Monday, February 29, 2016

Inspiration from Thanet's men in Westminster

I've been blogging for a long time admittedly recently I've not had the time or indeed the inclination and God knows  there has been little to inspire this grumpy old man to comment.

Still I am struck by just how much banality and mediocrity there is in public Life. I have to say that Rodger Gale fired my imagination last week with his recent communication regarding the European Union which unfortunately was very much sitting on the fence eventually tipping over toward prison Europe, such is his passion sir Rodger won't be involving himself in either campaign, has Gale ever stood out in a crowd?

In contrast Thanet South MP Craig Mackinlay seems to have been quite busy recently, in his view from Westminster in the Gazette he mentions that he has just visited Israel, having been invited by the conservative friends of , we of course can only imagine the tough questions that Craig asked in his meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu about Israel's merciless bombing of civilians in Gaza 2000+killed 100,000+ injured and more carnage with homes, schools and hospitals destroyed.

Still moving along Craig did stand up during last week's PM's question time and ask whether Dave would like to visit Ramsgate and then mentioned a Ramsgate PR group,in other business Craig revealed that he's been involved in a keep Britain tidy Project clean for the Queen , which requires politicians and presumably celebs to briefly to don a hi viz jacket, while gullible citizens get on and clean the streets, a job the local council have been paid to do.

Finally Craig Mackinlay has shown what a man of principle he is, we all know he has previously been a member of UKIP probably the reason he was chosen as conservative candidate for Thanet South, standing against Nigel Farage, so it is of no surprise that he has thanked the PM for giving him the chance to vote to leave the European Union.  I can't help thinking that without his former political party UKIP we wouldn't be having a referendum and to add to his misery perhaps you might consider the question of how much the Conservative Party actually spent in his political campaign anyway that's all for now although I understand expenses are being scrutinised.