Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cllr Ken Gregory Suspended from Conservative group

Not much causes shock in the goings of local democracy even with the somewhat crazy elements that have cropped up in this current Thanet council. Still news comes of the suspension of Cllr Ken Gregory, apparently for having received a police caution for an offence against another councillor.

This comes from what I see as  a background of tensions within the council that are effecting the governance of council and the zealous pursuit of the slightest non politically correct comment or the mildest of perceived slight is becoming untenable.

I'm quite clear that I have been threatened by councillors on the mildest of points with police action, with hysteria and over-reaction. Even apologising for comments made by others, isn't good enough. Let's get this clear once and for all nobody cares if your miserable, gay or what, get over it.

It seems incumbent on the either the Chair of the Council or indeed the leader Cllr Clive Hart to get their head out of the sand or whatever dark place, and speak with elements within the council that are now using the law in an unintended way.

On a personal note Cllr Ken Gregory has my best wishes and support, if he has transgressed I can only assume it has been a reaction, as the result of the pervasive, repressive, and threatening atmosphere in which some councillors are now in my opinion abusing the law. 

It seems those happiest to invoke allegations of "hate crime" are themselves guilty of trying to manipulate the law, in a way not dissimilar, to both fascist and socialist in the past. I cannot help but think some councillors dream of show trials in which political enemies are disposed of.

Still we've probably not heard the end of this, as I understand at least one Labour councillor is alleged to have made abusive comments via the internet and again I can only assume that if true it might have been the result of the malign atmosphere of threats of which I've myself been a victim.

Press Release

31 May 2012

Statement from Cllr Bob Bayford

It has come to my attention that Cllr Ken Gregory has
received a police caution for an offence against another
Council member.

The TDC Conservative Group demands the highest standards
of conduct from its members and I have decided to suspend
group membership from Cllr Gregory with immediate effect,
pending further consideration of the situation.

For the time being, I will assume responsibility for
shadowing the Housing and Planning portfolio.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stratford and Hackney Olympics another example of Bent Britain

I cannot remember the last day, that I wasn't reminded of  Britains slide toward corruption and the increasing curb of personal liberty. 

I see daily how the country is in a frenzy of excitement as the sacred flame from Greece makes its way to the  Hackney and Stratford Olympics, whipped up by an on message BBC, who blandly cover the hysterical scenes daily and at times hourly on BBC news channel with absolutely no journalistic treatment whatsoever basically, BBC which often kids us about its fearsome independence but is acting like sleazy Public relations outfit.

I know I'm a miserable cynic and yes of course there is nothing wrong with celebrating this event, but that said, a news channel is surely for news items, the daily six o'clock news is for news. I just wonder if they have to devote so much airtime, maybe they could perhaps question aspects of the PR fest such as the CO2 emissions from all this malarkey.

Still  I suppose the fantasy of the Hackney and Stratford Olympics, is preferable to the ragbag of bent cabinet ministers, crooked cops and journalists we hear so much of. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Time for Labour to Face up to responsibility of Power

With Thanet Labour having recently spent much of their energies horse trading, in a move which apart from costing the public Ten thousand pounds in services, has resulted in little benefit unless you happen to be in Clive Hart's Cabinet or indeed the smalll group of Independently minded councillors knows as TIG who are in receipt of generous allowances.

Still tonight's local news on BBC's South East Today,  gives Clive Hart the opportunity to show what he's made of, Labour Councillor Mike Harrison appeared prominently and not in the best light, the story introduced by presenters Rob Smith and Polly Evans relaxing the usual smiley faces and switching to stern faces normally reserved for disaster, tragedy, crime and budgets as once again Mike Harrison  is alleged have made unfortunate comments, this time accused of homophobia on facebook.

Homophobia has become, a topic of near hysteria in some circles in Thanet, ever since Sir Roger Gale MP, took a stand on same sex marriage, clearly the accusations  are serious and it would now be expected that Cllr Mike Harrison should stand down from the Labour group until his name is cleared, and if he doesn't then Cllr. Clive Hart should insist, if this doesn't happen then it would of course render any statements of Thanet Labour toward belief in equality.

For what it's worth I don't think that homophobia exists in Thanet, I'm sure most would agree, irrespective I imagine most of us whatever our circumstances, are preoccupied with jobs, homes our own lives and family and friends too busy for petty nastiness.

