Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not a lot to report on as Mr Puss is rushed into Vet Hospital

Just a quick bit of self indulgence, I’ve had a busy week, not looked at any blogs either.

Mr Puss the Flaig families very own “Fat Cat” was rushed to hospital amid fears that he could be on the way out, fortunately it appears the lump on his rear quarters was the result of a bite and the resulting infection is responding well to treatment.

Therefore the family discussion on assisted suicide proved unnecessary if not revealing on the morality front, I just hope Mr Puss was not earholeing at the time, he has a tendency to remember these things.

If I can be bothered I’ll post on the Dane Valley by-election issue, so far I can report that the ground swell of support for me standing as an independent candidate has yet to occur.

Also I have what I believe is a rather patronising email from some BBC bigwig which I will if I get time mention in detail.

That’s it for now I have the day off and better things to do.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thought for the day – Is this Britain's ugliest building

A thought I often have, after hacking through London on the way home is just before I reach the Blackwall Tunnel, is this block of flats that hove into view on the junction with Commercial Road and the tunnel approach the most hideous in Britain.

Even Arlingtion looks warm and friendly in comparison.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ignorance of the facts – Baroness Scotland gets Gordon Browns support

For what its worth and it can’t be much Baroness Scotland has apparently got off without having to resign from government and has Gordon Browns support.

Now forgive me for my limited knowledge of the law, but I’ve always heard that ignorance of the law is no excuse, so I’m a bit perplexed that Baroness Scotland is able to pay a fine and not have to resign for her “technical breach” in employing illegally her Tongan housekeeper.

Admittedly ignorance of the facts is something slightly different and a crime I’m often accused in writing this blog, how many are currently languishing in prison simply because they’ve been found with property they didn’t know belonged to someone else, purely a “technical breach”.

Baroness Scotland should resign plain and simple.

In 2009 after 12 years of Labour its still possible and happens that people go to prison for non payment of council tax and yet Labour MP’s have larged it up on expenses and now this. Labour looks an awful lot like the tories they replaced.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Those million pound savings from Kent TV Explained

When Peter Gilroy Chief Executive of Kent council was kind enough to inform me that Kent TV, would contribute a gazillion sorry million pounds in savings to Kent Council I simply couldn’t believe it, still that was before Lynda McMullen KCC Finance Director was kind enough to furnish me with details to substantiate that figure.

As you would expect from a 5 star council when they say they’ll save a million, they mean it and now the figures have been revealed exclusively to Bignews Margate, although I have sent a copy to a rather miffed Paul Francis Political Editor for the KM Group who seemed to get short shrift having enquired for similar figures earlier.

To save you the headache of reading through the highly scientific calculations it seems most savings have come about as a result of not printing leaflets, oh and also not wasting money on expensive advertising telling you the er blimin obvious like for Highways er speed is not a good thing and accidents happen.

Still for the more curious, you’ll appreciate the elegant way the figures add up exactly to the right amount, if only my finances were so clear cut. (if you click on the image it should expand a bit).save1


I’m not entirely convinced the savings made couldn’t have occurred without squandering a couple of mill on Kent TV.

Thought for the Day – Just how much worse can BBC Radio Kent & South East get

Couple of issues from last week, I find more than a tad disturbing, the abrupt exit of two of BBC’s competent and professional presenters Beverley Thompson & Geoff Clark who earlier in the year were given notice to quit, on I believe the rather implausible suggestion that BBC’s South East today programme would, become more journalistic, ignoring the fact that content is controlled by the producers & editors, as if removing professional is going to improve the content or quality.

Secondly last week the Chief Executive of KCC announced his retirement/resignation/stepping down, not having heard a reference to this on Radio Kent, I sent an email as mentioned, in an earlier post, now in fairness I got an email back, suggestion that this had been aired, one from I understand the news editor, even giving a time, 7:30 I later listened to the recording and was unable to find the item.

