Saturday, December 20, 2014

Liberal Democrats call for a referendum on Manston

I was asked on my previous post for info on the current  Liberal Democrat stance, I'm sure this will help. (I've not added my own to comment for one I'm struck down with some stomach bug and two it looks like Lib Dem candidates for the up coming general election are doing their best, unlike some)

PRESS RELEASE: 19th December

Liberal Democrats publish 10-Point Plan, calling for a referendum on Manston Airport's future.
In response to the chaos at Thanet District Council reported by local media this week, the two Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for North and South Thanet – George Cunningham and Russ Timpson - launched a ten point plan today to put the future of Manston Airport on much more solid footing.
The core of this fresh Liberal Democrat initiative in Thanet calls for a referendum on the Manston Airport Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO), to be held at the same time as the 7 May 2015 General Election and District Council Elections.
Such a move would ensure that the people of Thanet could give a clear mandate to TDC to go ahead or not with the CPO, finishing the debate about its future once and for all. 
The ten-point plan also lays out a very practical programme to bring more investor interest to Manston Airport and to engage the aviation industry directly in assessing its potential.
The Liberal Democrats are the only political party in Kent that unanimously supports Manston Airport becoming operational again.
Prospective MP for North Thanet, George Cunningham, said: "The compulsory purchase process must not die and should be separated from doubts concerning the RiverOak company. Manston airport can become an international success given proper visionary management based on the will to realise its potential".
Prospective MP for South Thanet, Russ Timpson, said: "We need to rise above the petty politics that is miring the future of the airport. We support a positive agenda with practical solutions. All political parties should work together in a transparent way to find a way forward".
Liberal Democrats believe it was a mistake that Riveroak was declared by Roger Gale MP as the "only show in town" to run the airport. Valuable time has been wasted in not finding a more suitable airport operator.  Manston is a viable business as was witnessed earlier this year by Liberal Democrat efforts in getting Gulf investor interest in using Manston as the base of its European aircraft recycling operations. The Taiwanese also undertook a high profile visit to Manston at the invitation of George Cunningham and Russ Timpson to assess its potential as a freight hub for its goods.
Given developments at the Thanet District Council, the Liberal Democrat team will also be making fresh efforts to find a suitable airport operator.
 For further information and comment, please contact:

• George Cunningham, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Thanet. E-mail address:

• Russ Timpson, Prospective parliamentary Candidate for South Thanet. E-mail address: 



1.            Propose a referendum on the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) of Manston, to be held at the same time as General Election and Local                         Council Elections.
2.            Attend and promote Manston Airport at the Aviation Expo in London 2-4 February 2015
3.            Get an open letter of support for Manston Airport, signed by leading opinion formers in the local area.
4.            Hold an aviation round table meeting with potential stakeholders in 2015.
5.            Offer to host the next Aircraft Recycling Conference in Thanet in 2015.
6.            Make public details of possible Aviation Apprenticeships which are available.
7.            Highlight need for standby airport in times of crisis (e.g. recent failure of air traffic control).
8.            Propose twin-track approach of CPO and standby development scheme as a plan B.
9.            Promote value of Manston if Heathrow and Gatwick expansions are blocked.
10.          Compare costs with Boris Island and promote new high speed link to London.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Manston - Labours double whammy (Iris wont talk about CPO and Scobie "Storms" out of meeting)

Labour have surpassed themselves, at last night's extraordinary council meeting, subject Manston Airport, those expecting to have honest debate and facts, were disappointed, Cllr Iris Johnson, has once again allowed the council she leads to dodge any tough questions.

Cllr Iris Johnson, appears recently to have babbled on about River Oak not providing enough information as part of its offer to finance a compulsory purchase of the airport, despite the fact that the company in question refute this, as do others, who like you and I, suspect that labour are only looking to buy votes in Ramsgate.

Still more interesting is Cllr Scobie's intervention, who in my estimation has offered faint support for Manston so far ( a bit like former Labour leader Clive Hart refusing help promote Manston ) anyway you can take Scobie,s storming out of the meeting as an act of principle or if you're a tad cynical, see it as an election stunt, with the general election only a few months away, and Labour apparently doing it's damndest to wreck the Airports chances, what better than to distance yourself from out of touch ancient colleagues, and take the moral highground as a tough independent, honest wonder kid.

Although many of us learn our politics, while working hard, bringing up families, paying tax and being rewarded by broken promises from the political charlatans who govern us, you may just think I'm being a bit mean, and you could be right, however as I understand, Mr Scobie has spent most of his young life working in politics or studying politics of which campaigning and presentation is the key to getting elected and just like sales and marketing you don't hold back when your trying to make a sale or in his case get your vote, so sidestepping his own party briefly is a mere part of his election campaign in my honest opinion.

If Scobie is principled perhaps he could resign from Thanet local Labour party, few believe that Labour have done anything whatsoever to help the Airport, the deputy Labour leader made it quite clear that they would't apparently referring to River Oak "We are not going to do business with people like this.

Iris Johnson could answer this question, why should we trust anything she says on Manston Airport when her deputy leader made it so clear his hostility to a CPO yet remained in post during the process so far and finally how can we trust any so called independent advice paid for by the council when her colleagues and officers appear to have been so hostile.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

MANSTON Thanet Council going through the motions and covering their backside

I imagine Thanet council will be going through the motions and doing it's level best to bury Manston at tonight's Cabinet meeting.

I rarely comment these days since Thanets council reputation for poor practice and slippery way of doing things behind closed doors, since I'm sure you like I are heartly sick.

The latest banality despite the well publicised and genuine offer to under right a Compulsory purchase order by River Oak, have been kicked into the long grass by the same "competent" officers who were no doubt a responsible for multi million pound f*** ups such as TransEuropa ferries.

