Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BBC In a tizz over “Gay Margate”

Stumbled on this report in the Mirror, about the suggestion by one of the Apprentice contestants, that Margate should be promoted as a gay resort.

It seems that the producers of the show are now in a bit of a dither, as to whether to show an embarrassing discussion, which ensued after contestant Howard Ebison, had the idea for a gay resort and rival Mona Lewis apparently made remarks to the effect, that she wouldn’t be to keen on her son being in a “gay environment” whatever that means.

Now I thought that their was a good chance of local dignitaries making Margate look bad, but it seems as though BBC producers and “sources”, are taking a damaging and condescending, view of us here in Margate.

The Mirrors source is quoted as saying “..Howards plan probably wasn’t the best idea when you consider that Margate can be a pretty rough place full of drunken lads”

Further insult is added with “Producers have not finally decided how much of the incident to show - they are worried it could offend some viewers.”

My retort to this load of cobblers, is this, (those of weak disposition, please look away now) it would seem that the producers of this show must be a bunch of feeble minded, clueless cretins, with stereotypical views that those living outside of West London must be consider as dangerous louts.

Clearly these idiots have done little research on the area, as far as I know, Margate is not generally known for homophobia, and the Margate Pride event has been well received.

My advice to sensitive BBC execs is this, the appeal of the show is the rivalry and conflict between contestants, so lets see the row and judge for ourselves.margit pride

PS Another contestant apparently gets legless, on a night out and spends the following day being sick, no doubt BBC bosses wont hesitate for a second, with that binge drinking cliché.


  1. Wakey Wakey,

    What did I say about a PR Disaster?

    Idiots will follow idiots.

  2. Haha. Read that piece earlier and did wonder if the Mirror's cuts On Margate were somewhat out of date. Famous for its pier?

  3. Who cares what they think or say. It will take more dedication than a load of media hustlers are prepared to put in to see the regeneration through.

  4. The apprentice bloke is only saying what we've known for years. Real men live in Ramsgate!

  5. Dale are you related in anyway to Ramsgate Millionaire media mogul celebrity and dare I say snob

  6. No I am just related to the Spa Man.

  7. I am always amazed at Tony's blog he doesn't think how you think he would, I am his niece and my mum was extremely open minded as it appears Tony is, I always found my Dad and Brother hard going as they are traditional thinkers, wife, husband thats it! I have enjoyed a life of people who are different to me Gay, lesbian, co-habitees, I made my choice as a teenager I wasn't going to live with any one and wash their socks unless I got a big party (wedding) and I wanted the whole religious affair in a church which I got because I do believe in A GOD even if it just a bunch of gasses that what my mum taught me, but I feel the standing in a place and announcing your intention to be with someone is such a amazing thing and it doesn't matter your gender or sexual orientation the proud boast of I have committed to this person is amazing, you cann't walk away easily, and incase you thimk I am a religious nut I would divorce in an instant if my marrage was rubbish...on a lighter moment I am dyslexic and I asked my DH how do you spell divorce he spelt out N O C H A N C E! love him almost 10 years!