If Labour are fit to govern then, they need to do the right thing and if Cllr Harrison doesn't stand down from Labour until this issue is resolved, then he should be suspended from the group.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

How could you resist? Tracy's invite

Not easily, if you care for Margate, Thanet and East Kent, the Turner Contemporary like it or not is the establishments big chip in the regeneration game. A lot hangs on it.

I think you should make your own mind up on this, suffice it to say I'd measure Tracy Emin's talent on the same scale as that of Damien Hirst. After seeing the exhibition I watched the Andrew Marr Show, noting that it seems Mr Marr has tired of politics and appears to be boosting his credentials as an art expert, hence a fairly substantial interview with Tracy Emin.

Anyway it's good to see the Harbour Arm lively with it's own contribution to art, generally Margate looked busy.

Dream On - What's a name worth?

Announced on the front page of the Gazette this week, news that the company, much associated with the late Jimmy Godden has now changed its name from the Margate Town Centre Regeneration Company to the equally in my opinion misleading name, DreamlandLive.

Calling itself the Margate Town Centre Regeneration Company, always seemed rather insulting to the town given that its largest assets in Margate was surely the old Dreamland Amusement park, which as far as I know had  been dismantled by Mr Godden and his associates and has lain in pretty much either derelict or run down state before and during the life of this blog, now to add insult again in my opinion they are choosing to call it DreamlandLive giving it a snazzy new identity, under its previous brand it didn't regenerate much and I cannot imagine any group of businesses and banks looking too kindly on keeping any part of Dreamland alive.

The idea that the current owners are going to pay some homage to the past, is just an impression, still if that were true, why have they not rebuilt the Scenic Railway, which is in their ownership, why have the council had to step in and make repairs to Dreamland building?

Chief Executive Toby Hunter, has the cheek to claim that Thanet residents do not realise the scale of Thanet's potential commitment to invigorating the Dreamland site, still I'd hazard a guess the Mr Hunter doesn't realise the scale of contempt for the blight caused to the area, by the speculative nature of destroying what was once an important asset for Margate, the Dreamland Amusement park, on the assumption that if you can get away with building hundreds homes on what was a once an important leisure site, you'll make far more wonga.

Maybe Margate Town Centre Regeneration Company DreamlandLive could take a look just how the property, market is doing in these parts or anywhere else for that matter. Worryingly according to the company, they've cut plans to shoe horn 800 homes on to the site and but still hope to go for five hundred, no doubt they've considered whether the infrastructure, roads, drains and all that will support maybe a thousand plus residents also given the extreme deprivation in Margate, who's going to want to live on the proposed estate, if this high density project goes ahead, the most likely occupants will be, social security dependents and migrants on poverty wages.

Still since I understand back in January this year it was reported that "the Close Brothers bank, is owed £6 million from mortgages on the site and is understood to be willing to lend MTCRC at least half of the estimated £20 million development costs" that there must be incredible pressure to steam roller the authorities in capitulation, myself I assume that the banks made a cynical decision at some time that they could ride roughshod over the greater interests of the people of Margate a gamble on their part and I hope they lose.

Hopefully the compulsory purchase order to purchase part of the park, will be decided in favour of the council and those wishing to create a heritage park will get the go ahead and even better we get our Margate back from the speculators and banks.

DreamlandLive as the new company is now called and its predecessor MTCRC has so far looks to have contributed nothing in Margate other than maintaining an eyesore and blighting the area for some many years, lets hope those in authority can give Toby Hunter and his associates a message from the people. Dream on!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another day another dollar TDC discuss Manston

Disappointed not to see any excitement outside the council offices tonight as the council debate Manston Airport with extra helpings of night flights. Any how THE COMMENTS IN THIS POST WILL BE MY OWN VIEWS AND SUBJECT TO CORRECTION and may well be wrong please use the comments section at the bottom of the post to correct the inevitable errors.

A quick thought before hostilities in the debate begin, apart from two members in the labour(Greens), the group were in support of night flights last time this was debated.

A petition presented to the council will not be considered by the council as of the 2200 odd signatures only 700 of those could be confirmed by email or read addresses. A bit odd ?

Clive Hart says Airport boss Charles Buchanan is a man he could do business, really. Bob Bayford pointed out that the time he had to challenge the councils motion was at three minutes not enough which seems a fair point . Still for those of us who distrust opinion polls Bayford, pointed out that while the council found 70 odd percent not in favour of night flights although Manston have found a similar number in favour.

