Monday, January 29, 2007

Multiculturalism fails

According to a survey from Policy Exchange, young Muslims are becoming more devoted to religious teachings and laws than democratic British law.

Since multiculturalism appears to have failed, perhaps it is now time to go back to what I understand was the philosophy of integration which when I was growing up in Seventies was the prevalent policy concerning ethnic relations.

I'm middle-aged perhaps my mind is becoming a little addled, it seems that society's goals in the Seventies were to accept people's ethnic backgrounds, enforce equal opportunities and accept common values and fundamental human rights, now contrast this with multiculturalism where everyone has their rights but they are different for each ethnic group.

All multiculturalism seems to have bought us, is to the edge of apartheid, we now have sections of society who prefer Sharia law, to democratic British law.

It's ironic how multiculturalism fostered by smart arse liberals is creating areas of separate development just like the contemptible whites only regime in South Africa.

Simple-minded and blinkered intellectuals confuse hostility towards various extreme faith groups as being racially motivated which frankly isn't the case again going back to the Seventies religious groups which refused life-saving medicine on theological grounds such as the Mormons were rightly criticised as no doubt will Islamic Medical Association whose head Dr Abdul Majid Katme is urging fellow
Muslims to shun unholy vaccines.

Because we are a diverse people in Britain, we have to compromise and conform to basic human justice, since even the most commited multiculturalist, is not ready to see public beheading or women stoned to death because their husbands say they been unfaithful, to appease extreme faith groups.

Perhaps our schools should teach our kids about responsible attitudes, tolerance, civil-rights, democracy and explain why the majority British people are uncomfortable with the concept of religious law, and most importantly how wrong the belief that if you don't follow the teachings of a particular religious divinity you are less than human.

Reassuringly 84 per cent of Muslims believe that they had been treated fairly in British society and 28 per cent believed that UK authorities had gone over the top in trying not to offend Muslims.

This government has is much to blame for the failure of multiculturalism on the one hand, domestically it's shown the greatest respect to the Muslim community, though internationally the country's Foreign Office and policy seems to unquestionably back a hostile anti-Islamic American pro Israeli agenda, doing and saying nothing about Israel's over-the-top attack on Lebanese civilians last year, is it any wonder that young Muslims react against such bias.

The report actually worth a read Living apart together

Friday, January 26, 2007


Time and again we have in the past few weeks heard from our local political leaders how above-inflation increases are outside of their control and furthermore there is nothing that they can do. Today there is even a report in the Isle Thanet Gazette concerning Labour's betrayal of the needy, according to council leader Sandy Ezekiel there is said to be a shortfall of £122,000 from the government towards facilities grants for the disabled.

Now I am quite prepared to believe that new Labour have most likely short changed Tory councils, as did the Conservatives with Labour councils when they were last in power but that said, just exactly how careful are our local authorities.

If you have received this week's KM Extra for Thanet their front-page story relates to Thanet councils profligate policy of providing free car-parking in the Mill Lane multi-storey car-park for up to 576 staff and other worthies.

Assume the worst case scenario and staff are at work 46 weeks in the year this would be an annual cost per employee of £552 multiply this by 576 and the total cost works out at £317,952.

Now that figure maybe an exaggeration but according to the report it is difficult to find a parking space in this particular area, so inevitably there are additional costs, these are made up of businesses being unable to trade up to their full potential because council ''officers'' have taken all the parking spaces for potential customers, then there is the knock-on effect of lost revenue from empty business premises and of course no paying customers to purchase parking tickets.

Council employees are paid probably above the local average wage, and most could easily commute by bus or afford to pay their own parking costs as would anyone else working in town, maybe they could donate money saved from parking to the needy.

The councils ability to waste money fortunately is limited by their imagination, but just where does their madness finish, we've had chocolate fountains, your cash for their honours (see 21/1/07), and now this revelation a benefit in kind of £552 per employee (let's hope the Inland Revenue doesn't take an interest) god forbid the chief executive and other top nobs pay for their own parking.

So at the end of the day if Sandy Ezekiel and his merry band of Tory councillors were to pull their finger out, perhaps they could keep council tax increases in line with inflation.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Roger Gale supports churches in
homosexual adoption row

Judging from his website, the lack of comment and press releases from Roger Gale North Thanet MP, on important topics, is frequently more interesting, than what he actually has to say particularly on matters like, dangerous dogs, given that he is a Vice President of the Pet Advisory Committee.

