Tuesday, July 05, 2011

If you object to Murdoch's Media Takeover

Frankly I never have understood how or why Rupert Murdoch's media operation was ever allowed to reach such dominance. For me it's a question of national security to have a press not dominated by a single foreign owner, who presumably has no loyalty or connection to our nation its laws or democracy.

The emerging scope of the News of the World's techniques in news gathering are a clear indication that we should. as a nation, consider whether we ought to be more circumspect.

Any how if you follow this link too Avaaz.org an organisation about people power, you will find help in registering your objection.


  1. You can also sign the petition here


  2. Murdoch is just a funded front man, much like Bill Gates or George Soros. The real power likes to stay out of the limelight, and not get one's hands dirty.

    Of course the most effective way to beat this, is to throw out the mass mind control device, innocuously known as the television set.

    Whether it is BBC, Sky or whatever, the television is designed as mind-numbing propaganda to keep the sheeple all singing from the same song sheet rather than think for themselves. It is also known to cause alzheimers and numerous other health impairments.

  3. Avaaz is non-political; a sort of cyber-Amnesty. 38Degrees turns out to be a front for the Labour Party and its sympathisers

  4. Tony quiz for you.

    Who after World War 2 was seconded to MI5 as an interpreter debriefing nazi scientists ?

    Hambros Bank and sort of MI6 funded this penniless spook to buy a publishing house.

    Then the publishing house bought out Butterworth Technical Press and with it their contract to collate the Nazi nuclear programme records.

    Capn Bob old Robert Maxwell and Pergamon Press. You got it.

    And luckily for Blighty realm security when Capn Bob became a newspaper mogul there was no hint of an ongoing quid pro quo with City of London and MI6 ? Back in the good old days of press independence.

    IN 1982 I submitted new evidence in a sudden death case of mine from 1972 when I was a policeman. The head of CID for the force and the head of support services sent me an appointment to discuss matters.

    In the week before the meeting I put the story to a Capn Bob paper. But I invented something which went in isolation into the information given to the journalist.

    At the meeting the enthusiastic young accelerated promotion Supt had the files whilst the old teddy boy haggard Detective Chioef Super lounged in a chair with no access to HQ files.

    As the debate warmed up I targetted the keen young super and eventually he produced a document from the file dated 1972 and answering the red herring I had just invented for Capn Bob's newspaper the week before.

    I got to hand it to the Chief super who in spite of my attempt at a poker face spotted in an instant I had pulled a stunt. "Yes I know someone doctored your HQ file within the last week" I said.

    But it was 15 years before I was told that the Det Chief Super had reported to Chief constable supporting my position. Higher decisions over ruled him as well then.

    Do you think there was ever a bright day in history when the press was free ? Try planting some disinformation on them and seeing where it emerges mate.

  5. Yes indeed Capn Bob did not acquire Mirror Group until 84 so who owned it back when it was a true example of unfettered press freedom

    A guy who wanted to overthrow the democratically elected government ?

  6. Cecil King went in 1968 when the Mirror group was part of IPC. A reverse take over of IPC by paper maker Reed took place in 1970 and thus the Mirror was owned by Reed International when it was sold to Maxwell.

  7. There may be 2 Butterworth publishing companies but Butterworth Publishing including Butterworth Technical Books was a public quoted company until in was purchased by IPC in 1967 and has remained as part of the enlarged Reed group since.