Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We here in Thanet are lucky to have five newspapers a week of varying quality, that in the main, they do a good job however here are a couple examples of news, which being cynical I question, and journalists don't appear to.

First in the frame is new boy in the pack yourthanet which has a contribution from a mystery writer (yourthanetblogger*) who has this rather rare comment "I enjoy both Yourkenttv and the channel run from County Hall". There's a stroke of luck a contributor with an appreciation of cheap local TV, although no reference to the apparent links between Local taxpayer funded Kent TV and Kent On Sunday's website, (don't think their contributor is a local tory supporter per chance).

Lastly KM's Thanet Extra has this gem in its report on Dreamland's Planning blueprint approved by the council "Residents were asked for their views on the planning guidance and the majority agreed with its proposals", well yes if you believe the spin but if like me, you glanced through the council press release at the time you will have noticed that 97% wished to see most of the Dreamland site retained as an amusement park and not the dogs breakfast dreamt up by Thanet council. For journalists only click here and acquaint yourself with the facts. Read objectively and you will find.

Now what do you think, our local newspapers have in common apart from geography is it a) a total commitment to be objective or b) a desire to acquire their share of the obscene amounts of money spent on advertising by local authorities, answers in the comments section please.

*I worry about anonymous bloggers not least when they turn up in local newspapers

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hacked off

Having just escaped, London im more than a little saddened to see that
many persist in an irrational campaign of trivia driven by god knows


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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Trivia in a global context.

The now frankly boring kerfuffle concerning the right and wrongs of local stuff, ought to be behind us, and hopefully it will be soon. Still what is trivial to some, is of major importance to others.

As I mentioned last week, I have been very busy, however fortunately last week, I was busy in a non working, indulgent sort of way, with a city break to my favourite place New York. As part of our "walking holiday" we were strolling along last sunday when, a convoy of noisy vehicles, drove past with the occupants shouting and waving flags as they travelled down the road. To those of us walking up 5th Ave towards the museums it was a curiosity but what seems trivial, on surface often runs deeper.

Earlier I had seen, large numbers of Police outside what I understand to have been the Serbian consulate in New York, watching the news on Kosova Independance the following day, you get the bigger picture.

A few days later, you can draw more conclusions, as foreign embassys are attacked in Belgrade I personally hope Kosovo, gets its independence, it's not surprising that Serbia, which is no stranger to war crimes, is supported by Russia who also have a scant respect for world opinion, being happy to murder those that offend as in London.

Anyway coming back to things Thanet I will draw a line on those comments on the previous post some time shortly. As a punishment I am considering force feeding you with anecdotes from my holiday and using explicit photos of me in front of some of New Yorks iconic scenes. Luckly for you lot however I return to work at some ungodly hour tomorrow so you may miss out.

Important note this is written whilst half awake, half baked and any other half you can think of.

Lets hope some one writes something interesting locally and trivial.

Friday, February 22, 2008

A little moderation in blogging land

Ive been a little busy and will be for a while but just one quick comment I notice that at the time of writing that Eastcliffe Richard has introduced comment moderation, which for me seems a tad ironic as it looks like one line in comment from the author is set to continue.

See previous remarks

FEEL FREE TO COMMENT HERE * no moderation here unless its personal and unverifiable in which case i shall delete

Monday, February 18, 2008

Police Drivers are they safe?

Clearly not if the facts on this weeks Kent on Sunday are to be trusted, amazingly Kent police were involved no less than 510 accidents of which they apparently were mainly at fault.

I confess that my driving skills are nothing to write home about and to be honest I,m currently waiting to find out whether those flashes I noticed, a week or so back were paparazzi or safety cameras.

Despite my limited skills I have, noticed over the years some police drivers, have been nothing less than, breath taking in their ignorance of the law, particularly in London , were they seem to think they have special rights to ignore other traffic, I have had police cars pull out in front of me, more than any other class of driver, and this favourite, on the dual carriage way between Westgate and Birchington a police car travelling at around 50mph switch on the blue lights for the camera and then turn them off, I'm probably wrong but since it was early morning I assume they were in a hurry book off after a night shift.

Make your own mind up and read, the front page story in the Kent on Sunday. Incidentally I always flash poor drivers even the police, although there's a slight delay until I've gone through the mental check list MOT TAX and Insurance.

I see driving as a privilege earned perhaps Mike Fuller could make one of his public pronouncements and inform his minions. Of all public sector workers, the police have the most dangerous of jobs, so they really ought to hone their skills, so for that reason maybe Kent police could spend more money on training and less on spy planes, setting up gift shops and PR

Friday, February 15, 2008


Test message

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East Kent Hospitals Trust, does it need fixing?

