Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kent County Council the excellent delusion

Is it, just me, who is sickened by the constant claim, now plastered on Kent's KCC website, suggesting the local authority is  somehow excellent.

The recent news that KCC, has left children at grave risk, underlines the danger of KCC's mind set, the notion that both Cllr Paul Carter has promoted, along with senior officers in the past, of Kent council being excellent, does nothing to deter the sort of complacency that resulted in Ofsted's damning report.

Currently KCC website, is promoting itself with this very questionable claim "A council that performs excellently" when clearly it doesn't. Obviously this is complete bollix, who exactly endorsed this assertion I wonder, no doubt, some fellow public sector dib dobs?

Cllr Paul Carter, the leader of the controlling group of KCC, ought to explain why KCC justifies suggestions of excellence when the council have made so many cock ups, I just wonder if KCC had to put its claim to trading standards, how long the excellence tag would stand up.

Here are just some examples of why, this surely cannot be true, 50 million pounds melted away in Iceland, many hundreds of thousands wasted on projects like, flights to America (hushed up), Kent TV, film finance which failed on any commercial level, poor performing schools,  fat bonus payments to council officers that fail to convince the public and others of worth.

Just as an example of the continuing controversial management of KCC take a gander at this report from Paul Francis, political editor for KM group.

Labour in disarray? And a bit of Clarity from Michael Child

Is it me or are Labour in disarray, on a national level Labour's new union appointee, Ed Milliband, has as yet to impact on any level, OK he nipped off, on, er paternity, and this time got his name on the birth certificate, but you'd think anyone with a bit of ambition or any idea, would have put some sort of stamp on his party as to its direction.

As leader of the opposition, Ed's making some of the Conservative failed opposition leaders, look damned good including Ian Duncan Smith, William Hague, and perhaps the worst even making Labour's most uncharismatic and inept leader Michael Foot, look good, if nothing else these guys had personality.

Labour has been reduced to name calling, the construction of the Con-dem tag is about as good as it gets and of coarse blaming Liberal Democrats for giving the country a stable government, locally I see "Local Labour" run by Cllr Clive Hart, has little to offer although it looks like they managed to send from the Thanet bunker a minor attack* on Tory leader Cllr Bayford.

Apparently from a quick gander, it seems Conservative leader Cllr Bob Bayford might have made a grumpy comment about councillors being elected to make decisions, and Thanet residents lacking basic language skills, no surprise really, a typical offensive Tory view, if true, one might say.

Still as entertaining as it is to read of Bob Bayford's offensive remarks, it hardly contributes to any knowledge as to what Labours own views are on say proposals to tart up Margate seafront.
An item raised on Michael Child's weblog Thanetonline is the near invisible "consultation"  by TDC, on how or what sort of Leader is appointed to run the council, two choices a leader appointed for 4years by councillors or a Mayor elected by we the people.

Imagine the fun, if us mere mortals could vote for a Mayor, you could I guess have Labour's Cllr Clive Hart as Mayor, with a majority tory group, brilliant!

Still whilst we don't know what Local Labour stand for these days. apart from a photo opportunity, and a bit of nimbyism, we do know that a dedicated blogger, like Michael Child does a good job in trawling through the nitty gritty of Thanet Council to bring to light items, the council appear to deliberately wish buried, no press release no mention on their consultation pages and no mention in the local press, or even our local parties Labour and Conservatives

Whether Labour have a mature and business like approach is debatable, still if they want to make any head way in next years local elections or not get trashed, Thanet's Labour group are going to have man up and get a few policies, pointing out rude remarks made by conservatives is not going to get anyone elected.

PS. What's happening with Labours professional politician Cllr Mark Nottingham? He seems quiet on the blogging front.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Defence industry surrenders British jobs to Poles

How often have we been sold the lie, that East European labour is here because of superior skills, work ethic, blah blah blah.

The plain and simple fact is that East Europeans are cheap, and British workers have been sold out by cynical politicians, Labour particularly helpful to the construction industry in allowing uncontrolled migration.

The generations of British people who helped build this country's schools, homes, hospitals etc. are now paying the price, with poorer wages, less health provision, inferior education, inadequate housing and what do we have in return, nothing except excuses from affluent middle classes, who to this point remain unaffected and who will lecture those of us who are surrendering our jobs and children's future, about the superiority of East Europeans, whilst demonising fellow British citizens who are happy to work but have often been priced out of employment or simply discriminated against.

