Friday, September 05, 2014

Thanet Watch revolutionary forces launch UKIP fightback

another propaganda blast from Thanet red revolutionary committee, this time it seems local  "film maker" Christine Tongue is interviewing what I assume to be a representative selection of, in no way biased hard working residents of Broadstairs in this little film.

As you might imagine there is little evidence of a protest which apparently took place on Tuesday this week but what you will learn of, are wild insinuation and accusations of racism and an appalling suggestion of violence.

Still you might take our Christine at face value, were it not for another film in which she interviews a man who was convicted of attacking the UKIP leader on a visit, a while back who was at a previous demo, organised by local activist which comprised lefties and a bunch manipulated local groups.

I suggest you watch this film and see how objective Christine Tongue really is.


  1. Well said Tony although ukip sre racists aren't they. Which of their policies don't refer to immigrants etc

  2. We'll if your rank and file labour you'd probably know more than me

  3. Tony I wonder if you would know if QEQM has a direct water abstraction licence such as for non-potable cheaper water for laundry ?

    The Green (ex Socialist Worker Party still pals with Christine the film maker) candidate has never taken up the Green issue of direct abstraction licences in his own cllr ward.

    In the next seven days Cllr Iris Johnson has scheduled to seek legal advice about introducing a policy at TDC for compliance with the statutory reporting duties of terrorism law. IF TDC were actually to bring in such a policy for obeying the law the effect could be a review of all relevant TDC process (Planning, housing benefits and Standards) going back to its creation.

    The anti Farage campaign (from which even Doreen Lawrence distanced herself because of its violence you rightly point to) is SWP driven. The SWP is IRA supportive. Yes folks racist when it comes to the idea of a homeland for Ireland and multiculturalist when it comes to social control of the UK.

    UKIP of course is not "Racist". Indeed going back to the law of Alfred the Great and the development of our law and culture and rights, freedoms and liberties the UK proper (Common Law, Common Decency, Common Sense) cannot be racist. For blindness to diversity is built in.

    For example the scales of justice and the constable oath (To act without fear, favour, malice or ill will). It is the unlawful multicultural experiment that has created "Racism" and then hypocritically uses it to accuse others (actually the accusation is used against anyone who commits the new heresy of rejecting multiculturalism IE According to the recent BBC poll 95% of us !)

    How many people who bandy the word "Racist" about actually know what multiculturalism is ? It is a belief system (like a cult) that is based on promoting a social theory that in one land all cultures should be accorded equal merit.

    The absurdity of this has recently been illustrated with the example of the SS Galician Divn who were settled in UK postwar by Richard Rapier Stokes MP. How they must have goosestep danced for joy that the country, who defeated them, had taken them in and fallen for an unlawful multiculural experiment that dictated that the SS culture (Genocide, war on unarmed populations etc) would have equal billing.

    But what protection did our Common Law system of rights build in ? For example the constable. He actually holds office conditional that he defend the ancient rights, freedoms and liberties of the land. Yet the "Constables" have meekly trotted along for their indoctrination courses in "Home Office key competencies". Betraying their oaths of office from Day One of their service.

    "Institutionalised Racism" (if it exists) would actually be a breach of the constable oath held criminallly answerable to the Queen. Oh dear yes.

    But Theresa May is now aware that if she gives rein to her Judge led inquiry the chances are very high the MacPherson Inquiry would be tumbled. This is an interesting time.

    "Institutionalised racism" is a concept invented by the USA Black Power movement. It was researched by Home Office 1971 in tests for malleability of police recruits in England. (As a research red herring) and then enjoyed a brief experimental flutter in Scarman Inquiry Brixton Riots 1981 before being promoted to full bogus reality status by the MacPherson Inquiry into the Lawrence killing.

    And yet with so much written about Stephen Lawrence we still do not know how close his mother Doreen was/is to the Black Power movement and the UK Socialist Worker Party do we ?

    Let the new Judge led inquiry determine the answers Theresa May. Probably the only time Doreen Lawrence has mentioned SWP was to distance herself from their UAF and violent campaign against Farage.

    UKIP will take Clacton and Thanet South.

  4. Migration to this country is a major problem affecting many people in Thanet. What is of concern about UKIP is the connections with the NF and that we could end up with an absentee MP far too busy empire building to be interested in Thanet's problems.

  5. The good news is that Christine and crew will be moving north if the 'Yes' vote sees the creation of the United Scottish Socialist Republic under President Salmond. See Sinn Fein BBC have done the same unbiased job up there as they did in Ulster during the peace accord.

    The old Reds are not so much under the beds now as squatting on the duvet covers.

  6. The EU civil servant George Cunningham raising EU TTIP policy rather than Thanet. Is he a Libdem or a Brussels sprout?