Monday, February 23, 2015

Ukippers it's how politics is

No big surprise watching last nights "Ukippers", the BBC's documentary exposing Thanet South UKIP. The documentary makers got what I assume they came for, a particularly outrageous example of irrational racism, from Cllr Rozanne Duncan.

I get the impression that UKIP bods have been on their best behaviour, while being filmed, still if you point a camera long enough you'll get what you're after.  I imagine some many many hours eventually they hit journalistic pay dirt as Rozanne came out with, what is to most of us I guess complete bollix.

Anyway it shows how politics is, run by ordinary people, not professionals, so sometimes  theysay what they think or talk utter bollix, I dare say if you'd point a camera long enough at Labour or Conservatives you'd come up with some similar outrage, and if you didn't notice members of both of those parties have, since the last local election, each had a member make shocking homophobic comments.

I've certainly heard racist comments from UKIP politicians, and I'm sure the public is more than aware that some Ukippers are from the dregs,  BNP, NF and similar. However how will people vote in the General Election, those who are sick and tired of the dominance and subversion of British interest by the European Union led by Merkel.

It's a tough choice, Ukip are offering to cut us free from Europe, Cameron Clegg and Milliband have done nothing to stop our British democracy being slowly dismantled by undemocratic Eurocrats.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Have we finally gone mad

This is just a personal observation, but have we all gone mad Julian Assange the wikeleaks boss is subject to an extradition warrant from Sweden, resulting from accusations of sex crimes naturally he has done what any normal man would, faced with such accusations.

Yes who wouldn't immediately head for the Ecuadorian embassy the outpost of a little known south american country that is so insignificant most of us wouldn't know whether or not it was democratic or like most places in the world bent as a nine Bob note.

What has Mr Assange, got to fear from a democratic country such as Sweden.

More importantly why is the British tax payer left paying £10,000,000
so far for policemen to stand outside on the off chance he leaves the embassy.

Time to send in the SAS I think.