Thursday, May 22, 2014

I don't usually bother

A phrase I expect that will be heard often today. 

And no amount of "we are better off in Europe" or such bollix is going to convince a majority of British citizens. 

The claim that we as British citizens benefit from Europe is nonsense, jobs tell those 500 odd workers at Ford who have seen their work moved to Turkey or construction workers replaced with cheap East Europeans, education schools oversubscribed, health service swamped. 

Do Clegg, Cameron and Milliband really believe we are better off absorbing millions of East Europeans  and being subservient to unelected officials in Brussels.

We've had enough! I think most of us realise the motivation of establishment, in attacking UKIP, can you imagine the howls should anyone start asking Nick Clegg about  how Cyril Smith got away with his alleged crimes. 

If you want to live in a free confident country you know which way to vote. Still if you like to live in a society dominated by hypocritical establishment just do nothing.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

UKIP Earthquake tremors felt in Margate

An enjoyable evening at the winter gardens for those of us, still capable of free thought as Nigel Farage held a rally for those of us who have had enough b******* from the european union.

A bit surprised by the miserable turnout of protesters, particularly given the encouragement from Broadstairs red hall revolutionaries to be in position by 4 o'clock, still maybe these characters are beginning to understand how democracy works, people present a case you accept or question end of story.

Anyway I doubt if anyone was disappointed, speeches lasted about as long as needed, Rodger Latchford opened precedings, Janice Atkinson a candidate in next week's election, was forthright in her views, Nigel Farage, gave a good performance, with clear explanation of why leaving the EU would make no difference to our trade with Europe, even thanking Nick Clegg for his help in promoting UKIP.

Just at a tangent, I think Clegg wittered on how vehicle manufacturers wanted us to stay in Europe, during his debates with Farage, forgetting that Ford recently stopped manufacturing the Transit in the UK moving production to Turkey a non EU country.

UKIP and Nigel Farage have had smear after smear to contend with, I had a few weeks ago, a communication from another party suggesting we had a hundred days to "get" Farage, no surprise this coming from one of those engaged in smearing UKIP.  Farage remind us how many Labour Tory etc. councillor had recently had their collars felt.

Getting back to business the EU is seriously corrupt and this countries sovereignty compromised, so I suggest, if you have any loyalty to this country vote for UKIP in the Euro elections.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect involving europe is how criminal gangs are able to access this country with an unquestioned right to enter the country and involve themselves such vile trades as people trafficking and slavery, still for all those in denial, keep you head up your bottom and just ignore the reality of open boarders.

Note from Dreamland Fun Park in Margate

Good call 

After a couple of years of disaster followed by catastrophe, Cllr Clive Hart has at last done us all a favour, by resigning . 

Iris Johnson  the newly elected Thanet council leader has already proved her superior skill and judgement by saying goodbye to Michelle Fenner and Alan Poole, if anyone has seen this couple   of councillors in action they will understand the benefits.

It seems appropriate, that right at the start of this, Evernote (note taking app) has determined that this note is being typed at Dreamland, (actually a barbers round the corner) since the Clive Hart years have been a nightmare punctuated by disaster not least the closure of Manston  one can only hope that iris Johnson can make things better.

It's one of those things which has gone under the radar to some extent but it appears a worthy policy of trying to prevent live exports from Ramsgate, has as a result left Thanet Council taxpayers open to liabilities of around the one
and a half mill, this apparently part of Michelle Fenner's portfolio, one wonders whether it's a result of poor advice from council officers or ignoring good legal advice. ( perhaps Iris could see this investigated with results published)

Alan Poole has been much commented on re Pleasurama elsewhere and on this blog re the great dustbin debacle, good for Labour that he's slung his hook.

Cllr Iris Johnson has always struck me as a truly hard working, passionate advocate for her constituents so hopefully good things might come, hopefully without Hart's exaggerated self view ( suggest you read his facebook resignation, I gave up after the first ten minutes). 

Good Luck to Cllr Johnson, but please lets have openess, why didn't Clive Hart mention talks over housing with Gloag's representatives, why was the monitoring officer moved during continued allegations concerning the chief exec, in fact why not suspend the Chief exec until an independent inquiry.

PS Having read Clive Harts style of blameolgy whereby he is never wrong I suggest you read Cllr Ian Drivers blog and get, dare I suggest a more objective account of Clive recent dealings

Monday, May 12, 2014

Hart resigns hours after Bignews Margate asks Why?