British working people are being discriminated against, with the sacking of British workers building Royal Navel Warships, in favour of Poles has to be the final straw.

How ironic MOD sending British forces to fight for  Western interests, whilst British workers are being sacked from construction on MOD navel vessels in favour of Poles.

What is the point of a defence industry if British nationals are being discriminated against by the MOD. What is there to defend?

Socialist Workers Party–Recruitment Drive?

Crikey had email forwarded today from where I'm not quite sure, anyhow, it was to announce a meeting promoted by the Socialist Workers Party, now maybe I don't get out too often but I thought that the old SWP had withered and died with Mrs T's departure.

However its clear that recent resurgence in political violence from Britain's inarticulate students, who eschew discussion, preferring to shout rather than talk is creating fertile ground for eccentric groups like the SWP to recruit.

If you accept democracy, parties like SWP on the left and BNP on flipside have the unfortunate right to exist despite their extreme views, however because of the baggage they bring to any debate free objective debate is stifled.

The existence of the BNP is one reason we don't have a reasoned debate on migration and the SWP is similar re employment and social justice. One you might connect with the horrors of fascism and the other Stalinist regimes.

Anyhow if you suffer from "It's my rights" syndrome, you know that overwhelming sense that whether you've ever contributed to society or not the world owes you a living, you'll find yourself in good company at the "How do we stop the Tory Cuts" meeting somewhere in Ramsgate next Monday, since it appears to be organised by the East Kent Right to Work Campaign, I'll set the ball rolling by giving you the job of find out the details.

I must say it's a pity these activist kept such a low profile when their mates in the Labour party were encouraging and exploiting migrant labour, doing all those deals with big business and finally the banks.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Margate Front-Pedestrian Utopia or Pigs Breakfast

Believe it or not tonight might well be a significant night for the future of Margate as the joint transportation board meet to hear a presentation entitled Margate Seafront Public Realm, basically since no one in Thanet is capable, once again outsiders in this case KCC and I guess the obligatory consultant firm have cobbled together a plan to improve Margate front which they will present to the committee tonight.

The big question from me is should we be worried, what always sets alarm bells ringing for me are phrases like "public realm", "multidisciplinary client and designs team" and "stakeholder engagement" which I think means roughly the same as asking the public, the rest who knows or cares.

Should you be worried, I think you should one quote from the agenda  "A particular aspect of the re-engineering will be to increase the amount of regular congestion currently experienced in Margate"  which I would interpret as they are suggesting, a pigs breakfast of a pedestrian area, pedestrians mixed up with a continuous stream of queuing traffic with people trying to get home or go to work or just live still you can take a look at the information available so far, indeed you might have got off your backside and decided to attend the presentation which will take place shortly.

Speaking with one of those involved in the proposals, I understand that material from the presentation will hopefully be made available in the coming weeks, also this might never happen, at the moment it's a case of all front and no money, so hopefully Kent Highways wont be screwing up traffic just yet, please god.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bank cancels dinner till they get a password

I have suffered many indignities from the countries top organised crime syndicate, the British banking system.

Over the years I've had banks, pay my wages back to my employer, mug me with their hole in the wall machines, not pay the mortgage, use me as an unpaid language coach after hours queuing on the phone.

In recent times I've changed my bank, and now have one that uses English as a first language and everything has been smooth till tonight.

Having the day off I thought I'd cook tonight, although my offer to do corned beef  fritters and beans, was refused out of hand by Mrs Me, I must say I was a shocked, and hadn't realised that she held such strong views, considering fritters to be "disgusting"  once I got over thirty years of er misunderstanding, I didn't fancy cooking anything else and I suggested a take away.

Anyhow as I was at the keyboard, I thought dominates pizza, a few clicks some bogoff type deal, credit card details filled out and click, job done, well I clicked and got a page offering me some enhanced card verification waffle, on previous occasions I've just dismissed this page and bobs your uncle, ring on door bell 25 minutes later.

However this time round they wouldn't have it, I rang my bank, spoke to someone with proper estuary English, they empathised as I asked why the bank would not let me have my dinner, I knew before I started that it was futile.