As you can imagine things get heated at these meetings, Sandy Ezekiel upset at being barracked, by some members of the public sitting to my left, some of whom were making offensive and defamatory comments. These in my opinion were a rabble, however the mob being referred to looked to me like the usual crowd attracted by the Labour group. No surprise Sandy complained at the barracking from these people, referring to them as a rabble Still oddly the Chair unsympathetic to free debate rather than support him, demanded Ezekiel apologise which he did to those of us who respect elected representative although not mob.

One overall impression is how jobs really don't come up on the Labour horizon, although concerns of Thanet people in respect of having an opportunity of work are uppermost in those on the conservative side. Still at the heart of Labour, the dependency culture is uppermost, we see it with the unprincipled way they acquired support to keep in power at the AGM, support for a bloated public sector, and keeping people trapped in the benefits system.

Well at half eight it looks like the debate will drone on for some time, unfortunately and I have to go work, still I don't doubt Labour will win the vote how sad. Any way as Iris Johnson speaks of ancient history I have to leave.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Margate Mayor what's it all about? Labour Lording it up!

I have to say I'd forgotten about the Margate Mayor making malarkey, until what I believe to have been one of those chauffeur driven civic cars (it had one of those coat arms type thingies could have been the queen I suppose) failing to indicate yesterday and cutting across my path at a roundabout up by the hospital.

Anyhoo I've always thought that the idea of a mayor is an anachronism, which should be left  back in the middle ages where it belongs, particularly of the ceremonial type, admittedly such posts exist in general to give elderly past it dinosaurs, grown to tired to deal with the everyday horse trading of politics

Quite what Cllr Will Scobie has to offer in the role is beyond me, other than of course, to benefit the Labour Party's chances of securing a Kent county seat, with Will ingratiating himself visiting local organisations and old peoples homes and engaging no doubt in scintillating conversation, on life, politics and who knows what.

I worry that Will Scobie has the potential to become that, irritating cliche in politics the career politician, yes he is clearly talented and untainted, particularly some of the more outlandish activities in Thanet Labour.

I'm always troubled by the pomp surrounding politics, just coming back to the TDC? civic car ( or what I assume was)  this seems a terrible waste of money, maybe posts such as Chairman of Thanet Council, could be given to those able to drive themselves, funding the cost out of those allowances we hear so much of.

I realise politicians have thick skins but I just wonder if Labour bods get embarrassed Lording it up.

Minor Point

Why has Simon Moores taken to renaming blogs in the sidebar of his blog, myself becoming miserable of Margate or something similar.
                                                                                                    I'm almost inclined to repay the compliment but lack the energy etcetera, although "Tit" sprang to mind not for the first time, still let's be mature we are adults after all.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's not just me then, Conservatives give their verdict

Found at the bottom of the Bignews In-Tray, some rather passionate, press release (below) from Thanet Conservatives.

A tad intemperate in its language but there appears little to disagree with in the content.

As always I keep an open mind, have always been inclusive and honest, unlike some bigots in Thanet and if anyone from Labour would like to retort, please knock yourself out, Bignews Margate, now in its seventh year is still fighting hypocrisy in the pursuit of truth and justice, and the British way of life.

My view is that Clive Hart, will struggle to justify recent events, still if he can cobble together a response I will happy to publish it, even better a response which is signed and supported by the whole council Labour group (not likely!).

Press Release 21 May 2012

The Perversion of Democracy in Thanet

At last week’s Annual General Meeting, the minority Labour administration at Thanet District Council sealed a sordid alliance with the Thanet Independent Group members to retain their hold on power.
The pact ordered by socialist Council Leader Cllr.Clive Hart was a cynical and desperate manoeuvre to keep his party in control, and was further discredited by his nomination of all three TIG members (Cllrs. Cohen, Driver and Worrow) to the chairmanships of the most powerful committees at the Council, giving these largely unrepresentive councillors, two of whom have changed parties since they were elected only last year, large allowances to guarantee their continuing support.

TIG members have already secured concessions from the Labour administration costing many thousands of pounds to secure their votes and there can be no doubt that further concessions will be solicited in the future to keep the TIGs onside.

