Thursday, January 07, 2010

How about - Sandy Ezekiel gets compensation over Turner Contemporary for Margate

turnercompoI see work continues on Margate’s gallery although it will not open until some time in 2011, which prompts this thought, Kent is a Tory county and Thanet has a conservative council, a few months ago Paul Carter’s* Kent council bods agreed a £6million settlement with architects over the original Turner Contemporary project which as some might recall involved building a Gallery on what you might consider the wrong side of the Harbour Arm.

Had things gone well the Turner Contemporary would have opened some time ago and Margate would now be awash with rich art buffs, spending huge amounts of wonger in the local community.

Since this didn’t happen any chance Sandy Ezekiel could do something like ask his mate in Maidstone for a share in the compo! since its Thanet which has lost out, I’m sure he would only be happy to oblige. The dosh, could then be used to host events that would drag in visitors into Margate.

I’m sure Paul Carter can afford to give this area all of the six million pounds since along with wasting millions on advertising, Kent council services can also afford to waste millions on vanity projects like Kent TV which seem only to serve the interests Kent’s of a handful of Kent residents.

*Leader of KCC


  1. The recovered 6 millions did not cover the money and lawyers fees that KCC spent on Turner Mark 1 in the first place. How about if Turner Mark 2 is successful, TDC give back some of the £8millions that KCC are spending on it. Thats not to mention KCC's extra millions spent on Fort Hill etc.

    And when it stops snowing you will soon forget that KCC would rather spend money on Kent TV, Kent Film Office, Kent healthwatch, the Gateways, large payoff to failing directors rather than clearing the roads and footpaths properly.

  2. Thats a daft idea; one expects to waste money; it really is not a problem, Thanet has plenty of money by raising council taxes.