Friday, October 19, 2007

Southern Water clean up at last!

I'm frequently accused of talking it, many of us have had bathed in it, and Southern water who actually pump it, are due to complete their new eighty million pound plant this week. Which is just in the nick of time if the reports that the European Commission have started taking legal proceedings against British government for allowing the residents of margate's and broadstairs exposed to sewage for so many years.

It just makes you wonder what all those awards for clean beaches, in these parts are actually worth.

Richard Ashworth conservative Euro MP, is going to write to the European commissioner for the environment, to update him on these improvements, and invite him to visit the new facilities according to the report on Kentnews website. No mention is made as to whether it will be necessary for the commissioner to bring his swimming costume.

But not for the first time has Thanet been the last in the queue, whether it's roads hospitals or clean water.

Hooray for Southern water, it's taken these blighters sixteen years to comply with European law, I just wonder how long Southern water would wait, if you or I were to delay payment on our water bills probably not 16 days.


  1. All very nice for you northern types, but why has our Blue Flag gone here in Ramsgate?

  2. I imagine that since the new beach in the harbour at ramsgate has been created its necessary to reassess the blue flag status