Saturday, January 24, 2015

What local consultation - Working peoples views don't count

I just wonder what sort of consultation (The local plan) Thanet council are running since they appear to offer most opportunity to the unemployed, unemployable and retired, given that their drop in consultations are mainly held during working hours suited for societies drop outs.

The location for these consultations or "Drop in" sessions which number is six in total have two in Margate and two in Broadstairs,  Ramsgate is given parity with Birchington, Thanet's retirement home having just one session and those in Minster, forget about it.

Personally I am not a great believer in public consultation since I imagine the authors of such grandiose plans, have already considered the insanity of building a further 12,000 homes in Thanet and deemed it as  perfectly rational.

Finally maybe it is a good idea to not seek the views of Ramsgate people assuming they act in the same self-seeking way as Labour counsllors from that town with regards to Manston airport.

PS I find it hard to imagine that in the time up to 2031which this plan covers that 12000 jobs will be created to finance 12000 homes, I've lived in thanet for 55 years and I don't expect 12,000 jobs have been created in that time,  so it looks like this local plan is based on taxpayer money to provide the finance for and increased population which might explain such a crazy situation requiring Thanet to build on a massive scale.

PPS The idea that Thanet council officers are capable of planning anything seems a big ask, and assuming that this plan is a real dogs breakfast of opportunity for local land owners and greedy developers, it probably wont effect the authors since they probably earn more than enough for nice retirement home in southern europe.