I’m not suggesting misdirection and I’m sure if they claimed it was mentioned then it must have been, although I later queried this and have had no reply, it just seems strange that this item was not repeated on any of the news summaries that I had listened to after 7:30.

I just wonder who the BBC serve some “know it all” management elite or the paying customers like you or I, the controversial removal Beverly Thompson & Geoff Clark ought to make the perfect discussion item for Radio Kent’s John & Jules Breakfast programme, but don’t hold your breath, topics that relate to Kent are few and far between.

As I’ve said before, I believe BBC regional output is damaging democracy since they rarely report on local government. The license fee is supposed to allow for broadcast services which are unique, like reporting on democracy but apparently not here in Kent & the South East.

Its not entirely unknown for competent people to be side-lined, but since in the case Beverly Thompson & Geoff Clark, they’re salaries were paid for by an appreciative public maybe Quentin Smith, editor, and head of region Mick Rawsthorne could explain.

To judge how poor the decision seems I suggest you click on this report from Kentonline and read the comments.

If you’d like to ask the editor what the hells going on, here’s the email address although its probably not worth the bother.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kite photos

kite1 kite2 kite3 kite4

What a brilliant event, just the sort of thing needed to put Margate back on Map. As always there are the usual fairground rides as well as few traders to compliment the event.

I thought I’d have lunch at one of the seafronts eateries after waiting 20 minutes having been assured that I could order at the table no attempt to serve or explain was made.

Its almost reassuring that traditional British service is still available even when your charging 1.80 to 3.00 for a bottle of water during the worst recession ever, I thought the “we’re doing you a favour” style of service had long vanished, clearly not.

Its one thing expecting local authorities to step up to the challenge of improving the attractiveness of the area but its clear some traders ought to appreciate that customers have a choice and having a pretentious menu doesn’t excuse ignoring customers.

My top tip for restaurateurs is if you can’t provide a service just explain to your customers and they’ll understand and come back, its also worth remembering that winters are quite long in these parts.

For outsiders this may well have been an aberration, most restaurants & cafes in these parts offer pleasant and helpful service.

Kite flying and the blogger who cant get it up

Just a reminder that this weekend is the Big Sky International Kite Festival, held over two days with some pretty impressive displays of Kite Flying on Margate’s Main Sands. Full details are here or just get yourself down to Margate front.

Oh, on a blogging related matter, I see that Cllr Mark Nottingham, Thanet’s favourite Eurocrat has been named as one of Labours top 100 bloggers, (Crikey! how many can there be), also see Ramsgate’s self proclaimed premier blogger (ECR) uses the opportunity to take a side swipe at other local bloggers including me, with a link to this site as “another local loser”.

What I’d say and this will no doubt come back and bite me on the bum, is this, what matters is how colder hearted more analytical assessments are made and judging by googles PageRank, despite being authored by a shovel wielding F-wit, Bignews Margate ranks higher than most scoring 4 which is more than Dr Moores (3) but less than Corporate Presenter (5) both of whom had the privilege of attending Charles Dickens School around the same time as me. (Margate Architecture is also rated 4).

Anyway unlike Ramsgate’s limp “premier blogger” I’ve managed to get my google PageRank up and keep it up at least since June and without artificial stimulants.

It seems that Ramsgates “king of bloggin” is consumed by the knowledge that despite his education and breeding an oik like me can out rank him which I do, he may be funnier he may be more popular but so what.

old balls From June

Friday, September 18, 2009

A blank page and hidden agenda for the Gazette

Politics, yes boring! but it colours pretty much all our life even the vast swathes of those who opt not involve or take an interest.

Still tedious as it is, I was not surprised when I turned up at Thursday nights TDC Cabinet meeting, to see that apart from me there was only one other in the public gallery, and myself missing the first half hour.

Not really remarkable was the absence of any proper news hounds, although usually there’s one member of her majesty press present, the Gazette generally has somebody still Thom Morris has now jumped ship, leaving three journalists and an editor to churn out KRN’s three Thanet papers ( I think we can expect more animal stories and slightly rewritten council press releases in the coming weeks).

