Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blogger panics as Internet connection breaks

I have had that sinking feeling, this morning as a result of my Internet connection failing (which I am informed is just a temporary blip, but any how I have come down to my local library to see if my contingency plan a works.

So far I've moved on to my second machine and problems with the ancient antique KCC computer thingies freezing is a bit of a pain, also it appears that voice dictation is not an option unless I can persuade one the staff to take dictation(best not), I am reliant on my own abilities, just hope the damn spell check works.

Apparently there is a time ration for each of the users and but I think I will be allowed an extra couple of minutes, anyway its quite quiet here, as I decided that KCC Gateway was not for me so I've nipped down to Cliftonville Library which remarkably unlike Gateway, does not have performance artists or snaking queues of Thanets finest form fillers (you know the sort, on disability benefit, since their bottoms are permanently glued to the sofa cushions).

In fact apart from the occasional enquiry at the adjacent desk and of course the Internet terminals this is about as much like a Library as your going to find thank God.

Since I understand the rationed time in this establishment is one hour, I have no time to compose one of my finely tuned essays with all the usual concomitant research.

What would I have written about, well Human Rights is one issue, I understand (and this is all guess work) that Olympic host China apparently told a few porkies, on the application form for staging the Olympics which I suppose given the complexity of these things is always a danger.

Still from what I recall China a country which is no stranger to controversy as in having no qualms about supplying arms to tinpot African states for the purpose of er.... killing their citizens etc. The specific problem though I have in mind is their apparent claim that they would clean up their act as far as human rights, which of course they have done nothing of the sort. I was hoping to give a reference point since Amnesty International issued a story on this earlier in the week, this computer is too slow to be trying to Google( you'll have to do it yourself).

Not much on the local front as I say my thoughts are with the hypocrisy and bollix about the Olympic spirit, at the same time as china still occupies Tibet, imprisons bloggers and continues to persecute religious minorities. Well done Olympic Committee ! Keep taking the money.

Still I just hope that when all these Chinese businesses arrive, most likely courtesy of a lot of fawning from local politicians, that they wont be bringing, their corrupt disregard for democracy and or take a leak in our water table. Still I'm sure local politicos, are far more pragmatic than me, and whilst I want to see more jobs in this area, I don't want to be taking crap from the Chinese government.

Blimey 55 minutes! you might just find a few errors!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Police block Margate roads due to Explosion risk

Police sealed off part of Northdown Road and Trinity square a couple of hours ago due to a risk of explosion from a gas leak, someone also mentioned to me the possibility that other explosive materials might be present and that it was a bit more than just a Gas Leak although I could see Gas company vans, no fire engines appeared to be present (probably cooking dinner), lets hope this all a fuss about nothing and the likes of me will not be impeded much longer in attempting to by their supper from ALDI.

Anyway no doubt the local media will be in attendance.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Apologies to Kent Highways

Uncomfortable as it is, I owe Kent Highways an apology, recently I had a good old bitch about the pigs breakfast made to the Lower High Street in Margate and works in Market Street and Lombard Street.

Well not happy with the apparent laggard approach, from KCC I rang and demanded answers, which I got once I was through to the right person and they were only to pleased to help.

It seems that our own, Thanet Council have been in the driving seat on this one which makes the performance all the more remarkable.

From what I can gather, this has been dealt with I believe, by Thanet Councils "Major Projects Department" (also responsible for the councils Dreamland master plan) and I also understand Kent Highways is not to happy with the level of complaints coming not just moaning bloggers like myself but ordinary punters.

Just how a contractor can leave a work site in such a poor state, is beyond me, how Thanet council can be either ignorant or unaware of this fairly large development being left in such a state is beyond me.

When I made my initial complaint it was because apart from the general untidiness of the work site some aspects were clearly unsafe, like a paving slab left lying around at the bottom of the High Street (just the right size for some yob to put through a window), materials just dumped on the pavement, a loose and broken manhole cover.

If our local council were responsible for this job, you would have thought, they might have just keep an eye on work in progress, there office is only just up the road for god sake.

