Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bob Geldof speaks about Kent TV

Without prejudice

Bob Geldof has made a video explaining the wonders of Kent TV. I will when I get time expand on my views.
Incidentally Bob (director of KCC's, TV contractor Ten Alps) was apparently speaking after Kent TV's successful first year, so successful in fact that KCC are now considering spending another £400,000 of the taxpayers hard earned money to keep it going, well done!
For some reason Kent TV has not asked me to make a similar apprasal of Kent TV's success I wonder why, also I just wonder whether they will be inviting Trudy Dean of the Liberals or even Mike Eddy of Labour to speak about Kent TV?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TOP URGENT Things I've forgotten and not got round too

I'm more than a tad busy at the moment so a quick mention to a new shop opening on the Harbour Arm this occurs tomorrow night 7:30 and will sell all sorts of "girlie things" my words and probably none to PC.

Anyhow this from the recent email sent to me "There are some really special things that you won’t find anywhere else in Thanet including jewellery by Sukie Lau, Danon, Johnny Loves Rosie, Ashiana and Miyabi, as well as locally hand-made pieces. We also stock the famous Momiji dolls, bath creamers that look good enough to eat, candles, cards, handbags, funky specs, children’s toys, and a selection of other small gifts and stocking fillers"

Also a new website with loads of connection to things thanet ACTIVETHANET created by Parker Jones who wrote this in his Email to me as his reason for setting up the site "Life is more than just work followed by pubs and clubs! And youngsters are less likely to create mischief if they are not bored. I was surprised to discover that there is a lot going on in Thanet. So I've tried to bring all this information into one place."


The opening of a new gallery Ingoldsby . The Ingoldsby Gallery can be found at 2 Lombard Street, Margate and will be opening on Saturday 29th.

PS I will get round to replying to emails when I can>

Whatever happened to courtesy?

Stupid question really, as you know I happen to have a fairly brash and robust way about me, particularly where politicians and officials are concerned, so really I shouldn't get too concerned when the social graces are lacking from bureaucrats and the like.

Back in the summer I had a problem with one of Kent's contractors who happen to be in the media, now since my local taxes go to pay this particular company, I was none too please when both Paul Carter and Chief Executive the very well paid Peter Gilroy were less than supportive of what I take to be a direct attack on my freedom of speech, even more offensive was the thought that I had made critical remarks about a" Kent council project " which were directed at Kents political establishment but which resulted in a contractor threatening legal action which I interpret as the contractor acting on KCC's behalf.

More recently I've attempted to get a clear answer from Thanet Council as to why they felt the need to sell Northdown House, briefly one officer claimed it made a small profit, the deputy leader claimed Thanet Leisure Force had declined to operate the building, Sandy of Standards Board Fame claimed that the council couldn't afford to lease it to TLF, and the assets bloke didn't have any figure and even more surprising neither did the accounts department, according to the junior who answered the phone (incidently she did a top job since apparently accountants are uanble to use the phone).

I cannot comment on Richard Samuel since he has yet to answer the phone or answer my email of last week, but I understand that he will not be available tomorrow either since he has some conference to attend.

I can understand that local councillors and petty or not so petty civil servants, get upset by bloggers after years of dealing with a tame press, but its about time they stopped being so er..... and accepted that the world has moved on.

I don't give a toss if politicians and "officers" dislike me, I do however expect them to support free speech and reasonable access to information however uncomfortable.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gordon Brown the warm up man

Unless you know me or happen to be one of my more obsessive followers you most likely missed my appearance on the politics show. For those of you who had something better on during transmission, like pub or lunch click here for the south east edition of the politics show, please note if you wish to miss my warm up act (Gordon Brown), it is possible to fast forward to the local segment which features local luminaries at around 32 mins in or if you just me fast forward to 46mins, the link should work for a week or so.

To be honest although I lead a fairly ordinary life, technology has offered me, and others opportunities to express ideas which were unthinkable maybe a dozen years ago. So when the opportunity to appear was offered, I wasn't particularly phased, not until maybe a few minutes prior and then I'm thinking what the hell do I know about Turner Contemporary, Regeneration or blimin art but also I'm thinking be polite and don't say anything that I'll regret.

Watching this later I had urge to cringe behind the sofa (similar to the first appearance of the Daleks 40 year ago), still as it carried on I think I got better, a couple of things I should have mentioned was one that I actually think that Derek Harding has good ideas, also I regret not pointing out a lack of direction from our own local council.