Well if you look at this weeks adscene you will probably not be surprised that yet another non-commercial organisation is doing what the public sector do best, that's right, flushing your money down the drain, with an advertising wrap asking you to be part of the local hospital.

Looking beyond the simple waste, its worth thinking about the motives, behind what is a move to change the structure of the local Trust by changing to a NHS Foundation Trust.

Apparently this will allow less interference, from government in what they do, not surprisingly there is no clearly defined example given in this advert, as to exactly how their being held back or we're being deprived.

Call me a cynic, I note the address is Canterbury based, and what I just wonder is whether, this is a backdoor attempt by the medical establishment, to claw back some of the improvements, in medical provision like A&E that we've had here in Thanet over last few years. I'm sure many will recall the time, when emergency health treatment, was only available at your local hospital in CANTERBURY!

As I say, no strong case is made in this advert, which your paying for, as to whats broken, so why fix it!

I would make a guess that this little campaign, will cost about £6,000 in advertising for this across East Kent , that might be better spent on cleaning etc.

Lets just hope East Kent Hospitals trust aren't just having our pants down on this one. Anyway I said I was givin this a rest for a day or two and having spoken to someone at the trust maybe their motives are well founded.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


One thing that has been in my mind, is how much time I and others spend creating these little masterpeices. And as one jolly contributor mentioned " I am begining to beleive my own crap" another I bumped into outside tesco s told me how he enjoyed my stuff and often sent copies to the Labour Leader on Kent council, presumably they have broom cupboard or something at county hall Maidstone.

I need a break

So for this reason, and a busy few days I will be back shortly. Please no press coverage!

Anyway I got to go to work(nightshift).

BBC censor Saudi News

That may well be an over reaction to their report of Fawza Falih, an illiterate innocent woman who has been convicted of witchcraft under the Saudi Arabian barbaric and clearly corrupt justice system.

Human Rights Watch have highlighted, this example of systematic brutality towards women, which unfortunately is a regular occurrence in Saudi Arabia.

Just what puzzles me, since this story revolves around religious bigotry, and the story refers to religious police, is why this BBC report doesn't think it necessary to name the religion involved. I bet it's those blimin pesky Quakers at work again.

In a world of hypocrisy cowardice and multi cultural bull it was pleasing to see the Swedish Press making a stand against, I think it was Buddhists though I'm not sure.

Click here for the BBC's story and make your own judgement.

PS Is it me or do BBC hacks quickly bury these stories


Ann Barnes chair of the apparently Conservative dominated Kent police authority yesterday produced further evidence, of profligate spending in the case of Kent authorities versus the taxpayer. Exhibit one, being, would you believe a year 4.99 % increase in taxes for Kent residents, no doubt if found guilty of squandering your hard earned cash, they will in mitigation be able to claim it was less than 5%.

Rather incredibly Ann Barnes, appears to have no hesitation in stating " I really do believe this is money well spent", I can only assume that those who serve on the Kent police authority, are pretty well heeled if they begin to imagine that this five percent increase is in any way reasonable.

In a justification of all this, the usual old waffle of neighbourhood policing etc., is given, still one notable area which isn't referred to, is that of crime emanating from Labours uncontrolled migration policy, which I believe that Mike Fuller chief constable and the Association Of Chief Police Officers have recently highlighted.

Maybe we shouldn't be too hard on the police authority, just take a look at the makeup of this particular body, I have no doubt there all well meaning decent people who give up hours of their time, but they appear in the main to be, time served establishment types, or prosperous businessman not entirely representative of the Kent population. Maybe I did not look close enough, but amongst the Kent police authority I could not see, postmen, electricians, nurses, agency workers, van drivers, sales reps or even rail workers, by which I mean the ordinary people of this country, who actually create the wealth and are in the majority.

The evidence is mounting, against a Tory dominated administration in Kent of profligate spending, with no consideration of those whose incomes are being squeezed by greedy local authority institutions. To me this is yet another example of poor management, emanating from an inept Tory dominated county, still I suppose it's not unexpected, since we've already seen Tory leaders in Kent producing their usual alibis which go something like this " I'm only the leader of the council, it was those guys in Westminster, wot did it guv! honest "

Examine the evidence click here for the police authority press release

Click here for a who's who of KPA members.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Politics of envy

All this week's kerfuffle over, blogging has been building up over sometime. What I hope are my final words on this subject, just sums up how I feel on this.

At the heart of the current problem, is the weight of callous criticism, leveled at those whose only crime is to take part in political debate or even report it.

What motivates this mindless, obsession in some, is beyond me, of course there is always room for informed criticism, which I have been guilty of myself.

I personally make no apology for occasionally, taking issue with the people like, Paul Carter, Roger Gale, Stephen Ladyman and Sandy Ezekiel, these people are in the public arena, and therefore it is legitimate, to refer to them in connection with the views or policies associated.