Conservative Group Leader, Cllr Bob Bayford said: “Every true and principled member of the Labour Group at Thanet District Council must be feeling ashamed today after their leader’s capitulation to the demands of the Thanet Independent Group. I call on all those with any decency to reassert their party’s honour by instructing their leader to meet with me to discuss an arrangement which has the proper interests of Thanet residents at heart, or to stand down.”


Monday, May 21, 2012


Shock horror after making a few phone calls, Friday it has been confirmed that you can still, blog or tweet from the council chamber, restrictions on using phones refer to the distractions of receiving or making calls and of course filming, recording or taking photos is strictly forbidden, since some councillors believe as some other primitive cultures that you might capture their souls (I think). 

I have it on good authority that the Labour Alliance, did not dob me in for using of my phone last thursday at the AGM, however I now understand that even the most mild remark, which would take some stretch of the imagination, will be reported as a hate crime, my apologies to Ren Wood. I understand that at least one councillor claims to make regular complaints, to the police, however this is in no way to infer that any councillors are time wasting busy bodies, with no sense of humour or the self obsession or that they are the only "independent in the village".

Seeking clarity from Kent plod, I am advised that if I like, I can run past comments, and they will advise me accordingly. so I shall presumably be wasting a lot of police time combating bonkers allegations by Thanet's cranks as I seek to hold to my liberal view of life and freedom. Incidentaly having given a summary of the then deleted comment to old bill, like me they couldn't see anything wrong. 

Back to last weeks Council AGM, I'm told that elements of the new happy Labour Alliance family were not trying to intimidate or bully, and  what I thought was a group of them having some crazy staring competition, was just the fixed glare of councillors for a minute or two, wondering how long it would take a council officer to pounce on me, (with three councillors pointedly gazing in my direction ) for not making phone calls, taking photos or stealing souls. 

When local councillors have finished helping themselves to err..... allowances lets hope they get on and do something for Thanet, although you can expect more shenanigans, as local councillors stab each other in the back  position themselves for selection.

Just to clarify those who shout the loudest about equality, diversity, and then threaten to call the police at anything that challenges their own insecurities, are not democrats.

Any how because of the growing level of threats to free speech, police action etce, which I believe are coming from Thanet councillors, you will note that I have had to yield to this perverse and malign abuse. I deleted one comment last week, because one councillor, threatened me with police action, the comment was in my view, inoffensive and more to the point hypothetical referring to well I dare not say because..err.

So here's another hypothetical point, where somebody in public life issues a threat to contact the police over a comment made on this site, how would you characterise them?

I really cannot comment and sadly neither should you.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Thanet notoriety continues

I see Private Eye magazine has in it's current issue, in the Rotten Boroughs section, a feature on Thanet, the author reporting on a recent news story covered in the local press, concerning the former leader of the council, of which we are all familiar admittedly a bit of ancient history has been added, to beef up the story, however I just wonder, if the contributor will be tapping into the rich vein of controversy over current Labour leader Cllr Clive Hart's recent new appointments to the council.

Still where would a journalist start, well I suppose cries of "shame" would be a good one, reneging on a promise to reduce allowances, the irony of a disloyal, councillor, who replaces a long time, loyal Labour party member, who quickly brushed off the Labour group, then gets handsomely rewarded by Clive Hart, who had much grief trying to justify his actions. 

Still you could all keep it simple I suppose, because Clive Hart has basically increased allowances creating a few jobs that didn't exist before and of course taken £10,000 away from money intended to serve the local community.

One other point to mention is that it doesn't look as if any of Clive Harts colleagues are rushing to justify or indeed support him, I have to agree with other critics Clive Hart and his cohorts are wasting money in shameful way.

Finally just to get the measure Clive Hart's concern for reaction to his new increasingly bloated alliance a sort of  smorgasbord of self interest, here is what was uppermost in his brain the day after last weeks AGM if his twitter stream is anything to go by "Morning briefing at TDC and in Margate High Street with our new cleaning machine - The Glutton. Afternoon swim & back to my office at home.   

PS Well done Clive "you couldn't make it up" Hart, can't wait for the inept, horse trading and shenanigans that will surround selection of candidates for next years county councillors, I understand that the one successful candidate from last time around is to be deselected. I note that Labour councillors are keeping schtum as well they might, how can they explain to honest, decent members why they are not honouring their promise to cut allowances and giving jobs and money (allowances) to "supporting" councillors?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Clive Hart's Thanet Labour Alliance "Shame"

Maybe it was me, but at last nights Annual Council meeting, I thought that Labour members were a little subdued, sheepish perhaps plain embarrassed at the odd decision to give every member of the Thanet Independent Group a job. Clive Hart looked a bit quiet himself and was quickly upset by a bit of banter.

