Saturday, October 05, 2013

Boost for inexperienced Labour candidate - Farage to stand for Thanet South

It looks like Christmas has come early for Will Scobie, Labour's parliamentary candidate for South Thanet, as it is reported in the FT that Nigel Farage UKIP leader, will stand against Conservative incumbent Laura Sandys.

I imagine that Nigel will take more votes off the Conservatives than he will from Labour, since much of Labour support comes, either from the non-working or public sector both of whom are dependent on government giving money away, from hard working people.

Scobie so far has yet to show his hand, apart from being much praised by his Labour cohorts, we don't hear much from him, whether studying politics is an appropriate path to a parliamentary career I don't know, I do know that those who've got some experience outside politics are generally more credible. I'd have some respect if Scobie spoke out about such things as the TransEuropa fiaso.

Certainly Farage will appeal to those mainly hard working people, who fear for the future as  the European dream consists of being priced out of work and housing, experiencing squeezed health services and education, without any benefit whatsoever.

I've meet both Farage & Scobie and have to say that Farage doesn't talk in that abnormal way of professional politicians. Tough choice Farage who says the things people want to hear, Laura who seems to be her own person and young Will who says whatever the dinosaurs in his own party want to hear.

It seems to me that the least qualified and person, could get elected, Scobie is not a bad person just the wrong one at this point in time, still our electoral system is as it is. 

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

New plans for Manston

New plans are being promoted for a rail station to serve Manston Airport , with BBC radio Kent reporting the issue, this breakfast.

Surprisingly or maybe not for once, our leader of the council Cllr Clive Hart was not being interviewed, at least not at the time I was listening.

I just wonder whether this was a journalistic decision, or maybe given Labours previous u-turn perhaps Clive was unavailable, still even the No to night flights campaign viewed the suggested of a new rail station as a positive. 

Earlier in the year Clive refused to get caught up in promoting KLM's new service.