Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Road opens to chaos

I see that KMonline are reporting utter chaos as part of the new East Kent Access road is open.

Do Kent highways ever get things right, while the new road will undoubtably eventually improve Thanet's links to the outside world, it seems as with so much here in East Kent to be poorly managed and a little late, by the time it's fully operational most of Pfizer's will have gone.

Thanet traffic misery, seems unavoidable, Westwood Cross is as bad as ever, even more worrying for me will be the building of Tesco-on-sea just along Marine Terrace, which for much of the day will become a hideous traffic jam.

Thanet council and their lacklustre colleagues at Kent Highways seam incapable of coherent planning.

Already TDC have agreed to a thousand plus houses at Westwood and are now trying to add to the misery by allowing house building on adjacent land currently designated for industry.

Why can't Kent council work together and try a little strategic thinking I just hope they haven't cocked up my route to and from work.

Anyway enjoy the heatwave where god intended stuck in slow moving traffic jam.

Did they ever? Crikey

I must say this item in todays i newspaper, I found quite a surprise, basically it reports that Palestinians have lost faith in Tony Blair's role as Middle East peace broker.

It's touching that long suffering Palestinians, ever did trust him.

Back in 1967, Israel did quite rightly what it had to, in order to protect itself, forty years later there is no excuse for them to hold onto land taken then.

Palestine also has a right to exist, as much as any nation, it's not good enough that America and her allies assist Israel's long term strategy, which is to hang on to the occupied lands, and imprison the people of Palestine.

Apparently Blair doesn't agree with Palestine's demand to be recognised, an odd position to take from the man who gave Scotland and Wales their own assemblies, which if it isn't already seen as such, will one day be noted as the pivotal point in the break up of the United Kingdom.

The thing about Tony Blair is he seeks approval from those he sees as more powerful than he, which goes a long way to explain Iraq, Afghanistan, his upgrade in religious affiliations and did I hear-right godfather to one of the Murdoch's.

I understand why some sections of the Labour party admire him having been the only successful Labour leader in recent times, pity he didn't look to have much time for social justice.

The Middle East needs a fair minded strong individual with the balls to stand up for what's right.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Still nobody takes responsibility Kent’s Child Care failings

excellent downgradeBBC report that KCC are making significant improvements to child care and lord knows they need to. For details of how they’ve improved things click to read the BBC local news report.

Still no news, as to who within Kent County Council is responsible for placing children at risk of significant harm, I suppose we will never be told, as KCC seems committed to side stepping this for reasons, we will have to guess.

So just where does ” the buck stop “ on this issue? Will Paul Carter ever sort out that enquiry as to what happened?

Finally KCC have a least had the decency and honesty to drop the claim to perform excellently, a bit of an exaggeration given the seemingly endless er… cock ups unfortunate occurrences, with staff, media, money and by far the worst children's services, I must say it would be difficult not to put Kent first, seeing as its on the stationary.Slogan remove

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Opulence and Public Service

Driving down London's, Euston Road en route to or from work, for a while now I've been curious as to what rich probably uncaring entity, could afford to occupy a rather striking, opulent, brightly lit building between Euston and St Pancras

Due to the traffic congestion, I eventually spotted the signage for Unison (public sector union) and wonder how this brash glass and concrete building fits into the role representing Unison as the embodiment of hard done by, selfless, caring, public sector workers.

I know I'm cynical of those whose jobs are funded by the taxpayer, and frankly take the view that the majority in the public sector don't know half of what goes on in the commercial world, I'm only too aware that in the wider economy, workers have few if any rights, and ignoring rights is rife in the commercial world.

In the last week or so there have been a couple of examples of extreme abuse both concerning slave labour admittedly rare, although exploitation of migrant labour is commonplace, just where Unisons heart is in relation to such matters, I don't know, but do know where their home is and its one of the more expensive parts of London.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

BBC Regional politics from elsewhere

BBC interviews itself
Not often I watch the Politics Show South East, today I did, despite having some interest in politics, this programme rarely has any truly local politics and today was no different tried and tested, it follows a tired and predictable path, a subject that could cover any region and more often than not a Westminster politician or two.

This weeks bland approach was enhanced by that more than irritating technique in which BBC reporter ask another what they think? Who cares?

I get the impression that the role of political correspondents, in the regions is a sort of apprenticeship and that one day they’ll get the chance to bore us witless with clichéd thinking on the main BBC news.