So has the public missed out, probably not as far as I can tell, there was no real excitement, basically the cabinet meeting consists of Tory’s nodding through agenda items, with backbench members or the Labour groups raising queries, which may or may not be answered by cabinet members or council officers who have to sit around waiting to chip in not, no doubt as they contemplate office gossip or a late dinner or what’s occurring in Emmerdale Eastenders or corrie.

Anyhow as you can imagine these meetings can be turgid, just to give a flavour I think Cllr Wise at one point spoke on the lack respect for authority ( the anarchist in me was tempted to shout something like for “gods sake who cares?” or “boring” ), why was I there, well, I was interested item 11 Cabinet Advisory Group, Thanet works, as a brief explanation Thanet Works is government sponsored scheme involving the WNF (Working Neighbourhoods Fund), TDC has around £4 million of government to play with.

The aim of WNF is apparently to “tackle concentrated pockets of worklessness”, I’m hoping this will also include Thanet’s unemployed, still as this issue doesn’t seem to interest our official Tory group cabinet members who didn’t expand on it and indeed apparently it didn’t excite any questions from Cllr Clive Hart’s Labour group either it was nodded through with no elaboration (Labour as we all know no longer represents the underclasses preferring the well healed self perpetuating public sector workers).

The only excitement thereafter seemed, the issue of asset sales with minor points scoring on the earlier flawed attempt to sell Northdown House without bothering to check the legality first, at least its now confirmed that TDC wont be attempting to flog off Northdown Park estate for a while.

All in all not a great example of what democracy is about, still at least we still go through the motions not that you’d always know from the Gazette, Adscene, or Thanet Times.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Political hunch

A bit of trivia, I clicked on advert from my email page, asking which political party fits your values?trivil choice

Reassuringly, having clicked on site, answered about a half dozen questions, it confirms what I’ve always thought,

Liberal confirmation

Liberal Democrats, although I’m not too sure about the runner upscot nats i don't think so

Have a go yourself, maybe you’ve had a life time espousing the Labour/Tory cause and its all been a bit of a sham. I dread to think what result Stephen Ladyman or even Gordon Brown might get.

Click Here Hunch Political Party quiz

KCC Chief Exec Steps Down (Resigns) How will Paul Carter (Tory Boss) Cope?

I see on Kentonline the news, that Peter Gilroy Kent Councils Chief Executive, is to leave next May, whilst for many this news is frankly of no consequence, including quite a few of Kent’s news organisations most notably the BBC who at the time of writing have yet to report on it (I’ll send their hacks an Email).

Now this is just my opinion and as an outsider it might well be totally off the beam but I get the impression that Peter Gilroy has been much involved in Kent’s controversial services like “Gateway” which places several agencies in one place a good idea when not combined with a public library as is the case here in Margate.

Some other services and intuitives linked with one of the countries top paid civil servants, Healthwatch (telephone advice on health) I prefer my doctor, Kent TV the internet station that has failed to catch on, Kent Film office which recently helped fund a film “The Calling” (70 grand of taxpayer money) with local girl Brenda Blethyn which sadly, does not appear to be coming to your local multiplex, anytime soon.

Obliviously Peter Gilroy has been innovative and brave in driving forward transformations in public services, and seems to have worked very closely with Paul Carter (Tory Leader), and with that in mind I think where is Paul Carter and the Tory group going to come up with fresh ideas, I didn’t see any in their last manifesto.

It’s clear in my mind that Peter Gilroy, is a very media savvy bloke and frankly wasted as a bureaucrat and should consider trying his hand at politics, I faintly regret not taking the invite to meet with him.

Watching some meetings I get the impression that Paul Carter defers quite a bit to the Chief Exec it’ll be interesting to see how his replacement performs and also if he has another job lined up. Anyway more on this subject later.