So ten minutes later, I had to log into my bank, commit myself to yet another password at least 6 characters upper and lower case plus two blimin numbers, I'm in my mid fifties, it can't be long before I forget my own name, let alone another flippin password, having now eaten dinner it's a chilling thought that next time I want pizza I wont be able to remember my damn password and no doubt I'll have to wait until the all powerful card company, sends me a reminder in the post, by which time I'll be just skin and bone.

British Banks are run by money grabbing crooks,  I put up with the B*st*rds stealing my money through taxes, robbing us of a future but depriving me of dinner is the final straw. ******* ********* !

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

KCC Accounts – No publicity please on advertising

Some time back in the summer, I was taking a gander at KCC accounts, just to see if the extravagant claims made for the now defunct KCC project Kent TV, saving vast amounts of wonger could be quantified or justified in any black and white way.

Not being an accountant, to be honest, despite my interest, I felt the life forces draining away, after a quick gander at the Statement of accounts, even though, it shed some light on the extraordinary, profligate spending by Kent Tories, I was drained.

At the time I could find no sign of Kent TV in the Statement of Accounts published by KCC, and haven't since, however stumbling across some comments I noted, I felt should revisit, KCC's Statement of Accounts for 2007-08 08-09 since to be honest the amounts spent on promotion are worthy of an enquiry.

As a public service Bignews Margate has to report on the mind numbing waste, of Kent council's advertising,  in fact an advertising campaign on the subject of waste cost £624,000 during the year 2008/09, still this is a drop in the ocean compared to the big ticket item "Recruitment" now I don't know if you're like me but when I'm looking for work, I tend to delve quite deep, like Jobcentres and company web sites as well as papers, still it would appear KCC prefer lavish advertising or how else can you explain not one, not two but a stonking great big figure of more than three million £3,009,000 during 2008-9 for job ads.

In fairness I suspect because of objective reporting from the likes of Bignews Margate, and newspapers like KOS and Kent Messenger, tuning into Kent Tories hare brained, slack grip on costs, has at least resulted in advertising spending having come down from a mind boggling near six million (£5,985,000) in 2008-9 to a still outrageous five mill (£5,130,000) in 2009-10.

Interestingly last years statement of accounts no longer carries detailed info on advertising, apparently its not a requirement and hell, why worry us taxpayers, anyway thanks to the helpful staff at KCC, not the ones on fat bonuses, but those who retain the public service ethos lost by those helping themselves to bonuses.

Still not surprisingly the often made assertion that Kent TV, saved Kent taxpayers money seems to me to have been without foundation and appears hidden from the accounts, still if you know different, please comment.

Kent council has to communicate with taxpayers but five million budget half of which is spent on job advertising is pure waste, still I suggest if you pay tax, take a gander at how KCC spends your money, also a final question the last years accounts now detail bonus payments made to the bosses (chief exec 31 grand for what its not explained 2008-9) why are these pages shown side ways, is this so we get a pain in the neck trying to read them?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

News of the World in Royal Security Blunder ? - How stupid do journalists get?

A rare weekend off, for me, a reminder of what life use to be when I had a proper job, anyhow. The Sunday papers are the highlight of any weekend, the politics, scandal and best of all "Stories" that entertain and enrage.

A classic weekend for Royal "stories" most of which appear to me to be facts embellished with spin and fantasy. That section owned by Murdoch seem to have their own agenda, skewed as I see it the Times and News of the World put forward an opinion poll that suggest that most would prefer William to be the next King, however the NOTW also has poll in which the public accept that Prince Charles should be the next King, a bit like, being a queue and thinking I'd like to be next and accepting that person in front has a prior claim.

Anyway all the above is just the sort of dross you'd expect from a foreign owned press, particularly with a proprietor who likes to  involve himself and has access to top knobs whether its inviting Blair half way round the world for a chat or indeed entering through the back door to visit our current Prime minister David Cameron.

Excuse the preamble, in todays BIG SECRETNews of the World, on page 7, I noticed an item I consider, assuming it's true, both dangerous and stupid. Lucy Panton (Crime Editor) in a piece with this headline "SECRET TRACK DEVICE ON HER" the tale starts with this "Kate has been given a piece of jewellery fitted with a secret James Bond-style tracking device which she must wear at all times to foil any kidnap attempts" It waffles on a bit more and then the Crime Editor, Lucy Panton adds this gem "The exact location of the tracker will remain a closely guarded secret" surely I'm not the only one, thinking no it wont since your first sentence identifies where the tracker will be hidden.