Delving into regional politics, the nitty-gritty end of reporting local government seems beneath the BBC, so why don’t they buy in local talent from local newspapers and use reporters who know local issues.

One item BBC South East have brushed aside is the challenge to Cllr Paul Carters leadership of Kent Conservatives and the Council, fortunately local press still report as is the case in todays, Kent on Sunday, who reveal that one Kent Council Cabinet member Kevin Lynes reckons it’s the wrong time to challenge the leader, still he would say that wouldn’t he.

I know this subject is boring but so is regional reporting from BBC South East and their failure to be part of or report the local democratic process.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Doctor Crossing the Line

gods viewFollowing a complaint to the GMC that Dr Scott from the Bethesda Medical Centre,  Margate, bought Jesus into the conversation during a consultation has been interpreted as “crossing the line”.

Exactly what that line might be is beyond me, in these days of multiculturalism, we/us have to celebrate/respect/endure all kinds of belief/culture systems, myself I believe in equality/fairness/honesty and (irrationally) Santa.

I can imagine, how disconcerting it must be for a patient, to have a doctor who is able to depart from the normal brusque conversation, of the average medic, and to expand into theological areas but so what, just nod and say nothing keep calm (it will be alright).

As a cynic I can get by, without some deity giving me the heads up on morality, right and wrong and all that malarkey (no diss to Jesus or the others) . I suppose it’s possible, that a patient could be so in awe of their medic, that they could make an irrational choice of belief system, as a result of advice from the doctor.

I find the thought of a doctor spouting on religion an irritant, but so long as it doesn’t conflict with clinical judgement, does it matter.  I’d rather doctors had a personality and that the GMC, lobby for patients to have greater choice of who their doctor is, so next time one converse’s on a touchy subject the patient can just say “next please” and choose a doc more too their liking.

I made my choice or rational decision, not to believe in god, many years ago as a child, watching documentaries on the “Great War”  or the Holocaust in which millions died prematurely, since then war and atrocities' have come and gone, Pol Pot in Cambodia or “Srebrenica” and “9/11” and still people have faith, I don’t understand, nor do I wish too, its what makes us human.

Still I think the Bethesda, is one of the few remaining practices that doesn’t use an 0844 phone number, saving patients who use mobile phones inflated call charges, unlike mine, maybe the GMC are being a tad trivial, still I’m not god.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Turner Contemporary No room for Protest Art

cutting artThis might well be a what is art? type posting, a pointless discussion of personal preference. Anyhow readers of the Guardian’s Culture Cuts blog by Mark Brown, might have been mildly disappointed, to find that a selection of placards, used recently during a TUC “cuts” protest were not on display at the Turner Contemporary’s latest show.culture cuts blogAccording to a posting in  “Culture Cuts” blog (only the Guardian could have one), posters were to have gone on display from the London anti-cuts demo back in March. This apparently all changed when the gallery ran out of space as detailed in the latest entry of Culture Cuts blog.saveourplacardsA group from Goldsmiths college who have organised a “Save our Placards” project, are understandably let down, in fact Mark Brown’s blog posting reports Guy Atkins one of the students involved in the project referring to "a massive disappointment".

For myself, I’m also a bit miffed, I can’t do a blog posting on whether there is room to reflect politics in art galleries, but as a liberal myself, I suppose its a passion and that motivates art.

Still as I mentioned earlier, the “Nothing in the world but YOUTH” show does reflect a fair bit of angst and there is a reflection of protest in the exhibition.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BBC South East CENSORSHIP? & Kent Leadership challenge?

tvHow would you know (you may well not) that Conservative Leader in Kent Council Paul Carter, was being likely to be challenged for the leadership of his party and consequently the political leader of the Kent Council, an organisation with around a two billion pound spend, who deal with local education, roads, social services and all those tentacles of government that actually effect you personally.

Well you would know if you read This is Kent Website or Paul Francis KM online, however if you get news from the BBC south east, forget about it.

Imagine a leadership challenge to David Cameron, and BBC news, just cannot be bother to report it, you cant, so why do we put up with it, at what is still an important regional level?

Its not that BBC don’t have the resources, it’s just they choose not to report on regional politics, which of course seems a bit stupid, image a time when at national level the leader of major political party is challenged and state funded journalists refuse to cover or mention it.

