Sunday, November 10, 2013

Will Scobie speaks bollix? and the BBC let him?

Some of you, who still have the ability to think and question,  will have been offended by Labours Cllr Will Scobie had you watched the Sunday Politics show on BBC.

Why you ask, well once again BBC South East bias appeared to be in evidence ( in my opinion) when Scobie was allowed to infer that UKIP are refusing to represent their constituents. 

Anyhoo this is what I understand Labour Will to have said referring to UKIP "Because of their stance on immigration they are alienating people, and people feel they cannot get in touch with them. There are people who may have come to this country from other countries who erm may need help getting into there local primary school and they don't feel like they can get in contact their ukip county councillor, so they are contacting me. he goes on to say there are "... large communities that are not being represented by there county councillors."

Surprisingly or rather not if you follow BBC South East, the journalist didn't challenge this assertion, so if BBC wont ask the question then Bignews Margate will er..  Will where is your evidence! and have you before slurring you fellow members of KCC, had the courtesy to put your concerns to your UKIP colleagues before grandstanding with what appears a rather offensive allegation?

It is my experience that after all the rhetoric, most politicians are decent people irrespective of political affiliation.

Still schooling is one of those things that cuts across all social classes and I dare say that there are people concerned at provision made for children whose first language is English since as I understand many schools have a large intake of children from migrant communities a result of Labour's ill thought out social gamble, some might prefer not to talk to a Labour activist who has no job or life outside of Labour party politics.

These days people no longer feel comfortable talking about real issues particularly when they involve daring to touch on national issues or interest, sad really but Labour lead the way in undermining any idea of national interest, we live in a world in which are expected to accommodate celebrate diversity of all sort while any interest in preserving national identity is frowned upon.  Schizophrenic


  1. Fair points Tone and it would be interesting to know the most migrant/foreign/non-English speaking children in Kent schools. Doubt it's many.

  2. Well I certainly wouldn't contact an UKIP cllr with my concerns!

  3. Seems straightforward to me. Thanet residents contacting a Thanet KCC councillor rather than the one for the ward because they don't trust the UKIP member to sort out their schooling needs.
    I don't see what evidence Will can give you as the matter is confidential between him and the people concerned.
    He has said people are doing this, end of.

    1. Since he is inferring a negative, why doesn't he do the honest thing and contact his co councillors, otherwise it looks and probably is so much nonsense.

      Well he would say that End of

      As we know Labour has not been honest in government and since Scobie could be considered to be a professional Labour party member ..............

      Why trust him?

      As I mentioned at the top "Some of you, who still have the ability to think and question,, I take it you'er a paid up Labour lackey 21:00

      Anyway unlike some of your colleagues I have to get up in the morning

  4. Please note I added a further comment after the first 2 comments.

    Still I note that Moores has highlighted that Will Scobie although having being a member of Thanet and Kent council, he doesn't actually have what most of us consider a prorper job.

  5. Tony, why don't you put yourself forward as a UKIP candidate instead of Lib-Dem at the next election? Seriously, our party needs people like you.

    1. UKIP don't appeal since they represent one issue.

      Our relationship with Europe and it's consequences ought to be mainstream.

  6. One has to wonder about Will's political grasp, for UKIP are the greatest allies Labour could have when it comes to elections. It is not Labour voters that switch to UKIP but Conservative ones, so discrediting UKIP is likely to be more help to Will's Conservative opponent than himself.

    If one casts minds back to 2005, when Steve Ladyman famously said in his acceptance speech "I never expected to be standing here," the votes taken by UKIP were more than Steve's narrow margin of victory that time. Five years on, and with a less charismatic UKIP candidate, Laura Sandys romped home with an over 7,000 vote majority.

    Anyway, instead of keep rubbishing poor Will, I would like to say "Well done, lad, you just keep rubbishing UKIP" for he is doing a great job.

    1. He opens the door to comparison between Labour and UKIP locally.

      Perhaps he would care to point to Labour's great achievements locally ?

      Or to Steve Ladyman's record as a constituency MP.

    2. Good point, 10:39, but then again, perhaps he could not think of any great achievements and Ladyman's record was one of not responding to his constituents most of the time.

    3. Just a reminder that this was about residents with schooling issues.
      The UKIP policy on schooling for immigrants is very clear.
      They would not allow any immigrant children to have any for m of state education for the first 5 years of being in this country.
      This is regardless of whether the parents where contributing to UK society by way of paying taxes or doing a socially useful job.
      So would you expect immigrants with schooling issues to contact their local UKIP councillor?

