Wednesday, January 07, 2009

More gloss less information

Once again KCC have issued their quarterly magazine for the people of Kent, although I have a sneaking suspicion it is more for the ruling group, on Kent County Council, to let us proles know just how blooming good, they and their administration are

Of course it is full of information, such as details of Kent County council's Kent Health Watch, although for some reason they fail to mention that this enterprise, pointless as it is, apparently has a budget or something like £300,000.

Of course naturally it contains Paul Carter's, "opinion" in which he mentions Kent council's support of local business, however neglects to mention those enterprises that KCC itself runs, which ironically compete with the local business.

Kent T V's mentioned, but I think I'll pass on that one for the time being.

Anyhow I'll leave you to enjoy all 28 pages of magnificent publication, and don't forget Kent wants to encourage you to have your say, except of course when they possibly don't, which is why I imagine this magazine never seems to have any input from labour or liberal councilors I wonder why.

Click here if you cannot wait for it to land on your door mat


  1. You may recall from the leader in the last edition of Around Kent that the editor had got Paul Carter's agreement to have the handout printed in magazine format. This was on the basis that it would attract outside advertising to offset the costs in doing so. I dont see any of these adverts so presumably its costing you and me the tax payers more money. It was the same argument that was given at the council meeting in 2007 when Kent TV was put befor the council by the same Paul Carter and the chief exec. We all know that this has not happend and additional fund of £400,000 were being muted for Kent TV.
    I also wonder why KCC pays for an editor that cannot work within the magazines budget without reference to the leader of the council. Doe he also tell KCC Buildings Maintainance what kind of toilet paper they can use in the offices?

  2. My one came loaded with adverts which were all inserts and flyers and so forth and none of them were exactly small fry.

  3. Sack PAUL CARTER ! The bloke is bleeding our county dry. Lets arrange a protest to get the bastard out.

  4. The magazine is a waste of money. Just self promoting propaganda.

  5. A bit like the TV station then?