Thursday, June 23, 2011

How "Mainstream Media" reports on censorship

Just a quick mention, over the recent, nonsensical decision by Thanet District council to discriminate against the likes of Bignews Margate and Thanetonline just to refresh your memory TDC press office will refuse to talk to me or anyone else who blogs.

To some extent it's a storm in a teacup, for myself I rarely contacted them, to be honest it's easy enough to go direct to the horses mouth, as it were, via the operator.

Still petty as it is, a principle is a principle and in this case it would appear that independent "liberal" commentators are to be excluded in favour of businesses that supply news.

Just how did the "Mainstream Media" cover the issue, well the KM's Thanet Extra dipped out, the Isle of Thanet Gazette, had its coverage side lined to  its "Smudger column" only Kent On Sundays "Yourthanet" reported the matter with some clarity, perhaps the KOS papers being younger than others, realises that the news media world is draining away from ink to pixels.

Sadly when you look at the make up of the council (elected) it's quite disconcerting to realise just how many are either retirement age or not far off, hardly the sort of people to understand the blurring of media or care about petty matters of censorship.


  1. The Gazette does alright out of TDC, KM have given up, Yourthanet is only in cyberspace and doesn't count.

  2. Introduce yourself to them as a Freelance journalist.

    There is still HM Coroner's embargo requiring that her permission is obtained for any planned use of the Inquest testimony she prepared and released to Daniel O'Leary.

    This is the January 2010 Inquest into the killing of his son David at Lydden Lodge Valley Road Margate on 1st March 2008.

    I am afraid that our reliance on the Thanet Gazette report, on inquest proceedings, was misplaced.

    At this time the testimony can only be used in the case against Chief constable at Thanet County Court.

    If permission is ever granted then maybe I will show how misleading the Gazette report was. And how, in my opinion, it may even have failed to promote the flow of useful information.

    What did not emerge (and appears not to have featured in Inquest evidence or police inquiry)

    (1) A planning application in preparation to build three town houses

    (2) The sole director status of David O'Leary of Secure Scaffolding Ltd and the fact the ltd company tax return was due for filing the week after the murder

    (3) The fact that in December 2008 Companies House issued a Section 652 notice of striking the company off (making any assets property of the Crown

    (4) The fact that in May 2009 the company was struck off having never filed accounts

    At the time of the murder of David O'Leary in 2008 Kent Police had been investigating another scaffold company owner. Convicted drugs distributor Peter Wells of Essex who was found with £250,000 hidden cash in his Kent static caravan. In 2009 Maidstone Magistrates ordered Wells to repay about £700,000 proceeds of crime.

    At this time Kent Chief constable is being silent on why the David O'Leary murder inquiry did not feature a mandatory referral for proceeds of crime inquiry (Proceeds of Crime Act 2002).

    I have submitted crime complaints to Chief constable alleging offences against the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 by police officer(s) and alleging fraud in the administration of the estate. I have written to the Bona Vacantia Section Treasury Solicitors and to HM Inspector of Taxes.

    In about July 2009 I wrote to HM Coroner for Dan O'Leary notifying that the estate had property disposal issues. The murder case officer told HM Coroner she would visit Dan to discuss this. She never did so. In November 2009 we issued an action seeking damages against Chief constable for the loss of a Rolex seized by police at the murder scene (A watch Dan bought in 2004).

    The Inquest was quite suddenly held in January 2010 with no witnesses being privileged by being under caution.

    Then whilst estate and tax and fraud issues were refused crime complaint status the Chief constable solicitors sent a copy of his County Court defence to a third party before they sought a Court order naming that third party as a co-defendant.

    I have reported to Thanet County Court alleging that Defendant Chief constable criminally conspired against the civil process in order to mount a defence.

    I do feel a bit sorry for the new Chief constable because the above actions were under Mike FULLER now residing at CPS in a sinecure role assuring us of evenhandedness in the administration of justice.

    Associated with the murder inquiry I long since asked TDC to make an extensive inquiry into housing benefits frauds and to liaise with police if gifted deposit money laundering via buy to let purchasing and re-mortgaging were to make an appearnce.

    There seems to be a reluctance at TDC to make such extensive inquiries. Wonder why ?

    Couldn't possibly be anything to do with an allegedly misleading Gazette report ? Here I mean that the Gazette may have been aware of issues and chose to do a misleading report rather than go anywhere near the truths that may emerge ?

  3. Bravo to Matthew Beech for putting this matter in the 'mainstream', he will undoubtedly have introduced more readers to the alternative side of the news media.

    I hope, for his sake, that the piece doesn't lead to doors slamming shut for his career in that medium, but on the bright side, he can always set up a hard hitting blog if it does ;)

    The council's intention was censorship, despite what they try to dress it up as.

  4. Of course Mike Fuller was promoted he is a Common Purpose graduate and more likely than not a Freemason, what else can we expect from secret societies and societies with secret operating in public office ?

    Do Police officers tend to be 'masons in disguise' ?

  5. Brian Gerrish editor of the UK Column is who we should have running the country every thing he said is fact and fully proven. The riff raff running Kent wouldnt be classed as fit enough to make the tea let alone be allowed near children if the media including the local newspapers dared to print the truth.