I note that recently a property deal was cut for a prime Ramsgate seafront site, and we the public are not entitled to know how much it was sold for or what the market value was even worse the council spent thousands to silence Cllr Ian Driver.

Briefly I wouldn't expect much from Labour take this helpful input from deputy Labour leader of Thanet Richard Nicholson had this to say of River Oak offer back in July,"We had no idea it was coming and personally I am not happy about it.           We are not going to do business with people like this. We are looking at a CPO and getting legal advice and will make a decision in time."

Or you might like this from the principled Cllr Alan Poole, some of you might remember was the councillor in charge of  Thanet's dustbins debacle later sacked from the  Cabinet by Leader Iris Johnson “The difference this time is the CPO will lose us the election as opposed to opposing night flights last time winning the election.

If you're thinking its all about the Council and not the people I reckon you could be right.

Take a look at this petition and please sign 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Labours Islington culture reaches Thanet?

I'm not surprised by the attitudes and actions of Labour party toffs, the apparent contempt for working people exposed by the "White van man" tweet of demised shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry or leader Ed Milliband's inability to eat a sandwich as in the now famous "sandwich photos" in which he looks like a man being forced to eat raw kangaroo testicles.

Leaders of labour are remote and clearly out of tune with working people who as we all know generally only come out of at the election time.

I was emailed,  earlier in the week by former local councillor and Eurocrat(I presume that he's still working for a Labour MEP), Mark Nottingham (you may remember him for the calm way he took the news that Ian Driver ousted him as Labour candidate for his seat)  , his email enquired 

Dear Tony,

Will is having some professional photos taken on Friday - is there any chance he can do some in/around the train station ideally with people like your good self?

Maybe with your colleague you introduced me to?

Best wishes


Naturally I was, curious I rang Wednesday evening, unable to take my call, he sent a text message "Sorry in an event in Strasbourg"  I  replied suggesting that he enjoy before the UKIP hordes remove the UK from Europia.

Anyhoo Mark rang the following morning, he asked what Email? after I explained that I was a liberal party member albeit with a profound distrust and objection to the EU, he realised he'd sent it to the wrong Tony,  for some reason when I started a rant about out of touch and aloof Islington Labour, and the casual betrayal of working people the call disconnected.

Thank you Mark for reinforcing my deep distrust of Labour and my view that ordinary people are not listened to by Labour as for Will Scobie, I suggest you get a proper job and meet normal people before you try and represent the people of South Thanet otherwise you'll be just another idiot kno w nothing politician.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Is this what an Air head looks like?

The above is snipped from today's Telegraph website, reporting the superficiality of Britain's politicians, those we would hope would and could articulate and represent our beliefs and values in a professional manner.

Of course few if any of us are surprised that politicians are apparently supporting feminism by wearing T shirts "This is what a feminist looks like" ironically produced in some third world sweatshop by poorly paid women. 

An example of just how shallow politicians actually are, they live in a world they purport to be in touch with, they're more at home taking part in PR stunts, than engage with real people and real issues

The T shirts in question were produced for the charity The Fawcett Society committed to promoting the rights of women, who seem to have misplaced their trust, expecting suppliers to ethically source these T shirts, a bit like us expecting our politicians to represent us rather than themselves.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thanetwatch publish accusations of "racism"

Thanetwatch as many of us know is the name of the publication, that Broadstairs based activists Norman Thomas and Christine Tongue regularly comment on and apparent act as arbiters of social justice and morality, which generally looks to the left for inspiration.

This week they focus on the ever popular Cllr Simon Moores, highlighting some tweet, in which it would appear, he's dared to make some satirical comment on the mass migration of humanity toward Northern Europe, as with any satire it is either something that you agree with or are vastly offended.

Anyhoo since Norman and Christine always have strong views I thought I'd ask Norman where he's coming from and pointing out that I've heard it suggested that he may be a supporter of the Socialist Worker Party, SWP an organisation better known in the 1970's for a peculiar brand of marxism, the answer is apparently not.

Anyway in their latest film it appears that their interviewee believes that Cllr Simon Moores is a "racist" something I doubt, and if I'm not mistaken, also thinks, if you exercise your democratic right, to join UKIP you are also a racist.

Sad that Norman and Christine, promote such opinion, I feel it is quite legitimate to question our membership of the EU and control of our boarders, still if I understand my conversation with Norman correctly his view is that there is no upper limit to migration and we can take any amount of people without any impact at all on schools, criminal justice system, health and social welfare.

PLEASE note anyone can comment all I ask is that you sign in with an open ID such as Google I believe you can still remain anonymous but a least you will have a name, as ever if you choose to publish here you will still get your comment removed if it is offensive.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pleasurama how about an open process Cllr Everett

Pleasurama the name given to the vacant site on Ramsgate front which has plagued pages of local media since the dawn of time, is back in the news, this weeks gazette has a good half page devoted to the subject, on the table is an offer of cash from Cardy? Construction who have worked with SPF ventures who've failed to complete their original deal.

Elsewhere on the gazettes letter page,  labour's councillor Rick Everett appears riled up, since councillor Ian Driver and Bob Bayford raised the issue of not being given an opportunity to study confidential legal advice on this matter.

Now I'm not sure what qualification  or experience Cllr Everett has if any in matters of finance or business, but surely since this matter has gone on for so long couldn't the council simple put the property out to open tender, then we can satisfy ourselves that a proper market price is paid and if Cardy  have a competitive offer, then they can proceed.

In Thanet we are sick of confidential deals, we live in a democracy can "officers" and councillors show a bit of respect.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Vile Murder of Innocent Charity Worker

No normal person, will fail to react without feeling a mixture of anger, shock,  horror, deep regret and sympathy for family of Alan Henning, on hearing the news that Islamic terrorists have cynically murdered an innocent, a man whose humanity compelled him to help others despite risk.

