Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Humble Labour?

Just. Chomping through lunch, taking a quick gander at my paper (the i) and I see once again, Labour top bods are having one of their periodic moments of contrition, in which they fess up to past crimes.

David Milliband has spoken of his frustration, long may it continue, their even admitting that cuts are necessary, whatever next.


  1. Fiscal responsibility, combined with popularism on the immigration and law and order fronts? Combined with plenty of socially concious welfare projects? Back in the day, that's what moderate Tories looked like. Here's hoping for more hung parliaments.

  2. Can't disagree with this bit the sooner the better !

    "Here's hoping for more hung parliaments"

  3. Seen this Tony?

    Our old mate Mandelson... did a dodgy deal that caused the demise of four UK aluminium smelters, apparently.

    Is there no end to that man's talents?