Apart from Mike Hill, KCC cabinet member I was surprised, not to see some of those out of towners on the show, like for instance maybe a sprinkling of the new Trustees. Still no doubt they have busy lives, myself I did 70 hours plus, traveling into London everyday last week, still I suppose that's the benefit of being local.

PS I didn't mention my participation earlier in case I got cancelled, it would have been bad enough turning up for work and getting grief there.

Margate in the Spotlight

Just a quick one for those of you not strong enough to get to the pub or Margate sea front for the Quad Bikes, you can still immerse yourself in Margate stuff with the BBC politics show which will be featuring Margate Turner Contemporary and Margate Regeneration.

Well worth taking a butchers The Politics Show starts at 12:00 with local content at around 12:30, more on this later......

Margate Big Sky and our Sandy

I see courtesy of Thanet Life blog (nice to see you back Simon), that this weekend Margate is hosting once again a Quad Biking Weekend, now since I travel past the beach everyday, I have this thought that maybe if any promotional signs that where put up to advertise this event they clearly didn't work (for me).

Still unclear messages seem a feature of Thanet life, like Sandy Ezekiel's comments in this weeks Gazette that feature a gripe about Labour's policy on building on suburban gardens, which I'd tend to agree with, but with this reservation, if Sandy's so concerned about building in gardens, why does he appear to be in favour of excluding the public from parts of Northdown Park Estate, it is his council which is attempting to ignore covenants protecting Northdown House and to flog off to some crappy developer, it's his council which has yet to give clear information as to why.

This is the same Sandy that has yet to answer the questions in my email to him about Northdown House?

Jan Moir

From time to time, I pick up the Daily Mail, for two reasons one its a quick read for days when I'm not going to get time to plough through one of the "quality" papers the other reason being to read a good old right wing rant and some quality hypocrisy. To be honest I haven't a clue who the hell Jan Moir is and the chances are she's yet to stumble upon Bignews Margate, but like any down market or quality newspaper you have the comment columnists which fill the vacuum between factual reporting and the advertisers.

Never having read or heard of this women I was of an open mind but read what I assume is her main "rant" which tells me all I need to know about this particular women. The article concerned Jacqui Smiths proposals to criminalise men who use prostitutes who've been forced into the sex trade having been trafficked by criminals.

Anyway here is an example of here journalistic er.... style talking about Jacqui Smith "Patronisingly, she sees every prostitute as a helpless victim. And to the suggestion that many 'trafficked' women are actually just economic migrants, she says: 'I do not buy that argument.' End of.

Men need to think twice about paying for sex, says the Home Secretary, who wants to obliterate the sex industry by strangling demand for it - rather like trying to stop tooth decay by banning the baking of cupcakes."

Still if you want to read the full article try clicking here, I offered a comment which I note has yet to be posted on Daily Mail web site I wonder why. My comment as follows "Your article "Grow up Jacqui" really deserves the reply "Wake up Jan" since the company that employs your talents, also happens to own Kent Regional Newspapers, that runs adverts for "full body to body massage by Chinese girls", no doubt this is an entirely legitimate service offering complimentary medicine, which you'd be happy to send a husband, partner brother son to

With or without the law, having sex with someone forced to participate is quite clearly rape, well done Jaqui Smith for pointing out the obvious."

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Political affiliation don't be embarassed

I happen to believe that all men (and women) are created equal, and then they do things which may or may not be stupid like joining a political party.

Now not surprisingly Nick Griffin is a tad upset that his membership list has been exposed, and I suppose he has to some extent a problem apart from the obvious breach of data protection legislation and its this, for some reason he cannot convince his members that their policies are entirely wholesome or why the secrecy.

Now I've myself been a member of a rather dubious, political crowd in the past, and to save any speculation it happened to be SDP, although I never did think to highly of David Owen, he seemed rather full of himself and I'm sure he frequently opened sentences with this phrase "when I was foreign secretary"(which was probably the pinnacle of his career) also for a time I happened to be a member of the Liberal party.

Anyway however embarrassing or not my political memberships, I'm not that bothered and can't see why anyone would be touchy about their politics, its been suggested a few times that I might myself have sympathy with right wing fruit cakes which is simply not true.

I understand that some people like to be private about their true opinions, but when those opinions are at odds with a fair society then its just tough titties if you get exposed.