So why is it that BBC South East decide to keep us in the dark. What else gets put on the back burner by South East journalist?

BBC south east do, do politics, unfortunately, the only regional link though is generally some dead beat local MP who gets asked about a national issue, which merely replicates BBC national news.

Why they do this, I assume that it is because it is easier, than going to county hall and sitting down and listening to turgid meetings or censorship.

Every few months, when the taxpayer funded broadcaster, fails to report on major political stories, I email or phone BBC regional flunkies, a pointless exercise I know, sometimes fobbed off with a response from some minion with an epic corporate vocabulary or utter bollix.

Still if someone from the BBC would explain why they can devote less resources to cover local democracy that is wasted on the weather I will be happy to give them the oxygen of publicity. Perhaps Mick Rawsthorne (Regional Manager) would like to email me an answer, it would I think be a first.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How Kent Council could give multi million boost to East Kent Economy

As closure of Pfizer gets closer, I just wonder what KCC, is doing to help the economy apart from lending out the Council Leader to head up the “Task force” and it occurred to me that over the years the West of Kent has benefitted quite considerably from money harvested from East Kent taxpayers.

Much of Kent’s bureaucrats do whatever they do based in Maidstone and the West of Kent, and prompted by this thought I checked out this web page which gives some headline figures, of just how much it costs to shuffle papers and indulge ego’s in administering the goings on Kent council.

Now like you, I’d it expect the sums involved to run into millions but crikey (and their is a recession on) the budget for Management, support services and corporate overheads is running at a humongous £103,000,000.00 for this financial year (not sure whether this figure also includes dubious Fat Cat bonuses and credit card bills).

cheap at half the costNow what I’m thinking, is this, much of the money we pay in Tax subsidies, affluent West Kent, now if Paul Carter (Conservative Leader of Kent council and the Pfizer Taskforce supremo) could, if he actually gave a toss for this area, investigate the sell off of all those palatial offices in Maidstone and West Kent and relocation to the Pfizer site or even a partial relocation so that local East Kent money stayed here and helped boost the economy.

A bit of a tall order, particularly given the poor performance of Conservative county councillors, in representing local interests, most of whom quietly take their “allowance” and accept the status quo.

Just think if half this money was spent, round here £50 million, it wouldn’t replace Pfizer but it would be a start.

On the plus side, some of Paul Carters colleagues, now admit that, times up for their leader, so maybe Kent council will change in direction.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Youth comes to Margate, Turner Contemporary and I go to Vue

new turnerMarvellous, joyous and er … well no doubt a few more superlatives could be thrown in the direction of Turner Contemporary with their second Exhibition “Nothing in the World But YOUTH”

Unlike the “Revealed” show this one has more than one contribution from an artist, I, in my somewhat sheltered life have heard of. Turner again was represented, with some oil painting, and 4 watercolours/sketches anyway being the latest Thanet blogger to comment I’d go to Michael Child for an expert opinion, Luke Edwards mentions one of his faves (Dexter Dalwood) being exhibited on his Thanet Waves blog well I mentioned Banksy and will probably remain disappointed for the foreseeable future.

Well for myself I was pleased to see a youthful contribution from Andy Warhol, I’m guessing before he got the job designing soup cans, anyhow it was pleasing to see how busy the place was, even more so now that much of the moaning has ceased, in the local press. The TC has had over 230,000 visitors since opening and more than 3,500 this weekend, well done.

Still I suppose we will see a spike in “Turner what a load of rubbish, blah, blah,” type letters in the local press, from middle aged gits like me. My favourite was a few weeks ago from some senior Bat residing in Birchington, “ I live in Birchington, all my friends had told me how dreadful Turner Contemporary was, I always suspected it would be rubbish, last week I visited, it was as I believed rubbish” , I felt like writing to the Gazette or whatever paper and giving a youthful reply along the lines “why the F*** did you bother going or indeed compounding your misery by writing to the local paper?”

I have to say that maybe YOUTH as depicted, did lean a bit on the angst side of things so maybe the old Bat from Birchington, will be more comfortable with this show.inbetweeners

ameleeStill I felt it lacked a bit of the uplifting innocence of youth or rawer yoof type preoccupations, which fortunately were more than represented in my choice of viewing this weekend (no work) Friday I dug out a DVD “Amelie” and on Saturday went to Vue at Westwood to catch the ” Inbetweeners” movie,coarse, bad taste, brilliant a laugh from start to finish.

