have a quota of European content.

Imagine when the Eurocrats then focus on news media, presumably newspaper such as the Torygraph will have to accommodate qouta of left right and centre political opinion, imagine the socialist morning star newspaper wouldn't be able report on its miniscule revolutionary supporters.

Clearly deranged and powercrazed  Eurocrats feel they have to impose cultural quotas, ignoring the fact that currently individuals such as I can freely choose to pay for entertainment, I pay for Netflix because they produce and distribute quality programming which without loony euro bullies already provides content from both Europe and the rest of the world.

By what logic is it necessary for the Euro state, to try and manipulate even what we watch when we relax, it's this sort of intrusion that inclines individuals to question why we need there EU.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Ten Years on

It is 10 years since I started this web blog and to be honest something's have changed for the good and some things are just the same as ever.

My original postings were often concerned with the Turner contemporary gallery and the controversy that surrounded it's creation and completion , the gallery has been a roaring success even with cynical old gits such as myself, although perhaps the best for down market proles such as me has been the resurrection of dreamland.

Margate is better than it was 10 years ago although that said there have been down sides, not least the suggestion of misappropriation of EU funds, the loss of the royal school for the deaf and of course the Conservatives alleged  inability to get their sums right when accounting for election expenses

Still on the whole it seems that Thanet council is being run slightly better than in the past, which may well be due to the inexperience of UKIP in running the council.

I think councillor Chris Wells has done a good job given the naivety of some of the members of UKIP as for the Manston issue, some of those UKIP quitters also don't realise that Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will be the proposed new housing estate for Manston god willing never!

As you will appreciate I'm a little out of practice on blogging , but for my next blog I will be touching on brexit and the incredible campaign of Lies and interference from foreigners in what is a discussion of British sovereignty for now, I will just say this it is a measure of how corrupt this country has become that the best argument David Cameron and George Osborne can come up with is the cost to the economy, they clearly place no value on independence or our sovereign rights,  the generations who sacrificed themselves for this country, do they really think 3 to 6% shrinkage to the economy, matters a toss when freedom and principal are at stake.

And really if they Osborne and Cameron gave a flying er.....  for ordinary hard working people would they really be in the Tory party, I think not.

Till the next time.