Nothing in politics changes, reflecting on events last night as I travel home from work after toiling overnight on improving the countries transport infrastructure, I cannot help but wonder what Clive Hart's administration is actually doing to improve the area.

My conclusion is that, the main beneficiaries so far are a small click of councillors in receipt of the largesse of Leader of the council. An additional couple of posts have been created which offer additional allowances to two members of Thanet Independent Group. Some of you will naturally be thinking, what a coincidence others will be thinking what err.... generous man Clive Hart is.

Me I'm just thinking what a blatant waste of money, a shabby betrayal of the men and women who built the Labour party. I just feel a little aggrieved that the additional £10,000 allowances gifted to a couple councillors last night will cancel out roughly the contributions of ten people like you and I who get up when the alarm clock goes off and do an honest days work, just so it can be p***ed away by hopeless politicians clutching to the delusion that they control the reigns of power.

Still to add insult to injury, I found rather sinister that part of Labours alliance, chose to instruct a council officer to challenge my reporting of proceedings (see previous post), absolutely disgraceful, a new Stalinist approach, particularly since in recent times, people have been encouraged to tweet etc.

No wonder the Labour alliance deal was greeted with cries of shame from councillors, and if council officers are to be instructed by the new alliance councillors to disrupt reporting of council business then SHAME ON LABOUR YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO DEMOCRACY.

Finally a quick read of Simon Moores and James Maskell blogs last night and both decided to sleep on events, probably a wise decision, me I was en route to work, and popped in to the meeting, missing the end of the meeting, so mulled over what I did witness on the drive to work. I expect an apology from Clive Hart on behalf of his new alliance, on the disgraceful attempt to intimidate and block free debate.

Good night or Good Morning 

PS this will probably benefit from an edit or two when I wake.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Annual council bun fight

Much excited gathering at tonight's annual council meeting will most likely be adding to this blog as the night goes on. PLEASE NOTE ALL COMMENTS IN THIS POSTING ARE LIKELY TO BE INACCURATE AND PERSONAL OPINION.

I'm led to believe that a new post has been created, in yet another embarrassing move by Labour it's understood that the new post has been created to pander the independents.

Clark back as council chair no surprise, " quite surprised " says chair 15 minutes of waffle. Followed by tributes to Brian Goodwin

Standards arrangements agreed god knowns their enough of them eligible for standards committee to scrutinise myself I'm still considering my complaint against Cllr driver

Clive hart gets upset by Cllr Wise suggesting distracting unkind comments lots of laughs and little love

Looks like the Clive Hart has had to reward his excitable friends in the thanet independent group as one by one they've been reward with posts for allowing himself to remain "leader" what a shame that a disproportionate amount influence is given to this group not a good advert for democracy.

I cannot help but point out that 10,000 pounds has been taken away by Labour group from services and taxpayers in order to fund newly created post, which I assume have been created to maintain the illusion of leadership.

As I get ready to leave this meeting Cllr Iris Johnson referred if I'm correct to one of the labour members as a spoiled brat ( sorry thus comment was addressed in the direction of the Tories ) such is the excitement tonight. Like you I have to work hard to fund thanet council and will be leaving shortly to earn the lavish allowances. ( particularly the new post to keep things sweet)

It has just been pointed out that labour offered to cut allowances by 20% by the conservatives which of course they have not implemented such is their commitment to their own needs over the general public

Will Scobie creates controversy across the spectrum by referring to the disproportionate number of grey haired cllrs and is challenged. This was in a little speech which although it sounded earnest and important some thing to do with attracting a more diverse range of councillors frankly lost me. A bit like Blair or any other politico sound impressive and mean not a lot

As leave I cannot help thinking that the conservative have won the debate

Finally a functionary of the council has suggested that I'm using my phone not the case however that its being used as a phone I will admit using the Internet facilities of my smart phone although as I understand tweeting etc is accepted , judging by the interest shown by TIG members I assume they are not as interested in democracy and free expression as one might like

PS I'd be interested to hear from Worrow, Driver, or Cohen why they thought it necessary to stare at me in such a way as they did. Just prior to some council "officer" interrogating me over my phone.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TIG just what is the agenda

Apart from grandstanding councilors I just wonder what Thanet Independent Group is about, admittedly there appears to be a statistically higher chance of reference to LGBT matters, which you may not be familiar with, just so as you don't fret to long LBGT refers to lesbian gay bisexual transgender, if you didn't know, and why should you, I had similar difficulty with the acronym BLT being a regular aficionado of that great British culinary marvel the bacon and egg sandwich, it never occurred to me that a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich existed nor that it would be sufficiently popular to warrant acronym status,I still can't see the attraction of such a thing lettuce and bacon?.