Monday, July 28, 2008

MP's revelation reminds me of my own trauma

Last week's Isle Of Thanet Extra, carried a story concerning South Thanet MP Stephen Ladyman, who revealed his experience as a teenager of being stabbed, made even more poignant by the fact the perpetrator was someone he thought of as a friend.

I too recall a similar memory, in my case, there was no actual stabbing with a pointed object, but the sense of betrayal has yet to leave me. Sometime in the nineteen nineties, I was befriended by a group of people who appeared to share similar values and aspirations, I spent many hours listening to their advice their plans and hopes.

All they ever asked in return, was that I would, at some point, fill out some paperwork for them, eventually I had the opportunity to assist.

Well that was 11 years ago, since then, I've been sucked into financial commitments I have difficulty in maintaining and in addition have less freedom to say and do what I want than I once did, having become a second class citizen in my own country.

That's right I put my mark on the ballot paper and since then I've been a victim of labour spin crime, stabbed in the back when they took away free higher education, again when Scotland was given greater democracy and more of my money, repeatedly mugged ever since by the same gang.

We the voters have to make it clear that bollix policy promises are not acceptable, Harriet Harman yesterday made some sort of nonsense comment about continuing to protecting those working very hard who are finding it a struggle to make ends meet, etc. Which is news to me since labour have done everything possible to attack British workers during their time in office, particularly in encouraging " essential workers" from Eastern Europe and at the same time continuing to pamper career welfare scroungers of whom there are many.

Last week Gordon Brown, received a warning from Scotland, which in some ways is rather ironic, since labour have been very generous north of the border.

For me and many others, it is astonishing given, the goodwill and support that labour had in 1997, how little they have done for ordinary working men and women of this country, when I mentioned this recently, one of our local councilors actually blamed Margaret Thatcher, apparently oblivious that his crowd had been power the last 11 years.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thanet pride in the sunshine

Yesterday's Thanet pride event, proved once again how popular Margate is, when people are provided with a bit of entertainment. I believe this is the second year for of Thanet Pride, although I have heard rumours that it may be the last, which would be regrettable, since it appears popular with the local community.

Obviously on a nice sunny day Margate Beach, will always be popular, but events such as Thanet Pride will have enhanced visitors experience with some additional entertainment Also the Big Sky Jazz Festival has started and is on until the 2nd of August, details of which if you will find if you click here.

Naturally there is a limit, to the amount of events that can be held in Margate, so to my mind, something else is needed in Margate apart from the Turner contemporary and something which our council need to address is the whopping great big hole behind Marine Terrace, owned by property speculators which used to be dreamland (attracting two million visitors a year).

In fact with the property market going tits up, and developers going bust, maybe now would be the ideal time to talk to the owners of the site about making a serious attempt, to bring dreamland back from the dead. Anyway the sun is shining and Margate is looking good which is more than can be said of some of our local leaders!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ideal vehicle for Ramsgate's fussy Millionaire

Reminded by Eastcliffe's article in the yourthanet (newspaper) "What goes around comes around.." in which Thanet's media tycoon, vents on the future of aviation at Kent International I think I may have stumbled upon the an acceptable means of air transport even for rich Luddites such as he.
I'm not entirely sure what the purpose of the above airship is, except distracting drivers around Blackheath on the A2, as was the case yesterday (no I didn't take the picture whilst Driving(couldn't get the right angle)). Maybe an airship would be just the answer for the likes of ECR, whom made the discovery that a secret airport existed at Manston, not quite as noisey as a jumbo jet or practical but won't disturb you during the cocktail hour.

The suggestion that Manston is poorly located, seems at the outset to be a reasonable claim until you look at the many regional airports some of which, fall into where? category, anyway here is a list of airports that each have and a half million passengers plus experienced growth above 10%, in recent years Bournemouth, Coventry, Exeter, Liverpool, Norwich, Southampton, Durham Tees Valley, Inverness, Bristol, Prestwick, Newcastle, Leeds Bradford.

