Monday, April 30, 2007

Surprise no birthday party !

The chances are most people are totally unaware, that tomorrow 1st May marks the 300th anniversary, of the acts of Union 1707 between England and Scotland coming into effect thus creating the Kingdom of Great Britain.

Is it possible to imagine any other state, failing to mark such an anniversary, I seem to remember the Yanks, making a big fuss of their two hundredth anniversary in 1976. The British people have every reason to be proud of Great Britain,its just a pity Blair and his like don't have the Balls to acknowledge it.

It seems our leaders and politicians are more than happy to, exploit Britishness, when it suits them, however they seem incredibly reluctant to allow any celebration of actually being British.You'll frequently here reference to British interests from politicians, when they're actually referring to the interests of business rather than the people.

Now obviously since the Labour Party are predominantly Scottish based, and in a bit of a tight spot, ironically in Scotland with Scottish National's about to take charge of the Scottish Parliament they have no incentive to push Britishness. A disturbing number of Scots would like to break the union up, despite the fact, with Labour's help they have benefited considerably with services subsidised by the rest of Britain, free university education, and free care for the elderly unlike here in England.

We have a British royal family, whose anniversaries, we the British people are expected to celebrate and frequently do, however for reasons presumably of class we are still treated as 'subjects' of the Crown rather than citizens not entitled to celebrate our being British for the last 300 years.

It's notable that the British royal family, aren't bothering, to celebrate what should be a significant date for their own family, and its astounding that the Queen is heading off to celebrate the anniversary, of some tin pot American state this week.

Anyway I found this commercial on You Tube, which surprisingly sums up and celebrates that sense of Britishness, more than anything coming from the Royal family or government.

If you would just like to check in the royal diary for the 1st May click here.
If you would like to read about the creation of Britain click here

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dreamland Margate exhibition
A word of caution

Despite the fact that, the Margate Town Centre Regeneration company, have laid on an exhibition, with their outline plans, for the Dreamland site, it was not clearly signposted, where about on the massive site, so if you're going in the next day or two and you have until 7th May, you'll find it in the left-hand corner, at the back as you come into the car-park.

As you know, I have suggested that these people, running the Margate Town Centre Regeneration company, are not stupid. It's been well publicised the they have spent or are going to spend £250,000, on consultation, now this isn't just to benefit, the local newspapers, ostensibly it's to consult us the public, great you might think their listening to us. You would be wrong however I think, because the way they are phrasing questions, seems to be a very cynical, method itself appears to be manipulating public interest in this project.

Manipulating the public? Those people I spoke to yesterday, who had eventually found the exhibition, seemed to be very strongly in favour of retention of Dreamland theme park, which as many of us realise his famous the world over. But when you look at the public exhibition feedback form, you are asked to make judgments based on two choices, minimal amusement facilities and lots of housing or no amusement facilities and even more houses. The one option you cannot take is to express your wish that in line with the government planning inspector, you wish to see this area retained as a theme park.

Here is my advice when and if you go to the exhibition, you will be handed a feedback form, on the reverse of which are a series of questions and you are asked to give a response, indicating one to five your strength of 'response' whatever that means, since this doesn't give you the opportunity to clearly and unequivocally express, your objections to both plans and preserve the area for its traditional use, I suggest you ignore the reverse side, instead make some comment, to the effect that you object to the change of use on the site.

I don't doubt that the developers will use, their feedback form, as some sort of justification for their plans, despite the fact it ignores the one option everyone would love, the restoration of the park.

Some people might even, have sympathy with the developers, since clearly their spending a lot of money, but just remember that, their in this to make money, and what's at stake here is the very character of Margate.

Here is the question that Waterbridge wont ask, do you want Margate to be a vibrant place with the Turner centre and Dreamland theme-park or would you prefer Waterbridges dull grey housing estate. PHOTO'S OF PLANS & MODELS CLICK HERE

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dreamland Margate the exhibition

I in common with others visited, the Margate Town Centre Regeneration Companies exhibition, this is my video record. Unfortunately I was unable to secure the services of ECR televisions Mr Ceaucescu (no relation), so I'm afraid another amateur, production for the Tony Flaig's Kent TV Channel. Hopefully for your sake, I will tire of this medium, shortly.


I understand that a lot of people will be unable to get to the exhibition so I've put up a couple of photos from the Exhibition which may be of interest CLICK THIS LINK since Dreamland is missed not just here in Margate but across the country and further afield. I hope its of help.

Dreamlands name is as strong as ever, if it were properly promoted it could work agian.

Reading's Margate Town Centre Regeneration Company
visits Margate!

This weekend, sees the return of Reading-based developer Margate Town Centre Regeneration Company, from their publicity and advertising we're informed, that they will be displaying two plans for the site.

Now my critics, who might well include Margate Town Centre Regeneration Company, will doubtless take my reference to this company being Reading-based as a fairly cheap shot, which to be honest it is, however their advertising and presentation appears to me to be a deliberate attempt give themselves the look of some officially sanctioned organisation with close links to the local community, despite the fact they're main link to Margate, is the speculative purchase, of a run down site, which they are seeking to increase in value, by changing the use.

Now so far, this company has been incredibly lucky, in my view, since a government planning inspector, recommended that the dreamland site, should remain as an attraction, but as ever the weak and feeble Conservative Thanet council, ignored this allowing for other uses in the local plan.

It seems that the currently Conservative-controlled council, cannot do enough for developers, you have to ask yourself who our local Tories think they're representing, since a majority of Thanet residents would still like to see Dreamland as a top attraction. The more you think about it the more disturbing it is I personally expect my councillors, to represent my interests and that of the community.

Dreamland was and still is one of the top brand-names, in public entertainment, despite the fact, it seems to have been run into the ground, it is absolutely shocking, that firstly the owners can apparently wreck the site and then the Conservatives can't do enough to assist them.

If the Margate Town Centre Regeneration Company, cannot operate Dreamland as an amusement park, despite the fact, most people in southern England and further afield would instantly recognise the name, what credence can you give to their alternative plans.

These people aren't stupid, were told that they are spending £250,000 on consultation, now this weekend until 7th May, in presenting two plans, what they are offering is in effect, is what a salesman would call an alternative close, basically do you prefer this plan with housing or do you prefer the other plan with more housing, thus ignoring the real choice which would be keep Dreamland as a major attraction (as per advice from a government planning inspector), or alternatively cram in as much housing and business premises as you can (presumably keeping their investors happy).