ISIS are trying to provoke conflict and stir up hatred, it's important that governments and we as individuals resist our emotions, these evil people are manipulating, we need to respond intelligently and not be drawn into a fight by Islamic factions.

I've heard people say that Isis terrorists are not Islamic and while this is may well be true, unfortunately these terrorists clearly think they are, and its something that the Muslim community needs to address although that said, who could imagine such depravity.

It's about time that the Arab world got involved in dealing with ISIS, Arab countries have spent billions on military equipment, surely its about time they came to the assistance of their brothers in Iraq. 

Alan Henning will be long remembered as being a truly decent man, a British hero.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Manston Airport - Property developers announce the Future- Again?

The new announcement of yet another deal at Manston Airport, could be seen as a master stroke maybe, for Anne Gloag to overwhelm local democracy, as a new company and a vague sketchy planning deal, that has yet to be scrutinised by authorities, was revealed with the full PR treatment, swallowed by bods such as the beeb and local media.

At this stage to me, the plans by Trevor Cartner and Chris Musgrave are every bit as credible in my opinion as those for "Chinagate" Mr Musgrave is indeed quoted by Kent Online "Whilst it is too early to be specific about our plans, we will be looking to comprehensively redevelop the whole site to create a mixed-use community.

Wouldn't it be great if a property developer could one day be quoted, with something like this " We've got our clutches on a parcel of otherwise worthless land, and it's looking good because the local council is run by a coalition of two-faced councillors and officers who are pretty hopeless with no respect for residents, with a little bit of luck we'll build cheap as chips slums and make a packet. (FORTUNATELY ! Thanet is renown for open dealings in all public matters and as we all know local planning authorities, always upholds the local public's interest)

As I see it this changes nothing,  ask the question what's new?     Er Nothing not even the appearance of a labour Councillor on BBC South East, who when recently removed from the "Cabinet" immediately resigned from Labour and then after a short period decided to rejoin probably as he pondered his prospects as an unpopular independent candidate or unpopular Labour candidate in next years council election.

Like a lot of these planning PR events we can confidently expect jobs jobs jobs .... which I think in this instance are four something four, four hundred, four thousand, four hundred thousand, whatever, still this changes nothing, do we really want a shabby new town on the outskirts of Thanet, if anything this makes the Airport option even more appealing and just as viable.

PS Further interesting stuff from Louise Oldfield

Monday, September 22, 2014

Ed Milliband fights English Democracy and Cameron narrowly avoids the end of Britain.

Lets face it politicians are not always self seeking rascals, but a surprising number are. My last posting was prompted by the rather disturbing news that Alex Salmond and his fellow fantasists had managed to convince enough Scots, that their community would rapidly be converted into paradise should they vote Yes to independence and ignoring the resulting in the destruction of the United Kingdom.

At the time I myself was in something approaching paradise, well a very comfy hotel in St Lucia, but news that Britain could disappear was deeply disturbing hence I set aside an hour for my previous rant. Not the first time that I'd blogged while on holiday.  I dare say that most British people were assuming they care about these things, shaken by sudden realisation of just how dramatic the break up to Britain would have been and not least even more vulnerable to bullying by Eurocrats.

My view of the referendum is it should  never have been agreed to without the whole UK being able to vote and the thought crossed my mind that if ever there was a time when the country could use a coup  it would have been some time last week. As I see it David Cameron needs a good arse kicking for coming as close as he did to ending the Union, and reducing us to little Englanders, why he's still in office is a mystery.

Moving on to Milliband, one thing that has become more apparent after weeks of whinging Scottish nationalist going on about sorting themselves out, is the massive  inequality between England and Scotland on public spending and democracy.

Without a doubt England is the home nation that has the least self determination Cameron is suggesting something short of a proper English Parliament and Milliband couldn't give a toss for devolved government for England, if you cast your mind back New Labour wouldn't entertain an English Parliament instead the had I think they had John Prescott witter on about regional assemblies until the moment passed.

Milliband has shown himself, this last weekend to have have kicked English citizens in the teeth, asked about an English Parliament he did what his predecessors have always done, ignored the question. No Labour leader is going to encourage an English Parliament for the simple reason, Labour would find it almost impossible to get a majority, which is why they invested so much effort in the No campaign in Scotland, since without Scottish MP's they'd never get elected to government.

Finally Britain needs some leadership and equality, British citizens should be treated equally, why the hell are we giving the Scots an extra £1,623 per person of Taxpayers money, anyway now we've got the Scottish referendum out the way let's have one on the EU, I'm sick of being bleed dry and enslaved, I'd like to hear the "better together campaign" from a bunch Eurocrats, that would be some tricky sales pitch without a doubt. 

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Where is my vote - England Wales & NI the second class citizens

God knows we've heard enough b✴llsh t over independence  from self centred muppets in Scotland, Wales and in recent times, even a handful of wooly residents of Cornwall now consider themselves special.

Scotland has been given the opportunity to take their whingeing to the Max.  The obnoxious self loving pompous Alex Salmond (IMHO) was allowed to set the referendum question and the timing of the vote, and even given sixteen year olds the vote? All of this has been accepted by the establishment.

We are now on the verge of a complete bloody mess which Cameron, Clegg, and the hopeless Miliband have concocted, utter chaos in financial markets starting now, assuming SNP get their way expect heavy damage to all British institutions, BBC, NHS, Welfare, and defence (at a time British Islamic extremists have declared war on the West).

Could this have been handled better, well yes, how is it that a minority of British citizens, the Scots get to decide on the future of Britain, why have the English, Welsh and Northern Irish been disenfranchised.