Some of his statements can be quite infuriating such as his intervention on
Train Horns apparently they can be quite intrusive (they're meant to be!), he and other MPs "continue to look for lower maximum noise volumes and minimum safety levels" what? As a track worker and sometimes COSS (controller of site safety) I prefer maximum safety myself, perhaps Mr Gale could acquire a PTS card (personal track safety) and work a few shifts preferably red zone.

Moving on Roger Gale backs churches over issue of conscience here is a quotation "While every person in this country is subject to the law as enacted by parliament it must, surely, also be right for those wishing to do so to be able to adhere to articles of faith that are important to them." well not really since some religions believe in polygamy others would be quite happy too stone adulterers to death etc.

Parliament by and large generally legislates on the basis of shared human values rather than any religious or sectarian standards and to be honest I'm not sure that homosexual couples are the ideal parents but if Parliament thinks they are, then they are.

I might have some sympathy with Roger Gale were it not for the Catholic Church's somewhat chequered history where child welfare is concerned, firstly Catholic agencies (along with others) had considerable involvement in the appalling abuse of young children sent as migrants from Britain to Australia and Canada during post-war period up until the early Sixties and the infamous Magdalene homes where young girls were imprisoned in Ireland.

I do not think any religious organisations should be in a position of responsibility for children if they are incapable of accepting the law. Britain we are told on a daily basis is a multi-cultural Society therefore unless religious groups are prepared to accept democratic parliamentary governance surely they have no place bringing up children.

As an individual I am not allowed to pick and choose what laws I live by and therefore I don't think that religious groups can choose the Bible, Koran or Talmud over parliamentary government.

I'm not saying that Roger Gale is necessarily a bad MP but to argue that some organisations should somehow be exempt from the law of the land suggest that maybe he ought to take some more spiritual job.

Interesting starting point for information on child migration scandal

Spotted on the Thanet way

A strange blue object appeared on the Thanet way last week just near the M 2, it looks a bit like a portable toilet but maybe it is something more significant.

Surely if this was just a work site toilet then it would not have been necessary to close off 2 lanes of the road during the preceding week before its arrival and since up until last Friday there was no sign of any workers just what is the mysterious blue box.

Please note that I took the photograph from a passenger seat, I only mention this as readers have in the past criticised my driving abilities. Also I haven't been along the Thanet way this week so maybe this object has been joined by contractors actually working in the closed off lanes.

The roads authorities would not add ten minutes to the journey home just through incompetence would they?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Whatever happened to M&S? Thanet Districts Councils Forgotten Asset
It seems like only yesterday, that Sandy Ezekiel announced acquisition of the Marks and Spencer's building in Margate, which I believe was actually March last year.

Sometime in June there were suggestions from the Council of modern retail, office and workshop space as well as residential units at the site, also the creation of a passageway to access the old town, plus the standard old tosh about cafe society.

Well maybe it is time for the council, which is so obsessed with the cafe society, to pour itself a big mug of coffee (preferably not decaf) and come up with a plan.

Right now the old Marks and Spencer building is decaying unused and forgotten, given that local elections will be taking place I believe in May, you would imagine the smart thing particularly for the Tory administration, would be to show some leadership and publish firm and sensible proposals for this deteriorating asset.

Still since news is being promised concerning Dreamland and Turner Contemporary in the next few weeks, hopefully I am being unfair to the council and news will emerge from the councils secret regeneration bunker with plans to save Margate!

Prisons full up

Prison population has reached the 80,000 mark and although there are currently 8000 more places being built, John Reid Home Secretary along with the Attorney General and Lord Chancellor have been forced to send letters to judges and magistrates pleading with them not to send any more criminals to prison unless they are the most dangerous and persistent.

Just what sort of justice is this, if the penalty for a particular crime is a prison sentence then surely some attempt ought to be made to find them temporary accommodation somehow (if its any help I have a tent I could lend).

Seeing some of the latest developments in the cash for honours scandal it might just be that senior politicians will be requiring accommodation themselves, let's just hope this problem has been resolved by then, so as their not disappointed.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Big brother smokescreen
Is Jade any worse than New Labour?

New Labour worse than Jade, surely not well watching Sunday AM, I was reminded of the inaction by the Home Office, concerning Forced Marriage when this subject was discussed by Lord Lester and victim Jassvinder Sanghera whose story featured in this weeks Sunday Times (Review Section or online click here).