As they say it's not over till the fat lady sings, and our friends from Reading, still have to prove, that Dreamland site is not viable as an amusement park.

For the sake of Thanets future, I just hope after the local elections, the council is run by more competent people, and if the Tories win the election, let's just hope they have the good sense to at least change the leadership.

Dreamland's future, is to important and pivotal in the whole character of the town, to be decided just purely on the basis that the current owners can make more money from housing than operating a theme park. That whole argument is a joke, because if planning authorities were to base decisions on that basis, then every farmer in the country, could just plough their fields and plant housing instead.

Anyway I suggest you go along to Dreamland in the next few days, and see who Margate Town Centre Regeneration Company have really been consulting, you or their investors.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Creationists and Evolutionists can't both be right, can they?

It's not often that I delve into the theological or even philosophical debate, but whilst this post is not really to do with religion, it might have some of those mystical qualities. Currently I believe we are experiencing an interesting period in our local political universe, where if we look deep enough, we maybe able to see how life itself comes about in some of our stranger political entities.

What I actually intend to discuss is how quangos, come about, now for those who don't know what a quango is, it's not a four-legged hopping marsupial, although that would be as useful, no a quango is actually a government financed organisation that acts autonomously . There are big quangos like the Foods standards Agency, and then there are little local ones, like 'East Kent partnership' and 'locate in Kent', and 'Turner contemporary' one thing these organisations have in common, is that the people who run them are appointed and not elected. Before I lose your interest entirely, you're paying for these organisations, but unlike your local council you have no control in the governance of them. So how do these organisations come about ?

An example creationism, right now we see Kent council creating Kent TV, having appointed a company to operate it, belatedly a governing board is being created by mysterious forces within Kent council to oversee it. As with most of these organisations it appears those running it, will be coming from the public sector.

Evolution appears to be an unlikely origin for such organisations, but if we look into the controversy surrounding, Margates Theatre Royal, despite the council suggesting this will remain independent, the council is appointing two new directors, paid for from public funds to the Margate Theatre Royal Trust, also controlling the funds to the trust and might well be involved, in further appointments to the trust. Surely Margate Theatre Royal Trust is evolving into a publically funded quango rather than a charitable trust. The local council maybe not in the driving seat, but it is providing the crew.

How quangos come about either being created or evolving is to some extent irrelevant as it is mysterious, the fact that they exist outside democratic control, and appear to be the playthings of government and local government is a scandal.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cheap reaction to Kent TV

Just as a further reaction, to the news that KCC will be lauching its own TV Channel with help from Bob Geldof I though I would bash off a quick reaction, in the video medium with the help of Nokia.

Please be aware that a more professional, product featuring this blogger is available, enhanced by leading Media Company ECR TV

If you can get this quality for free imagine what Kent TV will provide.

Give him our effing money now!
Kent's TV contract awarded to Bob Geldof company

With little public consultation or debate, Kent Council has awarded its contract for the controversial Kent TV service, to Bob Geldof's company Ten Alps, amazingly it looks like regulation or control of this TV station is an afterthought.

In fairness to Kent council, it has been noted that an independent board will be created, to govern the new channel however, if the comments made by Peter Gilroy KCC chief executive, made during a recent Cabinet meeting are anything to go by it appears that the make-up of an ' independent board ' would be representatives from all public agencies.

I think it would be sensible to assume that public agencies, will probably mean the board will be staffed by local-authority employees from local councils, members of local quangos, just how this is independent is probably something, that only the local government mind would understand.

My idea of independence is individuals.

No doubt unbeknownst to the likes of me here in East Kent, there is a wild public clamour elsewhere in Kent for mind-numbing political debate, amateur low-budget programming, and re-runs of that great classic 'Towards 2010' starring Paul Carter being grilled by the BBC's uncompromising weather presenter Kaddy.

The whole proposition of Kent TV is a nonsense, assuming it is to be Internet-based because already they have the capability to offer amateur broadcasting. Credit to Kent were it is actually due, must be given for their website, which is informative, and useful.

As an example you can see the Cabinet debate, from 16th April where this subject was debated, if you click here, I would suggest that you fast-forward this to about one hour 10 minutes.

Just on the question of independence, it is interesting to note that the channel will be seeking local advertising or sponsorship, which might well impinge on our much loved local press, something to which was referred to after the meeting by one the members, but caught on tape, which now sadly has been edited out.

Still if anyone is capable of breathing life, into whatever Kent council thinks is missing in our televisual diet, then I am sure that local man Bob Geldof is the one to do it, with his experience in quality television, 'the word', 'Survivor' and biggest of all 'The Big Breakfast' . Incidentally Mrs Me still lives the Big Breakfast dream every morning with her set of nostalgic crockery.

BBC Story

KCC Story

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Working hard for Thanet!

As you know I like to maintain, political balance on this website, and whilst it seems I have a grudge against the Tories, this is actually not necessarily true, but since currently they dominate local government, then naturally it follows that there open to the most criticism.

Anyhow I'm in receipt of the Labour party's election brochure, on which one side contains the names and biographies of the candidates in my ward, the other having what I assume is meant to be the policy. If you remember I reviewed the Tories output a few weeks ago, which is equally as bland as this offering.

As with the Conservatives, there don't appear to be any firm objectives or promises obviously it's too late to do much about the Theatre Royal, and Westwood housing estate, however you might expect something with a bit more meat, than we will continue our support for up graded road links and encourage business and tourism.

There are some big ticket items in Thanet which need sorting it out, this weekend will see the curiously named as Margates Town Regeneration Company based in Reading, roll into town with their plans for the Dreamland Park, wouldn't it be just great if one of our political parties could develop some backbone and suggest to these developers where they might place their plans for residential and other ambitions, and insisted that they restore the area for leisure use.

One other fundamental problem with Thanet, is the traditionally atrocious access, mainly bought about by county Conservatives, based in Maidstone who rarely get to the east of the county. Whilst access is being improved slowly but surely into Ramsgate, those of us living in Margate would also appreciate being able to get out of town, without having to use rat runs round Birchington and Acol.

One thing I take issue with, is reference to more uniformed patrols, in the light of recent vandalism around Dane Valley maybe it might be wise if rather than add to the congestion at Mill Lane car-park close to the council offices, that community warden vehicles were parked around problem areas (Crime wise). There is no denying that labour have thrown money at crime, more effort is need however on using it effectively.

