Saturday, November 23, 2013

"I’m doing some – somewhat vague – research" says BBC Bod referring to Blunkett's views

I often get emails from people wanting some insight into what goes on in these parts, little do they realise how shallow my knowledge is, including the BBC researcher who emailed me this week.

The Mail yesterday gave the government a rather blunt wake up call, as we all know most of us are profoundly disturbed by the levels of migration of last decade, concerned by the future schooling of our children, worried about overwhelmed health and welfare systems and bemused by the lack of any open honest debate about the implications.

Clearly the government controlled BBC, has chosen not to rock the boat, in recent times by reporting the facts on migration except when it reflects or supports a "liberal" view that we should celebrate mass migration for some vague utopian view that we have been culturally enriched ignoring our oversubscribe health, education and welfare services.

My own knowledge of Roma is pretty much zero, I sometimes walk or cycle through Northdown Rd, or central Margate and perhaps it's me but I find groups of men congregating on street corners shouting across streets up to people hanging out of windows nothing if not least alien upto intimidating, whether they are Roma or not I do not know or care.

According to the Express 3,000 Roma people have set up home in Margate already, several questions pop up in my mind, how do they support themselves? and secondly assuming the figure is true, why have none of the local newspapers such as the Gazette or Extra ever addressed the issue, obviously it's not a issue the BBC Radio Kent, would cover because of their inherent bias.

Anyhow I had a chat, with the researcher who'd contacted me, because of the incredible tolerance inherent in we British , I myself have heard little if anything of concern other than the unease of having an area which appears to have a non-english population with non-British customs.

What do you think, I pointed the researcher toward Cllr Clive Hart, Labour leader since its his area, and of course he and his Labour party colleagues are responsible for the social experiment represented in Cliftonville.

Along with Blunkett and the Daily Mail I have serious concerns, Britain is overcrowded, and no control over its boarders, and is subservient to Brussels, helped by cretinous affluent "liberals" who dont have to chase employment, or compete for school spaces, health services with migrants who have little connection cultural or otherwise with Britain.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Will Scobie speaks bollix? and the BBC let him?

Some of you, who still have the ability to think and question,  will have been offended by Labours Cllr Will Scobie had you watched the Sunday Politics show on BBC.

Why you ask, well once again BBC South East bias appeared to be in evidence ( in my opinion) when Scobie was allowed to infer that UKIP are refusing to represent their constituents. 

Anyhoo this is what I understand Labour Will to have said referring to UKIP "Because of their stance on immigration they are alienating people, and people feel they cannot get in touch with them. There are people who may have come to this country from other countries who erm may need help getting into there local primary school and they don't feel like they can get in contact their ukip county councillor, so they are contacting me. he goes on to say there are "... large communities that are not being represented by there county councillors."

Surprisingly or rather not if you follow BBC South East, the journalist didn't challenge this assertion, so if BBC wont ask the question then Bignews Margate will er..  Will where is your evidence! and have you before slurring you fellow members of KCC, had the courtesy to put your concerns to your UKIP colleagues before grandstanding with what appears a rather offensive allegation?

It is my experience that after all the rhetoric, most politicians are decent people irrespective of political affiliation.

Still schooling is one of those things that cuts across all social classes and I dare say that there are people concerned at provision made for children whose first language is English since as I understand many schools have a large intake of children from migrant communities a result of Labour's ill thought out social gamble, some might prefer not to talk to a Labour activist who has no job or life outside of Labour party politics.

These days people no longer feel comfortable talking about real issues particularly when they involve daring to touch on national issues or interest, sad really but Labour lead the way in undermining any idea of national interest, we live in a world in which are expected to accommodate celebrate diversity of all sort while any interest in preserving national identity is frowned upon.  Schizophrenic

Monday, November 04, 2013

Sort it out!

On the eve of the new waste service here at Flaig Mansions hurried preparations are being made for tomorrows collection. Well not really, I've no wish to encourage cockroaches indoors or rats outside by leaving rotting food waste in tacky plastic boxes.

Saturday or was it Friday a scrumpled note was stuffed through the door,  producing a what the feck type reaction. Thanet council announcing the start of the new muchly awkward new waste regime, rather helpfully, didn't bother giving any information, other than it wont be on the same day? and an irratating clue mentioning a calendar. (the calendar I understand from the Gazette they'd managed to cock up anyhow)

Well since both I and Mrs Me work for a living, we don't like playing games, so why not having taken time to stuff a note in the door, mention which day and what flippin hoops we have to jump, to satisfy the power crazed Thanet Labour council.

Incidentally  I previously mentioned that the new dust carts come with cameras, and I can only assume that some officer of the council will, with the zeal of officialdom, be scrutinising the bins, and using the full range of anti-terrorism legislation which these blighters have at there disposal, blimey if they can waste your money on pursuing, vendettas against Cllr Ian Driver for scrutinising some the odd business transactions done in secret (like 3 mill plus gifted to TransEuropa) what hope for us with no clout. Bast....!

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Where do you start

Before I start, a quick mention for Sainsbury's ebooks, I'd not be troubling you with my personal angst, had Sainsbury's offer, of a Free ebook attached to my grocery receipt, been honoured.

I've come to the conclusion that Thanet is, really as badly run as is possible, and that most people in public life really are incompetent and self serving as we suspect, the reason amongst others I find it tooo depressing to ponder local issues.

Things I've resisted the urge to comment on include the outrage of council officers and politicians continuing hostility to free access to meetings, a month or so back, a member of the public was encouraged to leave for allegedly daring to use a tablet computer. Interestingly the "Gazette" wrote up the story IMHO without the usual toadying to the council, when this happened to me, I found the mention of the incident slanted, inaccurate and plain wrong, still those with their nose in trough, would of course dismiss my claims as sour grapes..

The public sector in all its grisly forms, has thrown up some disgraceful examples of abusing the public, they're meant to serve, the police and I don't mean those out on the street, continue to be exposed as less than honest and more than capable of perverting justice, perhaps most sinister being the recent controversy in which a member of the government become a victim in a politicised police force. Fire service, are currently in dispute over pensions despite, and believe it or not this is common view of working people that fire service having a well paid job with pretty good conditions, able in many cases to run their own businesses such as building works, so it was quite annoying to see fire officers walk away from a fire. ( As I understand it Fire service jobs are generally much sort after so, perhaps those who walked away could be sacked and easily replaced)

In national politics, Labour and the Unions continue to bring themselves into disrepute, Unite when they are not facing accusations of ballot rigging have now stumbled further into the gutter, by demonstrating outside the homes of directors of companies whom their in dispute, clearly some such people are low life immoral swine, but surely their families children and partners are entitled not to be threatened by moronic union activists. Locally Labour leader Clive Hart was shocked to see the need for "Food Banks" clearly he has no understanding of the damage his party did, to the economy during Blair/Brown years, which is why Food banks are necessary.

One recent news item, was the suggestion that Thanet council had been bought into disrepute by Cllr Ian Driver, now I myself have criticised him for grand standing, (but hey he's a politician!), the council have apparently spent big bucks, with lawyers, investigating Driver for having dared to photograph an incident in which it was suggested two councillor got a tad heated? God forbid that anyone should accuse councillors and officers bringing Thanet into disrepute by ejecting members of the public from council meetings or losing millions of pounds to TransEuropa ferries for which both Tory and Labour should apologise and not give silly explanations claiming they have not lost money.

Anyhoo coming back to where I started, I shall now down tools myself in mid rant! coming back to ebooks being a cheapskate I shall now trawl through project gutenburg or google books for a free out of copyright read, for those of you interested in local history a search such of this should give you something to occupy your afternoon.