I would suggest that Manston has a similar population nearby as those airports I have just mentioned and in some cases I would guess, with better road links.

Eastcliffe suggests that Gatwick is one hour away, which it is, if you drive like a maniac which he adds is hardly an ordeal. True up to a point, still I always remember those return journeys made via Gatwick, like one from Palma, aircraft lands on time but takes 20 minutes to find parking space, then we wait half hour for bus, to terminal 15 mins, hike to immigration another 10, another twenty-five whilst the home office put on the charade of border control (they can allow in thousands of illegals but 200 odd EC citizens?), 20 minutes to reclaim bags, wait for bus to car park 20 minutes, find car and exit 10 minutes, oh and a more realistic hour and twenty minutes (still faster than speed limits) back to Thanet. Home in just 220 minutes, this compares very favorably with 25 minutes from touch down to kettle experienced by travelers at Manston. Even if I were generous an included leaving the gate in Dublin walking to the plane we are still talking in the range of 120-130 minutes.
No doubt we will return to this subject "... again and again"

Friday, July 25, 2008

Thought for the week Max Mosley Wins Case

I have not read the details of this case, but briefly I understand the Mr Mosley has particular interests, which are probably not mainstream, or even acceptable to most but thought there was a case to be made against the News of the World, for invading his privacy.

Well it appears that he won that and whilst journalists complain about their freedoms being eroded, I just feel that they are probably more concerned with the cost of the case than press freedom, its not as if every Sunday or even any Sunday the news of the world, covers any issues relating to human rights or injustices other than some wife or husband finding their partner straying. Lets be honest the NOTW is more magazine than newspaper.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pride in Thanet and about time too

I am reminded by one of my contributors that Thanet Council have come out once again and offered sponsorship, for second Thanet Pride event, well I for one am over the moon to see any promotion of Margate or Thanet.

Having checked out the Thanet Pride website, I have to be honest and admit I don't know an awful lot about what its all in aid of. Still its about time we took a pride in Thanet and the forgotten majority of Thanet residents working tirelessly to pay taxes to fund local services or else filling their time completing benefit forms to provide work for local bureaucrats. No doubt most Thanet residents will be ecstatic at the thought that the council will be dipping into their corporate pockets to promote Pride in the Isle, along with various businesses and local quangos.

I understand this won't just be one of those exclusive stuffy affairs for us down market socially and economically deprived Thanetonians; diversity, tolerance and understanding will be the main focus of the funday, and according to the organisers this will encourage gay, lesbian, bisexual, transvestites etc I'm not sure why this is so since surely we all share similar values etc.

Anyway for more details, click here. Looks like there will be a fair bit of entertainment, stalls, funfair and all that stuff etc and its free. Perhaps this could be offered as a day trip for those attending the Lambeth conference in Canterbury.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Phew what a story

My postings have become fairly irregular, of late but I must say I am have found the current story on Bertie Biggles, Thanet Strife, very interesting.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Where to go in Margate at the weekend

I've given it a mention, before, but with little to do in Margate there are a few parts that property speculators and developers haven't yet messed up.

The Beach is one, another is Margates Harbour arm, which has recently had life breathed back into, both of which I believe were missed off the itinerary, on Kent councils cabinet er day trip.

One thing which I believe is true of both of locations is that their existence owes little if anything to Kent council, in the case of the beach nature has been prime force and with the Harbour arm individual enterprise.

Each time I visit the harbour I impressed with the improvements that have been made their and would urge anyone who cares for this area to go and visit, as I did last Sunday, stopping for a pint and some reggae music on the end of the harbour arm. I'd also like to mention that studio space created as part of the improvements along there are being filled according to Phil Oldfield((IOTA) Art Monkeys and all that arty sort of stuff) with whom I had quick chat with yestereday and is seeing continued interest in the gallery space (well worth a visit).

Kevin Lynes has been kind enough to give this website the oxygen of publicity over in West Kent and mentions County Councillor Clive Harts, frequent promotion of Margate, in regular emails and also mentions that he will be shortly be visiting Margate with his family, well he could do worse than spend the day on the beach and maybe saunter over to the Harbour.