PS Why did Vue, make me sit through 25 minutes of adverts for condoms, beer and more booze, next time the yoof at the counter says “senior” I shall say yes please, and save myself some money. I recon pro rata Vue had about £4 out of me to watch bloody adverts, if only I was younger

Thank you for reading

Its not often I ask you for anything, today is an exception, I post this stuff and some of you indulge me, with comments etc, of course, some just click through to see how rude or critical I may have been, in the last week or so.


As you get this gratis, maybe you could do something, this month Macmillan hold the “WORLD’S BIGGEST COFFEE MORNING” on Friday September 30th perhaps you could go along to one of their events, or if not donate some wonger here.

I doubt that anyone reading, will have been untouched by cancer in some way, for me although some time ago the death of my eldest sister, is as raw as ever when I’m reminded.

I know I've mentioned this before but it was a  Macmillan nurse, who had the ability to explain the severity of my eldest sister's illness, herself a nurse/midwife, simple enough, I suppose but not something her doctor could manage despite, my sister having only a hours to live, anyway Macmillan allowed my sister, to make the most of her remaining time . 

Without that intervention, my sister might not have had the chance to spend a final few hours with family. Macmillan are expert in cancer care and practical advice and go beyond what is possible for the NHS.

I always bung in a fiver whenever I see a collection tin, etc,  something you might consider, hopefully you’ll never need Macmillan but perhaps one day you’ll find yourself needing advice and support to cope with cancer.

I hope this wont result in extradition?

theyre on to me

Crikey! I hope the comments (re Alex Salmond) in my previous posting don’t result in an international arrest warrant, courtesy of the Scottish Parliament, too late to backtrack.

Sometimes in an idle moment I trawl through, details from “sitemeter” which give details of vistor numbers, page visits and all that malarkey. Also attached to the detail are search word terms used to arrive via google etc, assuming its not one of my regulars.(incidentally this does not give information that would identify someone but does occasionally identify large organisations like BBC, News International etc.)search em

Anyhoo it seems that someone in Scottish Parliament, has found it necessary to look up references to the First Minister, I just wonder if Salmond demands a summary of what if anything has been written about him in the press when he gets into the office.scotlands town hallI just think it is sad, that the SNP are committed to the break up of the Union and full independence, just imagine how insignificant both England, Scotland, Wales and NI will be in Europe let alone the World.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Alex Salmond Smug?

alex salmondOne of the few reasons I still buy The Sunday Times, are the views expressed by correspondent Rod Liddle, who’s words frequently, express what I feel.

Today was no exception, Mr Liddle was affronted by the unexpected appearance of Scotland’s First Minister on his television, “that smirking morass of Caledonian self-satisfaction Alex Salmond suddenly appeared on my  screen during a brief news segment—a ball of flatulent smuggery……..

Apparently the First Minister was wittering on about better employment figures than in England, however (no surprise) the great man failed to mention the contribution made by British taxpayers as whole,  who receive significantly less than the £10,212 of public money per person as in Scotland.

I glad I'm not the only one who doesn’t  see why the rest of Britain has to subsidise Scotland’s medicine and students, particularly galling is the fact that Scotland as I understand it offers tuition free places at Universities to EU students from outside England. Which of course is the indicative of the sort of hostility that Scottish Nationalist have for a long time tried to manufacture against the rest of Britain.

I’d like to see Scotland pay its own way without dipping into my pocket, I wish I could link to that story,but you’ll either have to buy the paper, or be a subscriber to their internet pages.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Post Number 1501 Is there anything left to say?

dont do itYes plenty, I just notice that according to Blogger Dashboard, my last posting was number 1500, after estimating a word count at around 675,000 or the hours 2250 consumed (since starting) assuming I spend an hour and a half on each “masterpiece”.

Of course a rational appraisal of all this might, suggests an obsessive personality, who in their right mind would devote 90 plus days of their last five years to blogging, well in my defence I’m not a train spotter, and I don’t go fishing (why spend hours getting cold and wet when you can go to Tesco’s).

I’m surprised, people read this stuff, I read blogs myself sometimes for information, news, and occasionally entertainment but mostly to see how I compare and whether there is anything worth filching  learning, from others.