Imagine you were a shareholder, in a PLC and it was decided that only those, who were left handed or blond were allowed to vote on a shareholder vote. It would be wrong.

My view is that Scotland is entitled to have a referendum, but since we are all British or UK citizens we are all stake holders and therefore all entitled to a vote, without this whole charade, in my view this is an act of treason.

I believe that in the UK we are all equal, British first English Scottish Welsh second and therefore entitled to have a say. 

Finally the worst aspect for all of us is we don't how much money this is going to cost and is it worth it also had anyone seen what Alex Salmond looks like on a tartan skirt.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Thanet Watch revolutionary forces launch UKIP fightback

another propaganda blast from Thanet red revolutionary committee, this time it seems local  "film maker" Christine Tongue is interviewing what I assume to be a representative selection of, in no way biased hard working residents of Broadstairs in this little film.

As you might imagine there is little evidence of a protest which apparently took place on Tuesday this week but what you will learn of, are wild insinuation and accusations of racism and an appalling suggestion of violence.

Still you might take our Christine at face value, were it not for another film in which she interviews a man who was convicted of attacking the UKIP leader on a visit, a while back who was at a previous demo, organised by local activist which comprised lefties and a bunch manipulated local groups.

I suggest you watch this film and see how objective Christine Tongue really is.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Strange Times - stranger people

Russia invade Ukraine, big talk from world leaders and no action, an Islamic State is created led by crazy mad murderous perverts without an ounce of humanity or spiritual good, much of the Middle East is at war.

Back here in the UK in Rotherham, we find out that those paid to defend the weakest most vulnerable in society are found to have deserted them with police aiding and abetting rapists, social workers and councillors conveniently brushing aside the victims and fiddling with records, years go by 1400 children are violated, why because the perpetrators happened to be Asian, and those paid to look after them opted  to allow the vile abuse rather than confront the truth, that a group of Pakistani men were involved.

Oddly those "responsible" have all, so far managed to walk away unharmed, including Shaun Wright the former Labour councillor who'd been in charge of children's services at Rotherham Council, now Police and Crime Commisioner for South Yorkshire, despite calls for his resignation he has refused and why would he, clearly a man of principle, he has now resigned from the Labour Party however hanging on to his job a PCC despite the flak, made easier by the eighty grand salary.

Frankly the cowardly behaviour of those paid to protect and serve children in Rotherham shames the whole of British nation.

In contrast yesterday MP Douglas Carswell  resigned from the Conservative party and joined UKIP, a principled man, since unlike many past defectors, he is decided to stand in a bi-election. 

What has driven Douglas Carswell, is the clear misdirection of senior Tories including the PM who for instance promised a referendum which wont happen until sometime never, I think I've even heard my own party leader Clegg witter on about reforms. 

UKIP is a one trip pony, as local Cllr and Green party parliamentary candidate recently said (and God knows he's know having ridden a few ponies and band wagons), still that said Britain is under siege, and I suspect most of us have or are considering voting for UKIP.

The United Kingdom has been fundamentally changed, we have no boarder control and no say in government, we are subjects of a foreign government dominated by a Germany lead coalition, we as citizens of Britain, have been lied to and kept in the dark.

Rich politicians and media commentators, aren't like ordinary people, their jobs are not going to go to some East European, their children and grand children aren't going to be attending a schools where the education will be impacted by children not speaking English, nor do I suspect get in a long cue at 07:40 to get an appointment to see a doctor (now a standard procedure at my surgery), or increasing crime.

Anyway I often get comments about be being a UKIP member, well this is where I stand, I am and always have been a liberal, UKIP are a single issue party trying to disentangle the UK from the crazy EU, and it is quite likely that I will be voting for them in the next election. 

Should I resign from the Liberal Democrat party, well I'll answer that when Nick Clegg opens a debate which informs us and allows me and you to decide for ourselves.

We can expect another quarter million migrants, at least in the next year, will they be bringing their own homes, schools, hospitals, police stations, roads and transport er no, you and I will have squeeze up a bit more.

I think we should have open boarders for those who fill skills vacancies or are refugees in danger in their own country, everyone else ought go through a rigorous process (at their own expense) of education, of acceptable behaviour  and social customs, it could be pointed out that abusing children is not acceptable even in Rotherham, this could be extended to Brits returning from active duty with Isis.

Finally I take the view that people should be judged "by the content of their character" but Briton has had enough of the casual lack of protection afforded to its citizens by craven public employees such our politicians and of coarse police and social services.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Southern Water - A duty of care?

To flush or not to flush, that is the question for Thanet householders who now have to pay per litre for their water supply but whether Southern Water have any such qualms is a moot point, since twice this year, they've been caught short with their trousers down, just doing what comes naturally, which in their case is to pump thousands of gallons of toilet waste into the sea, a side effect of not investing enough in a system,  that can cope with our local weather and rainfall.

I followed up my earlier posting about Southern Waters appalling record on polluting our beaches and sea, and tried using plain English which is my first language to talk to the media department of Southern water plc unfortunately they don't speak plain English they speak, I assume a modified version of Orwell's newspeak ,which manifests itself, in that I would ask the question as to whether they report all incidents of released sewage into the sea and they'd reply by telling me that the environment agency would have details,  now this was not helpful,  they gave me a web link to some vaguely relevant webpage at the Enviroment agency however when pressed for more info they'd just refer me back to some useless web page from 2011.

Southern Water may or may not regularly flush raw sewage out to sea, however if  I understand  them correctly, their strategy is to say nothing and hope that when they do pollute it isn't picked up by the environment agency, when they take samples of the sea. It is worth remembering that in 2012 they kept schtum about a serious leak for days, the public only being alerted to health risks, literally by chance after which beaches in Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate were closed for around a week.