Finally should police officers lose their jobs, well I think so, who doesn't want equal treatment under the law, well apparently serving officers who happen to be members of the BNP. If your too ashamed to admit an idea or an opinion there must be something wrong.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Space Ritual ?

Crikey I see former members of Hawkwind, will be playing at the Westgate Pavillion this Saturday, according to a report in Adscene. I must say I find this a bit spooky, since only a few days ago I was attempting to convert one of their albums into digital format.

I remember seeing them once at the Dreamland Ballroom and a few months later in the Dreamland cinema, in nineteen seventy er.. unfortunately its a long time since Mrs Me throw out my Hawkwind Tee shirt (for which I'm still a tad upset) as well as a poster from those days, also a status quo Tee shirt which in all honestly will never be missed.

I'd like to go myself but Mrs Me mentioned that Chelsea will be kicking off at Home on Saturday at 3pm, so their might be a conflict of interest, Damn!

Tickets from Westgate Pavillion £12 Doors open 6.15 01843 835611 or 570905

In search of a straight answer

It seems to me that, members of and officers of Thanet council must be a fairly thick skinned bunch, and try as I have, it seems impossible to get a clear picture of why, or for what reason TDC are attempting to sell Northdown House for which they are legally prevented.

Recently I spoke with an officer who deals with council assets, who informed me that he had no accounts, which would indicate, how much if anything, Northdown House was costing to run, trying to speak with the councils accounts department, only bought about more confusion as I was informed by I think a receptionist that I would have to contact Thanet Leisure Force?

Well I'm still of the opinion that TDC either have something to hide or their clueless and useless, anyway tonight I sent another email to Richard Samuel Chief Executive of TDC not that I got anywhere last time, and even the invitation to meet with Sandy Ezekiel seemed pointless if a straight answer is not available.

Dear Mr Samuel

Thanet councils proposed sale of Northdown House seems to be shrouded in controversy and the information I have managed to acquire seems at best contradictory.

As Thanet councils senior officer I would ask that you clarify the
situation over this property, previously you were apparently too busy to answer my email directly.

I have yet establish a clear explanation of the exact reason
Northdown House is being considered for sale particularly given the legal constraints preventing such a sale. I recently spoke to one of your colleagues responsible for assets who informed me of the fact that he did not have accounts for the property.

I therefore request that you provide details of income and expenses for Northdown House for the last three years under freedom of information legislation.

Regards tony flaig Bignews Margate

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Service interruption

Without being too self indulgent, I've not had any time to devote to Bignews Margate of recent and that may well remain the case for a while.

I hope to get round to giving you a long winded bitch about something any day now, one area that particularly concerns me is Kent Councils mission creep by this I mean our local authority KCC involving itself in business by supplying things like temporary workers, taxi and bus services etc rather than leaving entrepreneurs to do it properly.

One of my readers was kind enough to point out that one of their enterprises Kent TV ( which is funded by Kent Taxpayers) has made available its last minutes, an interesting read.

Its probably best to read the document as KCC intended by clicking here if you cannot be bothered and who would blame you I've pasted in the text below. My own view, is that things are not going as planned like no significant advertising revenue, anyhow should KCC confine themselves to service like education, social services and roads, I think so.

Still with Kent TV being free except of course to taxpayers I cannot imaging why Mrs Me parts with large sums of money to Sky TV?

Kent TV Board. 23 September 2008 Present: Peter Gilroy (Chair), Ian Chittenden, Geoff Miles, Paul Wookey, Richard King Apologies: Cheryl Armitage, Ray Parker, Steve Phoenix, Ann Sutton, Martin Jackson, Gary Beautridge In Attendance: John McGhie, Tanya Oliver, Louise Elliott (minutes)

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting.
The minutes around Income Generation were discussed as it had become unclear what parts were still being pursued and what parts were not. We were moving away from the scatter gun sponsorship and still pursuing the possibility of large corporate organisations sponsoring channels. All other minutes agreed.