Stuff the Union, we're off to Washington
As Kent embraces the American Dream

Kent council have announced some further details of their participation, of that great moment of history when two countries, were bound together in a common partnership, now you might well be thinking of the celebrations of the great union between Scotland and England which came into effect on the 1st May 1707, 300 years ago, well since the British Government's not about to celebrate the union, Kent aren't either.

Since everyone seems a little embarrassed, in admitting to being British these days, the powers that be at Kent council, have had to go further afield to find something to celebrate, fortunately they have come up with a somewhat tenuous link, with the birth of Jamestown 14th May, 1607 playing down the fact that this British colonial outpost was promptly abandoned in June of the 1609 by 60 survivors of the original 214 settlers.

Now 400 years on, for reasons best known to themselves, Kent County Council, feel it necessary to send 40 people, apparently drawn from all corners of Kent, having been selected by field workers who have spent nearly a year scouring the county to find the best people to represent various folk type themes, at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, unfortunately blogging was not one of those crafts being sought, otherwise I might be a tad more positive about the whole thing.

In Kent councils press release the final paragraph is headed ''Fantastic opportunity'' for Kent, now Alex King (deputy leader of KCC) is apparently quoted as suggesting how a vivid picture will be painted of Kent, and how it has so much to offer business and tourists alike, well what you and I are thinking right now, is cut the waffle, what actual tangible benefits have we had so far from this link with the state of Virginia.

KCC have been spending money on this relationship with the Commonwealth of Virginia, for some considerable time, the fiasco of flights to Norfolk Virginia from Manston, is still fresh in the memory as are the expenses accrued by Kent representatives visiting that part of the world. Now assuming that this participation of Kent in the 'Roots of Virginia Culture' event is at the expense of the Kent taxpayer, I think we are probably looking at another small fortune, assuming that the 40 participants in the event, are having their expenses met by the council (a two weeks stay in Washington DC with flight in a cheap motel is around £1,000).

My apologies to those individuals taking part, because the chances are that you are giving up your time for this event. However my criticism is levelled at what I see as an inept relationship with the Commonwealth of Virginia, since Kent taxpayers have spent a lot of money, and it was notable that few Americans booked flights on the now abandoned service to Manston. So to my mind we're just pouring more good money after bad. No doubt more Kent officials, will be guests of Virginia (at our expense) in Kents very giving relationship.

I have made inquiries as to the cost, of this event and will of course update you when I know.

Kent news item which omits how much this is costing

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

There will always be an England?

I'm coming a little late to the debate of St. George's Day, well for one I have never really felt any strong affinity with the rest of England, since unlike the Scot's, Welsh and Northern Irish, it's something which has always been in the background. Unlike the Scots us English don't wear skirts, sing like the Welsh, or like Northern Ireland Unionist have a picture of the Queen on the wall.

Still if nothing else St. George's Day, serves as an opportunity to remind ourselves of some of the deficiencies of life in England.

I frequently go cycling of an evening, last night being no different, just to soak up the ambience of Northdown Road. A typical English scene loud-mouthed teenagers gathering together, lone Alcoholics quaffing a Special Brew or similar, traditional English behaviour now enhanced by recently arrived residents, introducing their own rich mix of characteristics, young ladies casually spitting onto the pavements, shouting from upstairs windows at passers by and queue jumping in Tesco's.

Of course, we hear how, we ought to have a day off to celebrate St. George's Day, but since we have 1,500,000 on the dole, with a similar number of migrant workers (all essential workers?) having arrived in recent times, maybe the government is working on it.

As I said earlier, St. George's Day, is one of those points in the calendar, which makes us English people, take mental stock of our feeling of well-being, and quite honestly most of English and British people, find the uncontrolled migration that has occurred in the last five years to be entirely negative.

I can only assume that Tony Blair is more than a closet Tory, why else would he actively encourage uncontrolled migration to this country, since the only British or English people getting any benefit are those immoral employers willing to exploit people with poverty pay.

Finally no one can take issue, with the decent honest people who come to this country to contribute, earn money and work hard, but we should take issue with those who allow mass migration, exploitation who because of their position are immune from the effects on health service, schools and housing.

David Cameron hands-off approach

How refreshing to see, David Cameron's pronouncement yesterday, calling for a of revolution in responsibility. In which with some justification, he criticised the Labour Party's knee-jerk reaction, of bringing in new legislation, every time there is a bit of bad news.

We often hear criticism of politicians being more about presentation than substance, well it looks like David Cameron has made a quantum leap, I think he may well be the first leader of any political party to be all presentation and no substance.

I don't follow politics in any great detail, as much as I might comment on it, but one thing is for sure, that since taking office as leader of the opposition, David Cameron has yet to come up with the goods as far as a political purpose or focus for his government in waiting.

It's all very well for him to witter on about less state interference, but unfortunately we live in a very complex society, there are certainly areas of our society which could do with a damn sight more state interference, I like the idea of trusting people more, I'm sure that it would work a treat with some of the feral adolescence roaming around Dane Valley, Newington, Cliftonville.

Plain and simple David Cameron's idea of civility seems to revert to a nostalgic vision of the 1950s , ignoring the evolution of British society, which became 'liberal' in the Sixties and Seventies with Labour, 'greedy' during the Eighties and Nineties under the Tories and now with Tony Blair, no clear cultural identity.

Still it's nice see, that a Conservative leader acknowledges society, remember the great Mrs T, once quoted as having said ''there is no such thing as society'' well it looks like Mr Cameron has his work cut out, particularly if recent local news is representative of his colleagues' attitudes, which appeared to exude more of a ''are you looking at me'' attitude than Mr Cameron's more affable ''give us a hug'' mood.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Quote of the week from Kents Chief Executive

In my occasional series of interesting quotes, I came across this one, in Kent on Sunday from Peter Gilroy, chief executive for Kent County Council whom referring to criticism of the soon-to-be launched Kent TV channel, according to the paper found criticism astonishing. In addition he said the following "I am getting a bit fed up with it to be honest because we’ve got £1.8 billion of turnover here, we’re being asked for the general public to take a closer interest in democratic activity, we’re being asked to get youngsters and young people interested in democracy – because lots of people are not voting."

Now this is just a personal opinion, as is I trust, Peter Gilroy's, surely if people are criticising this venture, then this is just part of the healthy democratic involvement that presumably Kent TV is supposed impart or stimulate. So rather than being astonished or a bit '' fed up'' he ought to be happy that he is doing his job.