If you are a serious consumer of news media, one thing you will note is how much professional journalists have in common with sheep, they talk and think in clichés, an example, in live broadcast news, reporters and news presenter/anchor, act like vacuous idiots, time is wasted as  exchange pleasantries followed by repeating and agreeing to whatever the each other have to say.

Anyhow I like to say what I want, when I want, not always appreciated, KCC certainly don’t like it, TDC aren’t to keen, politicians get particularly offended, Labour don’t like it when you point out how they deserted their traditional supporters, Conservatives don’t like it when you point out the disgraceful waste of your money in Kent.

Currently one particular bee in my bonnet, is the seemingly casual interpretation of what constitutes legitimate use of taxpayer money of course we are use to MP’s helping themselves to liberal amounts of hospitality and expenses but then there are those other niggling little issues, things like Kent Police Authority who currently appear to be supporting a political campaign against government policy or similarly Citizens Advice Bureau locally seems to be proactive in supporting one particularly councillor.

I appreciate that few would spend as much time as I and given the limits of english resulting in part from Kent’s abysmal secondary education and I suppose my own shortcomings. Still I feel my time better spent on this than vegetating in front of the warm glow of the telly.

So what’s left without wishing to encourage the cranks, there are many things which are kept out of mainstreams of media, politics in Kent is very poorly reported by the State Broadcaster BBC, and issues such as the right of Palestine to be recognised by the UN are dealt with in a very biased way.

Blogging is not without risk, and sometimes I think, don’t do it, I rarely resist pressing the publish button, if it’s honest truthful, why not, of course the why not, comes in when say a company, working on behalf of KCC sends you letter, claiming you’ve defamed them. This might explain that as well 1501 published postings there are another 39 sort of pending.

Without appealing to cranks, it is certainly the case that there exists an “establishment”  who are more than prepared to use and abuse the positions.

Till next time.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Union Fat Cat List

Us worker ants often draw comfort that there is someone out there fighting our corner,  although some of us are a tad more cynical, the concept that we're "all in this together" when facing years of bleak economic performance, rarely holds up when we see, the rich get richer, like crooks, politicians, bankers, chief execs and union bosses.

What chance a politician, banker, chief exec and now union bosses, seeing things from our perspective, anyway surely there must be someone who understands, how to get along on modest incomes, well maybe.

How about Britain's union bosses, well maybe not, if Taxpayers Alliance "Trade Union Rich List" figures are anything to go on, take as an example, Derek Simpson of Unite, who trousered £510,659 or Dave Prentis of Unison on £131,496 admittedly the pay when compared to say local authority Fat Cats doesn't seem unreasonable, but I cannot help thinking it would be an idea for union leaders to have similar pay levels to their members something which ought to apply to the majority of members of Parliament .unionrichlist
Wouldn't it be marvelous if for instance, the next time a union boss went into negotiations for their members, they were, as close to the edge, as those they represent. As I type it's certainly true that union bosses are lining up strike action to protect their members, they'll be only too willing to fight tooth and nail with members taking the hit by losing pay and or jobs.

The one thing that overwhelms me is that unions, could act in a responsible/realistic way, as occurs in the commercial world, moneys short contractors/suppliers take a hit, but keep their livelihoods, in the public sector additional jobs are created, in the good times and shrink in the bad and unions bosses instead of being unrealistically greedy on behalf of members, they could probably cut deals where members take a small cut in income,  saving jobs and distress and of course we save those "front-line services" we here so much about.

Just's imagine if pay for MP's was linked tightly,  perhaps 1 ½ times the pay of manual workers (it is tough to sit on you bottom and spout bollix), maybe the country would be a better place and maybe MP's would not have been so complicit, in allowing industry to have replaced British workers with easily exploited East Europoeans.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to School

ho11I had someone comment, that maybe I blog to frequently, and they have a point, so anyhow yesterday I was in sombre “back to school” mood, so tonight I shall stop badgering officials and just post up some holiday snaps.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Bleak Future for local press

the futureIt’s sometimes said that no news is good news, well myself I’m not to sure, and reading this article from the Independent, which speculates on the future of Kent’s local press.

Some of you will be aware of Kent Messengers proposed takeover of Kent Regional Newspaper titles which include locally the Gazette and Times, many will not be aware because neither newspaper publishers have chosen to discuss it other than a bland notice, the outcome will almost certainly be decided with no reference to the public.