2. Ten Alps Report. John McGhie presented the report. Overall viewing figures have increased steadily although a slight dip in August. Kent TV covered a summer of festivals which Kent played a large part. Total visits so far are 770,000 with 4.3m page views and 493,903 unique visits. Clarity was given over viewing figures from a Kent County Council building. It was agreed that a note should be sent to all members explaining this. There was a discussion around the company that provide the statistics to ensure that they are completely independent from Ten Alps to avoid controversy. John McGhie will share more detailed information with Board Members. Kent TV has started uploading content onto other websites which helps raise the profile and overall our number of core viewers is on the increase. The decision has been made at Kent TV that the weekly reviews would change to monthly reviews The Your Say section has also been suspended pending a revamp of the entire section. “What’s On” is working progress at the moment and is being tested. An October soft launch is planned. The section will publicise all events in Kent, both large and small. Kent TV has been short listed for ‘Website of the Year’ at the EDF Regional Media Awards. One of our Video Journalists, Tom Chown, has also been short listed for ‘TV News Journalist of the Year.’ The results will be made known in October. A suggestion was made that the politics channel could be used by all parties / groups by having their own sections, but during election time all political videos will be removed. It was suggested that John McGhie contacts the three KCC leaders to see what they think. Richard King and the rest of the board agreed that videos should be dated so that you can see how up to date the videos are.

3. Board Membership Applications.
The advertisement for member(s) of the public to join the Board had good press coverage in the Kent on Sunday, KCC website and Kent TV. Despite this we only received 6 applications. Decisions took place about what should be the next steps, it was agreed that a letter should be sent to all of the 6 applicants informing them that we are extending the deadline. An advert would be put in “Oi” magazine and John McGhie would look at embedding the advert into other film website to attract more attention.

4. Marketing and Advertising sub-group update Various discussions took place around the next steps for this sub-group. Ten Alps have offered to commission Mongoose Media to compile a report regarding out-sourcing out advertising sales. There were too few Board Members to make a formal decision so it was agreed to pursue this for a more detailed discussion next time. Peter Gilroy is in talks in Microsoft and IBM around sponsorship of a channel.

5. AOB
A discussion took place around who the next chair of the Board should be as Peter Gilroy will be stepping down in the New Year. It was agreed that this should be discussed at the December board meeting and the hope was expressed that Peter stay in post until at least the end of the Kent TV pilot programme.

6. Dates of next meetings
17th December 10-12 The Board Room, Maidstone Studios

Saturday, November 15, 2008

How many

I was about to bash out another post and noticed that this will be the 808th posting, I just wonder how many words I've used and how many politicians I've upset.

Maybe I'll take the weekend off.

Still one quick thought, I see in the local newspaper that Thanet's zealous council officers are busy issuing tickets for crimes such as dropping cigarette a butt, fine of £200 plus quoted I think and for non - payers of council tax, prison sentences, I just wonder how the public should treat council officers and members for the £4.5 million hole in finances or that multi million pound overspend on the old M&S building in Margate. I take it lynching is out of the question how about tarring and feathering, maybe not.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Human Trafficking could the press do more?

I see that once again newspapers in Kent are reporting yet another vile case of people trafficking involving prostitution and the thought occurs, as it has before that there is possibility of an ironic side to these reports.

I remember last year reading, one of our local newspapers which was reporting a police raid on a local brothel and the question occurred to me, just how do the criminals attract business, and reading newspapers published locally by Kent Regional Newspaper I just wonder whether there could be a connection with adverts offering foreign girls and full massage and people trafficking.

Probably not, I'm sure that Northcliffe Media who own the Daily Mail and Kent Regional Newspaper would not be involved in such a business, particularly given that the Daily Mail often lectures on morality, still they could avoid such speculation by just cutting out adverts for massage services.

Still to their credit when I last checked neither KOS or KM Group appear to carry such ambiguous adult advertising probably calculating that it wasn't worth taking the risk.

I've contacted the advertising department of one of our local publishers more than once and the line they seem to take is that, they check the content and that's about it, oh they will assist the police should they enquire, but that must be slim comfort to the victims of this trade and some relief to local pimps.

Perhaps if you feel the same you could write and complain to Kent Regional Newspapers, Gazette Building, Union Row, Margate CT9 1PP

I have written about this previously click here

Thisiskent story

Kentonline story

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thought for the day - Government Barn Door closes almost

For Barn door I should have said Turnstile.

On November 27th, a new points based system, is introduced to curb migration from non-EU countries, apparently 200,000 jobs will now be off limits, however I understand from today's Guardian that 800,000 remain.

Now this means little to me, what I want to know is why, British citizens are being discriminated against, why construction sites are predominantly employing foreign nationals, when our own people are seeking work.