How the world learnt of Clive Harts resignation, in a lengthy resignation address, following a storm of criticism, and even a few humble question from Bignews Margate, Clive Hart has authored perhaps the longest resignation letter ever available on his Facebook page. 

I've no doubt that Clive and Labour have worked for benefit of Thanet but bad luck or the wrong direction cannot be ignored. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Thanet Council - Reputation slides further? - Do Cllr. Clive Hart and Dr Sue McGonigal have any answers

It really is simple, allegations were made concerning a conflict of interests involving TDC Chief Executive Dr Sue McGonigal acting as a board member of  East Kent Opportunities (EKO) property company set up by TDC and KCC and the Planning department of Thanet council.

Cllr Ian Driver rightly made a formal complaint, which was being investigated by the monitoring officer, Harvey Patterson, who was abruptly removed from the council in the last week or so.

Why?  Good question, still Thanet Council claims on it's web site that it "is following due process and in order to allow this to be properly and thoroughly considered, and in fairness to the parties concerned, cannot provide any comment on the details of this investigation at the present time.

Not sure how fairness can be squared up by removing an experienced officer, while resolving these serious accusations.

Thanet Council is a public authority, which should serve the community, not officers or politicians.

This matter needs greater scrutiny, In my view, Clive Hart and his Labour members could do more for you and I, by way of open governance. Still so long as Clive and his mates attending meetings can top up their wages, pensions or benefits with generous "allowances" who are we the taxpayer to complain.

The Gazette have covered this issue with a rather miserly report hidden on page three of Friday's edition, I understand that there some further astounding allegations, concerning conduct in this matter with local councillors, I think we should be told of.

Finally Clive Hart, also in this last week's local rag, ends his inspirational column with this gem "The tiny but very noisy and disruptive minority of councillors playing petty and vindictive politics with very sensitive issues should be totally and utterly ashamed. Quite what he means is a mystery? Still if you are Clive Hart please explain yourself.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

The road to Hell

In common with many not immersed in Thanet's benefits culture I frequently leave town early and return late from work. Thanet's economy is very much skewed to poverty pay, with recently arrived migrant workers, fodder for exploitative employers on zero hour contracts,  the main exception of course being the public sector, with the council being one of the areas largest employers.

Content with my lot in life, minding my own business, coming back into Thanet after a days proper graft, I was surprised to find that a road which cost 81 million was closed, why I don't know maybe an accident, although I'm guessing it was for some sort of maintenance in which case, why is it happening at around 19:00 and why such poor signage.

I refer of course to the East Kent Access Rd. which if you ask me (you didn't) is poorly thought out and badly designed road. Thanet council it seems owe a few millions to KCC, which is perhaps the reason that Clive Hart has ignored the wishes of the TDC planning committee to turn down a crazy (IMHO) scheme to build 500 houses on land controlled by EKO, having already in his short time as Council leader been at the helm, to waive goodbye to several millions in write offs as a direct consequence of poor management by council officers.

This blog posting was going to be the usual middle aged angst about the local road network, still believe it or not I google things as I write, which turned up this post, by Cllr Ian Driver, who despite not agreeing with his politics or orchestration of protest, I take to be an honest person.

Anyhoo Cllr Driver has made several accusations, about inappropriate behaviour, it seems that rather than thank, Ian Driver for whistleblowing, and making public an email, which might constitute "gross misconduct", Thanet labour leader is alleged by Cllr Ian Driver to have reacted in a rather hostile manner (IMHO), this is how Ian puts it "As soon the Council Monitoring Officer raised my concerns the Leader of the Council, Clive Hart, demanded to know why I had not been reported to Kent Police for stealing the e-mails from the Council. He then wrote to the Chief Executive suggesting that she arrange for the matter to be reported  to the police. 

Whatever the rights and wrongs concerning allegations that Ian Driver has made, regarding the Chief Executive Dr Sue Mcgonigal and Cllr Clive Hart, surely given the recent reports of Thanet's council continuing reputation problems, would in not make sense for the Chief Exec and for Labour leader to step down, till such time as a proper investigation has been made concerning EKO planning matter.

Still maybe those well paid people administering Thanet council didn't read the report from the LGA (local government association), or maybe they just don't get it.

PS I just wonder whether hacks at the Isle of Thanet Gazette?KM Thanet Extra have balls to properly report these goings on.