It is my belief that Southern Water have a duty of care to the public, so that when they have to release sewage into the sea they should, if they had any sense of public responsibility advise the publc so that we can take an informed decision whether or not to bathe in sea.

Finally, I see the Gazette website has one of those empty top knobs are looking into it type stories. A phrase I always remember comes to mind, spoken by Danny DeVito in the Film "Twins" which seems pertinent (Ladies and Children please look away "Money talks and B*!!sh/t Walks" 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidates call for the inspectors' report on East Kent hospitals to be taken seriously.

" Patients deserve the best care and dedicated staff deserve the best management. Hospital Trusts are complex organisations and it is difficult for individuals to hold them to account. Expert inspections are an essential part of keeping hospitals well run. 
"We can't pretend everything in the garden is rosy" says George Cunningham, "I hear from hardworking and caring staff who love their jobs but have been frustrated by poor management, and from patients whose experiences have been a mixture of the outstandingly good and the quite unacceptable."

Russ Timpson went on to say,”Basically we all want to know that patients will be safe and well cared for in hospital. The report highlights important areas for improvement in A&E and general management and should be acted upon without delay.

"We both think the response from Conservative MPs to simply dismiss the report out of hand is quite wrong. The report must be looked at carefully to see how our hospitals can be improved. There is no room for complacency.”

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Stumbled across one of those regular email rants from IMS who send out regular publicity for local demos and Thanet Watch Magazine and also promote Videos produced by Christine Tongue

EMAIL From I assume Christine Tongue


Tel: 07947 424505




A campaign has been launched to stop UKIP leader Nigel Farage being elected as MP for Thanet South.

Thanet Stand Up To UKIP is a broadbased campaign supported by trade unions, local people, Labour and the Green Party, LGBT and disabled activists.

The campaign has been launched even though UKIP hasn’t officially announced Farage is standing,

Campaign coordinator Bunny La Roche said: “Local UKIP activists have said Farage is on the shortlist and that means he’s bound to be chosen to run for Thanet South.”

Bunny continued: “We are dismayed that Nigel Farage is on the selection shortlist for south Thanet.  Farage is part of the establishment - a hard-right Tory.  He tries to present himself as the man of the people, he's not.

“He will only look after the interests of his class - the rich and powerful. That's why he's happy to make deals with the Tories. He has nothing to offer people of Thanet, except hatred, racism and bigotry. “

As evidence of what it claims is Farage’s “racist” attitude, the campaign is pointing to a report written by 18 year old Thanet resident Sula Shephard which appeared in the Independent  on Sunday newspaper.

"I intend to study politics at university,” Sula wrote in the newspaper, “so, before the European elections, when Farage held a rally in Margate, my friend and I went to hear what he had to say, away from the media spotlight.

“Naively, we believed that it would be an open meeting and that other non-Ukippers would have come to hear him, but we seemed to be the only two there.

“Surrounded by mainly middle-aged, white men and a few women, we felt out of place. But we became even more uncomfortable when Farage finally took to the stage. The standing ovations were so unsettling that we wanted the floor to open up and swallow us. Strangely, his racist remark about not wanting to live next door to Romanians, which he had publicly explained away as being down to ‘tiredness’ was repeated during the rally, eliciting another ovation."

Thanet Stand Up To UKIP, said Bunny, will be campaigning to try to stop Farage getting elected, by asking people to use their vote to stop Farage'.

Added Bunny: “We will be holding meetings, producing publications, and organising protests. We will also be involved in some fantastic cultural events to get our message across south Thanet, until Election Day in 2015.”

People are asked to contact Stand up to UKIP on  if they want to get involved.


Dear Christine Tongue 

Question have you and your loose alliance of I assume Stalinist, Socialist workers and other highly rational "activists" finally lost the plot and gone completely barmy.  

You state at the start of your incredible ramble "A campaign has been launched to stop UKIP leader Nigel Farage being elected as MP for Thanet South. Pol Pot,  Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il and Kim Jong-un (junior) would be proud of your anti-democratic hate campaign as would any despot.

You continue your pathetic tirade "a hard-right Tory" , “He will only look after the interests of his class - the rich "deals with the Tories.

Compelling evidence is then bought to bare alleging Farage is a racist, coming from a highly credible source an eighteen year old (who wants to study politics at uni) even more so since apparently Sula Shephard's report appeared in the Independent on Sunday of a rally held by UKIP.

Now the rally in question, I attended and did not understand how Sula felt "we seemed to be the only two there" meaning non-UKIP members or that it wasn't an open meeting, I got my tickets explaining that I was a paid up member of the Liberal democratic party, no problem, yes of coarse at a UKIP rally not surprisingly you get a fair number of UKIP members what do really expect . 

Sula I suppose would be right in saying that the meeting wasn't entirely open, since at the entrance some fairly yobbish racist types were declined entrance to the meeting.  As for the accusation of Sula, of  being "Surrounded by mainly middle-aged, white men and a few women, we felt out of place... uncomfortable I'm sorry but Sula needs to get out more, perhaps to any political gathering where unfortunately it is true those who attend these things are predominately middle-aged and since this is Britain predominately white. 

Maybe it's me but your collaborator,  Sula seems to me to be not only to be ageist but a little racist, had the meeting been in Hackney or Southall then of course a meeting with predominately middle aged white men might be unusual.  

Anyway at least those in UKIP and those like me who sympathise with the desire to see this country independent of the EU are honest enough to use the democratic process, for someone who is so often involve in protest, its quite odd that you don't appear to be involved with any political party yourself.