Since I frequently write about Kent, believe in biodiversity, I will shortly add a link to Kevin Lynes Blog in the sidebar. Bit surprised by that vocational stuff which is news to me?

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I see from Paul Carter's blog that he and his intrepid cabinet colleagues have, this week been on tour in Thanet, and despite his wish to dispel the myth, that KCC is Maidstone centric, I am not entirely convinced.

With an open mind I was just thinking (alright in my East Kent biased sort of way), just how would those cabinet members, get to Thanet, what sort of preparations would they have to make, because I'm sure, most are probably more familiar with Maidstone & West Kent.

Assuming, that they may try to make it independently, rather than hire a charabanc, they probably want some traffic and travel information, and where better than KCC own web site click on Traffic & Travel and immediately your focused on guess? Thats right Maidstone, with Maidstone weather, a link to traffic webcams 16 of which are within 10 miles of Maidstone (4 of them on the route home for many KCC staff @ West Malling I assume so they can see whether they have time for another cup of tea before heading home).

Obviously Maidstones busy so fair enough, and your thinking of course they'll have similar coverage at say Dover or Dartford two of the counties major connections with rest of the world, well apparently not.

So crazy as it seems, I'm not entirely convinced that East Kent gets its fair share of spending from KCC because the admin is mostly around Maidstone, the transport infrastructure is superior like the A228 for those working at Kings Hill.

And whilst I'm on the subject of Kent Highways. If KCC is so blooming marvelous as they keep trying to tell us, how come their contractors seem to me to have made such a dogs breakfast out of improvements to the old town, the only thing that surprises me is that Labour haven't arranged for a politician to be photographed amongst the mess, looking slightly miffed and superior. Still with all Labours troubles nationally, maybe they don't have the heart for it.
As you know its rare for me to update my postings except when even I can spot the bad grammar (edjucated in kent so what do you expect) or think blimey I didn't mean to say that but any how thanks to one my contributors I have a link to Kevin Lynes Blog, which for some reason doesn't appear to approve many comments .
That said, that they actually did travel by charabanc well mini bus, anyway in the interest of balance for the full story from distant relatives in West Kent. CLICK HERE

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Local newspaper group bans sex trade adverts

Unfortunately not local to us in Kent. As you will know, if you've been reading, this weblog for any length of time, you will occasionally have stumbled upon my references to Kent Regional Newspapers, acceptance of adverts for massage services, specifically those that are apparently employing foreign girls.

Also you'll no doubt be aware there is a possible connection between that and prostitution as well as people trafficking, in a bold move, given the current tough business background one of publisher Newsquest has decided to no longer accept advertising of " adult services".

Unfortunately Kent regional newspapers, have yet to make a similar move, despite the fact that Northcliffe media who also own the Daily Mail will not accept, such advertising themselves for their flagship newspaper.

Obviously whether The Isle Of Thanet Gazette, Thanet Times or even the Adscene publish adverts for "adult services", is a matter for the publishers and of course whether you buy or advertise in these newspapers is a decision for the general public.

Naturally I contacted both Kent regional newspapers and Northcliffe media both of whom are obviously considering their position, however considering is one thing, doing is another.

Finally any newspaper publisher, might do well to to consider these words from Andy Parkes group editor of Newsquest. "Despite operating in accordance with industry guidelines, the company has taken a decision to no longer publish adult services advertisements, either in print or on its websites. Increasing concerns regarding the appalling issue of human trafficking has been significant in this decision, which is effective immediately."

KCC Highways is that it?

Contractors responsible for creating new pavement areas and speed bumps for Margate's diminishing visitors, have apparently shown little haste in completeing works around Margates, Old Town until now, however looks as if whoevers been working there recently left in a hurry.

Just like Thanets greatest living Millionaire I thought I would take trawl round Margate since reading (Monday) Eastcliffes Richard's riveting account of an afternoon snooping around the north of the Isle.