    4. Well done, 11:35, keep rubbishing UKIP and helping the Tories.

    5. You're joking: UKIP will refuse to allow immigrant children to go to school for 5 years? Will they tattoo them with their NI number just to make sure we can identify them? Is that really their policy?

    6. Take a look at the "What we Stand for" section on the UKIP web site and then look at point 2 as below.

      "2 Protect Our Borders

      •Only by leaving the EU can we fully regain control of our borders and control migration.
      •Those wishing to permanently settle in the UK must financially support themselves and their dependents for 5 years. This means private health insurance (except emergency medical care), private education and housing. You pay into the pot before you take out of the pot.
      •Bring in a points based visa system and time limited work permits.
      •Tourists and new migrants to the UK must provide proof of private health insurance cover as a condition of entry to the UK."

    7. Blimey you'e right: no schools or healthcare for 5 years. How would you pay for a school except Eton etc? But emergency medical care is allowed.

      They're making it up as they go along aren't they.

      Visas and health insurance exists anyway so not really saying anything at all.

    8. Actually, anon 18:14, UKIP are not "making it up as that go along", as you falsely claim.

      Something very similar to what UKIP proposes already exists in the Immigration Rules, as they apply to Non EU Nationals. If you read these rules you will notice that UKIP's proposal is generous by comparison.

      [I spent 8 years of my working life applying the Immigration Rules. A copy of the Rules is obtainable from HMSO].

  7. "Will Scobie is Labour's Candidate for South Thanet MP. Will Scobie has been a dedicated Labour Party activist for the last decade."

    Which makes him 13 when he started??

    1. He certainly could've been 14, as that's the minimum age to join the Young Labour Party.

  8. It is, of course ,courtesy, if not protocol, for young Will to check with relevant cllrs that they have no objection to his representing and/or advising those who live in their division. He should, therefore, have a simple list of emails sent to his colleagues requesting their approval for his work with their residents. He could list the times and dates of those as evidence without revealing their contents at all. Or an enterprising journalist could ask his KCC colleagues how many requests they have got from him? In the past I rarely found anyone objecting if you took on their work for them.

  9. It's very important to use the right words and, in my opinion, you could only claim that someone was refusing to do something, if they had been asked to do it, and had refused. You can hardly accuse UKIP councillors of refusing to represent you if you didn't ask them to do it in the first place.

    From where I'm standing, it sounds as if Scobie (and Labour) are every bit as scared of a UKIP rout as the Tories. On Radio Kent this morning a KCC councillor was complaining that UKIP don't follow a party line when voting on issues at County Hall. The UKIP councillor, quite reasonably, explained that each councillor voted according to what he believed was in the best interests of the constituents he represents. In other words, it's perfectly possible to have two councillors from the same party voting different ways on a specific issue. No wonder the main parties are so worried. They've spent so many years subverting the democratic process that the notion of not being able to control the outcome of a vote must terrify them. Personally, I'm inclined to vote for change and UKIP do seem to be offering a real alternative.

  10. What are the UKIP policies in Thanet then 19:00. Some 7 months after the election there seems to be nothing specific. UKIP were as surprised as everyone else they did so well.

  11. Will sounds a bit wet behind the ears, but then again so are most of the electorate, particularly those who take all this bollix seriously.

    It seems that UKIP are generally in favour of fracking, which tells me all I need to know about UKIP.

    Fracking updates from Ian R. Crane

  12. I can't tell you what UKIP's policies are 07:00 because I'm not a member of UKIP. However, from your response I suspect you misunderstand their approach. Each UKIP councillor takes their own view on an issue according to how they perceive that it affects their constituents. So, for most issues, you don't actually need a policy. In this sense, UKIP are undoubtedly offering a radical alternative to the conventional parties, where a powerful cabal or inner circle decides how all of the other members should vote. I think this will win a lot of support, because people are fed up with their elected representatives telling them that they were whipped into voting in a way that was not in the interests of the people who voted for them. As for being in favour of fracking, I'm afraid you'll find that a majority of people in Britain are in favour of fracking. You may not like it but unless you can persuade more people of the dangers, the democratic process will inevitably reflect the will of the people

    1. "I'm afraid you'll find that a majority of people in Britain are in favour of fracking."