Now life is not black-and-white, and Peter Gilroy is clearly an able and competent person, entitled to an opinion, as one would expect, however I personally get a little fed up myself, when very well paid public servants, are apparently offended by opinion, held by the public at large, particularly when that same public is footing the bill.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


After an exhausting day of wrangling between ECR TV and Bignews Margate, following completion of a co-operative venture, Bignews Margate has after taking legal advice, reluctantly agreed to allow transmission of the feature "Westwood housing development makes Tony Flaig cross".

''This whole affair has been an eye opener'' says Me, a couple of weeks ago we were approached by ECR TV, to produce an uplifting account of the progress made by Thanet council, in making Thanet beautiful, we were given the impression that we would have strict editorial control on the finished product.

Concerns were raised on day one of the production, when having been told that Eastcliff Richard, would himself be directing the production, he failed to show, instead we were greeted on location by Mr Ceaucescu who was keen to point out that he was a graduate of the Bucharest Institute of Cinematography, having won several awards, for his work with the Romanian Ministry of Information. He also insisted on expressing extreme gratitude, with a tear in his eye to Mr Richard for not only allowing him to make films again, but also allowing him to drive his benefactor to meetings, and help keep things tidy in exchange for £50 a week and being allowed to dine on the finest English cuisine '' the beans on the toast '', having his own room in the garden, called a shed.

Anyway if alarm bells weren't ringing then, they were this morning, when we receive notification that the fee payable to Bignews, was being made in the Channel Islands, for ''tax reasons'' and then we received the actual finished product not having participated in the editing. Whole sections of our script have been ripped up, our praise for the fine job that Sandy Ezekiel and his colleagues have done, the inspirational leadership over the Turner Gallery, Dreamland and Margate high-street. Even worse our views on Westwood Cross have been completely misrepresented.

The whole day, had been ruined, work on the Flaig estates has been disrupted, in the end, rather than face a lengthy legal battle, Bignews Margate have capitulated and are allowing transmission to go ahead with their approval.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Observation from last night's PUBLIC council meeting

In these days of consensus politics, there is little to distinguish between the political parties, particularly at the top of the heap with the two major parties being run by ex-public schoolboys. But at the grittier local level, there is some distinctions that you can make, for instance I find Conservatives, polite but generally curt and businesslike. Labour a tad different polite but often exuding a morally superior, slightly authoritarian occasionally aggressive attitude.

A couple of examples, one perspective conservative candidate making conversation with his Labour opponent, was met with a fairly aggressive response by someone I assume to be a Labour supporter. Myself during, the suspension of the meeting, happened to be, making notes when I was challenged by a couple of people, whom I understand to be candidates in my own ward. To be honest, I was taken aback, by the sheer arrogance of these two, who thought I might be interested, in what they had to say.

I ought to contact, North Thanet Labour Party, and inquire whether, it's official Labour policy, to challenge, and interrogate members of the public at a public meeting. Since they were so damned, interested I offered to let them, read my scribble, which they declined.

Perhaps Labour's head honcho in Thanet could remind, his colleagues that despite this country's obsession with surveillance, a public meeting is a public meeting, and members of the public are free to make notes. I honestly don't know what these people thought I might be writing, but assuming they may have been discussing something of a confidential nature, I suggest they go somewhere private.

Anyway if Thanet North Labour Party, would like to get their top cryptographers on the case I would be almost as interesting as they are, in what I wrote, since I'm not sure myself. See below the note in question!
PS don't ask again I might not be as polite next time!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tonight's end of term council meeting.

Since I presume tonight's was the last full meeting of council, prior to next month's local elections, I thought I would, see what I had been missing all these years. The main thing I had been missing, apart from the turgid procedural claptrap, was I discover tonight intense heat and claustrophobia as I stood in the doorway to the council chamber. In fact, one member of the council was taken ill during the meeting, and business was suspended whilst paramedics were called.

Please remember this is subjective account, certainly not verbatim, so should I report or suggest that anyone's nose, grew as they were talking, it is purely invention.

Incidentally one of Thanets other top bloggers was in attendance, Mr Simon Moores, whom initially stood in the public gallery but on spotting a spare seat, sat next to, I think Gazette reporter Kathy Bailes at what I assume is a table reserved for Press.

First off a couple of members of public, presented petitions or rather spoke in support them, the second one relating to the Theatre Royal, which seemed to be the main course of the meeting.

During the debate on Theatre Royal, Simon Moores assisted with the member who had collapsed, until the arrival of the paramedics. Naturally I think the meeting was subdued, once it resumed, there was some of the points-scoring, but it seemed most the meeting was businesslike, I think it was David Green who bought up the subject of theatre employees being made redundant, when shortly there is a plan to recruit those posts being vacated now.

It seems that great pains are being taken, by the Conservative group to state that Thanet District Council will not be running the theatre, so when Mr Latchford referred to we, clarification was sought by which we, was being referred too, apparently this was the we who the support the theatre and not the we who run the theatre.

Richard Samuel not a councillor, but the chief executive, answered some questions, reiterating the stuff about Margate Theatre Trust's independence.

Now the line taken on the question of appointing trustees to fill vacancies, will I think be a question of gentle guidance, from the council, since we must keep reminding ourselves that TDC aren't involved with the running of the theatre, they are advising, they are guiding and paying two directors 35 grand a year. So it's now clear as mud, Margate Theatre Trust will be independent, as will the council backed appointees to the board. As I say I have probably got it wrong again.

Once the Theatre Trust part was out the way, I just thought it would be downhill from thereon so, I left the meeting.

In the lift on the way down, I found myself face to face, with Thanets other greatest blogger, and outside we had a chat, on the subject to blogging, now our views are similar, although maybe I'm a bit more liberal. I bought up the fact, we had both attended Charles Dickens school, and really quite spooky we were both there at the same time, now I can honestly say, that I can't recall Simon although clearly, we knew many of the same people, maybe the old Flaig brains on its last legs.

I assume by the time I post, Simon will have beaten me by some margin. Still blogging is not some competitive game is it. Damn!

Margate the haves and have-nots

I've been ruminating on how slow developments have been over the last year, since I started publishing this blog. One motivation was then and still is, joining the debate, even if it's outside, the closed doors and closed minds of the local government.

Something I would like to see, is a sense of urgency, consider the almost embarrassed release, of news last year that the council, had with some wonga from South East of England Development Agency, purchased the old Marks and Spencer's building in Margate.

I now get the feeling, by the time the regeneration specialists, consultants and architects have finished with M&S and produced their concept of the future, all that Margate will need is a new cemetery to bury those businesses, killed by the lack of urgency.