Update apparently according to J (bbc) this news has been imparted by the Radio Kent I must have been brushing my teeth

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

unfinished media business

Firstly despite requesting figures from KCC’s Finance supremo Lynda Mcmullen, after a month KCC are finding it a tad difficult to justify their claims to be saving gazzilions by pouring large sums of money in to the Kent TV project.Mr Gilroy

Peter Gilroy KCC Chief Exec made this polite and non-partisan comment in an email to me some time ago "Whilst you may not support Kent TV, it is contributing to savings on publications of £1 million in the current year..."

All I’m asking is that KCC, actually prove how they arrive at what I find to be highly questionable figures, since as far as I can know Kent TV, has probably not had much more than a million unique visits. Still miracles do happen so next time you click on Kent TV presumably you’ll be saving me and the other Kent Taxpayer around a quid. Hooray ! quite how this miracle occurs will remain a mystery until 4 star KCC reply to my freedom of Information requests.john Mghie

Still maybe John McGhie (Kent TV Editor), will be able to pipe up with some viewing figures.whatsonbbckent nowt really

Secondly that other Taxpayer funded broadcaster, the BBC, has yet to respond to my long winded, boring commentary, on how, the BBC’s regional output Radio Kent and their South East News was complete pants, in the main, they’re quite happy to waste hours of broadcast time on performing animals but reporting on social and political issues is a tad difficult, particularly on the evening news when they’ve generally got a performing meerkat or colourful peacock lined up and ready to go on an outside broadcast.David Holdsworth

Still in the hope that David Holdsworth, Controller, English Regions gives a toss cares I have, this day, sent him a reminder of my earlier email, whether he comments or not, I cannot understand how BBC Radio Kent can justify a licences fee when it doesn’t report or reflect on local issues.

Should a response be forthcoming from either of these media related issues I shall report back to you.

PS of course the progress KCC or even KCC Kent TV are issues you might expect to be covered by the BBC, clearly they have an obligation to report in an objective way but seem not to upset anyone.

PPS thats all for now, have scheduled an editorial meeting with MR PUSS (the Flaig families very own Fat Cat), we're not sure whether to keep a hard nosed approach to local issues or soften the style with more cuddly animals and such like, to encourage taxpayer funded journalists @ the BBC to take an interest in local issues.

Labour announce Candidate for Dane Valley

News in from Thanets Labour bunker, according to an email from Local Labour head honcho Cllr Clive Hart after a meeting on Monday evening, Sandra Hart, (Clive Hart’s Mrs) has been selected unanimously to represent Labour in the By-election for Dane Valley.

It will be interesting to see, if its also the case that Cllr Simon Moores wife will be, as rumoured joining the scrap.

Anyhow good luck to any candidate standing with the exception of any BNP candidate, it looks likely that the BNP will be standing.

Local Labour will have a struggle that’s for sure, since their colleagues have at national level done everything they can to destroy their own supporters, it maybe unfair but having heard and read Stephen Ladyman MP over years I cant see why he couldn’t apart from his present job, sign up to the Conservative party.

Any how By-elections offer the chance for a bit of political excitement and in Labours case maybe some face saving as their performance in the ward during the last local elections was abysmal.

Earlier I had a telephone call from one of our local politicians involved in their party's campaign, I briefly thought they had come to their senses and decided Flaigy was there man but no they just wanted some background info.

I’m sure any day now, the people of Dane Valley will be clamouring for me to stand as an independent candidate if so send me an email.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A thought or two on the Broadhurst resignation

I know its a little late in the day and I’m slower to reflect on this, I just wonder had I not challenged, Thanet council officers, and asked them to check on Cllr. Stephen Broadhurst apparent attendance at the full council Meeting back in July whether he would have sent his post dated resignation.

