Sunday, October 02, 2011

Phew what a scorcher

oct2Margate was once again looking busy in the extraordinarily warm weather, I had a quick stroll around the old town and harbour arm latish yesterday afternoon, how fantastic to see the difference in just a few months. oct 1The exceptional weather matched by the equally exceptional change in Margate, people coming to soak up the growing artiness of the old town, which complement the more traditional seaside attractions.oct3I find it difficult, to be cynical as I once was, about the Turner Contemporary even if you cannot find something to suit you in the gallery itself, galleries around the old town have plenty offer.oct4A marvellous weekend, great to see so many people enjoying themselves in Margate, either enjoying the surreal experience of spending time on a hot beach in October! or a Margate’s cultural establishments, unbelievable a few years ago.


  1. Palm Bay is absolutely heaving still and it's 4.30pm. From the look of it I doubt if the Jet Ski place has ever been so busy.

  2. The sound of crow being eaten is so satisfying.

  3. Good to see all those animal rights protesters outside the Turner Shed this morning.