Sometimes you need a sense of proportion, now last year on my blogsite I bought up the subject of Forced marriage which the Home Office presumably run by New Labour ministers and functionaries decided in their wisdom to ignore despite the very real suffering and violence that results from this practice, strange how New Labour luvvies can get so excited Jade Goody and ignore real injustice.

Now it is my contention that new Labour have listened to vocal militant religious bigots, rather than face the facts leading to continued misery of abduction rape and sometimes murder with little or no recourse to the law despite the fact that some 300 mainly British Asian victims each year contact the British government for help in being rescued from appalling conditions across the world.

Back in September last year John Reid suggested that the issue of forced marriage was one that he intended to deal with. Well so far there seems to be no movement, and the British Media would rather obsess with Jade Goody, not known previously for any great political insight.

You work it out whose causing the biggest offence to racial relations John Reid who could help save British citizens from the nightmare of Force Marriage or Jade Goody displaying her ignorance, who till now has only be known as a middle ranking celebrity.

The press/media in this country are unfortunately made up of negligent and spineless sheep. How else is it that hundreds of young vulnerable British Asian citizens in some cases children can and are abandoned by the Home Office, presumably because to help them would upset religious bigots who have little concept of human rights.

John Reid Link to “Forced Marriage Pledge”

My previous post on this Subject

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Delusional? Thanet Council reward themselves
with your cash
for their honours

Looks like Thanet council is once again pushing the boundaries of credibility, this time round with its 'Pride of Thanet Staff Awards of 2007', presumably bosses at the council have realised that there is no overwhelming public urge to reward employees for doing their job, so courageously they have taken the initiative and decided to waste hundreds of pounds if not thousands from us the local taxpayer.

Full-page adverts like the one that appeared in Adscene 16th January, make me and other community charge payers wonder what the hell we are paying for. Without a doubt most council employees do a competent job, which is just what you would expect in any organisation however since our community charge bills have seen yearly to increase well above inflation for as long as most of us can remember and council employees receive good salaries I don't see that we need to waste any more money on superfluous Awards.

Still if nominations are required, I would like to nominate those staff who gave various excuses as to why their bosses were either in a meeting on holiday and unable to answer simple questions etc.

At the risk of being negative maybe we ought to have some public acknowledgement of those council officers who were less than helpful.

No wonder Sandy Ezekiels Conservative administration is struggling to keep council tax increases to a minimum, perhaps if the council wished to make a genuine contribution towards unsung heroes in Thanet they could look towards the whole community not just their own employees.

Still on a more positive note perhaps Thanet council could just e-mail their employees particularly heads of departments and ask them how they have contributed to a better life in Thanet.

Whilst this isn't quite on the scale of the Labour's cash for honours scandal it is our cash and I for one would like to keep it.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Iraq what was it all about ?

Tough question, as one who never believed in weapons of mass destruction I did however believe that Blair and Bush had a semi Honourable intention of liberating Iraq from the tyranny of Saddam Hussain although the carnage that has since ensued I actually predicted when Bush first announced his intention of invading Iraq.

With no clear exit policy from either Bush or Tony Blair one interesting facet of this debacle was the subject of a BBC Radio 4 documentary, Baghdad billions, which reveals corruption and incompetence of the coalition in Iraq particularly amazing is reference to billions of American dollars (proceeds of Iraqi oil sales) being air-freighted by the pallet load to Baghdad where it simply disappeared.

If this tale of incredible greed, corruption and incompetence is of interest, this is available to hear via their listen again page for a day or two.
Missing out

It has been a week since I last wrote as you may appreciate, the amount of posts I have added to my blog recently has been minimal, you may also be cognisant of the fact, that this blog is more about me boring you witless with my outrageous opinions, but consider this which is sadder me opinionating (is this a proper word?) or you reading.

Anyway due to the long hours I work although I have plenty to say, I don't have much time to give you a lot the benefit of my wisdom.

There are many things and events that have occurred in the last week also which I have not had time to write about, such as the Beckhams such rich pickings too with the apparent rift over David's rottweilers, dumped by current football club, offered gazillions to play in America, and most outrageous of all offending perhaps Margates greatest living artist Tracey Emin by not thanking her for her contribution to their charity auction, contributing around £38,000.