While its understandable that local publishers would be reluctant to discuss their own interests, it is not as far as I know, an issue in which state broadcaster BBC has not bothered to discuss, despite BBC’s claims to be unique etc.

Assuming KM Group acquire a monopoly of local newspapers, they will be able to charge, what they like for advertising with no comparable competition, and of course they will be the only professional news gatherers in Kent’s districts, so news gathering will be dependant on the whim of the management of KM since there will no longer be any alternative to judge them by.

The Independent is saying that industry experts, expect the Office of Fair Trade, to allow the deal to go through, without of course, any proper debate, as I’ve already mentioned, local publishers have pretty much remained schtum, and no surprise the regional BBC Kent or South East haven’t covered the issue, they simply don’t have the competitive journalistic skills or  understanding of the implications locally or indeed nationally, as its clear that if KM group get the go ahead, it will set a precedent  that other newspaper publishers will be anxious to replicate, regional monopolies, across the country.

Finally when did you last see (for readers in Thanet) the KM Extra? I’ve not seen a copy for some time although the last one I saw, gave no evidence that Kent Messenger Group had much of an investment in news gathering.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kent Police Authority, self perpetuating disgrace?–and non rape?

This week, a BBC report highlighted the rather disturbing news that here in Kent, our Kent police service classified 30% of rape allegations as, “non crimes”, this is the worst in the country.

Of course Kent police put up, some technical argument, as to why they appear to be so awful, which goes to prove one thing, and that, is this, they have a well resourced public relations office to protect managers, senior officers, so when your robbed, assaulted, burgled or raped at least there will always be, an almost plausible excuse, as to why Kent police are not as good as they should be.

Kent police are overseen by Kent Police Authority, who you would think, since they represent you and I, might stand up for the public and express concern, indeed you would like to think that Anne Barnes, as Chair of KPA would in representing you and I be asking the Chief Constable Ian Learmonth to explain.

Do Anne Barnes and Ian Learmonth, actually expect the public to believe that almost  3 in 10 women are inventing crimes? I don’t suppose it could be anything to do with Kent police making their clear up rate look better by er “reviewing” and then as a result finding “rape being categorised as a 'no crime'”.

TAX PAYER FUNDED POLITICS FROM KPA?taxpayer funded political view
This weekend Kent on Sunday carries a report on page 10, suggesting that the Kent Police Authority is making political moves at the taxpayers expenses, as if…, well I know that Kent Council frequently use their press office to promote allsorts of nonsense making the Conservative look better than they are.

Kent seems to me to be a sort of political Bermuda Triangle in which Tories have become sort of vaguely bonkers lefties, with ever more cranky ways to waste money, whether it’s pay vast sums of money to Fat Cats or opening up its own pointless health service or dabbling in the Arts (Kent TV). Best of all is witnessing how time and again Kent’s Conservative leader looks to be  fighting his own party on issues like education or the pointless self serving (In my opinion) Kent Police Authority.

Is it just me, well apparently not, even Conservatives are miffed, as you can appreciate I’m not a regular reader of ConservativeHome /Local Government website but this posting is pretty much how I feel referring to a recent statement from the authority  mentions “intemperate and highly political language used is not something that should have been put out at taxpayer's expense” I couldn’t agree more.consevative mainstream
Anne Barnes blogs on Huffington post, in which she has quite bit to say about keeping the police authority and surprisingly little about Kent police and non crimes.

Finally Anne Barnes, might like to tell us what the authority does for a change, other than promote itself, has she as chair ever taken the Chief Constable to task on such things as the controversial policing methods used by Kent police, or indeed will she be seeking something a bit more substantial than a press officers explanation as to the Kent police’s  almost one in three alleged rapes being “non rapes”.

PS We’re not all stupid, surely it is time for Anne Barnes and her colleagues on the police authority to prove that they actually do a proper job of making Kent Police accountable.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Labour driven to distraction

Having a quick catch up  back from hols (see last post) , on what's what and whats not, something you cannot access from abroad are the letter pages of the local papers, reading through last weeks Gazette, I see the highly popular Labour bod Cllr  Ian Driver was at it again, sending a letter that is, last week, he seemed quite vexed about what TDC was doing for the homeless.

Cllr Driver's plee was for more social housing whilst apparently criticising TDC, it seems he is unaware of how recently Cllr Clive Hart's Labour Party fought against social housing.  No surprise that it appears tensions are rising with the new boy.

