Tuesday, February 24, 2009

“Council tax rise is cut”*, what? and 2 % increase for TDC Staff ?

*From last weeks Thanet Times, that was their somewhat meaningless headline to a rather sycophantic piece about the Tory groups council tax budget, which the author failed to notice was yet another stonking big increase of 4% (please note I have rounded the figure up by 0.01%).

2% Increase for Staff?

Still whilst I was praising Paul Carter’s (leader of Kent council) offer of 1% increase to staff at KCC, I doubt I’ll be able to do the same for Sandy Ezekiel, since he and his Finance Cabinet colleague Martin Wise are taking a not so tough stand on wages having already conceded “for budgetary purposes…,an increase of 2%” according to details contained in the agenda for TDC’s recent cabinet meeting.

I know that those who work in the waste and recycling department of TDC, are probably the least well remunerated and are sufficiently upset as to go on strike according to the council, (and I have some sympathy since those who work hardest tend to get treated poorly) but even so its probably still good news for staff in a climate where many outside of TDC, will of coarse be receiving no increases, pay cuts or even the P45 and don’t forget that staff have good pension benefits and generous car parking benefits (worth up to £6.80 a day (£1500 PA)).

I hope that Sandy and Martin, have the strength of character to offer a similar deal as KCC, but doubt it, the bulk of the work on the budget was carried out by “officers” which Cllr. Wise was kind enough to point out, to me personally as he presented the budget during the cabinet meeting 12/2/09, I think “for Mr Flaig’s benefit” so really its no surprise that a 2% increase is allowed for in their budget forecast.

No doubt those who work in the public sector see me as some mean spirited B*st*rd and I can understand that, but just how much can the wider economy take, it seems that every year our council tax increases well above inflation, its now at a point that’s no longer sustainable.

Just as a final thought lets hope that TDC don’t have some sly deal, on the side where top knobs get some ridiculous bonus (see last post).


  1. Tony,
    Only the KM online has exposed that KCC is paying the eight top earners a bonus of £100,000 between then. You may ask why KCC is paying staff a bonus for doing the job for which they are already being paid.
    This alone must be equal to more than one %.Its not as if they are incentive driven occupations.
    I wonder why the other local rags have missed this?
    Its one pay scale for the rich and another for the poor.

  2. The problem is that these clowns confuse themselves with business men who if they fail will often lose everything, in the unlikely event that some "officer" gets rumbled the worst thing that could happen is that he would get promoted or sent home on gardening leave, eventually to receive a fat pension.

  3. The "other rags" are owned by the Daily Mail.