Either Lucy Panton's story is complete bollix or she has just given useful information to criminals and terrorists, you'd like to think that editors and even crime editors would be more responsible. 

Although I view the Royal Family as an anachronism, they are an important part our country and whether we like it or not, provide our nations head of state and therefore ought to be shown a bit more respect than Murdoch's news organisation can muster.

I view Murdoch's influence in the British media, as a danger to this countries interest, which is why I hope his plans to strengthen his grip on the media are stopped.  This country is one of the few that would allow its media to be dominated in the way Murdoch does, which might sound good and liberal but its crap at representing the national interest, assuming we still have one.

Finally its worth reminding ourselves that this country has a considerable number of supporters and sympathisers of Al-Qaida and the press have some duty to think before they print.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The big event

Good wishes for the latest royal marriage Hurrah!

I just hope our popular press keep off the case of this couple, I cannot help think that previous royal marriages might have lasted longer, had it not been for intrusive press coverage.

PS I'm not in favour of the Royal Family but hope this couple don't get buried by salacious coverage by that media group owned by Australia's first family who are also unelected less appealing but more influential.

A boring post I know but I'm all blogged out tonight!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hurrah! Art supremo finally gets gallery to go with job.

turneropensPhew what a relief! after all the years of broken dreams, the blood, sweat, toil and tears an opening date has been announced and Gallery Director Victoria Pomery gets to open the doors of Margate's Turner Contemporary on the 16th April 2011.

The process so far has had its ups and downs not least the original questionable choice of an ocean going gallery, which wasted several years and  millions, due I think to incompetence, costing many millions to the local economy. during the last few years, when Margate should have been reaping the benefit.

Despite KCC trousering some several millions in compensation, from architects, this money apparently itself got lost in county hall because there is no evidence of Margate and Thanet being compensated for the lost years. Unless any of our local tory County Councillors know otherwise, which I think is unlikely, since I've yet to hear any of them speak up for Thanet.

Still at least my neighbour had the dubious pleasure of seeing a test structure for the original design, float off into the sea with in minutes of being positioned never to be seen again.

Anyhow I suppose that next April is a time to look forward to a new dawn. As thousands of suitably brainwashed educated art buffs, embark on a pilgrimage to Margate with great expectations and hopefully fat wallets.

Whatever your views Turner Contemporary is the best show, if not the only show in town for Margate,  unfortunately as part of the build up to Margate and Thanet becoming a global destination, Thanet 's Conservative council took the bold but stupid decision to close the nearby Museums which would have been complimentary.

I had a quick gander, at the programme of exhibitions, the highlight for me will be the exhibition scheduled for 28th January 2012 till May 13th "Turner and the Elements" a major show of Turners works, Brilliant!  and since I'm not to familiar, or er  educated I'll keep  the rest of my opinions to myself, although I have to say I'd like to see banksy but that would be unlikely for this reason he's not only talented, instantly recognisable but popular.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why Benefits reform has to work

Working people have increasingly taken the brunt of funding Britain's work shy free loaders,  when Labour came into power in 1997 they were going to bring in welfare reforms.

As with Tuition fees they (Labour) adopted a right wing agenda and took the easy way out.

Instead of getting dole cheats off the sofa, and out of the bookies, Labour decided to expand the economy which is why mass migration has been a key part of Labours recent rule, most new jobs going to foreign nationals.

Its a real tragedy that reform has been left to the coalition, at this time, for this reason we are in a recession, 13 years of heartless Labour has left workers, in construction, agricultural, hospitality industries with reduced earnings and fewer opportunities as Labour let big business ruthlessly exploit east Europeans and screw down wages and conditions.

Labour had years to reform, they didn't, probably because they didn't want to offend the left wing dinosaurs, in the party, who in the last six months have emerged from the dark.

Rather than make any significant improvement to this countries fabric Labour eroded any improvements in Education, Health, Transport etc. by a significant degree through a mismanaged economy.

There really is no choice but to reform welfare, people like me work long hours to keep afloat and look at those we know could work but wont, enough is enough, I remember watching a couple on telly the other week, getting a free home and 26 grand a year, the women stared into the camera and claimed the money was for her children, I nearly cried, then I remembered the many weeks I've been working 60 plus hours to fund her time in front of Jeremy Kyle.

The tragedy is that many do want to work but clearly some don't, Labour had 13 years to reform welfare in better economic times, it could have been less painful but Labour were too busy looking after themselves.