Dane Valley residents will shortly have a chance to replace the councillor and frankly the choice looks stark indeed, Labour through arrogance and little effort last time round surrendered Dane Valley and the three seats to the Tories, through a lack of effort, I well remember receiving an invitation to vote Labour some hours after I voted during the last local council elections, not one Labour candidate had the gumption to canvass, least not in my street, unlike the Tory, Michael Jarvis who bothered to disturb the ambience of Flaig Mansions and since he made the effort got my vote.

Personally my heart is with the Liberal Democrats but they’re particularly weak to nonexistent in Thanet. Still at the other extreme it looks like BNP are making a play, for Dane valley, at the time of writing this I’m out the “office” but a couple of leaflets have been stuffed through my door and as with many fascist parties the slogans and arguments are not just seductive but compelling in my world and that of those I work with, its clear that the British working people have been sold out and side stepped by an arrogant “we know best” Labour elite, free education has been eroded, the tax burden increased and British workers undercut and sidelined for jobs by Labour politicians like our own Cllr. Mark Nottingham, who is all in favour of free flow of Labour in Europe, ignoring the fact that it has been and always will be mismatched and British workers foot the bill not wealthy taxpayer funded Eurocrats like he.

The strength of the BNP comes from the fact that a majority of working people, are all to aware that for the professional classes, mass migration, doesn’t effect them except for cheap plumbing etc, and for the boss class provides easily exploited east European workers.

Behind concerns that ordinary working people have, its easy for the BNP to make gains, their toxic racial agenda hidden and buried amongst the “jobs for Brits” policy.

Still I find the attitude of Labour (just ignore eastern migration) almost as repugnant, I wont embarrass the Ramsgate Labour politician who if anything I found more disturbing than some of the BNP muppets, claiming that British people couldn’t do many of the jobs done by foreigners, not only prejudiced but disloyal to his own electorate and people.

Between Labour and the Tories you can hardly get a cigarette paper on policy or aspirations, they both wish to look after and perpetuate a fixed class system that favours the middle classes at the expense of working people, and as I say it looks like the BNP are to contest the by-election when it eventually takes place only they’ll be pushing for working class votes but with their own agenda.

When the BNP refer to “British Jobs for British Workers” they I’m sure mean white European, Labour mean anyone who happens to be resident in Britain, the Tories don’t give a toss, and me I’d like to think British Workers are those of us who’ve paid taxes in over the years and either hold or qualify for a British Passport irrespective of genetic make up.

I know that Cllr. Clive Harts has had his crew deliver letters re Cllr. Broadhurst’s absence, the BNP are on the case with leaflet drops, Tories are understandably sheepish particularly given Cllr. Broadhurst’s “post dated” resignation ( whatever happened to post dated cheques), Liberal Democrats where are you.

Still if members of the electorate are willing to sign nomination papers I might have a go myself, lets face it courtesy of Ramsgates King of Sleaze I now have a slightly tarnished reputation, just the thing for a budding politician.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

An Explanation

You may have noticed that productivity here on Bignews Margate has been minimal of recent, in the main I really have not had the time although I’ve not been too inclined either, since Ramsgate’s king of the blogs, turned ugly resorting to lies, misrepresentation, and even allowing if not authoring bogus entries to enliven his jaded blog.

Ramsgate’s “millionaire” took exception initially to my support of Manston as the author, decided he would call me two faced, this he enhanced by reporting a private conversation, which although not necessarily harmful seemed to overstep normal convention, particularly since Eastcliff claims to have some journalistic background or aspirations.

Earlier in the year again when ECR took offence to my support for Manston, I got similar treatment, starting with my remarks being censored culminating in an p*ss poor apology which added he some slur about me being interested in what he had been paid by private eye for his report on my row with KCC & Kent TV. The subsequent cheque was aptly disposed of down the toilet, the inspiration for much of ECR’s writing.