      Clearly NOT in East Kent, for the parish councils in the proposed test drilling areas have rejected the licence applications from Coastal Oil and Gas until they can provide evidence that what they are proposing will not affect our water reserves. Something they will never be able to do.

      Fracking Nightmare - Episode 3

    2. Parish councils are not necessarily representative of a majority, invariably being elected on 30% turnouts or less. No problem with people opposing fracking or fossil fuels or nuclear, if that is what they believe, but I would dearly love to hear their proposals for keeping the lights on at an affordable price in the future?

      By the way, what's with the never? As a kid I recall a science teacher saying that man would never get off this planet as he could not stand the G force necessary to break free of gravity.

    3. You are lucky, Tom, I could not understand a word my physics teacher was saying, he being a fresh recruit from Pakistan at the time. Not that it mattered, as it turns out most of it was claptrap anyway. Miraculously I still somehow passed my GCSE.

      At Canary Wharf, London, clean, free, unlimited energy technology is in use, based on knowledge gleaned from excavating the pyramids.

      The same technology was used in the September 11 false flag attacks on the NY WTC.

      Curse of the pharoahs, my arse, a more appropriate name would be the curse of the banksters.

    4. Surely you mean O levels at your age, 14:58?

    5. No, I mean the banksters have mastered the art of harnessing free electricity from the earth's energy field, but they are not telling the plebs about it, for obvious reasons.

      The tomb-raiders, who mysteriously died from the dreaded 'curse of the pharoahs', could clearly not be trusted to keep schtum about what they had discovered inside the Egyptian pyramids, namely that, rather than tombs, these ancient monoliths were built to capture energy from the earth's atmosphere and transform it to useable electricity, which I believe could be transmitted wirelessly to a wide surrounding area.

      GCSE O-levels, I believe they were known as, in my day.

    6. No, they were GCE O & A levels and only available in grammar and private sector schools, which is probably why you don't even know what they were called.

      GCSEs were introduced in 1988 so that everybody left school with a piece of paper, however worthless.

      Doubt anyone who believes that electricity generation has anything to do with pharaohs or their curses would have too many GCEs or GCSEs for that matter.

    7. What Anon 22:49 says about the pyramids and harnessing energy at Canary Wharf is true. Spiderman told me.

    8. John, you spoil sport, there was me building a pyramid in the back garden to help reduce my energy bills and you have gone a wrecked the dream. Spiderman, indeed, when everyone knows he is in New York, not Ramsgate.

    9. William It was GCE's in my day. I think Anon 22.49 is mixing his conspiracy theories. Fermi wireless transmission of energy.

      I think it was called "Dragon Project" in UK that used electroencephalograms to show that ancient rock circles somehow interact with human brain electrical activity. And they established that exactly at dawn on solstice and equinox the rock circle somehow squelches all the area natural ultrasound.

      I used to do martial arts with a Ordnance Factory mathematician who was studying the interaction between a newly constructed rock circle and radio transmissions from a nearby radio mast. But if a top man like that doesn't know the answers to various anomalies (yet) then I have to doubt that an anon blogger already knows.


    10. Thanks for the explanation, Rick, much appreciated.

    11. It was Tesla not Fermi. My memory is rusty. The conspiracy theory is based on Tesla experiments with wireless transmission of energy I think. Hence "Muslamic ray guns" etc which features a lot on the mickey taking Army Rumour Service blog.

      Interesting book by two Freemason researchers re Neolithic Yard

      One mystery that does intrigue me a bit is "Kempo" which is Japanese martial art of Chinese origin. I think it was a 1000 years before the word was used in Japan that it was the foundation for words in English and Irish. Kemper men in English regions and Kempery men in Irish tribes (working men trained in martial arts). No doubt someone will criticise the over simplification but Kempo is akin to Japanese working class martial arts and Bushido for the upperclass (warrior) arts. So a similar question to that of the megalithic yard. Was knowledge of building and mysticism originated here and then spread from old Albion. It seems as if Lancashire Catch Wrestling used techniques long before ju jitsu learnt them via Japanese merchant seamen.

      Billy Robinson teaching Lancashire Catch Wrestling to MMA lads

      I think old Billy has had throat cancer. But what a man. Sherlock Holmes studied "Bartitsu" but may have been better advised to go to Wigan and learn their wrestling (like the Japs did ?)

      There are mysteries as yet unanswered historical, linguistic and technological. I suggest what makes a conspiracy theorist is that they claim to know the answers !

