Thursday, January 31, 2013

KLM Manston

It could just work, I appreciate that odds are not entirely in favour of Manston airport and recent history has been unkind.

A lot has been stacked against Manston, much of it coming from Thanet's appalling Labour party who under Clive Hart's power at any price, strand of leadership has offered no comfort for local business, still what can you expect from a party whose main philosophy is based on handouts from those who work.

That aside, having nothing better to do, this afternoon, I thought I'd do a random comparison between flying from Heathrow and Manston, nothing too scientific, 2 x people to New York, from Manston JFK £922 dearer than Heathrow @ £851(Newark)  but add in 2 x train fare rtn, £240 or similar cost for fuel and parking, then you could save yourself some stress and more than £150.

Prices obviously fluctuate, but include the convenience of a local departure, maybe this time it could work. I realise that the greatest convenience is for those of us in Thanet but given that Kent has a population of around one and half million there must be something like a quarter million living within a half hour journey.

So good luck to KLM.  I know that Manston has dark forces ranged against it from DFL's (Deadbeats from London) and ecocrazies across Kent including Herne Bay residents, who assume they were young enough to have good hearing (most are in their twilight years) couldn't possibly be disturbed by air traffic at Manson.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thanet Council in a Tizz - Do we expect any better?

An off the cuff, thought, standards, standards just what standards do we expect of our council, I see our friend Moores is once again in the frame, deservedly so or not, for what, behaviour unbecoming a Thanet coucillor! (to be honest I couldn't be bothered to read the detail) 

Please do us a favour, yes a handful of councillors in Thanet exude dignity and respect for, we muppets who go to work,  pay taxes, so they can play politics. 

And before I go further, I should declare an interest, having myself used local authority standards proceedures to redress offensive language.

That said the spectre of councillors settling scores at the expense of the tax payer is nothing short of scandelous, why? Well I suggest you take yourself off to the next council meeting, just to experience the arrogance and pomposity of some Thanet councillors.

An example, back in December, on the same evening as BBC local news had done a piece on, well the frequent farcical behavior of the council, toward the end a council meeting that same night, quite a few of Thanet's great and good got highly excited about, how, the public and local media may or may not record their goings on, wittering on about respect or lack of it, as if any of us, had experience or ever witnessed anything in their conduct that inspired the sort of reverence some delusional members apparently expect.

In conclusion yes Cllr Simon Moores is an aquired taste but no worse than most, and I could name one councillor who for most of their time in office appears to be in the throws of a breakdown, keen to point the finger but more than capable of abusing their positing, but hey what do we expect?

Discuss or comment but please no handbags! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Year and nothing has changed

Fortress Margate

Except perhaps for this once, I’m back from the dead, although the chances are it’s likely that I will be back again.

What has prompted this, you ask, well, my reader sent an impassioned plea a few weeks ago, desperate for shoddy grammar and the bitterness which comes with middle age.

Anyhoo, a couple many things have bitten my not inconsiderable backside just recently, and these are just the more offensive, the continued embarrassment of poorly motivated local councillors, more interested in personal vendetta’s, the introduction of sexual orientation as something to be discussed endlessly, quite what it has to do with local governance has lost me, councillors resigning and then disappointing the community by backtracking.

Still I have to say crime is my number one irritant, right now, firstly the most contemptible aspect is local politicians inappropriate use and abuse of “Hate Crime” accusations, next for me has to be the assertion that Anne Barnes, Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner was the candidate of Liberals in Kent, well as a party member that passed me by, and I for one thought, that since the former Police Authority had been like a poodle in its uncritical relationship with Kent Police, Anne Barnes had ruled herself out as a serious contender for the job, still its amazing what a good PR campaign can do, same old same old.

The real issue for me, as crime goes, is, without a doubt given the state of the economy and the changed social structure, is how Labour are in denial, happy having sown the seeds of todays misery, to stand on the side lines and blame the government.

Focussing on Margate Crime how depressing to see that despite having a Margate Police Task Force, crime is on the up,  still you will be reassured that in this article, heroin addicts are referred to as “clients” I’d like to think that is not how Kent police see users of class a drugs but wouldn’t count on it, and finally coming back to Anne Barnes the new Kent Crime Commissioner, how lucky she must have been to find two capable police experts to help her in the post, who also coincidently happened to have been part of her election campaign.

Lastly thanks to my reader R for encouraging me to blog again.

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