It seems the council are blissfully unaware of Margate high-street's plight. A few weeks ago, it was noted in the local paper, the Thanet extra, how council staff monopolised the Mill Lane car-park. Today being a nice warm sunny day, I thought I would check out myself, to see if matters have improved they haven't.

Now just ask yourself why we use out-of-town shops, is it because we like the ambience of large tin shacks, or is it the free parking. Well if Thanet council can afford to give free parking, at a cost of a quarter million pounds a year, to its staff, why can't it offer the same facility to its community charge payers.

I've said before, that most of the staff at Thanet council are well paid, I noted today as I wandered round Mill Lane car-park, that there were some expensive cars, with free parking paid for by you and me. I reckon if you can afford a Mercedes or a Ford Jaguar, then you ought to be able stump up £2.40 a-day parking. Particularly when you expect the general public, to have to pay or run the risk of being fined.


It's really frightening that the council, have so far with government grants spent millions on improvements to Margate, are expecting the Turner Gallery some time in the next four to five years and yet when these improvements are made, there will be no where for anyone to park because the councils using all the spaces.

Thanet council are choking the supply of customers to Margate high-street, council chiefs have the cheek to expect to see us all use public transport, despite the fact, that we the public are subsidising their transport every day.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The mounting cost of Tory ideas!

I seem to remember during the last local council Elections Conservatives boasting about their big ideas for Thanet, now I maybe wrong. I am not infallible but I wonder if David Green's posting on Eastcliff Matters entitled £1 Million Consultancy Bill is in any way related.

No I'm sure they can think for themselves.
Bit late for a timetable surely

Liam Byrne Minister of State for immigration, is apparently going to announce, a timetable for the introduction of a new managed migration points system. Mr Byrne has reached the conclusion, that migration made the country wealthier but also ''unsettled the country''. This government has not only been negligent, in its control of migration, but has recklessly encouraged unsustainable levels of migration from East Europe, unlike most established EU countries.

So in touch is Mr Byrne, that apparently he asserts that uncontrolled migration could damage the poorest communities, clearly oblivious to the effect on schools, and clueless about cuts in wages for working people that have already occurred. Belatedly Mr Byrne wishes to introduce a points system for migrants, I think he's lucky there isn't a points system for measuring Ministers competence.

The Office for National statistics, last year estimated that this country now had a foreign workforce of one and a half million, having been joined by 400,000 workers in the previous year. Any suggestions this minister or others might have, is too late to have any merit whatsoever.

No one can object to sensible levels of migration, but one of the biggest and most irritating arguments we hear is how British workers, won't do certain jobs, what journalists rarely say is that, the reason British workers refused, some jobs is due to employers paying poverty wages.

The agricultural industry, is often cited, which is not surprising, since our farming community have got used to claiming taxpayers' money in rebates, the thought of paying their employees a pittance, and then expecting workers to then make-up their wages by claiming benefits, probably seems normal to them.

It seems somewhat ironic, that this Labour government has spared no effort in supporting the world view, of an American right wing, born again Christian fruitcake, and ignores the interests of the British people.

As taxpayers we will all bear the cost, of uncontrolled migration, in financial and social terms. What cost to our health service, education and more importantly what does it say about us, this is what I think, we are saying to foreign nationals, come to Britain, for low pay, poor housing, poor education and poor health care and help keep the social divide between rich and poor.

Despite the assertion of Liam Byrne that we are somehow wealthier, his government led by Tony Blair, has failed the British people, the only people better off after 10 years, are the better-off, it's true Labour did introduce the minimum-wage, however had they given a toss, this would by now have been increased over 10 years to allow for ordinary workers to have a decent standard of living without claiming benefits, in turn resulting in a lower tax burden.

This country is lucky in as much as no far-right fascist party, has so far been able to use this situation, and this has nothing to do with leadership from any of our major political parties, it is more to do with the inherent decency and intelligence of the ordinary British people.

BBC news story

Routine health check up

Mr Puss appraising the local political scene

Mr Puss would like it known, that rumours concerning his health have been exaggerated and his trip to the vets yesterday was purely routine. During his visit he gave a urine sample, in record time, unusually co-operative for Mr Puss, whom generally prefers to prove that he can control his bladder, despite the additional expense of an overnight stay (it's not known whether he took my advice and had a few lagers first).

Despite his somewhat aloof manner, he would like to thank the staff for their warm reception and professional care, suggesting this is why he prefers private healthcare over take-it-or-leave-it NHS. It's understood he will continue on a slightly modified diet for the foreseeable future, and hopes to resume taking things easy shortly, after having a nap.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Grumpy Britain how about Kent?Is it any wonder, that Britain is amongst the most grumpy Nations in Europe. The fact that researchers from Cambridge University, have either the time money or inclination to research this, is in itself reason enough to hack me off this morning.

One of the conclusions apparently drawn from their research is that, there is an increasing lack of trust in our government institutions. The lack of trust, particularly in our local government, is what upsets me most, whether it's our local Conservative councillors, pushing through the hideous Westwood Cross Housing Estate or Kent 'County' Tories wasting public money on their own television channel. Incidentally Kent TV must be a breakthrough or extension in the field of vanity publishing (this being the term for the generally talentless paying to publish their own trash (bit close to home that one)).

For those of us looking into this country's local government from outside, it seems like a totally artificial world, populated by those who think we need, consultants to state anything but the bleeding obvious, unaccountable quangos with a cosy appointment system, even hiving off taxpayers' money into special regeneration funds (which suddenly becomes local authority gambling money) and yes vanity broadcasting.

We elect councillors, who are supposed to take decisions on our behalf, but as we have seen here in Kent, the traditional system of elected representatives isn't working, because it appears that instead of relying on their own judgment, they often can't wait to pass the buck, by getting second opinions from clueless consultants.

I would have more faith in local government, if when the council needed a second opinion, they rang someone up like me and said what do you think, example flights from Manston to obscure American towns, or offshore art galleries, Bollix would suffice for many of their crazy ideas. Instead of paying someone £1,000 plus per day, ring me for an instant yes or no. Just think had they asked me, or you about Manston or Turner, the Kent council could have saved the public £8 million.

Link BBC's version of grumpy story

Monday, April 16, 2007

Kent TV public service or comedy channel?
In a briefing document, Item 6 subject "Kent TV " for today's Kent County Council Cabinet meeting, apparently by Paul Carter leader of the council and Peter Gilroy Kent council's chief executive, many of the facts are exposed for the first time, about this frankly unusual (I'm being polite) idea.