Judging by many of the comments, circulating throughout Thanet's bloggerati, children don't grow up, they just get older.

Much criticism has been made, of people's success, their motivation, and their achievements, ignoring the very positive contributions they have made to the local community.

The very British trait of knocking success, motivated by envy is much in evidence, in the negative schoolboy comments and advice.

Much of my life I have myself been subject to gratuitous insults and the hostility, from those I consider to be damaged goods. Still at the age of 50 plus, I get personal insults for my physical appearance, fortunately I have developed a mature attitude to this and rarely rise to the bait from those I know to be complete wankers.

Observing the irrational, corrosive and continuous name calling of one of our local bloggers, is just as spiteful as it is without justification.

It's interesting to note that without exception, those who have, continually indulged in their campaign of spite hide behind their anonymity for no other reason than their spineless bullies or
incapable of distinguishing between fair comment and offensive remarks.

Simon Mooores has understandably reacted not surprisingly to what has become a de facto campaign of abuse, for what, well in the main reporting facts, and asking readers to contribute and serving the community, clearly a big mistake for some feeble minded readers.

I doubt any of us bloggers expect to have our egos massaged with praise, and for readers it quite simple particularly in my case if you don't like the politics, sentiment, opinions, grammar, spelling etc just sling your hook.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008


In common with Simon Moores, Eastcliff Richard, etc. I write this weblog, because I generally have something to say and enjoy saying it, at least that's what I assume.

As with Simon Moores, I prefer to write as myself rather than some anonymous creation, in my case the reason is I believe it gives some personal authority, clearly others choose anonymity for reasons of position career whatever.

Not surprisingly, Simon Moores yesterday made it quite clear that his reputation and more significantly his family, were more important than his website.

Undoubtedly having insults and threats made to you and your family are an unwelcome side to blogging, and is something we all have to deal with in their own way. Sometime ago, I found myself targeted by what for a better term I shall call, a special interest group (in actuality lawless morons) who went as far as to issue death threats, as well as devoting whole pages of abuse in their own specialist websites. Since those in question apparently had a lower reading age than mine, I thought would be unkind to pursue the matter, although it had put me off blogging a while.

Since we're talking about people's opinions, then not surprisingly this sometimes gets personal, and in the unfortunate case of Simon Moores, apart from having someone making threats to his family, he seems to have picked up, the apparently obsessive commentator " One Voice In Thanet" who appears to have some compulsive character flaw, that he has focused on councilor Moore. I assume this character OVIT, is an underachiever who unlike many of us (underachievers) has yet to accept their own personal limitations. Frankly I really don't give a toss, and I don't mean that in a derogatory sort of way, what other commentators say or do since it's their right to say of what they like.


Unconnected as it may be, it looks as if, another simple minded critic has made the leap from legitimate comment, to actual crime. Presumably you may or may not be aware now that the Eastcliff Richard site has been hacked.

Like many I am a frequent visitor, and naturally assumed, that Eastcliff Richard, was making a comment of sorts by taking his site down, which seemed a tad extreme. Inquisitive as ever, I made contact with Eastcliff's office, and eventually spoke to the man himself, who informed me over the sound of a passing jumbo jet, that, his site had been hacked.

So it looks as if, blogging is taking a nasty turn, with personal threats to Simon Moores family and now criminal damage, Eastcliff Richards website.

Frankly if I were either of these two authors, I would consider reporting these incidents to the police, since threats to family are beyond any genuine criticism, as is the destruction of websites. To the perpetrators I would suggest, that they are in need of a psychological help at the very least.

I hope that both of contributors to the local blog community, continue to enlighten us in the future, since free speech is a fundamental right, that even in the backwaters of Thanet, it is worth preserving, particularly in the light frequent attempts to pervert free speech, as recently seen with the British Olympic team, when officials wished to gag athletes in China this summer.

Finally to those who threaten or commit crimes, against bloggers, get help, in Britain unlike many other places such as China free speech is allowed except by complete morons. Bloggers spend many hours contributing to free speech, and if you don't like what I say you have a choice my support goes to both Simon and Eastcliff who have been subject to criminal activity ie threats to family and criminal damage. Hope to see you both back soon.


The chances are, that by now you have rumbled the fact, that I'm not as informed as I might like to think I am. So maybe you can help me on this one, if you care to look at the accompanying pictures you will see what appears on the face of it, some ambitious land grab by developers, which I'm sure is not the case. However since at the time of taking these pictures there were no signs, I have a tendency to think the worst, no doubt there is valid reason for fencing in large sections of pavement along the Eastern Esplanade in Cliftonville.

I'm sure even with our easy going, compliant planning department, you cannot just fence off bus stops and pavements, can you? particularly not under the gaze of Thanets spy cameras?