Anyhoo excuse the ramble but I honestly don't see what TIG is about, it seems a hotchpotch of individuals attracted to reach other by a shared interest in err...themselves?

One frankly disturbing aspect of this group has to be their reluctance to engage with the public, the blog site promoting their causes, never appears either to attract comment or allow, I've tried to make comments but for some reason such is their belief in institutional discrimination that they have yet to address the issue.

My top tip for the day don't trust any group that is unwilling to allow debate. Fortunately debate is free here on Bignews so knock yourself out. Oh and I've removed comment moderation. still please no untoward comments and if you spot anything you don't like an email to will get to me all being well.

PS momentous news Cllr Bernard La Rouche (who he? ) joins TIG hurrah! Freedom fighter? whats that about.

That's all for now democrats

Olympic's what's the benefit

With the London Olympics media noise having been gradually heating up over the last year, the proximity to the actual event, seems to have bought the media babble up to simmer, prior to boiling over as the inevitable hysteria of the games themselves.

I'm just thinking back to the previous Olympics, to compare the hype and smokescreen erected around China in which, broadcasters notably the BBC played down the human rights abuses in the host country as hundreds of its staff (400+) enjoyed the trip of lifetime courtesy of us taxpayers. Of course you cannot compare the UK (while it still exists) with the blatant human rights abuses of China,  although it's clear to me that with recent revelations about a clearly criminal and widespread corruption in the British government, media and police, we cannot be too sniffy.

Its becoming clearer by the day, that while long term benefits may well be the legacy of the 2012, I cannot help but think, that during the short time, of the games on a personal level for me, those who live or work in London, we're looking at potentially weeks of misery and by this I don't refer to the endless product of BBC bods (700+) camped around Stratford and Hackney but disruption to work as London is subject to lock down by the Olympic authorities or whatever you might call them, as the rich and powerful are given preference of the millions paying for this event.

The Telegraph carries a story, that thousands of Civil Servants are to be allowed to work from home during the Olympics, good for them, a measure you which shows how difficult, life is going to be in the capital, still I'm sure no one will notice the difference, however since I'm further down the food chain, I'm hearing that much work in London is going on hold, which is alright if you happen to be in the public sector, however those of us paid for actual hours worked this summer, this has a potential to be quite grim.

On a personal level, to date the Olympics has been beneficial, early on I had a few days work, around Stratford while a large industrial area was reduced to rubble, watching factories and offices, which in some cases looked new, being destroyed, the thought occurred, how those whose work place had been demolished would earn a living, in the lead up to a month of prosperity in the summer of 2012. Since that time most of the infrastucture projects I've worked on have had some linkage with the Olympics.

Having worked around, the Olympic site, you cannot help but notice that the many billions of our money sloshing around the site have yet to leak out into the local economy, probably the main legacy of the Olympics will be the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, something which would probably have been viable without all the games malarkey. Certainly the bits of Hackney I've seen have yet to be gentrified, resembling the sort of dark foreboding scenery which features in gritty crime drama.

I'll be interested to see the how television coverage of the Olympics, packages images of the facilities during the games,  I'm thinking of those aerial shots you generally get with a camera panning out from the Stadium, I understand the Chinese faked up their Olympic fireworks with computer generated graphics, I just wonder if BBC will do something similar, perhaps they could paint over the shabby urban housing, concrete works, scrapyard's and industry with a green and lush landscape.

Finally I just wonder how we've done here in Kent, are we getting any business from all this, having come across this news item courtesy of AFP it appears the Pas-de-Calais region is doing alright having spent a few million euro's on sports facilities. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Can we talk?

I cannot imagine a sadder and more potentially controversial subject than that provoked by the trial of the nine predators who abused young girls in Rochdale.