      I think a few years ago there was a book on economics theory that was akin to Fourier Analysis in Science, Music and Engineering. The theory that there are trends within trends that are determined by mathematical truth based on roots of the number 5 (As is the Napierian or Natural Logarithm or the Masonic Divine Proportion). It is said that the 20th century economists were very pleased with their enlightenment. Then someone read 16th Century Samurai Musashi's Book of FIVE rings. In it he wrote of timings within timings and added "This also applies to the rise and fall of capital think well on this" IIRC.

      Acknowledging unexplained mysteries is rational. Claiming to have "Divined" the answers is a tad problematic.

      It has long been know to be careful nicking hard core from a rock circle site. More likely to cop a lightning strike is the legend. But like many ghost stories it might have been made up to deter thieves. "Radiation Hazard" stickers worked a security treat in the London teaching hospitals.

      Best wishes to you William. Rick.

    12. Thanks, Rick, a lot to take in, but most interesting.

    13. Rick, it was indeed Nikola Tesla who is credited with 'discovering' wireless transmission of electricity. Tesla was born less than 30 miles from the site of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, a similar, if constructionally superior energy-harnessing monolith to the Great Pyramid of Giza; precisely similar in angles and dimensions and precisely similarly aligned, with it's sides running exactly north to south & east to west.

      Tesla suffered from a condition which allowed him to see energy in the ether, I think it is reasonable to assume that he could see that something was occurring above the Pyramid of the Sun, in Visoko.

      It was undoubtedly this condition and experience which enabled him to develop methods of transmitting electrical energy wirelessly and also to provide the founding know-how for the development of the H.A.A.R.P. weather warfare weapon.

      The former, the Wardenclyffe Tower project, was shelved by bankster, J.P.Morgan when it was realised that such an invention could threaten the energy monopoly of the power elite.

      The latter discovery was shelved by Tesla himself, when he realised that it was a dangerous tool in the wrong hands. Unfortunately the cat was already out of the bag, the tool did find it's way into the wrong hands and we are now living with the frightening consequences.

      Do some research Rick, this is no 'conspiracy theory'.

  13. UKIP County Cllr Martin Heale's first question on entering a local Primary school " How many interpreters do you employ for the Eastern European children? "
    "err,,,,none actually"

  14. You made that up 17:39 in some silly attempt to brand UKIP racist. Suggest you talk to a few head teachers yourself, and particularly Hartsdown, and ask them about the problems of multi languages.

  15. Do UKIP still reject people joining if they have/had an affiliation to the likes of the National Front or English Defence League?

    Maybe we could ask Martyn?

  16. Rob, don't get suckered in by it all; UKIP are controlled opposition, nothing more, nothing less; they are something to give the plebs a bit of hope for the future.

    They'll promise this and they'll promise that, but nothing will ever come of it, unless, of course, it is something the establishment wanted done anyway.

    Even the NF, EDL and other far-right or far-left groups are controlled pawns in the game. The KKK was set up, and is run, by the CIA.

    It's all a load of old cobblers really. If they can keep the plebs squabbling about party politics all day, then the serious issues can be obfuscated.

    Issues such has how we are all constantly being fleeced, or why good-looking, well balanced kids from happy homes are being confiscated by certain rogue elements of Social Services and sold, via corporate adoption agencies, for big money to the highest bidder.

    Such as how our young school leavers are having to work for nothing; such as how elderly and disabled people are going cold and hungry.

    Such as why are the borders wide open? Or why have our armed forces been depleted past the point of being able to defend the country? Or why there are thousands of neglected military veterans living rough on the streets. Or why are NATO forces protecting the Afghan poppy fields and shipping out the finished product (6,500 tons pa)?

    Such as; how is it possible that a Somali girl child was smuggled into this country for organ harvesting?

    And that that is just the tip of the iceberg.

    1. The KKK was around long before the CIA you prat!

    2. Please, 5:43, don't spoil the poor old sod's mind wandering for that's all he has left to live for. If he wants to believe the CIA formed the KKK, assassinated Kennedy and Luther King, organised the Irish potatoes famine and engineered the beheading of Anne Boleyn, what's the harm. It is only a problem if we start swallowing the rubbish.

    3. Anon 00:27,

      You have got wrong.

      The KKK was founded in 1847. Wheras the CIA was created in 1947 [with the assistance of the British MI6].

    4. It may not have been founded by the CIA under that name, but we are dealing with the same anti-human club of nazi scumbags here.