Admittedly just last week, as I sat watching EastEnders, with my razor in hand, I considered briefly doing away with it all, luckily I've been using an electric one for the last two years. So what a delight to see that our fearless Kent County Council, ignoring the inevitable backlash they'll get, seem to be hell-bent on squandering, £600,000 a year, to bring you their version of the world, at your expense, even if it's coming out of the Kent councils special regeneration money pot.

Now £600,000 doesn't sound like an awful lot of money but it would pay for one chief executive and possibly a couple of heads of department for Britain's most efficient wonderful council.

I sometimes wonder whether Conservative leader Paul Carter, is acting on instruction from Conservative head-office, just to see how far you can push taxpayers' before they revolt. Just pause to think, the country's most expensive local authority chief executive, hundreds of thousands of pounds spent on the Virginia project, best part of £8 million spent on the Turner contemporary, free travel for school children in some of Kents most affluent areas, £20,000 spent on a video presentation towards 2010, Education trips to repressive China to learn about what, the mind boggles.

Have they ever heard of You Tube?

I just wonder what sort programming perhaps Westkenters (a drama about ordinary local government people, wasteing my money in Maidstone)

If you have any suggestions lets have them!
Local journalism another view!

Not for the first time, I have found co-contributor Mr Puss to be a bit testy, this weekend in fact, I might go as far as to say he's been rather bolshie. I gather that he wasn't entirely in agreement with our special birthday message not purely for the reason it was a day late but apparently he didn't like the suggestion that our local media, shied away from taking a stand on the big issues like Westwood or Dreamland.

Somehow he got the impression, that I had been particularly mean to Trinity Mirror's, Gazette, however this morning, during our editorial meeting, he bought to my attention, a tough uncompromising article entitled 'New rules for Animal Welfare' which points out new laws, which now make pet-owners liable for their animals' welfare. Although even Mr Puss feels they could have been more expansive.

Possibly Mr Puss was thinking of that terrible day, when due to a medical error, he'd decided to act responsibly and have a vasectomy, tragically he became, the unwitting victim of a terrible mix up, perhaps the knife slipped, the vet misunderstood, any how he emerged from the vets a day later minuses his wotsits, not surprisingly he doesn't like to talk about it.

That reminds me, he's in due for another trip to the vets.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lazy Sunday afternoon
At least thats what I thought, unfortunately Mrs Me has had plans. I wonder whether it has anything to do with the interest from local media organisations, which should shortly, evidence itself with my first piece to camera.

Anyhow my day looks like it may well be taken up by more mundane tasks, I am currently being used as forced labour in an agricultural role. Still at least I'm in the sunshine. However the outlaws are expected for dinner or should I say lunch, so don't expect any uplifting posts later today.

Must go now! Still once Ive done and milked the flaig herd the days my own.
Sunday newspapers new low with one exception!

I've often thought why do editors of newspapers, rarely have their names prominently displayed. And I can only assume particularly after reading this morning's News Of The World, that quite simply they are embarrassed by their output.

I won't even bother, to look up the editor's name of this weeks news of the world because quite honestly, his or her product this week is complete and utter tosh.

Now this particular edition, has would you believe it, nine pages devoted Prince William's relationship with Kate Wotsit, now whilst this is noteworthy in a minor sort of way it is hardly needs such coverage.

Since will are often led to believe, that Rupert Murdoch influences, the output of his publications should we believe that the British royal family is one of his obsessions. I think all this pseudo celebrity bull, concerning the Royal family, that Murdoch papers in particular pump, out weekly has a corrosive effect on the role of the British Royal family.

I am no supporter of the monarchy, and would like to see a debate on their role, but when that debate is masked by trivial crap from a foreign owned press it really hacks me off.

News of the world is a great paper, when it does what it's best exposing, real celebrities, public figures and particularly politicians preferably with their trousers round their ankles.

It's actually quite sad that this mass circulation newspaper cannot make room for news. Not for the first time, have I found that local newspaper 'Kent on Sunday' is actually a preferable read to both of Murdoch's papers including the Sunday Times which these days, seems to have joined the race for the gutter with its populist appeal, even having what I call the 'Jeremy Clarkson' section appealing to middle-aged yobs.


As ever my opinions are eccentric, but really it comes to something when you enjoy a free local newspaper more than one costing two quid. And I don't know who the editor of the KOS is but they do a damn good job.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The good name of Margate.

Are you like me tired of organisations, and businesses that have appeared to hijack the name of Margate, things like the Margate Renewal Partnership, chaired by Seeda chief-executive Pam Alexander, or maybe the Margate Town Regeneration Company, based in Reading owned by waterbridge. Organisations that appear to be run either by outsiders or in the case of MTRC not even based here.

Well earlier this week, I happened be cycling through Margate old town, when I noticed the Margate Town Partnership offices were open. So I thought rather than looking them up on the Internet, I would nip in to confirm my usual prejudices, however I soon realised, that these were amongst the good guys as far as organisations that have Margate in the title. Now their funding comes from a variety of sources from local organisations, these being people who have an interest in the future of Margate.

Having stumbled into the offices,Dave Kinnear was kind enough to explain some of the work, of the organisation, now as you will know, I'm not to strong on facts but understand that this organisation makes a positive contribution to Margate with things like Margate big jazz festival. Basically this helpful organisation is run mainly by volunteers and is probably the best initial contact point for anyone looking to invest or contribute to Margate.

If only other organisations which are laid claim to Margate were as representative and helpful as the Margate Town Partnership.

Margate Town Partnership Website

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th birthday celebrations

Bignews Margate is er
one year plus a day old today!

As you might imagine, yesterday's first birthday for Margates most popular overrated blog were somewhat muted, since due to a combination of indifference and failing memory the anniversary was somehow overlooked.

Last weekend, I did take time out to consider what if anything I had achieved, well a quick assessment, shows that I have produced 400 plus posts, mistreated well over 100,000 words, offended many, resulting in approximately 30 threats of violence and hopefully ruffled a few feathers in local government and the shady world of quangos.

It would be nice to think that, some of our local politicians and local-authority big wigs, have been guided by this blog and others, into acting with more care and responsibility, and since possibly the biggest motivation, I have for writing this stuff, was the almost casual announcement that £8 million had been spent on the Turner Contemporary Gallery, with nothing to show except red faces.

Now I don't doubt, that there are certain, shall we say interest groups, who would if they could, attach all kinds of draconian regulations, to curb the likes of me. Earlier in the week I noted the posting of Simon Moores, Thanet life ''Anything Goes'' which touches on the subject of regulation, incidentally Simon Moores whose often criticised is instrumental in drawing my attention to the world of blogs, for which I thank him although many will not.