I have a few questions, to my mind, its simple this crime was possible because the men involved appeared not to view white girls as equal, although according to the independent "Despite far-right claims to the contrary, the police, social services and the Crown Prosecution Service do not link the offences to the ethnicity of the convicted men – eight of whom were of Pakistani origin, while the ninth was an asylum seeker from Afghanistan. Instead agencies said it was a matter of criminal circumstance. 

One question bothers me most and it is this, it seems some incredible coincidence, that the men involved were exclusively from a Pakistani/Afghan community and extraordinarily they didn't chose girls from their own ethnicity, just what are the odds of that happening since the authorities believe criminal circumstance rather than a racially aggravated crime it appears to most of us?

Perhaps I just don't understand, anyhow, I don't think its just me and I strongly recommend this article by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown from Wednesdays Independent.

Can we talk is a question that always comes to mind when discussing cultural differences, due to half wit PC arbiters. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sandy Ezekiel steps down from Tory Group

For what it is worth, I for one have always found unlike some of his contemporaries Sandy Ezekiel to be well mannered and able to differentiate personal attack from political banter. Obviously the world moves on, but its worth noting that during his time in office, much of the groundwork for Margate regeneration took place.

Thanet Tories have issued a press release concerning news that Former Council Leader Cllr Sandy Ezekiel has stood down from the Conservative group on Thanet council . 

Press Release ​9th May 2012

Cllr Sandy Ezekiel steps down from TDC's Conservative Group, pending court proceedings

Cllr Bob Bayford, Leader of Thanet District Council Conservative Group today announced that Cllr Sandy Ezekiel would be voluntarily stepping down from the Conservative Group until the conclusion of legal proceedings.

Cllr Bayford said: “Conservative Group rules state that members facing criminal proceedings should be suspended from the Group until such proceedings are resolved. However, Cllr Ezekiel made it clear to me that, being aware of this, he wished to step down, in order to focus on refuting the allegations made against him and I fully support this decision.”


Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Don't judge an MP by their last pronouncement

Senior backbencher Julian Brazier said: “We have caused disproportionate turbulence with a couple of policies like Lords reform and gay marriage that we are not committed to under the coalition agreement.”

A quote from the evening standard, which is also available else where, now originally I had intended to do an obscure Tory duffer type posting, prompted as I was by firstly seeing a rare if not unique appearance of Julian Brazier, on BBC news channel yesterday as well as a posting on promote Thanet blog.

Further motivated having typed out a comment which either I managed not to submit to Dons blog or since I had been rather forthright might well have been evaporated, basically for what it's worth I was taking exception to Julian Brazier's and others suggestion that reforming the house of Lords is not a priority to the public, my self suggesting that continuation of the house of Lords as it stands today is a throwback to the middle ages and an endorsement of a feudal past and serfdom.

Anyhoo as always before I post one of my own cliche ridden rambles, I generally have a quick google, just to reinforce my preconceptions, and while I don't entirely agree with his remark as quoted by the standard a quick scan into the internet reveals  a politician who might be little more than the bland stereotypical Tory toff I was going to refer.

Notably I see that recently he has controversially dared to question, Israels settlement activity, no surprise to me, he has been heavily criticised in the Israeli media as an Israel basher (this is a term used to discredit honest critics), interestingly the Jewish Chronicle, reports how the MP made himself available to discuss his views with Israeli activists and representatives.

So having intended as I mentioned earlier, to write off Julian Brazier as a typical right winger, I have to say that he doesn't fit my narrow vision, and I have to say that it is refreshing to see someone willing to stand up against the enormous Israeli propaganda machine, which continues to cover up its wide ranging abuse of people in Israel's occupied territories.

I've mentioned Israel's abuses in the past and have rarely been surprised at the Israeli basher crap from activists, or of course anti-Semitic allegations, refusing children medical care, confiscation of homes and land, fencing people in,  has nothing to do religion more a case of crime.

Anyhow although most in the west accept Israelis right to exist it doesn't give them carte blanche to run rough shod over human rights and normal humanity and many of us are not happy with Israeli abuse, and we need people like Julian Brazier to stand up and calmly oppose hypocrisy.

Sunday, May 06, 2012


Received earlier today

Statement from Bob Bayford
Leader, TDC Conservative Group

“It is with great sadness that I have to announce the death this morning of Councillor Brian Goodwin.