Why are employers are allowed to advertise non skilled jobs exclusively to East Europeans?

When if ever did you hear you local MP Tory or Labour speak up against the tide of immigration that has skewed the jobs market toward low wages and poor conditions? I can't remember Mr Gale or Mr Ladyman ever standing up for their constituents in any meaningful way?

A word that comes to mind when I think of our politicians, is betrayal, whilst they remain an almost exclusively protected British jobs market, those of us in the lower levels have been disenfranchised and sold down the river by remote pompous politicians who couldn't give a toss.

My apologies if I have offended readers but my intention is to upset those professional classes who don't have to compete on a daily basis with foreign nationals for their job unlike myself and co workers.

The fish tank? well maybe I ought to relax before posting and maybe not.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Inspirational Turner Moves On*

Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time will probably be aware of the recurring references to the Turner Gallery which was the catalyst to this website.

I'd like to think that I have been honest in my comments, which have varied from shock at the waste involved with what I refer to as the Turner Debacle and more enthusiastic support for the current incarnation designed by Chipperfield architects.

I have found at times some of the events surrounding the Turner contemporary, highly entertaining particularly, one presentation which was advertised as being on a first come first served basis (very egalitarian) only to find that Kent Council had apparently introduce an unpublished, segregation system into play, whereby what I assume to have been friends of the conservative party and other of Kent's top knobs, were greeted separately and given preferential seating, although not realising I had the misfortune to sit in one of the reserved seats only to find, our very own Leader Sandy and deputy Roger networking either side of my seat.

Anyway that's all in the past, things have moved on and Turner Contemporary represents a large chunk of Margate's future, this week, we've had an announcement of those who will be on the first board of trustee's and later this month their will be a ground breaking ceremony.

I'd suggest to those who have criticise the Contemporary, which includes me, in the past might as well accept its going to be part of the Margate of the future and maybe lobby for something that appeals to the mainstream and even oiks like myself.

Now you have to be pragmatic in life, and taking a quick gander at the list of trustees to the gallery they all seem fairly influential and that I suppose is what is needed for this organisation, still its seems sad that local influence is fairly thin on the ground, as is the social background.

For now I leave you with the thought that this is the best thing on offer and probably the only thing on offer in Thanet that is positive, now that Sandy Ezekiels local conservative group are selling off all our local cultural assets.

I will return to this subject but in the meantime I'm sure our local press will give us the in-depth analysis for which we've come to expect! and if not I shall discuss a tad more, when I have the time.

*(please note I've not had time to go through this one so it may contain more than the usual number of errors)

For the full press release see David Green has published on his EASTCLIFF MATTERS and form your own opinions

Monday, November 10, 2008

Facebook Diversion

I know that I'm often critical of much of what originates here on the Planet Fannit, but tonight even I'm unable to summon up the bile necessary to whine about what's right and wrong, so with my mind wandering for something to bitch about, I stumble on to my facebook page with the intention of seeing what new invitations and requests had gone unanswered for the last week or two.

There's usually something from Matthew Brown of Thanet Star fame, which I never quite understand then there's other request something called "half man half biscuit" again something I've not got the faintest idea about.

I sometimes look at the bottom of the page to the friends online section, which generally empties as I look at whose available to chat, still one unfortunate friend tonight was top local (local as in went to school in these parts) journalist and author Iain Aitch (former Thanet resident), whose book "Were British, Innit" seems to be doing well, I judge this by the fact that copies were prominently displayed in Margate WH Smiths, last time I visited.

Anyhow since I don't have anything to say myself tonight I might suggest you take a gander at Iain's blog site, which I will do now cheers.

PS whilst on local authors etc I am still reading Plain Jane's book "Wannabe a writer" which despite the fact I haven't finished reading is a surprisingly good read and I will finish it soon when I have the time, which reminds me its about time I commented on the european working time directive, particularly haveing recently heard some Tory tosser go on about how the plucky British worker loves working 60-70-80 hours a week. Bankers like him ought to try working outside in the for ten hours of wind rain and cold, I can assure you that few are that keen on it!

PPS A quick one for Matthew Brown why doesn't facebook have a Skype type gizmo instead of text chat?

Still no answer from Sandy Ezekiel on Northdown House

Maybe I should start this dear Sandy, but I'm not in the mood, I think its about time the Leader of Thanet Council actually give clear reasons as why his administration is seemingly determined to flog off Northdown House.

