Saturday, December 30, 2006

Margate in crisis
as sales fever passes by

In common with many residents of Thanet and Margate in particular I dont often go into Margate high-street, today was one of those rare events since Mrs Me required dropping off for an appointment with the hairdressers (I am not sure whether this is a major refit or just a touch up but if I remember I will adjust my praise accordingly) any how I was shocked to see how bad things had got (high-street not Mrs Me she's always lovely).

The only improvement I have noted is the ability to get a parking spot, presumably due to the derelict ambience of the high-street, not helped by the building site look given to the Marks and Spencer building for which we as taxpayers have paid several million.

Woolies gets unwelcome visitor

Even the enticements (up to 70% off) from the remaining shops seem to have failed to drag in the punters with the exception of Woolworths where clearly at least one bargain hunter could not contain themselves till opening time. I believe that this shop will remain closed for most of the day (looks like merging Canterbury and Thanet police areas is paying dividends).

Thanet council leader Sandy Ezekiel seems to frequently refer to Thanet as beautiful which in parts it is but clearly Margate high-street is not one of them, and for all the expense and time spent on regeneration specialists somethings clearly wrong because the streets are empty, when if we believe the media every other retail area in the country is under siege from deranged consumers who still have space on their credit card to fill.

Hopefully local elections later in this next year will help concentrate the minds of our local council into some action. Perhaps at the very least the ruling group on the council could ask their consultants if they have come up with any ideas yet!


  1. I work for " Das Council" and couldn't agree more with you. Either the local traders are lying when they say Westwood Cross is killing the town, or "Das Council" is when they say it's regenerated it. Keep up the site, regards, Peeper GBE

  2. Cheers Peeper GBE The thing with regeneration is it requires endless reports an experts to come up with plans etc and money seems to be available by the bucket load from SEEDA and other little quangos of course all of this is unaccountable as in the Turner Debacle