Perhaps the most interesting thing in the world of politics, is the decline in standards of New Labour, during the last few days of Tony Blair's premiership we have seen ministers protest against their own health policies most notably Hazel Blears Labour Party chairperson, Scotsman Gordon Brown worrying about the break-up of Britain which of course he hopes to run later this year (England would no longer have to support Scotland and would be free to run its own affairs), Tony Blair's apparent bludging of holiday homes according to the Daily Mail is being enhanced by British Airways giving him and his wife free upgrades to first class and of course yet another Home Office F**K up with 27,500 criminal records not logged on to police computer systems.

Anyway I would just like to thank those who taken the time to click their way through to this site read my thoughts.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Kent's big Cat danger
Reading today's Kent on Sunday I was astounded to learn that in excess of 50 people have contacted Neil Arnold of Big Cat Research in Chatham, specifically reporting seeing a large Black Panther near Bluewater and other sites in Kent.

Like you I was sceptical and assumed that Kent on Sunday were desperate to fill this week's edition and had decided to pad out this seemingly flimsy story.

That was until the Bell sounded at the main door of Flaig Mansions, on opening the door I was confronted by two of the most ferocious man-eaters yet to be spotted in Kent, these beasts were as smart as they were dangerous, obviously they had tried to lure me into the open by ringing the doorbell.

Were it not for the fact I had my camera phone in my shirt pocket and was able to distract them I'm sure I would have been torn to shreds.

I'm no expert but I believe that these brutes, to be a pair of Leopards, hopefully it may just be possible for a specialist to identify them, despite the rather fuzzy picture.

Mr Puss has been informed of the danger but is unable to comment and is understood to be heavily sedated at this time.

Kent on Sunday

Daily Mail's report on Ramsgates Blackie

Rogue Middle-East state threatens nuclear terrorism

Incredible as it seems, a rogue Middle-Eastern state driven by religious intolerance is threatening nuclear terrorism (see Sunday Times) and America says nothing, almost unbelievable except the country in question is Israel who for some reason who are proposing to launch the first nuclear attack since 1945.

For the last year or so our newspapers and media have frequently referred to the threat of Iran and Korea having nuclear-weapons, although for last 20 to 30 years it has been an open secret that Israel the rather unstable hostile country loved by Americans have had nuclear devices, yet no yank of consequence has ever thought to mention it.

As far as I know unlike Israel, neither Iran or North Korea currently occupy any territory which doesn't belong to them. However Israel still occupies land it took back in the 1960s, and not only that but does quite well from exploiting that land.

It's no wonder that there is so much hostility to the West, by the Islamic world when Western governments refuse to challenge Israel's aggression. This year when Israel attacked innocent civilians in the Lebanon, even telling the Royal Navy when they could evacuate British civilians from Beirut, our own government did and said nothing.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Leading Muslim extremist backtracks
supporters don't !

A couple of interesting reports in today's News firstly a quote from Umran Javed who yesterday was found guilty of soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred firstly on the Guardian unlimited website where he is quoted as saying "I regret saying these things. I understand the implications they have, but they were just slogans, soundbites. I did not want to see Denmark and the USA being bombed." this in connection with his abusive remarks.

This apparently conciliatory attitude was contrasted by supporters of the accused, one being led away cursing the judge jury and " all of you" (presumably meaning civilised society) according to the Times online, others also shouted insults one of them the sister of a participant in a suicide bomb attack in Tel Aviv.

I just wonder why the handful of Muslims who have no respect for British freedom and justice don't just move to a country where they would feel more at home. The fact is threatening to murder cartoonists, film makers, writers etc may well be acceptable behaviour in an Islamic society but I would choose freedom any day which is the main reason for living in a democratic country like Britain. I'm sure most Muslims are content to quietly accept freedom without threatening their fellow countryman.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Thank you from Thanet council leader but for what?
Festive Rubbish !

Commentating on the thousands of local residents who've not had their bins emptied for two weeks, Sandy (Thanet is beautiful) Ezekiel is quoted in today's Isle of Thanet Gazette as follows '' I would like to thank all the residents living in those parts of Thanet, which were affected by the festive rubbish collection changes for their support over this busy time'' what?

Now I am probably amongst the few who have been unaware of the popular support for our local councils suspension of refuse collection during the Christmas period, presumably their have been mass demonstrations of support and affection for the local council outside their offices in Margate with joyous locals presenting bouquets of flowers to officials inside.

