Friday, July 25, 2008

Thought for the week Max Mosley Wins Case

I have not read the details of this case, but briefly I understand the Mr Mosley has particular interests, which are probably not mainstream, or even acceptable to most but thought there was a case to be made against the News of the World, for invading his privacy.

Well it appears that he won that and whilst journalists complain about their freedoms being eroded, I just feel that they are probably more concerned with the cost of the case than press freedom, its not as if every Sunday or even any Sunday the news of the world, covers any issues relating to human rights or injustices other than some wife or husband finding their partner straying. Lets be honest the NOTW is more magazine than newspaper.


  1. It was a little over the top for the NOTW to call it Nazi, when there didnt appear to be any evidence of it. Im guessing that was bunged in because of the family connection...

    If thats his thing then so be it. Its not like he was hitting other people. He was a consenting person on the receiving end...

  2. Thank goodness Mosley won - on the whole British law does seem sensible.

    There really is no story if a bunch of consenting adults get together for fun and fantasy.

    So why should their private lives be written up in a newspaper. There was no news.

    I know nothing about the man but I'm glad Mosley stood up to these bullies.
    In the not too distant past other have been known to commit suicide after their unusual fetishes or sexual preferences have been exposed in this way.