Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shameful - Pope greets Robert Mugabe

Not often that I'd agree with Peter Tatchell, but if I heard right he described, the Papacy as shameful for inviting Zimbabwe President and alleged human rights abuser Robert Mugabe, to be greeted by the Pope, and of course he is right.

Shame on Italy for allowing a suspect human rights abuser to travel unimpeded, and even more shame for the Catholic Church endorsing criminals.


  1. A "suspect human rights abuser", yet your party Tony wants us to opt out of human rights convention.

  2. Tories have always been soft on the European human rights convention, and of course Labour are fairly week on such matters, your former leader has not harmed his earnings potential with america israel (human rights and war crimes abusers) as middle east envoy or indeed lucrative work with Kazakhstan also in the frame with human rights abuse.

    As far i know Liberal Dems can hold the head high unlike Conservative and Labour parties

  3. Who said "Better gaw gaw gaw than war war war"? Churchill. Should the Pope pick and choose who is invited. You can't influence people by ignoring them, though it might be a bit late for Mugabe. The President of Argentina was also there.

    1. You do not have to suscribe to the European Human Rights convention to behave decently as a nation. We did OK before Blair signed up to it and a British Bill of Rights, tailor made for our nation would be a better bet.

      As for Mugabe, the man is an evil butcher who is responsible for the deaths of thousands of his own people, but I doubt the Pope got much choice over the guest list. The kindest thing his holiness could have done for Zimbabwe would have been to give Mugabe the last rites.

  4. ....its a bit rich coming form the Vatican and all their crimes against children.

    1. By and large I suspect that Mugabe is a bit worse than the Vatican.

    2. I suspect that your suspicion is based on ignorance of the facts, 22.59.

      What about the nazi rat runs? Mafia drug money laundering? Rampant paedophilia? Involvement with secret societies and funding of terror groups? etc, etc?

      Compared to the Crown or the Vatican, Mugabe is strictly mister small potatoes in the anti-humanity stakes.

      You mugs need to stop watching the damned telly.

    3. So Ignorance Buster, you know all about the genocide of the Matabelle using his North Korean trained and supplemented 5th Brigade, just because as a people they supported Nkomo. You know all about the seizure of land and property, the murder of all political opponents, the systematic beatings and rapes in areas where he had no support and the misappropriation of funds from a variety of sources for personal gain.

      Get real, man, evil is evil wherever it manifests itself whether that be the Vatican or Zimbabwe.

    4. Ignorance Buster, they were called Nazi ratlines, by which the Vatican helped nazis to escape to South America, not good but nobody died as a direct result, Mugabe is a murderer by his actions and still goes unpunished.

    5. Of course Mugabe is evil, but in the grand scheme of things he is a nobody, who could be removed at any time. But perhaps they don't want him removed, just yet?

      The UN is doing the exact same thing in the name of Agenda 21; forcibly removing Africans from their traditional tribal homes, killing them if necessary. But when it's dressed up as saving the planet from climate change, then I guess it's OK, eh?

      Of course, it's really about is the creation of game reserves so the pond-scum can nip down there on their lear jets and take pot shots at the wildlife.

      But the Vatican is a seriously big player, and by spiriting the nazi sickos and scientists to the Americas, to regroup, undergo a thorough but leisurely debriefing and continue on from where they left off, we are now facing the same thing again... on steroids.

      Unfortunately, this bunch of losers has still not learnt the lesson that they cannot swim upstream against the universe and the creator... and there will be nowhere to run this time around.

    6. Utter bollicks, Ignorance! Africa is rapidily disappearing under the Chinese jackboot as it is stripped of its raw materials and resources to feed the dragon's growing economy.

      The handful of spirited away Nazis finished up as frightened old men living in fear and perpetually looking over their shoulders for the Israeli secret service.

      Presumably you get your history from Hollywood with 'Boys from Brazil' top of your viewing list and then you have the cheek to talk of losers. Frankly, you make Homer Simpson seem like one of humanity's success stories.

      Also remember, that seriously big player, the Vatican, couldn't even bring about the downfall of a fat, indulgent, cock happy English king or prevent the murder of its bishops and the looting of its wealth in this country. Seriously big player that, you clown.

    7. Chill out Al, life should be fun!

      A bit of reading for you:

      Armed troops acting on behalf of a British carbon trading company, backed by the World Bank, burned houses to the ground and killed children to evict Ugandans from their homes in the name of seizing land to protect against “global warming,” a shocking illustration of how the climate change con is a barbarian form of neo-colonialism.


      China’s engagement with Africa today is less motivated by ideological considerations than by a commercial agenda that aims to sustain rapid industrialization and economic growth rates in China. China’s presence is usually warmly welcomed by African governments due to the offers of trade, aid, and investments without “strings attached.” China is also seen as a solution to the creation of local infrastructure where local capacity is lacking. In general, African leaders consider their engagement with China to be a viable alternative to the “Washington Consensus,” particularly the structural adjustment programmes (SAPs) that ravaged most countries on the continent since the 1980s.


      Robles: Now, you mentioned Nazi scientists a minute ago, I mean, it is not a very widely known fact that after World War II, I believe it was, about 400,000 Nazis found refuge in the United States. Can you tell us a little more on the scientists that were developing these programs and working with the US Government? Can you expand on that a little bit?
       Gagnon: Under Operation Paper Clip, 1,200 Nazis were brought into the United States, former Nazi intelligence. They were brought in to help create the CIA.
       Wernher von Braun, the Nazi scientist that ran the V1 and V2 operations was brought in. He became one of the leaders of NASA and he built the first successful rockets that were launched by the US military after the Kennedy Administration wanted to respond to the Soviet Union’s launch of Sputnik.
       Other Nazi scientists were brought in to create US Flight Medicine programs, the MKUltra LSD-drug experiments of the 1960s in the United States, where people were jumping out of windows and killing themselves because they were given drugs.
       The people that were running these were the former Nazi scientists who had been doing similar tests on prisoners of war and Jews and other people in concentration camps inside of Germany.
       So, the entire military industrial complex was seeded with these top Nazi operatives. And I’ve always maintained that when you do that: “Is there an ideological contamination that comes along with that?” My belief is: indeed there is.


    8. More garbage, Ignorant, and with reliance on highly suspect conspiracy theory sensationalist articles as though they were fact.

      There have been no British troops in Uganda since independence, other than a handful of trainers early on, nearly 40 years ago.

      Whilst we are at it, it is Chinese money and muscle that keeps Mugabe in power, not any capatalist conspiracy.

    9. Are you a sock puppet Al? What's the money like?

    10. In answer to your question, Ignorant, no, but I used to be a Jolson tribute artist until the Rothchilds had my vocal chords removed. Apparently my rendition of 'Mammy' was considered offensive to the gay semetic lobby.