Blair Brown and Milliband have a lot to answer for, really.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Just how smart are student protesters

It's just a personal observation but I just wonder how stupid Britain's young are.

As someone who has always been in favour of free education, it worries me that those kids protesting the other day about tuition fees, have no idea about where blame needs to be apportioned.

Increasingly desperate and corrupt Labour appear to have no qualms or indeed scruples in manipulation of student anger, over increases in tuition fees despite the fact that Labour introduced them.

It's my belief that Labour ought to bare the brunt of criticism despite Tony Blair, being elected with the meaningless mantra "education, education, education his man Blunkett agreed to screw the poor within a couple of weeks of the 1997 election.

Labour have in my view been very cynical and although the daily Mail is not known for it's impartiality this article ( click here) is worth a gander.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rail Mysteries - Ancient technology–And the long walk from Hi Speed

First mystery - Spotted this lunch time, something not often seen on main lines these days, a steam train (60163) on the North London line, 19th century technology in the 21st century. What's that all about I'm fifty four and have never travelled by steam, so where do these enthusiast get the urge.

where's margate

Second mystery - Having travelled on the Hi Speed train down from London recently I just wonder why it is necessary for the train to stop so flipping far up the platform, saving all of about 15 minutes or thereabouts on the journey time from London only to have a five minute walk back into Margate station.  If the train parked up any further it would be in Westgate.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Death, Snooping, Spy cameras, Flood and a Fiery end - on offer for one night only in Margate

Tomorrow night, a unique and little publicised event takes place, that few are ever party to.

Hidden away, on the third floor of a bland characterless building an exclusive group of middle aged busy bodies will meet, they will be divided some will make proposals on topics as diverse as snooping,  disposal of the dead and Flood, others will then make constructive comments on these proposals.

In reverential attendance, will be deferential officers, only to willing to assist your elected representatives, I am of course referring to the Thanet District Council's Cabinet meeting. Most likely the only witnesses in attendance of this quaint product of our democracy, will be the one poor local journalist, who drew the short straw and the odd crank. (often me).

I for one will probably not turn up, having had grief on my previous visits, barred due to what the council called "an incident"  (a TDC Porky, I think since an employee pointed to his routine as being the reason) also being mauled by the barb tongue of one tory boy scout with all the personality of a robot, ironically the same muppet who frequently drones on about being polite.

Still don't just send letters and comments to blogs and papers, you have a right to attend these meetings and some councillors actually welcome interest from the public, although as an institution Thanet Council has an attitude to scrutiny on any level.

What else can entertain you tomorrow Thurs 11th,  in a week in which TV has already given us the resurrection of Vera Duckworth and death of Jack. And yes all those topics mentioned at the top of this post are up for discussion.


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Housing benefit why some of us can sleep at night and some can't

why are we still payingMost of us accept that housing benefit above a certain level is untenable however some air-head liberals have no qualms and consider there is no limit.

Spotted in the Metro London's free daily paper was this story of a family put up in a £2.5 million home, according to the report although this accommodation was temporary the family could now return to their original home, but appear reluctant. I wonder why? why they don't return home and why I pay taxes to fund this sort of nonsense.

Monday, November 08, 2010

East Kent not entitled to decent TV reception says Tory Boy Ed Vaizey

Laura  Sandys, fails her first big test, as many of us appreciate local MP's have been a big disappointment here in Thanet, North and South, according to the Kent News Ed Vaizey Minister with responsibilities for vaguely defined cultural stuff, has responded to Thanet South's MP's attempt to get some commitment to improved television transmission, with the opinion that there is "no absolute right to TV coverage.

As I understand it, clear strong transmissions of television programmes here may interfere with France, for me this is not a problem since, the French have never given a toss for the impact of its frequent blockades of Channel ports and the resulting carnage on Kent's motorways, and purely on humanitarian grounds imagine the joy French citizens would experience, being entertained with quality programming like X factor, Come Dancing and Jeremy Kyle.

Finally on a purely financial level, why after years paying our licence fee and subsidising foreign language broadcasting like welsh, Celtic etc.  and now paying for government propaganda BBC World Service,  should we be expected to shell out in addition to the near hundred and fifty a year, for an antenna the size of Joderall Bank to receive digital broadcasts.