Monday, February 11, 2008

What a nightmare

I must get more sleep, the alarm went off, at 6 this morning, as ever the news headlines were read out, the country now has 2 million foreign workers, a half a million British workers on the dole since 2005, RAF nimrod spy planes picking up West Midlands accents in Afghanistan (the Talibrum), the Archbishop fails to withdraw remarks or resign over sharia law and police are being swamped by a crime wave emanating from our highly valued new workforce.

I turned over, went back to sleep,(I'm on nights) phew what a nightmare, if someone could wake me up, after the politicians have woken, I would appreciate.

Migration has changed this country, fundamentally, in the last five years, just when will our politicians address the issues of schools, medical services etc. and crime.

Reference to politicians ignoring the elephant in the room, are much over done, but blimey there seemed to be a bloody herd on this morning radio 4's Today programme.

Roger Gale Backs Doctors against Patients?

Is it me, or have the Tories become less than concerned, over the plight of that rare breed, that is, the British taxpayer. I only ask as a reaction to one of Roger Gale's many " Press releases", which from time to time, allow publishers, to fill up another centimetre or two in their newspapers, his latest being rather disappointing, which I would catagorize as a " Doctor knows best" sort of opinion.

The subject of the press release was Roger Gales support for General Practitioners, he acknowledges Labour incompetence(more than deserved) in awarding doctors a rise in pay for doing less but then goes on to suggest that individual practices are best placed to determine opening hours.

Roger Gale along with his Tory pals seems always to side with what one might refer to as establishment figures. Surely its time that Tories went back to their roots as far as looking after the taxpayer, since taxpayers are more likely to vote than those who sit in front of the telly all day or waddle around town, wondering when the next benefits cheque will arrive.

Is it possible that Roger Gale in common with many people in this country sees the NHS as some sort of mysticle beneficent organisation which should not be interfered with. To me the NHS is another service which I pay for in tax contributions, and since the customer, you and I, are paying for it, we ought to be able to see a doctor at our convenience, particularly as I understand that many doctors now trouser the best part of £150,000 a year before "private work". I work weekends and evenings for considerably less, why can't GPs.

And whilst I'm on the subject its voters, that pay bills and elect MPs.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Working together for who?

As we are digesting the depressingly familiar news that our council taxes, will once again be increased by around five per cent, Thanet council are doing their utmost too raise our spirits.

Looks like local bureaucrats are sparing no expense, in softening the blow of the their latest hideous creation, Gateway Plus which if you are not familiar happens to be a library crossed with a tax collection and benefits advice service, having all the ambience of a post office queue.I guess that Thanet District Council are getting some adverse feedback from their new enterprise which looks more like the result of an appalling genetic experiment, which would explain why, they have spent big money on promoting it, with this week's Thanet Extra, along with Kent Council they have paid for, what is known as a wrap, that is the first and last two pages of the paper given over to advertising and promotion, in this case of special events and entertainment to convince us, that a massive mistake has not been made in creating this monster(Gateway Plus).

It seems local authorities have no limits on the amount of money that they can spend in self promotion, and buying patronage with the local press, it's just a pity that the money runs out for museums and libraries.

Incidentally I checked with the sales department of the KM and I understand that a the ballpark figure for this type of advertising would be around £3500 which of course would not include artwork and in this case the entertainment being laid on.


It's been a while since my last blog, since much of my time has been spent driving to and from work, then perhaps my comments ought to concern traffic.

Those of us who drive round our isle of Thanet, will be only too aware of the appalling traffic hold ups around the island, so it was reassuring to see reports that Paul Carter (Kent Council leader) would be spending £0.5 million on feasibility study to improve traffic, however on closer inspection, this money is all going on some grandiose project to build a new crossing over the Thames.

In fairness work is starting on a new road for Westwood but it would appear that Paul Carter, is once again wasting local taxpayers' money, on schemes and projects that will be a little benefit to us in the east of the county.

Just as a refresher, here are some of the strange expenses of Kent County council (Tories), broadband TV around 1,500,000 pounds, 6,500,000 pounds on advertising, 50 people sent on an expenses paid trip to Washington last year.

Just as an indication of the mentality of those who sort these things out for us, at Kent highways, we are informed on the KCC website that once the new roads have been built, traffic calming measures will be introduced into Haine road presumably to bollix things up, again.

I get the impression that Paul Carter leader of Kent Tories, is more concerned with leaving some grandiose legacy behind him, when presumably he retires from governing Kent, rather than the tedious business providing services and infrastructure for the people of Kent.

I imagine that Paul Carter will probably have a knighthood or peerage before local residents of the isle see a proper dual carriageway into the centre of Thanet. Thanet is probably the only major population centre in Kent, not to have adequate road links, but rather than sort this out, Kent Tories prefer to obsess over the county's motorway network.