Saturday, June 09, 2012

About Time - Forced Marriage

Sometimes I get the odd spiteful comment, from I suppose brainwashed idiots within the Labour Party, who like football supporters have a blind faith, that their team are automatically best.

Me I like to be objective, back in 2006 when Labour were in power, they took an opportunity to do something about forced marriage, which after consideration and consultation, they then decided that despite it being wrong, with no excuse, they'd pretty much, do nothing, a press release at the time carried these words "In the future, we will continue to provide information and assistance both to potential victims and to concerned professionals who are confronted by this abuse." cold comfort to victims, without even the thought that one day, their abusers might themselves be punished.

Labour shamefully, rather than upset communities, which routinely abuse women, took a cynical view, why upset potential voters, they came up with waffle, about driving this crime underground, I suppose we can only be thankful that Labour didn't repeal laws on murder, rape, kidnap, and slavery because it also drives the perpetrators underground.

So well done to David Cameron announcing, that forced marriage is to become a criminal offence, we shouldn't have to form our laws in this country, on whether it offends small migrant communities, this country is diverse, but often I wonder about the millions, who've chosen to live here, what if any information are people given about the British culture, of equality fairness and tolerance.

The thought recently occurred to me, whenever I turn up to a new job/project and this is the norm, before you start work, you're given a briefing on the work site, much of which is about safety, environmental issues, welfare facilities and of course rules on conduct, reporting incidents, parking whatever, some of these inductions can go on for hours, often involving a test and always a signed acknowledgement, however when you come through boarder control, into the UK nobody hands you so much as a leaflet on what is acceptable and not.

No doubt the typical lefty Muppets will accuse me of being a right wing nut, but imagine the relief of someone being sent to this country in such an arrangement (probably a rare occurrence), to know that this country respects, individuals rights, over and above that of community "heritage" dogma.

Labour talks the talk but rarely walks the walk, we've seen here in the last week councillor makes homophobic comments and Labour suspend phobic for one month, during which little council business is scheduled, incidentally the same councillor bought the council in to disrepute as I understand with his offensive references to women. Any claim that Labour have to upholding values of equality and fairness is I'm afraid hot air, when votes count nationally or here in Thanet, there are no depths to which they'll not sink.

This move by the coalition government is something, Tory and Libdem can be proud of, six years ago Labour could have done something but didn't they should hold their heads in shame but blind faith and buying votes will I'm afraid keep them going.

This is a topic I've previously mentioned click here and it should throw up this and previous postings on the subject.


  1. time about time this has gone on for years and no ome had the guts to say it is wrong. Labour Liberal or Conservative have been negligent and I doubt this will change things much for those who perpetuate this tradition. And untill those who see family honour over the love of their child that is their creation and flesh and blood more important this crime will continue.

  2. The reason you have a site briefing when you start a new job is down to the unions making sure that their members have safe working conditions. Without this company owners and managers would have continues to take short cuts. You have something to thank the unions for.

    1. 12 05 Nonsense, if it is necessary to thank anyone it would be the insurance companies and lawyers dealing in compensation claims and of course management covering their bottoms.

      My own experience of unions, is this they take your money and spend it, Bob Crow RMT leader seems more concerned with pursuing a political agenda, the only time when advice might have been helpful, RMT couldn't or wouldn't help.

      I left the RMT not long after some political stunt by RMT led by Bob, still even more annoying was finding out some years after leaving the union RMT was finding out that they have special hidden subscription rates, so when I was paying £15 or 18 a month I have since met people paying around £4, I wouldn't mind but at a time I was short of work I asked RMT if they had lower subscription rates and they were happy to lie.

      Don't get me wrong, unions have a place in the workplace but not for politics or grandstanding leaders like Crow The reason why people like me are suspicious of unions.

      Bob Crow goes for easy targets and frankly ignores more difficult issues, like trying to squeeze TFL over the olympics, demanding extra money for people doing the job their already paid for.

    2. You will already know Tony that when the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 came into force for the first time employers and employees were to be consulted and engaged in the process of designing a modern health and safety system. And when the Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations 1977 were established they gave right of a recognised trade union to appoint safety representatives from among the employees it represented.

      No mention of insuurance companies ruling the roost. Insurance companies will insure anything at a price they dont dictate safety working practices. They take anybodies money. Companyies decide what risks they can take and what premiums they are willing to pay.

    3. Another case of tackling the symptom rather than the cause.

      Correct me if I am wrong, but forced marriage is a usually a ploy used for immigration purposes.

      Now, if the 'masters of the universe', for whom Cameron works, were to allow nations where this practice prevails to develop and grow naturally, then there would be no need or desire to migrate to places such as the UK.

      Take the suicide farmers in India, for example, whoses livelihoods were destroyed by Monsanto seeds, and whose land has since been swallowed up by the international banksters.

      All very deliberate and premeditated of course and just a small example of the global land and power grab that has been going on for centuries.

  3. It is the same with gay marriage, for in thirteen years in office Labour did nothing on this issue, but they now act as though it was their proposal when it is introduced by the coalition. Again, not wishing to lose votes in the muslim communities, they steered well clear of this when in office.

  4. Personally I think all marriage should be illegal!

  5. Health and safety is over zealously quoted over every aspect of life and spoils more work opportunities than it protects, we deserve better than the stupid rules made up by people who never do a real days work in their lives. Back to arrange marraiges these are supported by people who still perform female genital mutilation,a barbaric procedure that is still undertaken like stoning a woman for adultery after being raped.

  6. All parties are brought and paid for by the bankers.

    WE ARE FREE. we are free to do what PUBLIC SERVANTS tell us to do. We are Free to choose who re-presents us in Parliament from candidates selected for us. We are Free (in some cases) to ask Our SERVANTS questions. We are FREE. We are FREE to go to Court to resolve issues - where imposters act as Judge, and the Judge and the barristers receive a commission whether we win lose or draw. We are Free to roam this planet if we have a passport, issued by our PUBLIC SERVANTS. We are free to travel if we VOLUNTEER (under duress) to pay Road Tax and Insurance. We are Free to bail out Private Corporations (BANKS) when they make (fictional) losses. We are FREE to register our children and sign them into slavery. We are FREE to act as the ultimate Insurance Policy for ALL insurance companies (see Lloyds of London). We are Free to be subjected to betting/gambling by corporations who gamble on our demise. We are Free to choose whether we wish to be part of this privately owned society - but if we do choose NOT to be a part of it - we get harrassed, intimidated, beaten and thrown in jail. Aint Freedom Great?

  7. Cheers Bonkers 10 05 for your concise incite, on exotic conspiracy theory, well done, now seek help.

    Please note I have switched on word verification, as I'm currently dealing with an overflowing, inbox stuffed with offer from ruskies for what I don't know, dodgy Nigerians who wish to involve me in contract fraud, and other shysters who wish to promote designer handbags

  8. Don't knock it till you tried it Tony, just because you don't understand something , it could well turn out to be you that is bonkers and needs to seek help.

    All politics is, is a party confidence trick to convince you that you have a real choice.

    It's not rock science to work out that forced 'anything' is wrong including forced marriage.