Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sir Roger Gale backs Theresa May

It's not often I agree with sir Roger Gale MP however he has just sent out a statement* praising Mrs May's speech given at the launch of a campaign to become leader of Tory Party, as one of the most powerful and impressive speech he has ever heard.

After a week of extreme turbulence Teresa Mays launch of a bid to become Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party offers I think a ray of sunshine, this I think will be a view shared by anyone who sees or has seen Theresa Mays campaign speech today.  She makes Boris Johnson despite his obvious talent look like a bumbling buffoon in comparison.

I think if the Conservatives have any sense they will elect Theresa May, as far as I can see it she's probably the only person with the honesty and integrity to get the United Kingdom through the coming months and years as we extricate ourselves from the EU.

PS as I finish writing this I see that Boris Johnson has had the good manners to embrace defeat.

*Theresa May – Statement from Sir Roger Gale MP

I have just returned from the launch of Theresa May`s bid to become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and for the first time in what has been a bad week I feel a real sense of hope where before there was despair. 
I have been involved in politics for more than 50 years and Mrs. May`s speech was one of the most powerful, and impressive for its quiet dignity that I have ever heard. 

We are reminded that while she is determined to reflect the view of the British people as expressed in the referendum, and to negotiate our exit from the EU on the very best terms possible, there is also a government agenda designed to create and strengthen social justice and equality that has to be pursued and that she intends to spend the rest of this Parliament, until 2020 (and beyond) doing exactly that. 

Earlier in the week I said that we now needed, to take us through a very difficult period in our history, a leader with vision, courage and determination that I had found missing in the Vote Leave campaign.  I believe that in Theresa May we have found someone who has emerged with the experience, skill and ability to reunite not just or even  the Conservative Party but  the whole Country.  She accepts the reality of the vote and she is ready to bat for Britain.  
I hope that we can now rally behind her and make the United Kingdom work again on the world stage.