To think I had been under the delusion that residents of Thanet shared my annoyance that the council could not come up with a plan to deal with piles of rotting rubbish their most basic function.

Whilst contemplating the council's inability to deal with the basic public health issues I am probably also the only one considering the council's poor financial performance as once again we are informed of yet another inflation-busting increase of 4.5% to our council tax bills this year.

Admittedly Christmas is only once a year but it is every year so you would imagine the council could come up with a plan to deal with household waste.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dangerous Dogs and the Pet Advisory Committee.

Not long ago I wrote a post about dangerous Dogs, after a child was killed by two rottweilers, this week a similar tragedy occurred as we all know.

We have some legislation in the dangerous dogs Act which was originally intended to protect us from dangerous Dogs but it doesn't go far enough in protecting vulnerable people.

I just wonder how many more times will we hear Dog owners bleat on about dogs not being dangerous in themselves and that their behaviour is down to how they are treated. Now most people I know are not rational and even-tempered under pressure and I have yet to see a pit-bull, Staffordshire, bulldog, rottweiler or Alsatian I would trust, so I think now is the time to tighten legislation either destroy dangerous dogs or separate them completely from children.

The sort of woolly thinking that really irritates me is typified on the website of the Pet Advisory Committee with this sort of stuff "PAC believes that any legislation should judge the individual dog by its deeds and not its breed. PAC deplores the introduction of new and draconian breed specific legislation in other countries and requests the government to vigorously object to the introduction of any such legislation by the EU." and this "Responsible pet ownership remains a key operational belief of this Committee"

Unfortunately pet-owners are emotionally involved with their pets, and generally probably not the best people to make rational decisions about their animals, just think how many of us have been pinned to the wall by some hulking slavering hound when visiting friends and relatives and being reassured this beast is just being friendly when clearly its out of control to any impartial observer or victim.

Since Roger Gale MP for North Thanet is one of the several vice-presidents, of the Pet Advisory Committee and I understand dog-owner himself I would ask that he and his colleagues reconsider the emotional stand that they seem to have taken, where individual dogs are judged by "deed?" and not by dangerous breed or type, using this sort of thinking you could look at a revolver or shotgun and say it hasn't killed anyone so far so why not just leave it on the mantelpiece in the front room.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

You can do it if you're B&Q

Is it me or have large companies such as B&Q reached new lows in the way they see their staff and possibly customers.

There are quite a few reports from various newspapers concerning B&Q's recruitment techniques according to the Norwich Evening News as part of the interview process for a new local store, applicants were asked to pull funny faces whilst managers took photographs, then asked to dance to the Jackson five hits Blame it on the Boogie.

One of the applicants was interviewed and not surprisingly he said he felt humiliated and embarrassed, according to a B&Q spokesman they run a light hearted exercise, before the formal interview process begins, unfortunately the article doesn't mention what occurs during the more formal process let's just hope it does not involve electrodes.

B&Q then went on to suggest that such exercises were not compulsory and did not influence the recruitment process at all, yeah right.

Lets just hope that the chairman of B&Q puts on a similar show for his shareholders at their next AGM.

Lets just hope someone in B&Q management realise that customers have a choice and since most shops sell their products at similar prices I'd rather go to a store that treats its staff like human beings and not circus performers.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Saddam Hussein's death
it's what makes us civilised!

Not surprisingly liberals have great difficulty with the execution of Saddam Hussein and to be honest so do I but as most of us are willing to accept that life is not just a black and white experience and virtually everything in our life is a question of degree, for instance a light bulb may have an on and off switch but just how bright is the light.

You see in common with many people I have great difficulty with the concept of the death penalty because I believe that brings us to the level of murderer who has little respect for life but when the likes of Saddam Hussein murder and torture on an industrial scale then frankly there is no other way to punish them or protect civilised society.

Whilst it's easy for cosy academics and liberals opine to great length over the morality of Saddam's execution, the victims and potential victims might well take comfort that scum like him don't always get away with their crimes. Lets just hope that other tyrants sleep a little less easy, obviously some like General Pinochet managed to dodge their crimes particularly with friends high up in the British establishment.

I hope I never hear a former leader of a British political party being saddened over the death of a brutal dictator as was recently the case, and the fact that we are caring enough to even have a debate about Saddam long deserved end is wot makes us civilised.