Monday, September 03, 2007


A few months back, news came from Kent council, that they had decided that spending 1.2 milliion pounds, would be a sensible use of public funds, there were comments from the great and the good Peter Gilroy ( one of the top earners in the country) his boss Paul Carter and most likely Bob Geldoff in support.

On the same day not having 1.2 million to squander, I though it were better to put my 1.2 mill under the matteress, and use my nokia phone with its attached camera and lauch Tony Flaig´s Kent TV ( Part of the Bignews Media empire) via the free You tube which KCC have blocked on their own computers.

That said, we have seen some odd little publicity stuff from Kent council and Ten Alps and in the meantime KOS Media has jumped on the internet TV bandwagon( at no cost to Taxpayers).

Now I justed checked out the Web site in question Kent Tv and low and behold despite all the nonsence of a September lauch there is todate "jack" detailing the big lauch, I suppose they meant September 2008.

To grossly distort Bob Geldoffs famous remarks " Give us our F******* money back!" or better still maybe put that money back in to care services for those who need the money.

Kent TV website

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