I note one of the the blogging king’s great obsessions when abusing Cllr Simon Moores, is reference to Simon being influenced by the Daily Mail, so it seems rather ironic that the ECR author has apparently been brown nosing around the “Gazette” (a rather poor chronicle of local politics) for some time apparently oblivious to the fact itw owned by Northcliffe Media publishers of the Daily Mail.

My relationship with ECR ended when he refused to remove blatantly false comments from his blog, my advice is if you ever get an request to meet don’t bother, its my impression that he’s a back stabbing social climber and not the anti-establishment figure he’d like to think if fact the reverse is true.

Well I feel better for that and if I get time I’ll blog on something less bitchy, finally I understand ECR accused me of threatening him well, its an interesting concept how a request or even repeated requests to remove blatant falsehoods can be threatening to someone even of his limited reasoning.boguscommenton eastcliffsite now

 bogus comment still up on EASTCLIFF’S blog

days after requesting removal

If ECR would remove the lies on his website and link we could just forget about this incident.

The claim that I would “out” him he knows, not to be true as do those who’ve asked me for clues etc. in fact we discussed this subject at length. Maybe he wishes to be revealed, well, I’m not doing it, perhaps the author has delusions of hero worship, a thankful public.

Maybe I’m getting a little obsessive, and its all a little shallow but as this guy takes a rather cowardly stance of hiding behind a keyboard and attacking my reputation what else can I do, move on I suppose.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Thought for the day -The Beeb for Sale

I’m sure its only coincidence but I see the BBC are running a Beatles week that presumably has absolutely nothing to do with a massive marketing campaign which is all about tarting up stale product, that being, the Beatles back catalogue which has been “remastered” to turn it in to fresh and saleable product available from the 9th September.

The BBC have always been snotty about advertising but ever ready to swallow a slick PR campaign and work it to death for nothing. It makes you think about the frequent bleating by recording artists about copyright infringement, without taxpayer funded BBC many would remain undiscovered.

Anyway according to the Guardian’s frontpage today the public still backs the BBC, although speaking for myself on the whole I too support the license fee but feel in some areas they could offer a better service particularly for regional news and not do free advertising.

Blogging Blight and Ramsgate’s King of Sleaze

The last couple of weeks have for me been blighted by deceptive and defamatory comments made on the Eastcliff Richard blog site.

All I’m asking is that the author remove untrue statements, and also remove Bignews Margate as a link.

Its simple I can live with juvenile comments about being fat or even a nutter etc but referring to private conversations, compounding it with lies is more than I wish to be associated with.

Just why ECR’s author has descended to some dark place who knows, perhaps like the majority of Thanet people my support for Manston has once again proved to much for the King of Sleaze, maybe the thought that anyone with a basic education, manual job might be taken seriously is too much for the author to accept with a more traditional “middle class” education. 

I’ve only ever written this for my own enjoyment, if you don’t like you can move on, or express yourself, but please no porkies not even from the King of Sleaze.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Eastcliff Richard

I have asked Eastcliff Richard to remove defamatory statements, he has refused, make of it what you will.

Oh he’s claimed I’m about to reveal his identity well here it is “ “, that’s right one big nobody.

The truth is disappointingly, mundane but that said whether or not I ever swore an oath or took part in some solemn ritual I’ve no intention now or every of making revelations, the first time I met with the ECR author, at my insistence all I knew of their identity was their first name, it was some time later I knew their full identity.

No one has ever suggested before that I’ve betrayed confidential information, so why at 50+ would I wish to start now.

Read back through my last 1000 + posts and see what evidence you can find of that or any double dealing.

I sometimes I cringe at the things I say about politicians etc, or the spin and or my critical opinionated comments but I don’t deliberately set out to rubbish anyone.

Its my feeling that Thanet Blogging is special because the likes of ECR, Simon Moores, Bertie Biggles, Peter Checksfield, Michael Child and my apologies for omissions, its just a pity that Eastcliff has decided to relieve himself on Thanet Bloggers reputation

You be the judge, but keep it to yourself, this one unlike ECR himself is strictly no comment.