No doubt should Nigel Farage stand for election in Thanet he will of course be haunted by a ragbag of work shy socialist "workers" "activist"  whose  behaviour will range from borish to thugish. To be bullied by self-righteous lefties every bit as obnoxious as any imaginary neo-nazis is clearly going to colour UKIP's campaign.

Anyway keep up the good work, may I suggest that you all get help.

Clearly it is not your view, but I for one do not believe there is any legitimacy in this countries relationship with the EU.

Who's your candidate Christine???? or is it all demo's and protest

Cheers tony flaig Bignews Margate

Sorry to all those who received this email pressed reply all rather than single reply

Monday, August 11, 2014

Weather forecast heavy rain with a chance of raw sewage- Thanks Southern Water

There was a time when you could na├»vely look out the window and watch a thunderstorm or rainstorm, then think yourself lucky, that you were safe indoors, however in recent times and I suspect that I am not alone in this, each time we have a heavy downpour worrying that Southern water are going to discharge untreated sewage once again onto our lovely coast line. (it's already happened twice recently May 21st and 28th July.

Given that we have all ready seen to occurrences of our shores being polluted recently I thought that I would check with Southern water and ask whether they have had to release effluent at Foreness Point this weekend given yesterdays downpour.

I don't suppose as it will come as a shock to anyone but when I rang Southern Water this morning they were unable to to confirm whether as a result of yesterday's heavy rainfall, it was necessary to pollute our seashore once again, either they didn't know or couldn't find out.

No doubt some of my more conformist readers, those who still trust in authority, such as a large public company, will think that I'm being overly picky but here is the point in 2012 it seems Southern Water were quite happy to remain quiet about leaking sewage untreated from Foreness which for days was unknown until it only became public knowledge, after members of the public spotted toilet paper floating by in the water five days after the pollution incident started,  the council closed beaches for around a week  after it became public. 

So for anyone at Southern Water is there any danger of giving public health information a priority, I've spoken to Southern Water and will let you know if they have any information on what if any procedures they have for informing the public.

I just wonder if it should be part of the local weather forcast until such time as Southern Water divert the near million pound a day stream of profits it makes to share while it struggles with it's obligation  not to pollute. Expect heavy rain and with polluted beaches for the foreseeable future.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Margate Crackdown

In the week that the Council created a new team of  vigilante dustbin inspectors, snooping through peoples bins, TDC's latest press release reveals details of their Margate task force operations last month which involved up to 40 agencies from HMRC to Police and trading standards who took part in something called "Operation Streetweek" poking around the mean streets of Cliftonville.

No doubt it was all carried out to a high standard and everything was above board but to be honest for me it sounds rather sinister and authoritarian.

We learn from their press release that they have focused on Northdown Road visiting 382 properties at which resulted in 47 referrals to other agencies, these very apparently from housing enforcement concerns through to health concerns and of course minor drugs offenses.

I understand that this is a sort of annual event, when bureaucrats feel the need for the sun on their backs and a bit of fresh air, some exercise, perhaps a bit of finger waggling, so they get away from the desks and harass the people of Northdown and Cliftonville.

Those of us who have good luck not to live in or around Northdown Road are probably quite happy to see the authorities poke around, since quite a few people are reticent to go anywhere near the place these days.

However I just wondered about the legality and frankly the attitude of Thanet council, since when did they become a police force who are the Margate task force, who appointed them and who asked a bunch of publicrats to act as arbiter how people live.

Some aspects for instance cabinet member Elizabeth Greene, said that over 5500 properties have been visited since Streetweek activities began and then goes for a bit of street credibility by referring to needs being assessed, at street level, also the most worrying thing is the reference to officers "gaining valuable intelligence" from the community, you can just imagine TDC officers mounting covert surveillance on any of us under RIPA Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.

I personally hate it, when public services and authorities start to express their values, as if they have a place to do so.

The press release does not ask or give the views of any of the 382 occupants of properties that have been visited I just wonder what their opinions are, of having a posse of local authority police, Tax and immigration people turn up uninvited it might be slightly more interesting than the complacent view of our labour run council.

What occurs the rest of the year, who knows but maybe Margate Task force could perhaps make themselves present year round.

Finally for whatever reason, many in this area have more than a fair share of deprivation and I doubt that a mishmash of local services rattling peoples doors is the answer, Cliftonville's problems are the result of politicians, mainly Labour since they engineered the situation in which the lowest paid have become poorer. Politicians need to start looking at improving living standards.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Labour Leadership deputy does best to bury Manston IMHO

I don't know the full details of what RiverOak investment company have to offer in relation to possibly saving Manston Airport but from a cursory glance at the letter sent to Iris Johnson, it seems that they are genuine and more importantly appear to be offering to underwrite Thanet council should they wish to apply for a Compulsory Purchase Order.

Something you'd think any politician including Cllr Richard Nicholson might consider in a positive manner, and before I go further lets remind ourselves that he and other members of the council, get a fairly generous allowance, somewhere around in the case of  Mr Nicholson, of £15,300 assuming he doesn't get sacked.

Now I appreciate that Labour politicians are more familiar representing those with their hands out, than those with the wit, enterprise and energy to create wealth, so it's possible that it may be difficult to understand that financial investors like to move quickly.  I can ever appreciate that Thanet council don't want to make mistakes.

Just by chance I glanced KentOnline and found a report from Paul Francis who had spoken to Cllr Richard Nicholson who had this to say about the offer "We had no idea it was coming and personally" what really, adding he wasn't happy, who is but what's that got to do with anything?

He continued  "We are not going to do business with people like this. We are looking at a CPO and getting legal advice and will make a decision in time." This begs the question who's we, the hard pressed local resident who's handing him fifteen grand a year to represent us or is we out of touch dinosaur Labour councillors harking back to the 1950's

Such is Nicholson's grasp of business practice and the commercial world he apparently ended his discussion "This is a very strange way to go about things."