I was surprised to read in ECR's report on Monday how forgotten speed humps were being put in place, a quick tour of the area yesterday afternoon showed that these lumps are now in place, but I guess we haven't seen the last of the work in this area since there appears to be a lot of debris left lying around, some of which, like the paving slab left out surely cannot be right. Still presumably Kent Highways know what their doing, still maybe next time they could at least insist that contractors tidy up when they've finished?

Why didn't the contractors have time to tidy up after finishing work?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kent Show Traffic Horror

Mrs Me asks where is the car?

With 40,000 visiting the Kent show on Sunday, exiting the showground apparently resulted in some punters spending 3 hours or so crawling out, back on to the counties roads.

Well much moaning resulted giving Radio Kent's John Warnett show (Monday morning), an hour or so of indignant Kent residents whingeing about the fairly trivial matter of traffic management, instead of anything of real significance, which from experience is probably as close as Radio Kent gets to hard news.

Anyhow had the opportunity, to visit on Friday I had no such trouble and since we dished out I think 34 quid for the experience we hung on till the bitter end, which in our case involved watching choreographed JCBs with about ten spectators and then taking a good long nose at the Merdian evening news and local trivia programme being broadcast.

Must say how surprised both I and Mrs Me were, to note that the two presenters Ian Axton and Sangeeta Bhabra seemed as friendly and affable off screen as they are on screen, I always imagine that TV presenters are fiercely competitive and too goal orientated to be genuinely amenable.

Anyway me and the other half, having previous media experience (part of crowd on some american breakfast show also audience on a talk show where we had clap like sealions) thought we would get ourselves into the shot. Have now viewed the program on the Meridian website I note that both I and Mrs Me managed to get ourselves into the background on several occasions and I must admit to being guilty of phoning my daughter and telling her of our location.

I'm the fat bloke with a camera left hand side

Mrs Me in sunglasses stuck in the middle by presenters elbow

Me (on phone)and Mrs Me just to left of JCB

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Kent resident and media man supports freedom

Bob Geldof KBE has given his support to David Davies, quite rightly too, suggestions that somehow highlighting freedom, standing against arrest without charge, is some sort of publicity stunt which has been the Labour government line, is clear nonsense. If anything still unites Briton it is our traditions of justice and fair play.

According to the Press Association Geldof spoke to students and constituents at Hull's Guildhall for half an hour. Referring to the up coming by election the press association quotes him as follows "This by-election isn't normal, it is extraordinary" "This is a fight about illegal boundaries of the state" "We are being asked to vote about us and we may never get to vote on something so profoundly fundamental." all of which anyone who gives a toss for this countries traditions of fairness, will heartily endorse.

Bob Geldof without a doubt is a credit to this country and his native Ireland, and has been instrumental in saving the lives of many thousands in Africa with Live Aid, something rare, an achievement that many politicians and government leaders are incapable. Its touching that according PA that Bob Geldof owes a great deal of" "gratitude" to Britain for allowing him to "get on with it and speak my mind".

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I intended to expand a little on Liberty and free speech, well that will do it for me. Maybe the author of letter which I've referred to recently would take note since I suspect they would have a similar respect for the opinions Bob Geldof.

Well I'm off to take a gander at Ramsgates ski thing, but will be hopefully giving my opinion comment or speaking my mind etc on matters local nation etc.

Thanks for the advice and help from my readers and ironically the organisation/company I was actually criticising. Time to move on! coming shortly to these pages an exclusive report on Bignews Margate's Mr Puss.


Just a quick reminder that starting today Mill Lane car park will be free for stays up to three hours, starting this Saturday for three months.

Thanet Council finance department will no doubt be pleased to know, that Mrs Me will however be spending longer in Margate, getting her hair done, so they can look forward to still receiving revenue from at least one resident.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Birthdays are important

I realise that many have a negative attitude towards the US but I often envy those who live in a diverse country but are unifed enough to celebrate once a year their Birthday unlike the United Kingdom which is so divided and fractured thats its just too embarassed to acknowledge the Union between Scotland and England.

I'll expand a little on Liberty and free speech shortly.