I hope that whether you like my opinions or not it adds something to local debates, because one thing I've become acutely aware of is how our local newspapers understandably, steer clear of local controversy, which if you look at their advertising revenue you can well understand. By this I mean with the exception of maybe the Thanet extra, a campaigning attitude on anything does not seem to exist, the Isle of Thanet Gazette generally adheres purely to the facts.

One report you didn't see this week, elsewhere was reference to councillors who were advised not to take part or vote in last week's crucial Westwood Cross meeting. Admittedly I didn't make as big an issue, as I should have, as I expected local professional news outlets to comment at least in a factual way

Anyway Bignews Margate would like to say thank you to those who regularly read this.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Maidstone hides its deprivation

To outsiders Maidstone gives every impression of a rich affluent town, seemingly it's the home of more fat cats than a mouse could point its tail at, the home of Kent County Council budget around £700 million, busy industrial estates, its shopping centres ranked in the top five for money taken in the south-east of England but beneath the surface, there is real deprivation.

You would think, that a seemingly booming town, with excellent road links, a high-wage economy, seat of county government, where much of our council tax money is spent could want for nothing.

Well you'd be wrong, it seems that the residents of Maidstone are without a free Internet provider and Maidstone council are going to do something about it. Maidstone council have apparently gone cap-in-hand to the Channel Corridor Partnership (don't ask, one of those development quangos) and received £80,000, nipped in to County Hall and copped another £10,000 and managed to fish out £5,000 from their own pockets.

Spending taxpayers' money on provision of easily available services seems to me to be a complete abuse of taxpayers' money. The Channel Corridor Partnership was set up to help develop infrastructure in the Maidstone Ashford and Shepway area providing free Internet connections would seem to be a bit frivolous.

Looking at Maidstone and Ashford it's difficult to see any need for improved infrastructure unlike East Kent and Thanet in particular. It seems to be yet another case of the rich becoming richer.

For story from thebestof Maidstone click here

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tony Blair joins in with establishment hypocrisy?

Not surprisingly Tony Blair is albeit belatedly the latest member of this country's establishment to join in the hypocrisy directed at those recently returned captives from Iran.

There seems to have been an endless parade of tinpot politicians, journalists and others who have joined in the sickening condemnation of British service personnel who've recently been released from the clutches of Iran, a country which appears to be won by religious fanatics.

Since men and women of the country's armed services, are supposedly defending democracy in Iraq, it seems ironic to me, that these same men and women who risk their lives, should now be surrounded by controversy fuelled by the likes of David Cameron.

If you check former public schoolboy David Cameron's career in Wikipedia, you'll find an absence of his military career there's reference to Eton, Oxford and even the Conservative Research Department. Similarly with Tony Blair another public school boy Fettes College and Oxford again no military career.

So who are these leaders really, to cast doubt on those who have experienced something a little sharper, than some smart remark from a political opponent.

To me most of this debate seems to be coming from upper-class toffs, who can quite easily turn down a few thousand pounds, I'm sure both these twits will attempt to cash in on their political careers at the earliest opportunity, will anyone object of , I doubt it.
Margate Beach report

Donkeys are out on Margate Beach, but despite the mini heat wave, still no movement on the Margate Palm trees, as they are kept wrapped up, why?

Could it be that the local council are concerned that the sight of, too much foliage(no flowers either) could encourage all kinds of pseudo canine activities similar to that which, Pegwell Bay residents must be all too familiar.
Margates Theatre Royal update
News that the Theatre Royal is recruiting a couple of directors for the theatre (artistic and executive), @ 30-35K per annum, will no doubt be greeted with much excitement here in Thanet.
How and why the Theatre Royal, got into its current situation is sadly history, the fact is the local council are now in the driving seat, and will run the establishment as they see fit.

This Theatre has struggled ever since 1988 when Mr Jolyon Jackley purchased the theatre and refurbished the building with Margate Theatre Royal Trust taking over in the early nineties. Given the lack of support from local government, Margate Theatre Royal Trust have done a remarkable job operating the theatre for so long.

Now I spoke with Heather Sawney, the council's Arts and Development Officer, since we rarely hear the other side. Now as you know, I'm just an occasional blogger, so I won't give you a verbatim report of our conversation, since my memory is crap, however although as I understand Heather has been in her post for only a few months, she does have strong connections with this area and is every bit as passionate about the future of the theatre as any of the past management. Since it's a done deal, as far as Thanet councils ownership of Theatre is concerned,maybe it's now time to give a little space. Apart from the Theatre Royal I understand that Heather, has also been responsible in part with breathing life into the Tudor House in Margate, with open days and last year's Christmas opening, the house being keep decorated in traditional Tudor's style, incidentally I understand there will be some event at the Tudor House in June.

Obviously the recent events concerning the Theatre Royal Margate, have been traumatic, not least for those, who worked so hard over the years, and had the Theatre Royal Margate been given funding on a similar scale to that of the Marlowe in Canterbury then Margate Theatre Royal Trust would probably still be in control.

Maybe the community model will work out, assuming that those of us who like professional entertainment, will also be catered for, so like the Turner centre, we just have to hope its successful.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I have mainly been cycling

I hope to return refreshed and as cynical as ever, shortly.

Over the border into Broadstairs this evening marvelous

Sunday, April 08, 2007


After shock claims that will rock the ecclesiastical world from Eastcliff Richard that he is indeed now bigger than Cliff Richard.

The Bignews team, thought we would also have a go at this rather cheap publicity stunt, the results have been staggering.

When the google search engine was asked to find “margate ramsgate broadstairs news” Bignews beat 333,000 other contenders at Number 1 position.

Bad news for Sevenoaks Tories

What an appalling story in Saturday’s (7/04/07) Daily Mirror the headline practically is the story “SACKED BY TORIES FOR HAVING CANCER


Now according to the report Rosemary Holman’s boss Mr Mike Broomby, stated "I sacked her when she failed three times to go to a medical examination."

Ask yourself this how many employers would make an employee of 10 years, suffering from cancer, submit to a medical examination, did he think she was making it up?

I don’t know what the details are but a tribunal has found in this women’s favour, and its possible that the local party association might appeal. That said, wouldn’t it be, in the best interests of Sevenoaks Tories if Mr Broomby stood down as constituency boss, until such an appeal had occurred assuming he hasn’t already.