Crikey I don't want to bury Thanet more that it seems old style Labour would, and I'm sure that many Labour councillors are a bit more pragmatic and familiar with the 21st Century.

I tried to speak with Nicholson but he apparently was busy, I tried to speak to Will Scobie but he was unavailable and since despite standing for Parliament he's not had job outside politics as I understand what would he know. I did speak with one Labour councillor who did seem a bit upset at the closed minded attitude.

 We don't live in an Ideal world, it's real one, and I for one have a higher regard for RiverOak than the alternative asset strippers, it seems like they (RiverOak) offer the best and frankly realistic choice.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tony Blair the missing Middle East Peace Envoy - Its all about Israel

Tony Blair former Labour Prime Minister and now "Statesman" apparently available for hire to anyone, with customers as diverse as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, and Israel (I think he does the last one for free, to keep his American clients happy) has taken a low profile during the current attack by Israel on defenceless citizens in his role as Peace Envoy to the Middle East.

Still it's understandable that he'd wants keep out of things since his last Statement  Monday, would I think show any reasonable person, just how biased he is toward Israel,  "But as I have said throughout this latest crisis, the only long-term solution that makes sense is one that gives hope to the people of Gaza that it will be opened back up to the world and its people allowed peace from violence of all kinds; and one which gives Israel real and permanent security from rocket attacks, tunnels and terrorism.

To me his statement acknowledges Gaza's desire for peace, however he doesn't mention Gaza's right to self-determination, and seems to swallow wholesale the buzz word PR of the Israeli military "rocket attacks", "tunnels" and "terrorism" , clearly Gaza's rocket attacks are a threat but not in the same class as Israel's more sophisticated and potent weaponry, tunnels Israel controls the boarders with the outside world keeping the people of Gaza as prisoners deprived of medicines and food, as has been explained this week Israel can, using it's high tech weapons, focus it's attacks on Hamas leaders and execute without trial those it deems to be enemies according to Israeli war criminals, children and other civilians who are the main victims clearly don't matter.

I wonder if Tony Blair actually believes his own publicity, does he not stand back and wonder what the difference is between Israel a country that has occupied and bullied the Palestinian people, in their own territories for all my adult life. Israel I don't doubt will remain the lawless abuser of people that it has been for so long, propped by America and European governments, still I'm sure despite the revolting PR machine Israel employs, I think many more of us now read between the lines, I for one find it inexplicable that Israel is not described more often as a terrorist state.

As for all those repressive corrupt regimes that bank role Blair, apparently on the false assumption that he lends some respectability to repressive regimes, save your money.

Both Israel and Gaza deserve peace but Israel will surely never have peace until stops abusing Palestinians. I'd like to see Western politicians stand up against Israel before we see more children murdered by Israel because they happen to be Palestinian. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Whatever happend to Cllr Clive Hart & Cllr Will Scobie

As can see from recent entries to this blog,I've not been following local issue, currently I have some time to waste, so it's the simple pleasures for me, glancing thro twitter local blogs.

A couple of trivial tweets caught my eye, one was a re tweet from Cllr Will Scobie who is the remarkable Labour Prospective Candidate for Parliament, (remarkable in is as much, as he doesn't seem to of ever held any significant or proper job in the economy) . Anyway the text of his re-tweet was this "Between 2001 and 2011 the proportion of 20-24 year olds went up by 8% in Thanet South; the highest rise anywhere in England " and just like Scobie's eligibility as potential MP could use some explanation.

Clive Harts offering this morning "Excellent meeting with Chair of a Planning and officers this morning. Interesting agenda for Wednesday. Well that's Wednesday night sorted for me then, but it also posses this question, why when we are still waiting for an outcome the matters concerning EKO is Clive Hart holding the post of Vice chair of the planning committee, also as it has been said that Clive Hart was in talks with the owners of Manston re development of housing. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Andrew Marr why the news lady? - BBC despite all the PC bull still stuck in 1970's

I don't get to watch BBC's Andrew Marr show that often, enjoyable as it is to watch the great and the good unable to give a straight answer. Admittedly participants rarely represent the masses as far as social backgrounds particularly since many like the presenter Marr have attended fee paying schools, but can someone tell me why the BBC with all its nonsense about diversity cannot bring itself to have a male newsreader on the Sunday mornings main current affairs programme.

I'm not saying they've never had a male newsreader on this programme but I've never seen it.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Thanet Council more Self harming - Dual Standards as one councillor ejected for using a camera and another clicks away?

Eric Pickles Conservative Local government minister encourages filming of local council meetings, Thanet council in behaviour reminiscent of fascist/socialist dictatorships doesn't.

I myself have been forced to leave public meetings due to thuggish behaviour of Thanet council officers aided and abetted by I suspect pompous self important councillors happy to take fat allowances from you and I who have to work for a living. My crime to use electronic devices such as tablets and phones to write this blog as you might expect these arrogant muppets couldn't offer an apology.

Anyhoo, I must say I'm shocked that Cllr Moores ignores what I understand to be a blanket ban of photography and video by taking the above photo, and this perhaps the most disgraceful of all in my opinion, a photograph showing the abuse of police resources as Thanet council insist on having an elected representative removed.  With burglary on the increase and frankly out of control in Thanet  I image victims will be unimpressed at the waste of resources.

Can someone explain why Cllr Simon Moores can use a camera and Cllr.Ian Driver can't?

Thanet Council has an appalling reputation and given the calibre of councillors from Labour to Conservative is it any wonder. SHAME ON TDC PLEASE GROW UP!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

YES LABOUR GETS Cllr John Worrow where next?