What's the point of BTOPENZONE

Frequently in London, I often have a moment or two to catch up on email, blogs, news and all that malarkey using my smartphone.

My mobile phone provider in addition to offering me 3G, also offers unlimited access to something called BT Openzone, one of the few times I was able to connect successfully to this was outside a coffee shop in West Hampstead, after I'd just had a coffee not realising this was one of the few locations where BT would allow me to connect.

Often my phone blocks access to my 3G internet connection, claiming to have connected to BT Openzone only to redirect me to a web page which then attempts to mug me for more money, refusing to log me on for free.

I'm sure Openzone offers a great wifi experience if you can get it to work, I've rung my phone provider and despite all their advice found the best thing to do is turn off wifi on my phone as I leave the house.

Although I don't have a direct contract with BT maybe someone could explain, why Openzone is for me so flipping useless and why their hot spots are nothing of kind.

This posts is bought to you by 3G from the A2 which tonight is slower than usual due to several high speed parking manoeuvres.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Just how far should politicians' go

My personal opinion that the judgement of Phil Woolas that he should lose his parliamentary seat, is more than justified and it would be fair if he repaid his salary since the last election and paid for the by-election.

We are all used to dirty tricks, politicians claiming credit for things that go well and side stepping disasters, but it appears that Mr Woolas plumbed new depths, using vile untrue racially motivated accusations to win a tight election.

Its good to see that Labour have seen fit to suspend Woolas from the Party, perhaps once Woolas has taken any legal steps to appeal or indeed side-step his outrageous election tactics Labour might make his suspension life long. Well done to Harriet Harman for an unequivocal condemnation.
Locally I question the judgement of Cllr David Green Mayor of Ramsgate decision to report on fellow councillor's recent court appearance, since this was reported elsewhere in the media, with the local newspapers also mentioning an addictive illness which whilst not excusing his actions, does give context.

None of us are perfect, alcoholism is as much an illness as any, Green's posting added nothing to our knowledge, the man in question clearly needs help, my view is perhaps best summed up by this quote in the Gazette from Cllr Ezekiel, " Justice has been done. But Ewen is battling an illness and I hope he can get the treatment and support he needs".

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Labour didn't get it all wrong

I have to confess to being a tad mean to Labour just recently, I would just like to thank them for one thing, the high speed line out of St Pancras, hurtling me back to the the cradle of civilisation, the planet Thanet.

Even if Mrs T's lot started the thing Labour, connected east Kent, so I could make a hasty escape tonight from north London, a rare luxury for me to escape from the crew bus Blackwall Tunnel, 2 hours of hell on the M2, worth every penny of the twenty quid ticket price.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Labour Black Propaganda – Polly Toynbee's poor taste slur? - Ramsgate Mayor must be joking surely?

Labour having failed to convince the British public they had anything to offer only a few months ago, look to be thrashing around like a wounded animal, lashing out wildly, replacing policy with a tirade of abuse and misinformation, in the last week Labour have pointed to the change in housing benefit, referring to it as cleansing, the reference apparently intended to conjure images of ethnic cleansing, ought to viewed as an inexcusable use of black propaganda.

The idea that people like you and I ought to pay any price requested by welfare claimants for accommodation is ultimately an attack on working people particularly the low paid, many of the people I know, will typically work 60 plus hours a week, just to earn a living wage, live in digs, see partners and kids every other week, to make ends meet, could anyone from the Labour party or "journalists" like Polly Toynbee who last week came up with this outrageous slur "the Tories have a final solution for the poor" explain  to those of us living outside London why we should pay welfare claimants to live in posh London boroughs.

Ramsgate Mayor David Green, takes up the issue in his blog of predatory, interest rates charged to those on low incomes by finance companies, and good on him, its wrong, I couldn't agree more but David Green goes on about shaming the coalition government to do more than they are, and I just wondered and asked this question of him on his web site why the hell didn't the Labour party in government for 13 years do anything, you must think we are idiots?

A simple question I just wonder if he can give a simple straight answer, I mean the Labour party could invade Iraq, bring in ID cards, end free education, attack civil liberties, but not deal with consumer credit?

As I say Labour are wounded (mostly self inflicted ) and lashing out rather than come up with any answers, perhaps if David Green's so worried about the poor he could stop wearing the mayoral chains and flog them off and fund food parcels to the poor of Kensington, Chelsea, Mayfair etc. at which point I'll start taking him seriously.