Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Margates Future

As you know I'm one of those traditionalist rooted in Margate's past more, bucket and spade than, well, cultured.

That said, I recognise that part of Margate's future, will depend much on the arts, whether its locally inspired or foisted upon us from the arts council, is already becoming insignificant.

For me its pleasing to see galleries like the Ingoldsby in Lombard Street being established which will hopefully underpin our towns future, I wandered into the gallery last Sunday and was very impressed with the exhibits hence this piece.


  1. Yes Tony I agree-It is encouraging to see places opening up-and you get a friendly welcome.The old Town gallery is well worth a visit,there is a really good exhibition on at the mo and Stephen and anne make lovely jewellery pottery etc

  2. I am waiting for the warmer weather so I can take my elecric scooter down there. Not sure if I can get into many places but be nice to be somewhere other than stuck indoors. Its nice to see places being used hope there is enough trade to keep them here .