Thursday, April 30, 2015

Labour heavy bought in to sort out Fannit South

You may remember actor and presenter Ross Kemp as one of the Mitchell bruvvers in East Enders and latterly what I take to be infotainment programme's on satellite TV  about  "gangs" "war" and other such testosterone fueled malarkey, anyway luckily for the Scobie fighting for Saff Fannit, it turns out that the TV celebrity happens to be a life long labour bod, who despite having little association with Thanet now wants to get involved.

So what's burning up  Labour luvvie Ross, seems UKIP have (shock horror), targeted Thanet South as a likely seat for Nigel Farage, 

I doubt that Ross has over-loaded his brain with the thought that Labour has it seems itself cynically groomed young Will Scobie, first I presume hardly out of education and probably no real work experience, he was given an easy seat on the local council, then shortly after made Mayor of Margate(shows some contempt for Margate), and then selected for the county council, targeted just like Farage targeted for winnable seat. 

A cynical move by Will Scobie and the labour party targeting a seat which is loaded generally toward the conservatives but aware the right wing vote would be split by UKIP.

Crikey what next Ray Winston knocking on you door on  Thursday asking you to Vote Naaaow. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Do we really want Scobie????

Dismal Labour and other thoughts on Thanet general election

Is this the most depressing election ever, despite all the assurances to the contrary, I'm sure any rational person has dismissed the idea that Ed Milliband is tough enough, or that his retched crew of no good charlatans are up to governing.

I've had little time to study the form of Thanet's contestants in the race to parliament, however sad as it is Thanet North will only ever see Gale displaced by the passage of time, good knows why but that is how it is.

Thanet South is certainly s mixed bag the best candidate being Russ Timpson, and i don't just say that because he's the liberal democrat, certainty otherwise the choice is dismal, the Tory  previously a UKIP man,  of the rest Ian Driver the Green candidate is the only other stand out man, if for nothing else exposing some of the less than wholesome activities and shocking events of the local council.

Will Scobie has for me shown himself to be the surprise non-entity, the best so far from him appears to be, that desperate plea for people to vote tactically, a tactic deplored generally by mediocre politicians who've little or nothing to offer.

It seems such waste, still finally we've the UKIP party leader, Nigel Farage it's difficult to comment on, since the media in general and state funded BBC journalist in particular have been busting their balls to discredit and demonize Farage ever since the European elections.

I think Thanet south electorate have a real choice and if anything it's wide open, they can act like sheep and be herded up like sheep by Labours young inexperienced Will Scobie, (who as I understand has rarely if ever had a real job that didn't involve working for the labour party) , or they could go for some of the exotic, perhaps the passionate "man of the people" Ian Driver, maybe the voters of Thanet could, dare I say it challenge the media bigotry and vote for Farage because if no else, he at least has had the courage to question and raise the concerns of those who would like Britain to be a sovereign country not ruled from Germany.

Finally you could make a completely rational choice and vote Liberal Democrat, and acknowledge the accomplishments of the liberals in government, lower tax, better opportunity's for children and real help for children from poor backgrounds, or why not just go mad and vote for the know nothing & no experience Scobie, despite all the doors and orchestrated rise to labour parliamentary candidate, ask yourself this what has young will achieved. Errrrr.....