Strangely news of Ian Driver's popularity within the Labour Party filtered as far away, as my holiday retreat, with news that at least one comrade having made, what I'm sure would have been a flattering comment about Ian Driver, was asked if he'd like repeat it, outside a recent Labour get together . I understand that the meeting Chairman Peter Campbell rather spoiled the moment highlighting the correct etiquette for such gatherings.

Unfortunately news of a kerfuffle reached me as I and Mrs Me were about to finish off a bottle of gin and dress for our last dinner before returning to Blighty, so I didn't blog it at the time. The grim details are available here from the Gazette. (ThisisKent)

Anyhoo Clive Hart is oblivious to any discord judging by his twitter stream, I reckon he could pep things up a bit, perhaps by reporting such things as "dust-up averted by Peter Campbell at tonights Labour Party meeting"
Still if, Ian Driver leaves the Labour Group he could join up with the Tories since both have shown an interest in social housing unlike Clive Hart's group.

Finally I have to say that I'm a bit miffed that Cllr Driver couldn't be bothered to reply to my invitation to contribute to Bignews Margate, I though he would given his high standards and demands for everyone else to jump through hoops.

Postcard from Andalucia

Just back from my hols, managed a couple of blogs whilst away, but eventually I though why bother, when there were more important distractions, such as whether to have a beer or another bottle wine.

A few issues seemed too trivial to comment on such as nurses apparently wearing clothes with the legend "Do not Disturb" ( a clear indication of all that's wrong with the NHS and the contempt for patients ). 

I've had a good holiday, despite Thomson fly, er not flying, until 14 hours after they were due to, my last package holiday was similarly screwed up by Monarch, so this time I booked for 11 nights with the hope I might get 10, it worked, I would like to thank First Choice part of Thomson and TUI for giving a clear explanation, but " There's a slight delay due to hurricane Irene" followed by "The flight cancelled as the Hotel's closed" (What? ) then "The flight is cancelled because the airport is closed" (Easyjet and Monarch still listing it as a valid destination) ,  "The crew are out of hours" ( "That old Chestnut" remarked someone claiming to be an off duty Thomson staff member|) and finally closer to the truth "We couldn't get a crew"( it was a bank holiday weekend).

Waking up this morning at home, despite thinking that the air-con is a bit harsh, and finding the breakfast choice not so varied and the self service a bit more, hands on, I feel fully refreshed and at least I can have a cup of Earl Grey, marvelous! I shall be reading the papers.

I'm lucky I know, many never get to travel and although this is the first proper holiday in about 3 years I am privileged. 

Friday, September 02, 2011

Proms protest - How dreadful

I read today in my edition of the Times ( I'm taking advantage of a free trial app) that last night a performance by the Israel philharmonic orchestra, part of the Proms was interrupted by civil rights protesters supporting Palestinians and BBC radio three had to cancel a live broadcast.

Not surprisingly concert goers were understandably miffed, the Times reported the audience shouted "this is nothing do with music " and a board member of BBC's World Sevice Trust was "absolutely devastated" and who could blame them.

Still as member of the big society (the Human Race) , I have to say, depriving a nation of it's identity, occupying and confiscating it's land, demolishing people's home's, imprisoning it's people has nothing to do with music, civilised conduct or indeed humanity.

As for war crimes such as targeting and murdering United Nations observers or using helicopters to assassinate opponents along with civilians or attacking schools, refusing medical supplies to Palestinians and every new incident leaves me "absolutely devastated".

I'm not a great believer in direct action, however such protest does raise awareness, would we have any civil rights without people prepared to make a nuisance.

Israel has a right to defend itself I don't think that entitles it to occupy Palestine or acquire the homes and land of Palestinians or indulge in war crimes.

My protest at Israel's government shameful treatment of Palestine is via the odd mention on this blog or not buying fruit and veg produced in "Israel".

Should I do more, probably but reminding people from time to time, that despite the veneer of respectability, successive Israeli governments have done nothing but oppress Palestinians.

PS yes there are worse regimes but not many and no I'm not antisemitic although usually that is how Israel's military propaganda portray such concern.

PPS. As I write this I'm listening to my mp3 player I'd be more than happy if someone were to interupt my listening with news that Israel had agreed to honest negotiations in line with UN resolutions.