In the local press and even last weeks letter page of the Gazette, Mr Ezekiel has once again, suggested that subsides on Northdown House are too expensive here's my thoughts, the cost to the council is probably less than say employing some bottom of the rung manager in the council who wouldn't be missed, its almost certainly no where near as expensive as the stratospheric £4.5 million wasted by his administration on the Marks and Spencer building in Cecil Square.

Two questions that need answering, the one I asked earlier did Thanet Council order Thanet Leisure Force to no longer take bookings for Northdown House? Why not sell the Marks & Spencer Building instead?

As an outsider from the council I just wonder what has motivated the council to ignore legal restraints on the sale of Northdown House (that is the covenants on the property protecting it)?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Media Hypocrisy, Morality and the BBC

Last week I had hoped to post a further comment regarding the recent nonsense published in particular by the Daily Mail and the Murdoch papers, but my computer somehow contrived to lose one of my more verbose postings, still the world moves on, and last Sunday it was Jeremy Clarkson's turn to offend, with an offensive remark about lorry drivers and prostitutes.

It appears to me that what was at best an error of Judgement a few weeks ago by Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand somehow became an excuse to attack the integrity of the BBC with some astonishing hypocrisy from the National Press.

As I say since the abusive call made to an elderly actor by Ross & Brand (for which they should have been sacked), Jeremy Clarkson made his obnoxious remarks about lorry drivers and prostitutes, interestingly Murdochs papers the Sun, NOTW and I suspect the Times, have been rather easier going on Clarkson, and why well he happens to be one of them, that is he writes for the Sun and Sunday Times.

I seem to recall that the Sun even had an article suggesting how truck drivers up and down the country, had hardly stopped laughing at Clarkson's comment, which you might say was all well and good but hang on, is there anything we've forgotten? Well maybe, lorry drivers, I've no doubt are fairly strong characters but here's the thing I find unsettling in the press that I came across seemed to have little or no concern for prostitutes who are at considerable risk.

This particular joke of Clarkson's seems to reinforce the women as objects stereotype, a particularly offensive and demeaning view which unfortunately says far too much about him his fans and the media.

Still for further reading you could just check out this rare view from the Press Association, a report referring to Chris Mole MP calling for Clarksons sacking which is particularly pertinent since in 2005 five women were murdered in his constituency.

A little gem off Northdown Road

Just a quick, mention, and a thank you to local artist Adrian Day, for drawing my attention to a new gallery the Viking Gallery just off Northdown Road (Cliftonville ave), which is currently showing his work as well as that of Luda Burgess, Sally Carson, and Kathy Michael.

I understand that the gallery has been opened recently, which I personally hadn't noticed since most days I leave the planet fannit @ 5.15 for the smoke returning around 8 ish, anyhow in yesterdays grim, overcast and wet afternoon this gallery was an oasis of sunshine.

I consider myself probably representative of your average art goer in fact probably above average in as much as I've been to four major galleries this year and reckon the that work on show is as good as much that I have seen particularly that at the Tate Modern.

Anyway I have an appointment with a Kronenbourg, but for those of you with time to spare I recommend a visit and maybe if your one of my more affluent readers even dipping into your pockets if you see something that appeals. Also most likely you will be able to meet one of the artists as did I anyway dinner beckons as does that beer, but do nip down and have a butchers open Tuesday thro Saturday 10:30 - 4:30

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Quick Thought

My computer is a little ****** up, just now, so I'll save you from a long boring posting I'd planned, on the recent hypocrisy, shown by both The Daily Mail & News International over public service broadcasting.

Still since I've spent too long trying to beat my PC into performing, so I'll just add my meagre thoughts on the pleasing news that Americans have elected Barack Obama as their next president, it seems to me the best man won, clearly its note worthy the he is the first black American to hold the top job I just hope that journalists, will realise sooner rather than later that it is his ability to articulate his policies and vision that have got him elected rather than the other factors like Senator McCain's age 71 and his vice presidential candidate Sarah "MOM" Palin (blimey who would vote for someone who boasts about their blimin parental skills rather than political competence, being a mom is hardly a qualification for potential running the worlds biggest most influential nation).

Finally something I always find refreshing, which might sound cheesy to many is the genuine love of and pride in America by both sides of the political spectrum and all communities in the US, which I don't think is ever likely to shared in this country due to the class system exemplified by our Royal family.