Friday, July 22, 2011

Says Who?

I wonder whether I'm the only commuter traveling the Thanet Way who having noticed the construction of at first, an expensive looking fence, which I assumed was to protect crops, over the weeks then realised the field was the site of an incongruous hi-tech power plant.

The Isle of Thanet Gazette, today refers to this solar farm as an eco-friendly project, although doesn't qualify the remark, I just wonder what local wildlife makes of the harsh looking apparatus, obviously nobody can ask the birds and bees, what they think of the somewhat sterile environment.

However I'm sure if the someone asked passing drivers, they'd be hard pressed to find anyone who'd welcome yet another encroachment to the countryside.

Eco-friendly, I don't think so, still unlike another much publicised Eco-friendly development hopefully this one doesn't involve sweatshop labour.


  1. Plenty of palms being greased in this industry, better get used to it, it's called sustainable development, or Agenda 21 to the initiated.

    The sweatshop question would depend on whether the panels were made in China or similar, I'd say the chances are high.

  2. Luddites, the lot of you!!

  3. Solar farms have become particularly popular because the feed in tariff from selling electricity back to the Grid is dropping fast after a review of the scheme. A drop from 12% to 5% happens on large schemes so theres a bit of a rush with some.

  4. Nothing wrong with developing renewable energy sources, but the free market should be allowed to take care of it, not taxpayer money. Otherwise it will end up benefitting none but the few.

    Sustainable development is window dressing terminology for a much more sinister agenda.

    The global elite, don't really give a flying duck for the environment, as exhibited by the gigatonnes of pollution they have caused over the last century or so, in their lust for more.

    Depleted uranium in the Balkans, in Iraq, in Afghanistan and Pakistan will ensure a legacy of suffering and death. Soon coming to a town near you.

    The recent gulf oil disaster was deliberate land grabbing operation, the Exxon Valdez disaster was a case of scrimping on safety procedure and destroying an indigenous people's way of life.

    The proliferation of power stations in China and India may burn dirty coal unfettered by the regulations that have strangled our own industries.

    No, it is not about the environment, basically it boils down to selfishness and greed.

    The global elite want to maintain their positions of wealth and power indefinitely. In order to do that they have come up with a cunning scheme to slowly and incrementally herd us into a tyrannical, scientific, corporate dictatorship, and to reduce global population by 90%. It is called Agenda 21, and was flatteringly described by Aldous Huxley in his 'Brave New World'.

    How are the 'Alphas' achieving this?

    Vaccinations, pharmaceuticals and tainted food, to weaken and dumb us down.

    Mind control, through state education, television, state controlled media, popular culture.

    The infiltration of key institutions by their agents. Universities, schools, churches, government, the courts, the police, the military, social services, television and media.

    Social engineering. The degradation of the moral fabric of society and weakening of the family unit. Single parent families, womens lib, bisphenol-A, promotion of homosexuality. Drink, drugs, pornography, steering us away from Christianity and the promotion of satanic themes.

    Terrorism. Government sponsored false flag terror attacks for political ends. Either to invade an innocent country, swing an election or to erode civil rights. It turns out the Norwegian gunman was a freemason. What a surprise!

    Carbon tax, to remove the last vestiges of what little spending power we may still have.

    THEY want the world to themselves, and most of us eradicated.

    These lunatics MUST BE STOPPED, before they destroy the whole planet with their bio-engineering, uranium and bio-weapons.

    Wake up folks, this ain't a joke.

  5. Wow! Makes you want to curl up and die. It's comments like the last one that make me have just the faintest sympathy with the Sainted Doctor and his A-Team acolyte. Only briefly mind; his usual output usually restores my faith in conspiracy theories pretty quickly.

  6. Don't curl up and die 12:29, we've got to stand up and fight.

    This'll cheer you up.

  7. How I grieve to see the way we are being ripped off by these foreign firms stabbing their wind-mills into the sea bed,yes they are green but are at the mercy off the vagaries of the wind.Right on our doorstep we have all the power we could ever need,thousands of miles of coastline nowhere less than 75 miles from the sea,and a power of the tidal streams that wash our shores that is predictable for thousands of years,In my time at sea I have seen ships turned over by tidal power the whole ocean from here to France all the way down to the sea bed is moved by our Moon all we need is to harness it,we have some of the best brains and engineers in the world lets do it before it is too late