      The KKK was originally founded as The Knights of The Golden Circle, by Albert Pike, their mission was to overthrow the U.S.Government and to perpetuate slavery in the southern states.

      Pike was a Grand Master of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and well connected with the British and European Illuminati.

      Today's equivalent of Albert Pike would undoubtedly be George H.W. Bush, former head of the CIA, who's father, Prescott, was deeply involved in the funding of the corporate fascist Third Reich and who can demonstrably be seen as continuing in the footsteps of Pike in his quest to overthrow the government of the United States and in the perpetuation of slavery, but now on a global scale.

      So although the KKK has been diminished somewhat in it's role, the original faction and ideology has morphed into the CIA, which will still deploy the KKK as and when they could be useful, just as they deploy Al Quaeda and a myriad of other nasty little groups around the world.

      Fortunately for Humanity, many people are now waking up to these scumbags and their anti-human campaigns of terror. I believe we are going to see great changes in the coming decade or so.

      I would not want to be you, Epps, when this thing blows up.

    5. Anon12:36Z,

      Heavens, I would not like to be you living in that screaming confusion that is your mind.

    6. I agree John, it takes a certain level of mental capacity to be able to handle the truth... which you ain't got, I'm sorry to say.

    7. 12:36, whatever did I do to be addressed at the end of your confused linking of people and organisations spanning several lifetimes.

      It seems to me that you have been spouting this nonsense about the people waking up for a considerable number of years now yet nothing seems to have happened. You have warned me of dire consequences before, but why me anymore than you. How will the great surge of awakened humanity distinguish friend from foe? Will you be the little Hitler handing out the hit list of who to round up. What then, execution or camps, perhaps? Isn't that what the Nazis did?

      Seems to me one extremist is as bad as another by whatever name they call themselves. But wait, you don't call yourself anything, do you? Too ashamed of the drivel you write to put a name to it.

    8. John Holyer, you better watch it or you will be joining me as one of those on the list when humanity wakes up to the scumbags who are manipulating the KKK and Al Quaeda for their own evil ends. Guess we better hide in the lodge.

    9. That was a more interesting read, 15.36, than a bunch of people calling each other liars over on thanetonline. Not sure how you can link something from the nineteenth century through to what is happening in the twenty-first, but it makes more sense than half the rubbish I have just been reading elsewhere.

    10. Anon 16:00,

      Your truth is anything that you say it is, according to whichever charlatan you happen to be following at the moment.

      You are coming up on here posing as various anons agreeing with yourself. Which demonstrates that in your disturbed mind the truth is whatever you tell yourself that it is.

    11. Glad you enjoyed the read, 19.06.

      "... Not sure how you can link something from the nineteenth century through to what is happening in the twenty-first,.. "

      Well, they have been at it a bit longer than that, at least since 1666 and the Great Fire of London, which was the culmination of a reign of terror perpetrated by the Jesuits and which ushered in the debt money system that we enjoy so much today. If you want to go back further, they were at it in Venice, a century or so previously, but were kicked out and fled up north to the British Isles and The Netherlands.

      Take a chill pill John, this is fascinating stuff.

    12. Anon @ 23:48,

      On your advice I have taken a chill pill, contemplated your account and reached the inevitable conclusion that you have never in your life read a history book, and that you either winding us up or else completely off your rocker. But no doubt you are content for ignorance is bliss

    13. I decided to take a sleeping pill, woke it up, swallowed it and got a good night's sleep as a result. Still no knock on the door this morning so I suppose the masses have still not woken up to what is going on. Funny that, for I though it was imminent.

  17. Well I read that link, 15:35, nice little story but what is it supposed to prove. By the way, Reb Butler was gun running for the south so he was probably in on the plot. Do you think the CIA were behind Abe's assassination?

  18. William,

    I can picture our petulant anon strutting around in a fancy uniform eliminating the ethnically impure. The impure would be anyone who disagreed with him.

  19. Even if the councillor's claim were true it would be no more proof of UKIP not representing a constituent than if a constituent contacted a LibLabCon councillor asking then to arrange for a grammar school to be set up and take their kid.

    The real obscenity is that a state owned broadcaster, with a nominal but entirely ignored legal duty of balance, gives airtime to UKIP's opponents to lie about them but censors almost any appearance from UKIP. Per voter supporting the Green party get more than 40 times as much coverage as UKIP and while virtually all coverage of Greens worshipful UKIP's is of the "have you stopped beating one legged gay Pakistanis in birquas yet"