I’ll leave you to make your own mind up, since an opinion is reliant on a combination of experience, humanity, and character, suffice it to say this is an emotive subject for all concerned but good luck to Rosemary Holman.


Daily Mirror Story

A message from Mike Broomby

Sevenoaks Conservative Manifesto ‘Only the best’

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Phew what a scorcher!

as Margate hits Global warming pay dirt.

Margate looks like it is cashing in big time on the Global warming phenomenon well done to everyone in the meteorological industry.

Municipal Palm Trees on Standby

Great to see day trippers in large numbers benefit from one of England’s best beaches.

Mr Puss sulks after last weeks drama

Relations between editorial staff and Mr Puss are still strained, after last week.

Here is my suggestion this Easter take a walk, cycle, drive and here are some places you could go see in a few minutes. If you live outside East Kent tough titties!

Friday, April 06, 2007


What is the point of having a blog, in my case it's to put my sometimes crazy ideas into the public domain. But then I look at others and wonder, what's their motivation a couple spring to mind, one where the author who has a tenuous link with Thanet who seems to have the sole purpose of self-promotion, apart from republished posts from other blogsites then we have 'one voice' whose output often focuses on Simon Moores.

In the latest posting anonymous 'one voice' has yet another bitch, now this would have some merit if the author had the balls to identify himself/herself but they haven't, what a surprise.

We're all human, and sometimes we get a little hacked off with the people who've crossed our path but this now seems to be bordering on an obsession. It would be interesting if 'one voice' actually diverted their attention to other matters, particularly since their Web blog is titled Thanetonian.

Throwing caution to the wind, I shall momentarily slip into 'Cracker' mode, I would imagine that 'one voice' is either a lonely functionary of the council or alternatively and more likely a lacklustre local councillor of either party but most likely Labour who's already exceeded their potential.

Anyway whoever one voice is, they might consider moving on to a broader topic.
Westwood Cross Housing Estate gets lucky!
What are the chances of finding anyone, who supports the new housing estate at Westwood, slim, how about 22, impossible you say, well the gods must have been smiling on the developers last night because of an incredible coincidence, found possibly the only 22 people in Thanet prepared to back this scheme and luckily they all happened to be in Thanet council chamber.

I thought that I would attend last night's extraordinary Council meeting the purpose of which was to decide on the outline planning application for Westwood Cross, since there was nothing on telly.

Now I won't attempt to give you a verbatim report, for the simple reason unless you happen to be a councillor or council functionary, what goes on at Council is frankly a mystery. Example as I sat down in the public area of the Council Chamber, I was distracted from staring out of the window, by what seemed to be a muted kerfuffle.

There appeared to be some mumbling about predetermination, some excitement about who could and who couldn't talk, during the meeting, then once the meeting had started, or maybe in the preamble leading up to the debate, several councillors had to withdraw, because they apparently had e-mailed the Council which was interpreted as expressing an outside interests? You may well be confused, as I am, and before anyone sues me I may have got this totally wrong.

I'm fairly sure that the Labour group, (who were all apparently individuals with a free vote) seemed a tad excitable as well they might, because what I think occurred is that they fell foul of codes of conduct, introduced by this Labour government.

Now loyal readers of this blog will remember, last year's controversy resulting from implementation of the Government's ethics and standards in local government when at least one councillor felt pressurised as a result of guidance given by a council officer, with the implied reference to the Standards' Board of England. Basically John Prescott introduced legislation which was supposed to improve standards in local government but as had the opposite effect.

Anyway back to the meeting, not surprisingly traffic continues to be a major problem as far as Westwood Cross housing development is concerned, the council have managed to agree some very minor improvements to the road system, which will mean that traffic will now have a new road to queue in, prior to joining the Margate/Ramsgate Road.

One point which has yet to be made about traffic congestion, around Westwood, it's not just the new housing estate contributing to horrendous traffic, but nobody has mentioned Thanet Technical College joining the travel to work melee with its new Westwood campus.

Something else that surprise me was the casual reference to Westwood town?

There seemed to be a lot of balls being talked, but maybe the most ridiculous was the Tory group referring to Labour as being political? I thought councillors were politicians even the Tories.

I was surprised to note that Tory councillor Bill Hayton, reads councillor Green's Eastcliff Matters, but then it is a good reference to our local political system. Whilst on Local bloggers, I may have imagined it, but I thought I saw our friend Simon Moores, perhaps picking out where to sit once elected to Westgate.

Anyway the vote when taken the vote was 22 in favour and 19 against which appeared to be all Tories for and Labour against.

You have to admire the Conservatives, either for their guts or stupidity I think a lot of voters will not take kindly to this decision. Even with the so-called concessions that have been wrangled out of the developers, the road system cannot cope and with an additional 1500 vehicles shoehorned into Westwood Cross, it won't get any better

Thursday, April 05, 2007

MEETING? What Meeting?
Thanet councils open policy

Noticing a mention of tonight’s meeting of the full Council, to discuss the seemingly hideous plans for Westwood Cross’s new housing estate, on Simon Moores Thanet Life, I thought I would check it out on TDC’S website just to get more info (nothing, not a sausage).

Maybe Richard Samuel, Chief Exec, or Sandy Ezekiel Council leader could explain why this is not publicised on the councils website, although I have it on good authority that info has been put up in the local library and er the council offices.

That reminds me I must take my books back. Who knows what I might find pinned to the wall.

In fairness this meeting will probably only be of interest to the 5000 people who signed the petition against this development and the thousands who would have signed had it been put in front of them.

This is what I believe is known as an extraordinary meeting what makes it so, could be that lack of publicity!

I’m informed its 7pm , you could always double check, I had to phone up.
PS Thanks to the efficient professional staff of the council for helping me.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dartford Crossing not taxing locals?

Stephen Ladyman has confirmed that the Dartford Crossing toll is set to increase by 50% no doubt in line with inflation (Zimbabwe), apparently locals will get a discount. Locals being those who live either in Thurrock or Dartford, this seems arbitrary.

I think as a resident of Kent who often has to work north of the river I am also local.The capital cost of building this crossing must have been covered, so really this is just another tax on travelling, thanks for nothing!

Labour continue to tax us for travelling, and I continue to believe in the right to travel at reasonable cost. It seems somewhat ironic that Labour frequently use Global warming as their poor excuse for travel tax, particularly since many believe that the climate change con gained credence when Mrs Thatcher needed an excuse to sub the Nuclear industry.

In the many hundreds of times, I’ve had to use the Dartford crossing rarely has it been for anything other than work, so this is also a tax on work.