Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I recently turned 60 and inconceivable as it seems to me the world has changed in ways I never thought possible

Looking back it's as if I was born into a world that was black and white, since that was the predominant available hue in both print television and film, and back in the past, with less Media news was also clearer with no spin

News outlets from the BBC to our own local newspapers,  have made news less important than commentary I guess because we can all comment with out awkward facts getting in the way of our mood swings.

The Isle of Thanet Gazette commentator plain Jane epitomises the sort of thing I mean, Friday's newspaper she apparently couldn't find why the Thanet Way had a 50 mile an hour speed limit I myself got the information in seconds by mumbling into my phone something like ok Google kent highways Thanet Way speed restriction, wallop  in a split second up popped a Tweet from the relevant authority, and the facts

Still also interesting to read plain Jane's views on what she considered sacred in Britain which included a judicial system freedom of speech equality compassion a jar of Marmite but sadly no mention of democracy which it's no surprise given the not inconsiderable whinging or bremoaning about brexit once again, get over it and move on for God's sake

Anyway moving on from small town commentary the most disturbing thing apart from me realising I'm 60 and I may not live forever is the shock that the establishment intelligentsia whatever we might call them have nothing but utter contempt for the majority of British people who have come to the honourable conclusion they have no wish to continue to be ruled by a committee of greedy and delusional Eurocrat's

Still these people so keen remaining tethered to Europe are affluent middle class people who haven't seen their jobs taken away by cheap labour or experienced the challenge of sending their children to school where English is no longer the first language of significant numbers of children