Councillor Goodwin represented Westgate on Sea ward since 2003 and cared deeply for the area and its residents.

He will be greatly missed by all his friends and colleagues in the Conservative Group at Thanet District Council and in the wider Thanet community.”

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Well that was exciting, wasn't it?

Well probably not, the London mayoral election that is, I'd characterise the contest, as being a race between a couple of eccentric characters almost as relevant as the front and back of a pantomime horse.

Either of these gents seem interchangeable, both appear to be misfits both seem evenly matched in as far as being able to irritate, one breeds newts and the other never combs his hair.

Apart from, for me clear distinctions of background, pretty much  cliched, in that Boris is clearly a Tory toff and sounds pompous like it and Ken is clearly from humbler working class stock, exuding left wing moral authority type smugness in his voice, neither seem to have much to recommend themselves in the politics department however I'd say that Boris wins, as he appears to have a more upbeat and  entertaining personality.

And maybe London has got what it needs, a mayor that is a bit more enlivening than Ken Livingstone, of course both are serious politicians, even if sometimes they look like clowns.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Tony Blair makes come back -To "re-engage" with UK politics

I often read newspapers the following day, since as I frequently work nights I don't buy a paper until late afternoon, as I forage for food in tesco for dinner.

That has nothing to do with this post I just read this morning however that Tony Blair is to return to the UK political scene with a view I understand to haveing discrete chats to former colleague's, still since much of the Middle East has gone up in flames since he became Peace envoy or whatever, I fear for the worse, that he might be trying to sleeze back into British politics.

According to the i newspaper he has sought the approval of Ed Milliband to have discussions with small groups of MP's, quite what they could learn from the great man, will no doubt become clearer.

Still since in the last parliament his colleagues, in the main knew just how far too push the old expenses without going to clink, and in this one they've managed to equally well, to expose Rupert Murdoch for err... being the newspaper mogul he is, without highlighting the toadying and or brown nosing done by himself, the much esteemed Brown and rag bag of chancers in the Labour party.

So what the heck has Blair baby got to teach, well here are a few topics he could speak on, though not sure how expert he is

How to ingratiate yourself with US presidents.

How to maximise rewards for sucking up to and aiding American business to loot Iraq (oil, defence, and banking) 

How to involve your country in illegal wars.

How after being involved in starting middle eastern wars, you become a middle eastern peace ambassador.

How to retain your job as Middle Eastern peace envoy despite increased gunfire, flames and explosions, breakdown of law, civil war and the usual human rights abuses

How to retain the common touch while heading up an organisation modestly called "The Office of Tony Blair"

I could go on but I'm sure readers could supply many more similar suggestions.

Anyway that's all for now, from The Office (er armchair) of Tony Flaig (delusional blogger) Bignews Margate.

PS Note to Tony Blair please don't re-engage with UK politics, you've done enough damage and most of us, will probably be paying for the rest of our lives for your self promoting, economy wrecking government. 

Welcome to the World

Time moves on, there was I time when, the concept of grandchildren was somewhat distant, as was the possibility that one day everyone would have a mobile phone, even the idea of home computing, the internet or I'd that I'd find myself routinely working around London on the railway.

Anyway I'm much pleased to announce that while on the drive to a job, last week I heard the news that my grandson had arrived, courtesy of my mobile, (hands free) and was able to share the moment with a much excited Mrs Flaig.

What a marvellous moment, the following day, when we met our grandson for the first time, and he met his big sister for the first time.

Grandchildren are the most precious thing in the world, and I cannot help but think what an pivotal moment it must be for our granddaughter not yet two, as she assimilates the accommodations, which naturally will be required for her baby brother, still I'm sure she will take it in her stride with the help of mum and dad.

I wish I could offer some profound advice to match the moment but I cannot, all I can say is I hope both grandchildren achieve what the want to and do things they want to and have some luck, on a selfish level I'd like to see how they make out in life, and maybe this is why I find grandchildren are so precious, by the time they have their own families I'll likely be in my eighties, still there was I time when fifty was distant.

You cannot predict the future and in checking out today's local to see the announcement posted under instruction from Mrs Flaig, it is perhaps something that may not be possible for the next generation if we are to believe the bleak predictions for the local press.

Anyhoo welcome to the world Grandson, you've got marvelous parents and a great sister, a family that loves you and a world that is constantly changing and full of opportunity, enjoy!