Shock horror! Councillor John Worrow has jumped ship once again or perhaps morphed, from Tory to Labour in around three years.  Is anyone surprised, I doubt it, I've not had the time to comment, on much of late, and frankly why would I.

I work long hours, and the occasional time I get to glance at local news, I just despair.

Why anyone would wish to be associated with Thanet Labour is beyond me, given their record, millions sunk in Ramsgate Harbour, EKO alleged scandal, and of coarse Manston Airport, damned by Labours weak and embarrassing support and I understand discrete meeting to discuss planting an awful housing estate wonderful garden city also the strange removal of the councils monitoring officer (what could possibly have been the motive).

Still one positive thing that Labour has done recently is to replace Cllr Clive Hart with Cllr Iris Johnson, perhaps they ought to look at Will Scobie their prospective parliamentary candidate, ruffled I imagine by the "Boy" tag given by ukip MEP Janice Atkinson, still Worrow is happy defend his new party colleague with this endorsement "... Scobie is one of the brightest and most capable politicians I know", maybe Worrow ought get out more.

Often when you speak to local councillors, they'll frequently suggest that they only joined a particular party to get elected, I just wonder if its not time to ban political parties from local government, and focus, just on who we are electing.

Finally could Thanet councillors and jobsworths not spend my hard earned money on lawyers gagging the flow of information, we expect in a democratic society, despite any current investigations, I believe that  the council needs a proper public inquiry to establish whether the public perception of a bungling incompetent organisation is correct.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

I don't usually bother

A phrase I expect that will be heard often today. 

And no amount of "we are better off in Europe" or such bollix is going to convince a majority of British citizens. 

The claim that we as British citizens benefit from Europe is nonsense, jobs tell those 500 odd workers at Ford who have seen their work moved to Turkey or construction workers replaced with cheap East Europeans, education schools oversubscribed, health service swamped. 

Do Clegg, Cameron and Milliband really believe we are better off absorbing millions of East Europeans  and being subservient to unelected officials in Brussels.

We've had enough! I think most of us realise the motivation of establishment, in attacking UKIP, can you imagine the howls should anyone start asking Nick Clegg about  how Cyril Smith got away with his alleged crimes. 

If you want to live in a free confident country you know which way to vote. Still if you like to live in a society dominated by hypocritical establishment just do nothing.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

UKIP Earthquake tremors felt in Margate

An enjoyable evening at the winter gardens for those of us, still capable of free thought as Nigel Farage held a rally for those of us who have had enough b******* from the european union.

A bit surprised by the miserable turnout of protesters, particularly given the encouragement from Broadstairs red hall revolutionaries to be in position by 4 o'clock, still maybe these characters are beginning to understand how democracy works, people present a case you accept or question end of story.

Anyway I doubt if anyone was disappointed, speeches lasted about as long as needed, Rodger Latchford opened precedings, Janice Atkinson a candidate in next week's election, was forthright in her views, Nigel Farage, gave a good performance, with clear explanation of why leaving the EU would make no difference to our trade with Europe, even thanking Nick Clegg for his help in promoting UKIP.

Just at a tangent, I think Clegg wittered on how vehicle manufacturers wanted us to stay in Europe, during his debates with Farage, forgetting that Ford recently stopped manufacturing the Transit in the UK moving production to Turkey a non EU country.

UKIP and Nigel Farage have had smear after smear to contend with, I had a few weeks ago, a communication from another party suggesting we had a hundred days to "get" Farage, no surprise this coming from one of those engaged in smearing UKIP.  Farage remind us how many Labour Tory etc. councillor had recently had their collars felt.

Getting back to business the EU is seriously corrupt and this countries sovereignty compromised, so I suggest, if you have any loyalty to this country vote for UKIP in the Euro elections.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect involving europe is how criminal gangs are able to access this country with an unquestioned right to enter the country and involve themselves such vile trades as people trafficking and slavery, still for all those in denial, keep you head up your bottom and just ignore the reality of open boarders.

Note from Dreamland Fun Park in Margate

Good call 

After a couple of years of disaster followed by catastrophe, Cllr Clive Hart has at last done us all a favour, by resigning . 

Iris Johnson  the newly elected Thanet council leader has already proved her superior skill and judgement by saying goodbye to Michelle Fenner and Alan Poole, if anyone has seen this couple   of councillors in action they will understand the benefits.

It seems appropriate, that right at the start of this, Evernote (note taking app) has determined that this note is being typed at Dreamland, (actually a barbers round the corner) since the Clive Hart years have been a nightmare punctuated by disaster not least the closure of Manston  one can only hope that iris Johnson can make things better.

It's one of those things which has gone under the radar to some extent but it appears a worthy policy of trying to prevent live exports from Ramsgate, has as a result left Thanet Council taxpayers open to liabilities of around the one
and a half mill, this apparently part of Michelle Fenner's portfolio, one wonders whether it's a result of poor advice from council officers or ignoring good legal advice. ( perhaps Iris could see this investigated with results published)

Alan Poole has been much commented on re Pleasurama elsewhere and on this blog re the great dustbin debacle, good for Labour that he's slung his hook.

Cllr Iris Johnson has always struck me as a truly hard working, passionate advocate for her constituents so hopefully good things might come, hopefully without Hart's exaggerated self view ( suggest you read his facebook resignation, I gave up after the first ten minutes). 

Good Luck to Cllr Johnson, but please lets have openess, why didn't Clive Hart mention talks over housing with Gloag's representatives, why was the monitoring officer moved during continued allegations concerning the chief exec, in fact why not suspend the Chief exec until an independent inquiry.

PS Having read Clive Harts style of blameolgy whereby he is never wrong I suggest you read Cllr Ian Drivers blog and get, dare I suggest a more objective account of Clive recent dealings